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How do you reward yourself for good trades?

  1. Do you take money out of your trading account and buy yourself something nice for trades well done from time to time?
  2. have a nice meal [​IMG]
  3. I consider stopping a loss to be a good trade and my reward is losing money.
  4. I open a great bottle of wine...preferrably a Cali Cult Cab...

    When I have a bad trade bring on the Jack Daniels!!

    Is your account value where you want it?

    If you need the money you take it, if not you might want to diversify it. I am not much of an investor so I leave it up to the professionals. I usually just buy BRK stock (usually the b shares)with my profits/winnings.

    Good trading,

  5. Use your profits to pay off your debts, pay for living expenses, savings et cetera.

    Do this for a few years in the current economic environment and you'll thank me later.

  6. Incredibly, I can't find the post, but last year some trader posted in the Traders Journal about a great day, which was for him, about $1500 net profit.
    He said he immediately went to a "gentlemen's club".
    A response from another trader was:
    "yeah, then you blew $2500 on skanks, net loss = $1000" or something to that effect....which I thought was hilarious.
    Strangely, I cannot find the original post !
  7. I immediately withdraw it and buy myself a big ol' gold watch or new rims for my ride, etc.
  8. I usually smoke some chiba, drink some chivas, or rub one out. All of them take my down from cloud10 and place me on cloud9


    if it's a bad day my laptop looks like napalm in vietnam

  9. Best advice ever
  10. You can never go wrong with spending quality time with friends or family.
  11. i normally pack lunch... if i make some nice trades ill go to quiznos instead... ya large sub with double chicken and a diet mountain dew
  12. Stop off on the way home for some take-out, take the dog to the beach, wildly blow 1%, then sit in the hot tub and re focus on how more days like that will end the rat race sooner rather than later!
  13. On a really good day I might up a Punch or Montecristo # 2 and sit back in my office chair.

    Then I think about how I just made more money today than most people in China make in a year.

    that fades quickly and I start to think about the 15 million in my account from my trading profits this year. Should I get a red spider or perhaps the black benz?

    Maybe a trip with my wife to paris for a week would be a good reward. Maybe a trip to paris with a girlfriend would be a good reward. Perhaps I should get a second home in Hawaii??

    Waking up from falling asleep at my desk as the phone rings from my wife asking what time I will be home for dinner I realize it was all just a dream and that not having a losing day doesn't qualify me to start a hedge fund. Hell the $37.15 I made this month will MAYBE allow me to take the kids out to the local mexican resturant on Friday.........

    Anyone have tip money I could borrow (I am SURE to break $50 in profits next month)??
  14. The topic should be...

    How do you reward yourself for bad trades?

  15. Kids eat free on Thursdays. Make sure you tell them it's one of the kids' birthdays and you'll get dessert out of it.
  16. Pay down debt
  17. I like to surprise the family with out of the blue special vacations at odd times.

  18. that one's easy :D

  19. MAO!

    The Deer Hunter was awesome.

    P.S. Yes, I know that pic is not from The Deer Hunter. lol
  20. I don't do much, just usually let it sit there, but once in a while I take it out and buy some gadget that I considered too extravagant before. Shit like Iphones, etc. Things that you don't really need (esp if you have a perfectly good cell phone) but that are fun to buy.
  21. I walk out on to my patio deck and look at the ocean.
  22. Lucky bastard. I gotta drive 10 minutes.