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How or who is running the pump/dump on china stocks?

  1. How are they doing it? The run on CPSL,CBAK,KONG,JRJC, etc.. How is this done without SEC action? In the future, how can one predict the plays and when to jump out. I went with the momo and made a small amount. I missed out on holding a couple for the huge overnight gap.

    I got rid of kong this morning because it was tanking hard - just broke even. Friggin pissed because I was up alot.
  2. lol its called a rally
  3. Rally on those POS. I'd understand the BIDU hype but the micro caps.

  4. It's called a 'RAMP"
  5. [​IMG]
  6. It's called the "General Tso put."
  7. The Chinese has a lot of savings, and because of it, it can pump up the market really fast.

    Unless us, we pump it up using credits.
  8. Ron Paul
  9. Was wondering the same thing. No way JRJC was a legit "rally". These ADRs better watch it.

    No complaints here though. Makes the markets more exciting. These are some good plays. Never get tired of a game of hot potato.
  10. Who? The usual suspects..........GS, MS, MER et al. Even if you live in a cave in Upper Mongolia, they can get you invested.
  11. China is the US during the 20s it looks like, at least the aspect of Jiang Six-Pack throwing his lot into the market.

  12. compare to newspaper clippings, America. Circa 1928
  13. at least they make a community event out of hanging out at the stock exchange.

    sounds like fun. bring your dim sum and buy.
  14. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/2ca3603c-08cb-11dc-b11e-000b5df10621.html
  15. The Chinese have no idea whats coming to them by next year. Hope they are wise enough to cash out or start shorting.

    Man, I've seen them gamble recklessly in baccarat high roller pits. They love the action!
  16. yeah in Vegas they're out of control, I've seen it with my own eyes.
  17. Yeah, I've seen suitcases brought into Trump Plaza of a million. Grey action chips or 10k+ hands. Chinese mafia just laundering money.:D
  18. Guys. Just remmeber you can play this nasdaq like bubble forming both ways. Its called the FXI - which is tracking this beautifully.

    110 -> 180 in a month and a half... Too fast too quick. Buy some puts on this and buy some longs in other reasonable markets.. Good hedged strategy.
  19. My Fellow Americans!...
    Asians are the worst degenerate gamblers on the planet. Go to any race track, casino in the good ole USA and you will find Asians pidling away their money. I happen to live in the Reno/Tahoe area(Lake Tahoe) and we have casino's filled with these losers. This pic truly resembles the US 1920's traders and the bubble that occurred in US markets.

    WHAT We need to do is take their Yen and Dollars$$$.

    The Chinese stocks are a great opportunity to make $$$.
    DO NOT try and PICK THE TOP!
    RIDE THE RALLY, go with the TREND for now.
    When it POPS( and it will POP just like the Internet Bubble) go short and take their money.
    They have NO CLUE what is in store for them.

  20. The above photo looks like a pic right out of Bay Meadows or Golden Gate Fields:D :D :D :D

    Confusious says No Ticky No Washy.
    Egg Foo Yung on their Faces when the China Bubble Pops.

    Wait, be patient, ride the trend for now.
    Do not try and pick a top as this can go on for months and years.
    BUT it will POP and when it does SELL and SELL SHORT into the drop.

    Patience, Patience Confusious says to the white man.
  21. but can they scalp?
  22. the amish are pump and dumping. so is samuel, and jeshmuel.

    <img src="http://tinypic.com/jrwhau.jpg">