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How to make $37 Billion in one year? Create a Fake Currency!

  1. PFFFT! What an exaggeration.

    With XRP @ $2.40, his Ripple holdings worth only $12.45B.

    What a schlock! (Or does he have another $25B elsewhere??)
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Ballers gonna ball
    Haters gonna hate

  4. Instead of making a fool of yourself in public, try reading the article.
  5. OK.. fool I am. I (quickly viewed and missed the point) about his "17% ownership in the company". I erroneously got that he owned "17% of the float". I didn't understand that "the company" could be so much more than the $$ value of the float. (Unless the company holds a TON coins and he owns a significant share of the company, how could the company be worth so much? What assets would they have?? The "company" is more like a P.O. box, a few desks and chairs in a $200/mo rental co-op... maybe not even that much. How could that be worth $25B, let alone his share of it?)

    A thousand gomens!

    (Besides.... it was a tongue-in-cheek joke attempt ... which you didn't catch, BTW... that he is "such a POOR BASTARD WITH ONLY $12.5B instead of $37B). So, don't we both "wear a little egg"?
  6. Stick to subjects you actually know like Women's Golf, Women's cars(Subaru) and Abba.
  7. Get off my thread and get back to Felching Tony Stark
  8. He's the "Dancing Queen".
  9. that is pretty damn strong sarcasm. are you usually this clueless?
  10. people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  11. zdreg
    blocked, good riddance
  12. thanks.
  13. People/traders can get antsy easily, specially on days like today...where the market can be slightly tricky.

    I eat Powerbars dipped in a container of peanut butter and tea to keep me relatively calm and not bored.
    watch high def 4K City tour videos on youtube...they're calming too.
  14. Go play with your dungeon and dragon buddy's , no time for you today, Picklebreath!
  15. I know you wouldn't say it to my face.
  16. lol, nothing to do with boredom.

    the clowns here bust chops when you're RIGHT, but say nothing to the many posters who are clueless.

    something wrong with that picture

  17. Like I mentioned anyone who knows how to code can create a fake magical coin over night and become instantly wealthy.....all these fake virtual magical coins could disappear tomorrow...anyone worth millions and billlions should be grabbing every bit of return they can get, LITECOIN guy sold everything, who knows how many hundreds of millions he's worth but it was not disclosed how many coins he owned or sold....who knew these magically delicious coins would be such the craze....once the market collapses 90% of these coins will disappear!!!
  18. No one could even come close to your idiocy.

    Pretty soon you'll have the whole site blocked and it'll be just you talking to yourself (which i'm sure you're used to).
  19. unfortunately his idiocy is not limited to this thread. screaming to the heavens about his greatness in calling KOSS a short when no stock was available to short is just one example.

  20. Same as when you added a .com to your company name back in late 90s. It would shoot the price up. This didn’t mean the internet was a ponzu scheme or it wouldn’t work as you can see today.
  21. I said 6 years ago, what's to stop me from creating my own coin.

    Turns out nothing but lazyness.

    Your excuse?
  22. More like 95% will disappear but Litecoin is here to stay. Better buy some. It is a good compliment to Bitcoin. Buy those two if you just want a good position but a little research will reveal a few other good ones that are putting the blockchain technoglogy into some good products that will probably be even better performers in 2018. @S2007S you have been so negative to your own peril. This whole thing is just getting started.
  23. Cardano - top choice.
    Walton Coin - second.