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If you go into Cash where do you guys put it?

  1. Im very nervous about the economy right now, and am not advanced enough to short. I was thinking of liquidating some funds and stocks and sit in cash for a while and see what happenes.

    Im trying to figure out the best place to put the money since from what I was told even the money markets were affected by the MBS's. Is this true? Also how would a bond fund be right now, and if so what kind.

    Im thinking the job market weakens causing further weakaning of the housing market causing more job losses. Then confidence will be shot, both consumer and institutional money managers.

    I have two emerging market funds and an international large cap index fund. Im thinking of getting rid of one of the EM funds.

    Ok if I liquidate stocks its between (not my picks) TWX, LOW, CSCO any ideas on which one to get rid of first?

    How do people think about yhoo medium term, takeover?
  2. Buy physical precious metal and store outside the banking system.
  3. anything but the us dollar
  4. FYI

    From what I can see at Bankrate.com, it looks like the CAEL safe and sound rating for AmTrust Bank is a 4 and the star rating is a 2 (Below peer group).
  5. I'm not sure I understand. As an example, could you draw me a map to where you have your stash hidden?:D

  6. oo
  7. heating oil futures.....6 months ago..

  8. Be wary of 'one-way' forex bets, euro official warns. Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg, who heads a group of finance ministers from the nations that participate in the European single currency, said ministers and bankers took note of remarks by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson that a stronger dollar is in the interests of the United States.
  9. I try to keep my cash in the Stripers G-string
  10. A euro savingsaccount. It yields only 2.75%.
    Which reminds me, I must find a better deal :)
  11. If you have any and can become a member, usually your local credit unions will have better rates and terms on CD's.

  12. during the great despression, gold (and expecially gold mining stocks) did very well.

    You can get gold mining stock ETDs (like XAU) and also funds.
  13. TreasuryDirect... purchase and hold 3-Month US T-Bills electronically. The safest and most liquid cash investment vehicle available imo...

  14. Buy some GOLDBARS and wrap them up nicely and bury them under a flower bed. That is your best hedge against economy. Don't forget to Mark it with a stone etc.
  15. Money market accounts are not cash. They have risk, and the extra interest you earn is *pathetic* and definitely not worth it.

    Cash = t-bills, or fully insured bank accounts. That's it.
  16. Iraqi dinars.

  17. http://www.greatdreams.com/hiding.htm

  18. Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, and Copper futures
  19. cash and place under mattress. money market funds will break dollar e.g. drop below $1 so better to have cash yourself.
  20. better would be money market mutual funds that invest in t-bills. they have the same safety, same yield, lower commissions and greater liquidity.
  21. you are confused.

    money market accounts are fdic insured.

    money market mutual funds are not.
  22. +1 If you drop it on your foot and it hurts method always works. Don't forget there is usually a very wide spread on the buy/sell for the physical good. Most coin/metal brokers play the same game as stock traders do. Another option is art/antique investment.


  23. I have 'invested' some cash there as well.

    Rate of return hasnt been that great but still better than being long the dollar.
  24. US treasury. in the past 27 years, the USA has been on negative just for 6 quarters. And the historic peformance of USA economy has been phenomenal.

    There's no need for panic. we have a lot of problems, But nothing out of normal (historically).

    In the 1930's and 40's our deficit was like 110% our GDP, during the 70' gold price was about 1,200 on today terms and Oil was trading around 100'. But the USA and the world survive.

    In today's world, I think that the USA is the best and safest place to put my money.

    My father have a small managment firm, And i pay him a visit today (sunday), and the parking lot was full of cars, people working like mad, making money and fighting for their business. I realize that is very hard to beat a country like this and with that attitude over the long run.. you wont see too many europeans working on sundays anyway.

    But to diversified some of my assets (like 15%) And invest in some euro funds, and buy/hold some chinese stocks, like petrochina.

  25. found better deal :)
    savingsaccount at deutsche bank (in euros) yielding 4.5%
  26. I thought that maybe this article would help to relieve some of your fears about money market funds.

  27. I'm glad that author can sleep at night with his money exposed to subprime. Some of his points seem comforting on the surface, but when you start thinking about them, they really don't mean much. For example, it is a known fact that S&P and Moody's have been negligent in their ratings of these ABCPs. When they start marking this crap to reality, there goes your "95 percent of their assets in securities that get the highest rating from ratings companies" qualification. Also, just because in the past money market funds have never failed doesn't mean in the future they won't. I guess if you are good at holding your nose and hoping the stink passes by, then by all means, keep your money in money market funds with subprime exposure.