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Is this the return of tick scalping in the ES?!?!?!

  1. 1) for the second day I am seeing "hairy" candles on the 1-minute chart --
    wicks on top and on bottom.

    2) in the meantime, the ATR is still maintaining an average below 1.0 pts for the 6-minute SMA.

    3) in the mean-meantime (the meanĀ²time??), the cyclic movements just *so* match the ("tuned") trend and oscillator indicators....

    This looks like the money-making days of old.
    (Or my brain is just GOING away.)

    Anybody tick-scalping right now?? 1-second to 1-or2-minute holds?
    (They've probably all been killed off. This is a rainstorm in a desert.)
  2. When volatility returns "consistently" to the S&P 500...most retail traders will return to the S&P 500 including scalpers instead of trading in an environment mainly suitable for algorithm traders (algorithm scalpers).

  3. And now, it's gone.

    Right about the time I posted, the wicks went away (on top and on bottom), and the ATR is below 0.50. Fuggit.:(
  4. It took me 25 years to develop a day trading system-scalp and homeruns- for the Indexes that I could live with as far as losing percentages, so the 25 years of not day trading I was and still am Scalper. Most people have it wrong about scalpers as it can be done any time, as it can't, volume coming down means less contracts can be pushed into ES and when less volume, protective stops have to be wider. I am always taking the other side of what is sane, but I have directional signals or extremes, often times seeing when the "dentists" coming in(they always the last to get in). Time and sales meaning less for me than few years ago and all automated.

    Automation is 2 edge sword, can only do what you code into it, so you going for certain "mean" and yet when I watch the DOME, a monkey can see it going higher, but leave automation as be cause some new rules can turn good automation into bad.

    I do best first hour as this is a "controlled" zone of the day and best volume for scalping 1-4 ticks, and if market gaps up great deal from yesterdays' close, can't trade for one hour as it take this long for price to become boring but controlled.

    As far as small ticks, longer duration systems loves these, so long as it trends and get to breakeven plus one tick in so many bars, just hang on if ride happens. Just looking for one ride a day with couple of add-ons.
  5. These are grinding days. Some of the strongest trends there are. A trader can take a position and keep adding to it i.e. scaling in. If it goes against the initial positon one can scale into the loser...grinding days..odds favor it will go back to what it was doing. Or just jump in and out over and over...be kind..help the brokers make some money too on comm...My opinion! Not trading advice! Do whatever you wish. Money to be made with low risk.
  6. That's what i've been doing all day, buying each bar and selling it all on a climax
  7. Why on earth would you 'tick scalp' a day like yesterday?

    Buy the open; sell the close. 15 easy points. :)
  8. Yesterday. How about the last 500 days.
  9. The close could be down just as easy as up! :D
  10. are U for real??? the ES has been up for 7 years strong, I'm been scalping (tick trading) for 20 plus years and I've switched to buying at the first real pullback and holding until a strong up move. STOP looking at the ticks, start looking at the time (hour, 30 min). Try and remember these two things when we are in a strong trading market (like 7 years now) 1. YOU MAKE BIG MONEY or 2. YOU blowout your account counter-trending or scalping, anything else and you are not seeing it right P.S. before you common about what I've just said go back and look at the past 7 years, on a daily chart put a 10/20 ema what do YOU see? forget about any other indicators. what do you really see??? how many days could you have just taken a long position at the open and close it at the end of the day for a profit ???? As everyday trading book tell you TAKE WHAT THE MARKET IS GIVING YOU. Now for you guys that have small accounts, I totally understand why you guys can't make REAL money now, but for you guys with 50k plus this is our time don't lose it by over thinking it!
  11. Looks like you were lost and found your way...weren't you calling for a 200 pt drop in ES around april or may 2016?
  12. If Saturdays accidental incoming missile alert button was pressed during trading hours than we would have gotten that drop but in 2018.
  13. That's the job of a trader: find out what will happen with high probability.

    A successful trader will be long when the market goes up, and down when the markets go down.

    A very simple rule but difficult to achieve. That's why most traders are never profitable.
  14. With hypothetical statements you can proof anything.

    If I would have bought bitcoins 5 years ago I would be a billionaire.

    The problem is in the word IF. It ruines all validity of any statement made with this IF.
  15. Are you suggesting the markets are random...?

    The fact is that for the last 100 days we're closing above the middle of the range 70% + of the time. In fact, close to 40% of the time we're closing in the top of the range.

    On the contrary, closing at the bottom of the range happens only roughly 10% of the time.

    So no. Not just as easy. :)

    EDIT: Increasing the lookback period to say 500 days does not skew the numbers much either. It's far from a random distribution.
  16. did you read my post ???? why do you think I said use the 10/20 ema??? stop and think ok now do you understand, if not you will never understand. my god, this is why I don't post, you guys don't want to learn anything because you guys already know everything.
  17. This is going to work until it doesn't. We can keep buying the open and selling the close for a profit...But at what point does one throw in the towel when we buy the open and sell the close for a loss? 5 days in a row? 10? At what point does trading into the trend become trading counter-trend?

    A 10/20 EMA is all fine and dandy for looking into the past, like every other indicator in existence. EVERY indicator in the universe is a lagging indicator. Tells us NOTHING about the future.

    There is "seeing it right", and there is "seeing the possibilities."
  18. Not sure what your saying? are you suggesting it didn't happen? or are you saying it did but there would have been no affect on the markets? In both cases you would be wrong.
  19. It happened and it was not in trading hours. That are the facts.

    So your IF has no importance as you can never know with 100% certainty that it will or will not have an impact. So you are just guessing. You don't know what the effect would have been. It would not be the first time that the market would react opposite to what everybody was expecting. If you could predict what the market would do you would be billionaire.
  20. We know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two! ROFLMAO
  21. After 30+ years in these markets, I can say with certainty that the impact of such news would have had serious affects on all the markets during trading hours. As far as the magnitude of such swings that would be an unknown. If you would like to test this, just go back to the desert storm day when the news first hit the markets that day. Fortunately for me that day I was just watching the price action when that event took place. But, I'm sure you might just say that was an invasion. But an Emergency warning from Hawaii, about incoming missiles? If you think this is not a market moving event than you are gravely mistaken.
  22. J.K. Simmons rocks the box!

  23. I never said it would not move the market. I said: You would never know with certainty which direction and how long the market would react.

    The only thing that matters is what the markets DOES and what you will do in reaction to that. All these IF's have no importance at all.

    I remember I had an open position in USD/DEM and I was in the right direction. Don't remember the details as it is too long ago, but it was the opposite of what the market was expecting if I remember well. I remember my broker calling me and asking me how I did know what would happen. Just followed my system was my explanation. I live in Europe so I saw the market already when then US was still sleeping.
  24. Hey -- just to update:


    That's not the long-wicked "spinning-top dojis" that I noticed for an afternoon or two to start this thread, but it's a good deal above a minimum (for me) ATR of 0.50 to feel safe in tick-scalping. I really thought that observation had turned into a one-time, anomalous thing, but today's chart looks like a scalper's..... (Again, tick-scalpers. Where any hold beyond a minute or three turns you from 'trader' to ("Eeek!") investor.)

    Best wishes, everyone.
    These be strange days indeed.
  25. Hey -- another "hairy" day in the ES --
    ("doji"-grown) wicks above and below relatively stable ES price path, between 9:40 and 11:30 today. ATR(6minSMA) above my (remembered) preferred range of 0.5-1.0 pts., but then, I'm not tick-scalping either.

    DAMN tempting, though.

    But those wickes just scream off the page at me.........
  26. WHOA!!!!! HERE WE ARE!!!!!

    Those hairy, hairy wick/candles (ES/SPX) are a tick-scalper's dream.

    Another day of the 6min SMA of ATR WAYYYYY above 0.50 -- we're peeling 1.0-2.0 since the open??

    And so much wash!!! You could enter on the wrong side right now, and be taken out in less time than it takes me to type this, with 1-2 ticks in your pocket!


    (This is the false lament of someone restricted from tick-scalping the funds he trades. If I tried tick-scalping right now, I'd probably spend most of the first day with my head in the bathroom sink, alternating between puking and trying to stand up again. I dunno. I dunno. Those days, though, when I hit that last hour (and proceeded to cash)..... and slept like a baby?? THAT is something I kinda miss.)

  27. I take it you only scalp and are never scalped.

    Show us the money.

    No such thing as dream, only opportunity.
  28. had a 2772 target 30 points ago. almost there.

    was way too good to post here, on et
  29. another LIVE realtime winner , sorry the other 26 points were too good for ya

    i am the best. proved. rest of ya, not so much

    done posting for day
  30. bounced hard RIGHT at my level.

    yer on yer own
  31. just to point out, the rest of these posers all talk theory, NEVER posting a real trade. Claims of greatness, Never posting an actual before the fact entry.

    uh, I think 99% of them are fos.
  32. bull.jpg
  33. You want scalpers to post "before the fact entries" ? :D
  34. oh, u mean everyone on et is a scalper. ???????????

    and yeah, it can be done

    but not by the nitwits here
  35. I don't know what the trading style of "everyone" is on ET. I have met swing traders on ET. I have met day traders on ET. I have met algorithm traders on ET. I have met a few scalpers on ET although years ago there were a lot more. I've met a few investors on ET.

    Thus, I can confidently say that everyone on ET are not scalpers.

    Further, there's less scalpers today than it was at its peak in the dot com days.

    Simply, it would be a good bet that there are LESS scalpers today here on ET than years ago.

    Also, due to the nature of scalping the markets...how can a scalper make "before the fact entries" when scalpers are using info like order flow, market depth and such for DOM trading ???

    Would seem like a fascinating tale.
  36. scalping is not instantaneous , the opportunity arises over time. easy to post potential set ups, I do it here ALL the time, did it today.
  37. If you're talking about one trade a day or one trade every few hours...that's doable for posting before the fact entries and the scalper don't need to explain the setup. They would just post the trade price...Long or Short...filled price and maybe size of the trade.

    Yet, scalpers usually do +10 trades in a few minutes...+100 per day. Some using only DOM while other use charts. If the latter...charts via intervals less than 1min. Special commission rates and trading via a platform suitable for scalping. Every scalper I've met were "automated".

    Note: I'm not a scalper but I've never seen a real scalper make before the fact entries. They usually don't have the time to do such because they're too busy analyzing the data in their DOM. Thus, they don't predict what the DOM will be like 5mins from now or 1 day from now...its all in the current moment via very fast info in their DOM that changes every second.
  38. This is a stupid thread. Volatility is YUGE, 50 points range, so no, not tick scalping. More like a dozen points scalping.
  39. If this is a stupid thread, what does that make you, Pekelo, in participating?

    Well, regardless, I'm happy for you and your unsung genius for intraday trading. Me? I'm just not that smart. So when indications suggested good entries, I entered, but looking for a 1sec-1min time-in-trade. "Just milling money" is how I referred to it. And when things went against me, but we had the kind of markets as were/are the subject of this thread, it just doesn't matter so much, because the wash is going to bring the market right back to you on the next wave.

    You work the tide, I'll work the waves.
  40. The teacher of the stupids?
  41. You misunderestimate yourself.
  42. Scalping lots of .25's today huh
  43. What about "I don't scalp in 2018" do you not get, Massive Turdburger??

    (Yeah. I know. But I'm not going to devote a second more' worth of brain output to this..... turdburger. I mean, really. :rolleyes:)
  44. I notice tremendous insight here on big days.
  45. something tells me you lost money today
  46. o_O This is ET...everyone loses money, :p

    The only thing Elite about this place is the website domain name title.
    I doubt there are any true...ET, extraterrestrial traders in here.
  47. C'monnnn turdburger! Can't you put me on Ignore, like you *claim* to do so readily and often to everyone else on this *social* platform?

    Purty purty please?

  48. Now I know you lost money. Big time.

  49. "Back in the day".....

    With a 3pt-5pt ATR since 5am, and with plenty of 'hair'/wicks on those rangy candles, I can recall making a day's income before cash open on days like this. :cool:

    This past weekend, I looked around a little bit, to put a sub-Account together for tick-scalping. I'm not a fad/latest-thing sort-of guy -- I'm more on the Late Adopter scale of things, really -- but I think this is vol of a substantial kind. A "stick around!" kind. Grist for scalpers kind. :wtf:

    Given that I've nibbled here and there over the past few years, and promptly lost $$, IB's current ES margin is probably saving me money. :rolleyes:......... :wtf::vomit:,...:rolleyes:

    Grace & Skills today, everyone --
    and if that don't work:
    Good Luck! :thumbsup:
  50. For so many years I traded ES and NQ off tick charts and eyes being dragged primarily looking at them, and I kept losing money, over trading, entering trade too early, exit winning trade too early, until one day I came to recognize that was like looking through MICROSCOPE; it was a turning point once started trading off minute chart, focusing on a few swings of the day, firing a few shots of the day. Taking the eyes off the microscope makes a big difference. Only align and take a final glimpse at the telescope - tick chart at trigger time.
  51. I think a tick chart would do a whole "Scanners" thing on me -- with the top of my head coming right off......