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IB is down, has been for the last 20 minutes

  1. My connection to TWS has been down for 20 minutes, closed it, tried logging in again, won't let me.....second day in a row that I've had trouble...anyone else?
  2. yep, same here :(
  3. I'm running build 806.4 on one computer and the connection is fine.

    But i'm running 810 on another and that is down.
  4. Actually, this is the 2nd time today it's happened, and the 3rd time in the last 24 hours....
  5. No problems here at all today. Running 810.7.
  6. Yes same here two times
  7. no problem here. working just fine.

  8. Me too :confused:
  9. Yep, same problem. Supposedly a back-end process that they thought they had fixed, restarted on its own, cancelling some people's sessions, and preventing a login.

    Tradestation, as an alternative platform, is looking real good IMO at this point.....
  10. Third time today :(
  11. one more time down
  12. I bet that offer from Advanced Futures is looking really good right now. I definitely wouldn't tolerate this much downtime if I was trading for a living.

  13. no probs here. Everything works just as it should.
  14. 3rd time down here today......question....no matter where or who I have used (including trading floors) systems have gone down....anyone know of a foolproof system that doesn't go down?
  15. I've had trouble EVERYWHERE with outages ... I have had so LITTLE trouble with IB until very recently ... Reliability has been so much better at IB than E*Trash/Ameritrash/Datek/Merrill Lynch, all of which I have had experience with...in fact, it's an insult to even compare IB with those others...

    That said, I'm always unhappy when there's an outage, and my first priority is to find out if it's my fault or theirs......
  16. The point is that if you trade through a discount online broker, you should have two different brokers/accounts. There will always be outages.
  17. Definetely some trouble today. I'm on gw1 and quotes have been on and off.

  18. I was down premarket briefly. No downtime during the regular trading hours though...

  19. My trading account was up with no interruptions, but my FA account was down.
  20. must of been a regional prob. No problem here.
  21. my account has been on and off at least 5 times today. I,m getting pretty damn sick of it too.
  22. where is Def when y ou need him? :p
  23. I don't mind the outages per se. This is nothing compared to several years ago when I had dial-up. But I wish they'd use their System Status properly and not give the impression that it's all the user's fault/problem. If a server or two or several are down, then say so. That would at least save a wasted phone call.
  24. Please give Def a break since he is in Hong Kong time (13 hours ahead of us in the East Coast.
  25. second that - I can't actually remember last time when the problem wasn't on their end (based on fact that data from other sources continues without interruption)

    I do think outage rate with IB is way too high for traders trading in short time frames - something like once per week for significant period during busiest trading hours - I don't understand why they don't give fixing this a higher priority
  26. This week was a problem for the gw5 server, but overall uptime has been very high. And I'm watching all day.