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IB disconnected many times

  1. The IB connection seems to be not very stable. It disconnected many times and I was sure it was not the fault of my ISP since other programs were working properly. Although it would reconnect after few minutes, it was very annoying. Does anyone know what is happening in IB?
  2. I wouldn't be so sure it isn't your ISP.

    IB's TWS checks for packet loss on a connection. If you have packet loss (ie. a connection that is losing some data in the transmission), the TWS will disconnect.

    Before going further you should do a ping test and a trace route. You should also see how many hops it takes to go from your ISP to the IB servers.

    It would also help if you said when you went down. The system resets each evening for about 1 hour. If you are on the US server it resets around 11:30 PM.

    If you do not know how to do any of these tests, take a look on the IB tech forum on the IB website. If you can't find help, post a question.
  3. for me with IB this am in USA

    last week there was a problem but it was ISP's fault not IB

    as worldcoms UUNET backbone $%*@ up
  4. Run a traceroute and poll the route to see where the packet loss is occurring.
  5. Def,

    On Friday I was unable to log onto TWS all day. Same problem again this morning. It tries to load the login screen for 10-15 minutes, then stops and gives an error message about the login java applet failing to load.

    I have a relatively new account but I was able to log on previously with no problem. I emailed tech support but haven't received a reply.

    Is there a system problem? I'd appreciate any help you could give me.

  6. I had that problem a while ago and after going crazy all day, I removed java components and reinstalled. Since you were able to log on to TWS before, did you install any programs right before you had the problem? That is the usual cause of lock ups. Good luck
  7. ib is down again
  8. Yep, can't log on.
  9. Logged in this morning, initiated 3 trades and now it has logged me off and will not reconnect. This is the third day in a row I have had this problem.
  10. Me too - can't login from Thailand...... to be exact, was logged in, made some trades then TWS disconnected...... can not get back in at moment, after win2k reboot just in case.

    Had a trade in the market when i got disconnected... i use bracket trader, praise the lord, so my stops are in the market at least... and on globex for real right :p (emini's).....

    ps i did a stupid thing..... :eek: i checked for updates earlier on, and i went ahead and took the hit... damn it's tough to resist that auto update prompt.... don't know how many times i've updated one day, got problems then lo and behold there's another update next day - to fix the previous screw ups i fear...

  11. I am able to connect in one of my accts fine

    the other one disconnected and cannot log back in :eek:
  12. Check IB system status. The problem this AM is IB.....based on what I see they have an unstable system. Went down here just after the opening...still down 30 minutes later.

  13. II believe one of their servers is having a problem - if your acct is on that server, you are also having a problem...
  14. 10:13 EST Currently some internet based TWS may have connectivity issues, our technicians are working on resolving this matter, all other IB systems are operating normally
  15. No better way to start off a Monday morning losing $1000 while waiting on hold with IB support to close out 3 positions.
  16. jeez - and i was counting on a 20 point day

  17. Are these problems common with IB, or are the last few days just a one-off? How easy is it to get through on the phone when there are problems with the system?

    I am thinking of changing my broker & IB is one of the brokers on my shortlist. Though I think IB does a lot of things right, I've not been encouraged by the reliability of their system.

    Any comments?

  18. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    here's a gif of the livechat i had....... doesn't seem to have any save or print option for the session - not surprising really.


  19. I have traded with them for a year and a half and the last few days have been unreliable, although I am not sure it has been completely their fault. Getting through on the phone can be a pain in the ass especially on a Monday morning when their is a system outage. I was on hold for 10 min, which is an eternity when the market is moving.

    Overall I would guess the reliability of their system is probably no better or worse then others, but customer service could definitely use some improvements.
  20. Please...IB has a problem, and evidently you 1)either are in an area where you don't experience it or 2) are an IB plant putting out misinformation.

    IB has been down in my location for almost 90 minutes now...and according to IB they are "working on it".

  21. My futures account has been stable all morning, but I was only able to access my stock account for a few minutes today. It's on login attempt #101 now...
  22. I lost connection once for a minute or so, now I have lost it again and been down for over ten minutes. Not cool. I am in Idaho, and eSignal is working fine, so I think this must be an IB problem. When it is an internet problem, I have trouble with my other connection/programs too.
  23. If it's an ISP problem why is IB "working on it"?
  24. Mon Oct 7 10:46:47 2002 EST System Update: We are currently experiencing problems with one of our internet hosts, the issue should be resolved shortly

  25. IB is attributing this to one of their "internet hosts". They claim the problem will be "resolved shortly". I've been down for 90 minutes now.

  26. eom
  27. Just logged back on, positions I closed by phone are still showing up in acct.
  28. Back up on IB , With bigger losses.

    BERT:mad: :mad: :mad:
  29. I got logged off before I could enter a drop-dead stop on 1 of my positions and lost 2400. Damnit to hell; this will take me a week to recover less than 20 minutes worth of losses. Furthermore I closed it out on the phone and it still shows up in the pending tab. WTF ??:mad:
  30. Does anyone know how long it takes for these phone orders to show up in account?
  31. reluctant to make a trade - in case of more problems
  32. I deleted that posst..DOT REPOST DELETED POSTSTHANKYOU!:mad:

    Sorry for your probs:(
  33. No problem, glad you're having a good morning.
  34. They should show up sometime during the day. I've gotten orders posted to my account as late as 4:30pm. If they haven't shown up by the end of the day, call IB. But don't try to exit the position yourself. I did that once and got stuck with the double fill the next day.
  35. You 're not very well-connected:p
  36. Just went out AGAIN at 1138 EDT

    What's up, Def?
  37. Yep...down again. Where's that apologist for IB? I'm sure he can explain all of this.

  38. I have not had any probs w/IB ...rock solid right here. all updats instaled and working good. Very good excutions, not down at all this morn. I am sure there are more too. IB very good.
  39. Here's a copy of an email sent to me by IB:

    Dear Trader,

    We have a problem with our server . We are currently working on this, and hope to have the situation resolved for you soon.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


    IB Customer Service
  40. What don't you understand? IB seems to be having trouble with one or more of their servers - and people whose accounts reside on those servers are having trouble accessing those accounts.

    You are obviously on another server.
  41. He's more interested in gloating about alleged profits than in reporting problems, the real purpose of this thread.
  42. IB's only broker i've ever used so i can't really compare them to anyone else. i'd assume other brokers also have similar reliability problems but you hear a lot more about IB's just because so many more people use them..

    so far i've been lucky that when IB's gone down i either haven't had positions on or it's come back on in a matter of seconds...

    still, i think they could do a lot more to improve the reliability of their systems.

    same old, same old really.
  43. Not reportng any probs because i have had none ..IB rock soild here. Just for you to know tht all is not having this probs.thats all. no probsz to report here.:confused:
  44. I'm not logged on 24 hours and thus my reply at this time.

    Looking at the logs from last night it shows that a server/gateway that was upgraded had some problems. It had to be swapped out. The swap didn't go as smoothly as it should have gone and thus the delays.
  45. Def -

    Are you saying that this will be an ongoing problem like the last set of disconnects from several months ago? If I recall it was several days of upgrades and other hardware changes that caused outages left and right.

    Please be straight with us as I won't enter any trades until this is resolved. 4 more days like today I don't need.
  46. The information that I read is that the machine was swapped. Thus I assume it will not be a recurring problem.

    I forgot to comment on getting desk trades into your position. Desk trades have to be manually moved from the IB help desk account into a clients position. A supervisor must submit the entry via the GUI. Thus the timing is dependent on the availability of the supervisors. I'll bring up the topic of attempting to get desk trades into the clients accounts in a more timely manner today.
  47. oh man, "equipment upgrades". that's the oldest one in the book! :) only so many times you can get away with using that line..

    IB must have the greatest equipment in the world by now, what with all the upgrades.. :D
  48. I use to use IB and had this issue. Try having 5 e-minis and the system goes down for 20 minutes and you have to wait 15 to get through the phone.... BTW and the market is moving over 10 points against you....

    I had enough!

    I am now using Advanced futures, which I heard about on this board. Not problems and you get right to the trade desk, if needed.

    Customer service actually cares!!
  49. I also had problems last Friday and today. I was shorting eminis to protect long positions and lost connection several times. Also hit the cancel on an option bid and lost connection before IB received it and ended up paying high price while they were dropping like a rock. I love IB and have no intention of switching brokers but I sure hope they get this figured out soon. If we enter a stop or trailing stop and transmit before we loose connection will that stop also get lost if the server goes down or is it stored some where else? :confused:
  50. you can have the greatest equipment today only to be lagging behind 6 months from now. equipment is constantly being upgraded. any firm that doesn't regularly improve their systems will lag behind.

    i sincerely hope you are not another plant for the firm you are now promoting.
  51. The problems you had Fri were due to UUNET messing up the entire internet and the hurricane. It was discussed on TheStreet.com and here on ET.

    These sites report on current internet congestion and latency which can cause you to lose your connection to IB. Internet problems are not as frequent as they used to be, but they still occur.



  52. relax def. i love IB and have no intention of leaving. but seriously, i don't know what kind of upgrades you guys are doing, but to use that excuse time after time gets pretty old pretty quick.
    and these thing can't be done after market hours and on weekends? (who the hell are you people using for this upgrade work? they don't seem to be able to upgrade a damn thing without causing it causing some kind of system outage. fire 'em and get someone that can do the job right. they're out there.)
  53. Don't worry, I can stand the heat. But the facts are the facts.

    Most if not all upgrades to the network take place over the weekend. You can take two identical machines, load them up with the same software, hardware, test them and once in production one craps out. Could be a bad memory, dust, murphy's law, human error, anything. The amount of equipment sitting in our computer rooms is astounding. The guys servicing, designing and maintaining the equipment are exceptional and the same ones working on the Timber Hill trading systems. Naturally we need to do better. More fault tolerant systems need to be put in place. That is the goal. Perhaps with a few more "upgrades" we'll get there :)
  54. "upgrade of systems" - ??? excuse my skepticism. Today, there is another TWS update..... surprised? I'm not. Yesterday, when eventually i was able to log on again, the TWS layout was changed from my usual default settings - the rapid order entry and other bits and pieces were all on view and so on.... now i never changed my TWS version between being disconnected and the fix, so how?

    The TWS is great, i just need to stop installing every damn new update that's all......

    still like IB Def........

  55. If you are using the IB TWS API to trade, you owe it to yourself not to be an upgrade robot. Just say no to the new upgrades unless you really need the new features provided in the next upgrade. And when you finally do upgrade, make sure you have the previous files on hand so you can downgrade back to the older version quickly if that becomes necessary.
  56. the tws quotes for eminis seem to be updating faster today? is this a result of the upgrade or that piece of chocolate cake I had for breakfast?
  57. I noticed that for stocks as well. No more 7/10th of a second updating, Def?
  58. I noticed a difference as well. Quotes changing so fast I thought something was "broken"!

  59. IB good today huh:D everybody is happy. Me too, thsnks IB, I am up 8 points today with ES..I am very happy again today.:D
  60. What the hell are all these ARCA problems? Its it ARCA or the connection between them and IB?

    This is a daily thing with them.
  61. I waited 6 months for my last upgrade. Why take a chance if what you have works. No use being a beta tester.
  62. Thats Ok but i chck for IB upgrade eveyday. I want the newest and best. I am not sure your probs are from upgrades are you? I have gad no probs with upgrdes but maybe you do but why?:confused:
  63. There is a new quote engine/delivery mechanism that has been making the rounds into the system. Looks like it hit globex. I did read the deep book would update more regularly (there used to be a purposlely timed delay). I don't know much else other than the quotes for all markets have been drastically improved.

    upgrades: the upgrades have been beta tested but it is inevitable some bugs will be introduced from time to time as it is impossible to test every type of order/function/software compatability in a new release. For example, with DDE the programmers test with the latest version of office. However, those still using office 97 may end up with something incompatable.

    ddef: 6 months is too long to wait. you really do risk that something will not work. My thoughts are that you really shouldn't get more than 2-3 versions behind as you can miss out on some of the improvements, fixes and new features. To be safe you can backup your current java applet on your PC in the event you want to roll back.
  64. Hey Def,

    Do you know if IB splits it's futures and equity orders onto different servers? Do problems occur on both futures and equity trading with the same frequency or does one have a more stable platform/server set-up?


    Not currently an IB customer, but thinking about it, kicking the tires, so to speak...........
  65. Programs are split across hundreds of boxes. One route or exchange going down doesn't necessarily affect all customers as we have numerous T1's or T3's and gateways connected to the various exchanges. Exchange architecture and design is another issue. For example, rarely do we ever hear of any problems with ISLAND which has a very well designed and robust system. However, other exchanges upgrades have been riddled with reliability issues. In short, I believe our system has been very reliable and over time will get even better. But given that we route to virtually every market center in the world, and send out bulletins when there are any issues, we tend to get more publicity.

    If you have any particular questions, feel free to PM me.
  66. feeling lazy - :p

    how to back up the current TWs version java applet? sounds very useful indeedy......



  67. That redi/arca technology merger looks like it's a total nightmare lol.
  68. I am just wondering why no broker in North America using telephone automatic order system as a kind of backup. In China all retail investors input orders simply by keyboard on their phones/cellphones. You don't need to talk to anybody and the broker only need a Pentium 2 to handle 50 phone lines. Everything is executed electronically.

    I strongly recommend IB to consider using it as backup. The software maybe costs at most 500$ in China I guess. Even if they have to close customers's position manually during system outage, at least people don't need to hold half an hour to input an order.
  69. The dudes that 'invented' ISLD were serious hackers. Thus, the serious performance.

    The other ECN's hire programmers that get trained in College. Thus, flakyness.
  70. The dudes that 'invented' ISLD were serious hackers. Thus, the serious performance.

    the dudes are seriously RICH hackers .... I would think their net worth is more than most traders ....
  71. just unacceptable... no excuse for that.