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    Current listing:

    Usual Name
    Red Duke
  2. I probably should add some of those names to my ignore. Currently only "Shartsaremybreakfast" is on my ignore list. Even though ExGOPer irritates me, he definitely keeps me informed of what the average liberal with TDS is reading and it's important to hear all sides, even if you don't agree. Mostly because it's great when you can see their news get debunked a week or month later and they get all quiet. :)
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    I have some still open and so can see plenty of anti-Americanism. However, as time goes on, the list may grow.
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  4. You should see my list with you bunch of goon traitors.

    Adding Buy1andStop :)
  5. My ignore list probably wouldn’t fit on the page.
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    I forgot I have a couple people on ignore.
  7. And Miss Lang Clubber, missed that freak.

    Once you realise they don't represent anything but mental illness & loneliness, it seem kind of cruel to taunt them.
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  8. I have 131 on ignore.
    Lot of Trolls, Snake Oil Salesmen, Dbags and weirdos lol-

    People You Block or Ignore

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    I am going to experiment and put people on ignore for the first time that I can recall.
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    all the dnc troll garbage threads are missing.
    ET is a smart place again.

    Hey trolls. I won't even see your response. laughing.
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