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IBKR down the tube

  1. Oh dear, IMHO there is a problem with IB, take a look at the chart.

    Almost everybody who bought this stock in now pissed off. whether an IPO is successful right from the start or never.
  2. Insider trading is causing a dip in market making profits.
  3. The problem is all brokers are getting nailed large.
  4. What a **** stock.
  5. In 3 months, many IBKR holders will be happily rewarded.
  6. Please explain ?

  7. the financials are going down the drain latetly. dont take it personnaly shareholders
  8. At this rate of drop, it is going to be teen pretty soon.
  9. very possible 17 should hold it.
  10. If anyone knows, how is the p/e multiple compared to other online brokerages?
  11. Apples to oranges. IB's earns a huge multiple from trading against its retail ops. I am referring to market-making, not directly routing to Timber. You can't view this as a typical commission house -- they have the best ROI in the business.

    I doubt we'll see a close under $20.
  12. This is an important lesson that's taught time and time again:

    If you ever hear the words "oversubscribed IPO"..

    RUN! Run for the hills!
  13. Yup, I forgot about their arbitrage side.
  14. I think this company has a bright future. I hope they can get it together and I would like to see more competition in this area. Someone needs to put a torch under their ass.
  15. There is competition from the retail side and that's what is hurting them. Nobody needs to put up with them anymore.

    Their growth should be coming from the institutional side and they bill themselves as being competitors of Goldman, Morgan etc. but being completely automated and offering no special services to institutional players I wouldn't really say they are much of a competitor.

    Unless something in their model changes substantially the stock and company is dead in the water.
  16. Sounds good. I know what you mean. added leverage and all. Where can I get some low cost execution on global markets? I mean if I set up dvp with them and my prime gives me those perks that I need to run ops, just as good no? Please pitch me. Anyone have any experience with NBG? any other input would be greatly appreciated. thxxx
  17. Opened the long position Monday morning and went longer today.