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Is it possible to make a living from trading?

  1. I have been investing in trading stocks for last few months and reward quite fairly.......... I'm wondering if it's possible to make a living from trading.

    Any advice appreciated.:)
  2. the legend has it - it is :)
  3. it is also possible to make a living playing basketball, baseball, hockey and football. as well as a few other sports.

    it's possible to land on the moon and make tons of money as well

    it's possible to win the lottery

    of course it is possible

    but if you have $500 and wish to make $10,000 per day after a month of trading...is it possible...yes!!! simply be right a ton in oil, triple your account daily, and have basically zero losers while getting 500 per contract leverage...

    yes, it's possible
  4. its funny you state it that way. :p

    finding a trader that makes good money every year is a lot like finding sasquatch. you hear a lot of rumors and reports but nobody has ever seen one. :D

  5. Can you make money in falling market?

  6. "Is it possible to make a living from trading?"

    Every transaction is a trade. Any baker, grocer, gas station owner, cabinet maker, electrician, car salesman, you name it most likely trades something of value for federal reserve notes and makes a living from it. Most trade their time and "skills" working for some employer in exchange for cash, that is their daily trading.

    Can you make a living from trading gold, oil, copper wheat, corn, stocks, currencies ect?.... Sure........ but like anything else you need to work hard and make it your specialization to be good enough to survive and thrive.

    Most that make a living from some type of market knows that market inside and out.

    Just like a realtor or builder needs to know housing market and their local area like the back of their hand, you need to find your niche in whatever market you want to thrive in ... otherwise you won't make the cut just like any other business .

    In business you buy wholesale prices, and sell retail prices . buy low, sell high
  7. Sure, brokers market makers insiders and specialists do it all the time.
  8. lol! I love it!:)
  9. Yes you can make a living from forex. When you do full time trading you will avail every good move of market you can get some regular profits. I fulfill my all study needs from forex trading profit . Now I am earning more than a regular salary.
  10. Yes, certainly its possible to lead a comfortable life by trading in the forex market alone by having a suitable trading system which produces consistent profits.
  11. easy to make money when you have other income . Hard to do it fulltime with no other job . I target 40 pips a week partime and then stop and do my regular job . Works for me . Tried doing fulltime and always overtrade and end up losing
  12. I think it is much harder now than in the 1980s to day trade. There is just so much more noise now. Between countless indicators, so many different ways to have bar charts as in Candlesticks, Renke, volume, tick, Heiken Ashi, Point & figure and on and on and on. Too many lack patience to just stay on one thing or idea for more than a few minutes. And lack of sample size in backtesting.

    Took me seven years to learn to day trade, all the money I was making long term stocks, I was losing into each day of losses. But it is like anything, you work hard at something long enough, something will sink in, then you find how easy it really is. We constantly think day trading has to be hard, we get into this mindset that we must go against HFTs and large hedge funds, but if you just keep it real simple, you have better chance of making profits.

    But most fail cause they have unrealistic goals when they start out. Instead of trying to nail 2.00pts in ES or 10 pips in forex, they go for homerun trades and throw away the easy money that's on the floor. Homerun trades exist for the longer term trader.
  13. Maybe possible but highly doubtful unless you're working for an bank/institution on salary.

    Not a bad way to earn some extra cash here and there but will take you many years and if you're trying by yourself at home, if ever.

    Don't let anyone fool you here with there BS claims that they make any money, there is one guy on this forum, maybe two who I think can trade FX and they don't even post much on it.

    I don't make any real cash (as in supporting myself, let alone a family, medical, etc) and wouldn't even attempt to go full time unless I had a real serious stake... in which I would not be trading just FX, actually more would be in equities no question.

    just my 2cents... been messing with FX for 4-5 years now.
  14. message boards for traders can be good to help with the sometime boredom of trading...but as you said ...those guys who you think are earning..yet post little...there is a simple reason for that.

    if you truly have an edge of any kind in trading, you know how hard that is to find....there is not 1 trader who actually earns who puts out his trades or rationale in a repeated fashion for the et masses to see. think of it like this; if you had a small manufacturing business in town and there was another guy in the same exact business...would each of you share some of your best insights on edge?

    of course not..but for all else regarding trading, issues , etc..this is a fine place to hash things out.
  15. agree 100% man.

    I guess I just cant stand these nickle and dime fx clowns who even I can tell have no idea what they are doing, claiming they make profits for more than a few weeks or better yet make a living off just FX with 100:1+ leverage, absurd MM or "systems" etc. On the other hand, I guess I should get over it lol It will never stop. I don't really care that much really, but i'll throw a post out here and there precisely out of boredom.

    It is hard to find that edge for the average guy with no connects starting from scratch, so I guess my post was as much a warning as a hit on those people. It takes some hard work and a long time watching markets that is for damn sure.

    This is the only trading forum I frequent now, but I don't see many good FX specific things anymore. I have seen some threads from you guys back in the day though, with some good info if people cared to dig.
  16. I would have to say, Yes.

    I know many who depend on Trading as a source of income for their living. Of course, you should have a skill set that eludes 95% of the people who dabbled into trading to be successful.
  17. I used to think that we can make a living from forex even if we do it part time but now I am feeling that it is not possible because I am almost out of trading since I started my real job.
  18. It is possible, but you have to do things in a way that is uncomfortable for most people, and you have to have a certain aptitude for creative thinking and disciplined action.

    One of the best Day-trading blogs by a real trader is:


    It is one of the only blogs I found that discusses trading ideas that are realistic in a realistic way - with a voice that is clearly experienced and not just "shadow-boxing" or overly theoretical/chart voodoo.
  19. I have also read many such blogs and success stories but not getting the string of that magic way of success. I am putting my efforts and I hope I will find one end of that string also.
  20. Yes it is possible but it doesn't happen over night, it will take some years to develop the necessary discipline, intuition, knowledge of market mechanics. Best of luck!

    Watch the below video for why most traders fail.

  21. Some years and what if you do not find success after some years? So it is better to continue trading as part time along with your real job so you do not risk too much
  22. When you get a law degree then pass the bar and put up your shingle there is no guarantee of success, as a matter of fact most law school graduates these days are working as para legals or at low paying office jobs...
    Trading is about risk, reward i.e. if you can't hack the risk you won't enjoy the rewards. If success was guaranteed before you started everyone would be millionaires/billionaires.

    NY Times says success in trading is less than 1%.

  23. I think that, it's very possible...
    But, you should be careful to make any each trade because it very danger for our fund...
    With huge balance, i'm sure it can be used to for living..
    I've been trade in lite forex and make dozens of dollars each days...
    It's the best job i think....
  24. So you are making dozen of dollars and that is great. Are you sure that you are making profit or just making a blind post.
  25. Its a valid and recurring question around here. To me its similar to asking is there is intelligent life anywhere in the universe other than earth...the chances are yes but the current evidence is lacking. In the same way a new trader can see there is a lot of profit for the taking he just does not know anyone who has done it consistently.

    So he asks and the vendors say yes! Give me 5 dollar I show you! And the losers and the flirters say no! Or 50 years! And those who can trade for reasons already mentioned say yes and no more.

    I dont know if it was easier to trade in the 80s but one thing is certain, if a person can not get by from home with the infomation and ease of access we have today they would not have stood a chance in the 80s. By taking it seriously, in a business sense you will get further than you ever could by messing around with it.
  26. 1. Define your terms e.g. what do you mean by making a living
    2. Figure out the logical / common sense requirements to entail what you want
    3. Have a plan
    4. Execute your plan
    5. Patience and Discipline - lots of them
  27. I am having some trouble in forex now because I am not able to manage it with my real job so as a part time not possible to make a good money.