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Hot Forex

  1. http://www.hotforex.com/
    Spreads: http://www.hotforex.com/en/trading-conditions/spreads.html

    • 0.01 lotsize = 1000 units
    • from 0.8 PIP spreads in EUR/USD (not confirmed)
    • stp-ecn with 5 digit quotes (SL and TP must differ by at least 3 PIPS)
    • MT4 Platform
    • 500:1 Leverage
    • Deposit/Withdrawal with Wire or Credit Card
    • Live Chat

    Located in Mauritius.

    Republic of Mauritius is an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 900 kilometres (560 mi) east of Madagascar. In addition to the island of Mauritius, the Republic includes the islands of Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands, with the French island of Réunion 200 km (120 mi) to the southwest and the island of Rodrigues 570 km (350 mi) to the northeast.
  2. Another note...

    There are not any insane fee's for deposits or withdrawals with Visa or Mastercard Debit or Credit Cards. There are no fee's at all. The transfers hit the account within 24 hours, sometimes instantly. There is no third party involved either like Moneybookers or Paypal.

    The online chat seems to always have someone there if you have any problems.

    I would be interested to hear from other clients about the good and the bad. Please consider to post your experience.

  3. Anyone dumb enough to open an acct with a forex broker in a 3rd world country deserves to have his/her ass handed to them.
  4. +1 , haven't people learned yet?
  5. They'll never learn(especially the newbs) bcuz they easily get seduced by those 500:1 margins, pure suicide.....no need to call Dr Kevorkian.
  6. southbeach4me,

    Isn't it past your bedtime?

    I suggest you reconsider...

    Using leverage and how much you invest into a strategy or system is directly related and I feel it is very important. Some say 1:500 or 1:1000 is simply gambling. I do not agree completely.

    Leverage related to capital can use a rather controversial application if one really considers the possibilities honestly.

    Most traders gamble with leverage. But consider this valid point:

    You need less capital in your account at 500:1. This is what it is all about. Your yield is always based on your capital. If you trade the same way on a 50:1 account vs. a 500:1 account then which account would be better?

    Do you see the point?

    To further expound...since there is less money at risk and he gets a margin call...it's just to replenish the account. The net comparison to trading at 50:1 is the same. If he is a loser..he is still a loser...BUT if he has an edge more leverage is the way to go...Just look at the model Prop Shops offer for professional equity traders...they would not be able to extract money from the markets without leverage and fast tools.

    Drawing lines in the sand may be an unnecessary evil. So there are many traders here that are professional or experienced that will admonish you to be careful and to lower your expectations and do not gamble. But when you examine yourself and your use of leverage you may understand that they mean well, but do not really understand. There are a lot of things posted on these forums that "sound good"..but you can go deeper and examine these "one-liners" and discover for yourselves what they mean to YOU.

  7. One change that was made at HotForex last week is quite troublesome.

    When you download an MT4 Demo account you must contact a live representative in their online chat to specify your start balance and change the leverage...if you do not...you get 5K and 300:1. You get your account # and password by email.

    Every other MT4 dealer lets the user choose without this extra step...why does HotForex need to be different? It is very inconvenient to have to contact a live rep to get this changed each time I want to download a platform and test a system.

    I am sure that their live chat is very busy.

  8. They often seduce you with that 500:1 leverage then won't let you close out your trade when you're making money until the market reverses against you. . This is old news but very common practice among these 3rd world brokers.
  9. Hi there ... I think the last week has been tough because of the low liquidity .. you know at the end of the year can spreads go so crazy and market moves slowly.
  10. Doesn't seem like all that big of a deal... Is that a deal breaker for you?

    I don't ever change leverage - so it is really not an issue for me.
  11. Oh...so you use the default they give you of 300:1...and you always test with 5K..when every other mt4 dealer lets you choose...why is HotForex special? give me a reason?

    If you run several platforms you got to register EACH TIME on their website now and get the email and then contact a CSR for any changes that are built right into MT4. This is just inconvienient. If they do not have server resources then they should get it!

    This does not make sense...if you are used to trading with real dollars at 1K with 500:1 for each platform...They even limit the # of live platform accounts to five.

    You should always train your mind with what you trade with live.


    Do you trade enoch? or are you just a poster child for HotForex?

    I am going to stick with the dealers here in the USA until the Dodd Frank issue gets clearer to me anyways......


  12. i am in......

    stopping at the local duty free to pick up an ak-47 and a box of flash bangs when i go to visit.

    looks like a dt short trade 2 me.


  13. I think it's just a default setting for the live account, and you can change it according to your needs by requesting the customer support. I'd opened an account there too, and I asked them to change the leverage, it's quick. don't bother with such questions.

    Somebody want higher leverage and some does not, it's just preference.

    if the live talk is busy, just send an email. actually i don't like live talk much.
  14. Tough? hmmmm....This indicates they have a dealing desk. Can you elaborate on what you mean by tough? Tough for who? Isn't it simply to feed the prices from the banks to their MT4 and make their spread, eventhough it wider and sporadic at the end of the year? By the way how can they trade straight through when they allow 0.01 lotsize? Just curious.


  15. I opened a demo account with them today and was able the input the amount and leverage when opening mt4. Looks like they may have addressed your problem.
  16. I Think its good broker but not the best and their platform are not really comfortable for me like other brokers such as forexcontrol , other broker also provide 24/7 support . but they are not .
  17. Hotforex are using MT4, MT4 is the most popular and used platform in the world. and they are 24/5 livechat. There is billing support on weekend, WHO CAN HELP YOU WITH EVERYTHING? THERE IS NO EXECUTION DEPARTMENT, AND MANAGEMENT ON THE WEEKEND. BUT BILLING WILL HELP YOU.
  18. I think with regards to demo accounts, you can set it up on mt4, the leverage and starting balance! :)
  19. Do you allow scalping and hedging? Do you have trading context for 1 day period? At what gmt market closed on friday and at what gmt market open on monday morning in Hotforex?
  20. Scalping and hedging is allowed with hotforex, Im bad in math but I think they open and close at GMT+3 when DTS applies, if not then its GMT +2. I hope i got it right, but better yet you can contact their support just to be sure if there is other inquiries.
  21. -10
  22. Someone know zulutrade? I got to know that hotforex is on it too, who had tried it wanna share some experience?

  23. No wonder he lost his moderator status :D
  24. I agree, it's really not wise to say like that.
    it's persuasive to list some real experience instead of meaningless words.
  25. I don`t know why my previous post has been not displayed here. By the way what is Zulu Trade ?

  26. Zulu is a platform that allows normal traders to reduce the influence of emotion on trading. you can check more details on it.

    I think it might be a good way, hotforex is there too, I am studying on it and have a try.
  27. Thanks for the info, can you please give me links where can can get details about zulu ?

  28. You can search by yourself, this is my understanding after I tried the demo
  29. Hello everyone, whats up with the Zulu trade on hotforex, any new contests going on ?
  30. contests with zulu, im not so sure, though i've been planing to check out zulu for a while, maybe that would increase my so little earnings :D

  31. it would be good to try it you know its really interesting
    I guess you will like it but you gotta know what you will do )
    BTW How small are you earnings?
  32. its just small not evern worth mentioning, in this world of forex i learned to appreciate the word small, its beats break even or losing.. :D
  33. I heard that they are offering good bonus offer and competition... Is that true ????
  34. Deposit bonuses come from somewhere... it isn't free money.

    Be very cautious with any broker that offers a deposit bonus. They are usually structured to benefit from failing traders..

    The only other online business I know that actively does deposit bonuses are CASINOs. They can afford to do so because they expect you to lose it back to them.

    I'm starting to get annoyed with all the riff raff coming in the door around ET. This thread was started by ES, but he's gone now, and he probably didn't know any better at the time when he started it.
  35. bonuses comes with certain conditions that are not that easy to fulfill but i've read about traders and strategies that make good use of these bonuses, bonuses are not for everyone and honestly i personally avoid bonuses for the simple reason that it really messes up my trading :D
  36. What is Trading Central Technical Analysis all about ?
  37. i think its a firm that does technical analysis on the forex market, its another good thing for traders given that this firm is known and good at what they do..

    btw hotforex launched another 100% bonus you might wana check it out
  38. i got this news from email and really excited.

    I tested in the New Year's similar promo and it's true.
  39. Is there any differences from this bonus program with others bonus program or they were same?
  40. Im not quite sure, I have not tried the bonus yet, but if you have any question i suggest talking to support through live chat or email for question they can be really helpful :)
  41. a person with such post count here at ET is advertising for this shop? There is no way other than you having a direct financial interest in this company. No other way. And I would find it responsible of you to disclose such fact.

  42. I thought at first this is a joke. But you are not a joke you are a true snake oil salesman. How dare you trying to sell this bullshit to newbies. Are you not ashamed of yourself? I am seriously asking you. I sometimes wished IP tracking is a requirement on this site and your ass gets sued alongside companies such as this.

    Below a transcript of a chat with their sales rep (I could not resist :)

    You are now chatting with 'sharon'
    sharon: Trading Central Technical Analysis Reports now available!
    sharon: Hello, my name is Sharon, how may I help you?
    Matt: hi
    Matt: can i please ask what is the name of the regulatory supervisor of your company?
    Matt: you are registered in Mauritius right?
    sharon: Hotforex is based and registered in Mauritius. We are regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).
    sharon: http://www.hotforex.com/en/about-us/regulatory-environment.html
    Matt: ;-)
    Matt: so a Mauritius "regulator".
    sharon: yes, that is correct
    Matt: Thanks, any other regulator?
    Matt: in the US, Switzerland, UK, Europe?
    sharon: no, just Mauritius
    Matt: so what if you go out of business?
    Matt: my funds are gone right?
    Matt: right from the first penny.
    Matt: correct?
    sharon: all client accounts are segregated and administered by a third party
    sharon: you can see the details here
    sharon: http://www.hotforex.com/en/about-us/security-of-funds.html
    Matt: administered.
    Matt: are the funds kept in a segregated client account with Barclays?_
    Matt: are they swept into a segregated Barclays account every night?
    sharon: they are segregated
    Matt: but not with Barclays
    Matt: correct?
    Matt: and this is the website of your "administrator" (which by the way has nothing to do with where the safekeeping of the funds takes place
    Matt: http://www.ninetyeastfinancial.com/articles/page.php?firsttime=1#prettyPhoto/0/
    Matt: have you visited that website?
    Matt: could you please point out who takes the other side of my trade should I open an account?
    sharon: what do you mean please?
    Matt: when I execute a trade through your platform
    Matt: who supplies the liquidity?
    Matt: who takes the other side of the positon?
    Matt: position
    Matt: when I sell USDJPY who buys it from me and vice versa?
    sharon: the Liquidity Providers
    sharon: we do not disclose the details regarding Liquidity Providers
    Matt: why not?
    Matt: most other brokers do.
    sharon: we do not
    Matt: So, can you confirm that your company does not gain any financial advantage if I lose money on a trade?
    sharon: that is correct we do not
    Matt: And you confirm that your company does not have any influence on the spreads of each fx pair?
    sharon: that is correct
    sharon: the spreads are controlled by the Liquidity Providers
    Matt: your firm basically has no influence at all on the liquidity and pricing?
    Matt: its is entirely controlled by your liquidity providers?
    sharon: that is correct we are an STP Broker
    sharon: A Straight Through Processing (STP) broker works as being an intermediary between traders and the interbank market.
    sharon: Unlike market makers, STP brokers take orders from clients and forward them to the interbank exchange without interfering with prices.
    sharon: HotForex spreads are variable due to our STP execution where the spread is controlled by the Liquidity Providers.
    Matt: I see, ok then I like to open an account with USD 500,000. Just before that where can I find the financial audited statements of your "fund administrator" and also audited financial statements of your company as well?
    Matt: I need to have that for credit check purposes.
    sharon: Please wait while I check for you
    Matt: thanks
    sharon: we do not provide those
    Matt: you do not
    Matt: so how do I know you dont walk with my 500k after I open the account?
    sharon: Hotforex is based and registered in Mauritius. We are regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).
    sharon: http://www.hotforex.com/en/about-us/regulatory-environment.html
    Matt: you ask me to trust you or your "administrator"?
    Matt: well its a website and nothing else
    Matt: and a pdf file
    Matt: we are talking 500,000 DOLLARS here
    sharon: check with the FSC if you wish
    sharon: we are a regulated company
    Matt: With the Mauritius regulator?
    Matt: yes under Mauritius laws
    Matt: I am asking who can confirm your firm's financial status?
    sharon: no, I cannot provide you with those documents
    Matt: So you ask me to believe you?
    Matt: Well you sound trustworthy, so alright, how can I wire the funds and open an account?
    sharon: you can find the wire transfer details in your traders room after you open the account
    Matt: great
    Matt: and last question
    sharon: yes, of course
    sharon: please go ahead
    Matt: do you really look like the girl on the picture on the top right of this chat? Very lovely
    Matt: do I get to have a drink with you after I open my account?
    sharon: no, that is not me
    Matt: oh ;-(
    Matt: so you lied to me
    Matt: ?
    Matt: not lying but you gave the wrong impression
    sharon: how?
    sharon: the picture is just from our website
    sharon: not individual employees
    Matt: but it gives the impression away its you
    Matt: are you even a girl?
    Matt: or guy?
    sharon: yes, I am female
    Matt: ok, I am relieved
    Matt: all right, you were really lovely
    Matt: and I wish you a wonderful day and thanks for the informative chat
    sharon: you are very welcome

    What a fuxxing SCAM!!!!!

  43. I was looking into trading metals, would you suggest studying gold or silver? and if there is any relationship or effect they have on each other, thanks. one last thing if there is a good place to learn more about metal trading that would be really great godbless and happy pip hunting.
  44. I'm not a good trader but I think gold trading is better than silver. Since there are a lot of forums and articles would give you useful artices about gold trading.
  45. im trying to dig further into metal trading, the opinions differ from one thread to another, some suggest silver, other want gold more.. im looking for solid material just incase to have a good jump start into metals. maybe something new for a change, but hey thatnks for the suggestion :)
  46. Sorry for my weak knowledge but I have received email from Hotforex about FIXED ACCOUNT and FIXED Spread?

    How is this type of account? Is it good for scalper?
  47. I think this is a new account type that has fixed spreads to it! but the min deposit is 500 if im not mistaken, i saw this a couple of days back. will check on it again later.

  48. I think this is designed for some people who wanna be more safe about uncertainties of varies spreads.
    More choices are not bad anyway.
  49. I have used hotforex for almost two years now and no problem with them but currently am not trading at this firm but everything seems quite okay with this broker.
  50. yup, they are quite a positive steady broker, and I guess can be considered as one of the most competitive in the international market specially in asia.
  51. You're made a good choice, after spending 1 year with this broker, I see this is a genuine company, decent broker. They have improved a lot and it made my trading also my experience improved too.
  52. did you use myhotforex to withdraw money?
    It seems the previous paper form is not available anymore?
  53. Im still using the old system haha old habbits are hard to break. but i guess with the myhotforex system you only need to use the form once, then its good from there. not so sure though but its quite an improvements from the past couple of years I say!
  54. Use paper form is a normal way but I think you should use myhotforex system for automatically withdraw. That save time for print, sign, scan, rescan, email....
  55. WARNING !

    this broker erased my profits , stay FAR AWAY
  56. I don't think that this broker is scam, I`m trading with them from long time and I had not faced such issue, My suggestion is you can talk with customer support about you issue. I`m sure that they will resolve your issue.
  57. It would be valid if you can prove with facts because we need to see facts.
  58. it's normal to see complaints, however, hotforex works fine with me in a long time
  59. Can we trade Forex with mobile trading in Hotforex? I have never tried.
  60. yeah mobile trading is an option, there are iphone ipad android even balckberry platform, they are good for checking out trades even executing orders but charting is done better on MT4 ofcourse. :)
  61. I'm using a Galaxy S2 (Samsung smartphone) and I do often use Metatrader app to trade, it's a common trading app.
  62. I do use thge MT app for iphone, its quite fast, but for charting i use MT4 on my desktop, I just like checking the charts on the go since most my trades are position.
  63. honestly there is no avoiding it! some might think that position trading or swing trading can be a bit slow and does not require you staying infront of a monitor, but on the contrary, we tend to relate almost everything to forex, we listen to news on tv or even have the laptop and pc open aside from checking charts on my tab and iphone, its an addiction its like staring at canddle sticks syndrome or something LOL
  64. Anyone here owned an HotForex Debit Card?
  65. maybe its more applicable for people f rom europe, but i think you can request it if you want to, its an international card, but fees might be grater but im not sure.
  66. Those are experienced. I think we are not professional like them so we can trade with only 1 monitor. When we trade on more one pair, we can need more monitor.
  67. ok. once i am professional will get extra monitors.
  68. I plan to invest to a PAMM account. Anyone here tried HotForex PAMM or PAMM account?
  69. some computer setups are crazy, I guess its for people who really make a career out of trading forex, mostly they monitor more than one pair to look for movement that might affect other pairs and so on, i have seen some setups that involves not just monitors but they actually use smart flat tv screens LOL but i dont think i can afford that! im good with 17 inch monitor and cellphone as well :D maybe a tablet at times :D
  70. Pamm is good option but my advice is do not let trade someone with your money. I personally believe to trade as a individual trader instead of Pamm.
  71. I shorted EUR/CAD moments ago. It is now at 1.4550.

    Vive le Canada! A bas la veille!
  72. Why not smaller lotsize. You know oanda?

    If you sponsor top traders, let me know.
  73. When are you people going to learn that leverage has nothing to do with risk?

    I can trade with a 500:1 leverage account and still risk only 2% of my capital on each trade.

    500 to 1 leverage simply means that your broker will allow you to buy (or short) 500 units of something with only 1 unit "faith deposit", it does not say anything about the percentage of trading capital you can allocate to each trade. YOU control this percentage, regardless of leverage used.
  74. Careful TradingJournals, "A bas la veille" does not mean anything, even in French :p
  75. I trade with hotforex at 1:100 leverage and find it quite comfortable for me. I really do not recommend to trade with larger leverage, because it becomes more difficult to handle a risk.
  76. yeah for starters low leverage is the best thing to do, though i trade on a 1:500 leverage but with a smaller ac count :) If i do go for a higher deposit i might consider lower my leverage to 1:200 or maybe 1:100 :) its safe and im in no rush :D
  77. this broker was recommended to me by a fellow trader, im kinda new, is there anything i should look out for as a new trader?
  78. Agreed but same goes for any body trading forex... Rigged unregulated markets with "broker" more often then not acting as counter-party. All sorts of scams going on in those "brokers".

    CME futures on forex are a viable instrument and better alternative.
  79. Correct. I think before investing money on some broker, at least you need to look for user reviews first and see how it went for them. It would also never hurt if you can read about payment proof. [​IMG]
  80. Beware the retail FX market. It's full of sharks, Whoever you choose to go with make sure they are a well regulated broker, award winning brokers help, have tight spreads as these will chew into your PnL like crazy, have segregated accounts, have no problems withdrawing your cash.
  81. thanks camille, i will keep that in mind!! Im on demo for now and things seem ok.
  82. Any of u guys have experience with hotforex? I need to know about their execution, news trading and scalping rules if any. Thanks guys

  83. I do have a small account with them for a a year or so, its a good broker, I wont recommend news trading in general unless you know what you are doing, but the execution is good, some an avoidable slippage but its a lot better than others, during news releases, scalping is allowed, I guess the only thing most brokers dont allow is arbitrage bots. so there you go best of lcuk

  84. I have been trading with this broker for 6 months, I have a premium account there and I had a better experience than my previous brokers. It offers fast execution and free TA signals from Trading Central but I use FA. It allows you scalp but you should reas terms before opening account there if you want to use the bonuses they offer.
  85. Anyone heard about Titans program ?
  86. I haven't tried it and I can't aford it as of now LOL, but looking at the results im quiet impressed really, good results
  87. I was thinking to join but its really big amount for me to take a chance lol :D
  88. one thing i learnt in investing in general is "only invest money you can afford losing" its a rule of thumb, if you have that money and you dont really need it then by all means go ahead, larger investments lessen the risk and get higher profits. i cant affort it honestly so i dont think I can but i really would love to if given the chance :)
  89. Agreed but larger amount means larger profit too if you have enough trading knowledge. What you say ?
  90. yes of course, trading forex is a constant process of learning, let it be 3 years or 5 years or a decade, you learn new thing every day in the largest market on earth :D

  91. I got involved in their webinars with binary Barry by mistake. Now I thank this chance because it changed my attitude to webinars. There is still a lot of information you don't know and it's still beyond posession of internet. I've learned a lot of new things about CFD's and options from that course, hope HF will keep up with their awesome introductions..
  92. Can we withdraw from this broker without verifying?
  93. I'm afraid there are no serious brokers offering anonymous withdrawals. You can check this feature for unregulated brokers somewhere in Nigeria, Congo, or Somali:D. Btw Hotforex has very simple verification;withdrawal processes takes less than a min for me. :)
  94. I'd say avoid any broker that doesnt do a verification process, let alone let you withdraw with out verification, they can be subjected to multi fraud/laundering cases if it happens and thats the last thing you want your money to be in
  95. I wish HF rolls up their own iOS app with top up and withdrawal features. Standard mobile MT4 platform runs flawlessly but it's not tailored to HF specific features...
  96. Hi guys,
    there are so many good brokers overseas especially in the Forex market. USA is kind of restricted with a few big brokers. Hopefully this will change in the future. It has to do with regulations and one can wonder is this regulation procedure in the interest of the traders in the USA or in the interest of protecting the financial institutions in the USA? You can make up your on own mind about this but Hey it's a big world and traders should be able to trade across borders without restrictions. Don't you agree?
  97. As a foreigner living in Thailand, I face no restrictions on where I can open accounts or any funding issues due to remittance limits. Further, as I am not a citizen/resident of the countries where I open the accounts, some of the 'protective' stuff that applies to their own do not apply to me.

    I like this, but to be honest nothing is black and white. I don't face nanny state issues, but I also don't get the consumer protection that is taken for granted in First World countries. It's great if you are comfortable taking care of yourself, and that suits me fine.
  98. I dont know much about thailand but you might want to try this, lets say right now im using the payoneer service, i used to go with skrill but found that having an international debit card is easier and faster, what i do is have the money trasfered to payoneer then withdraw it from a regular ATM for a small fee about 4-5 dollars for every 200 dollar withdrawal which is not bad, im from the philippines, and its not as strict as other countries which makes it easier, i recieve my money as a form of remittance

  99. Yeah if you make 1-2K $ monthly from trading then spending 20-30$ for withdrawal is quite acceptable for you. However I prefer to withdraw from online money processors such as skrill or webmoney, though they also charge some comission for withdrawals, transfers there pass much easily with hassle free and safe internet payment options.
  100. Thanks for your post, I just wanted to trade and withdraw fast.
  101. Im currently use=ing payoneer its another good way to withdraw money directly, though there maybe some international ATM charges but its not that bad and its really fast. just be sure to get all verifications done .
  102. Just checked this company, it seems they locate in USA and hold their funds in BOA. Still not sure can we trust them or not, but it may worth to try some hundreds bucks withdrawed from HF..
  103. Do you know how to apply for payoneer with fake personal details? I am highly concerned with safety of my ID and want to keep it confidential. Will it be possible to withdraw and upload funds with fake account?
  104. I don' think that you can open a fake account with a broker as they need your real information.

  105. there are two ways if im not mistaken to apply for a payoneer linked to hotforex, the first one is through hotforex if you are a trader there, another one is through payoneer but it will still require you to link it to hotforex..

    you should be safe giving them your real details, even if you manage to grab a payoneer account with fake details, its puts your money at risk. why risk it so just go with what the process asks you to do..

    speaking of trading with fake details with any broker, there is till the documents that the brokers asks of course, its for security and i doubt any broker would use your details for something else, its a long shot anyway.
  106. I think you must provide real statements to verify your account.
  107. Yes I've already carried out that procedure and verified payoneer. Now I am able to withdraw money directly to payoneer and quite quickly - about a half day..
  108. Are all brokers allowing this way of paiement?
  109. Yeah almost all, but difference is in speed of processing. In other words, work efficiency of billing department. HF withdrawals processing seems to be the quickest for me..
  110. Hey Doggy, do you have a broker to recommend? I'm looking to open a new account. Thanks!
  111. im not sure about other brokers, but if im not mistaken payoneer is tied up with hotforex as an alternative way to withdraw money, which makes my life a lot easier, it just happned that i do have a payoneer account which they were very helpful to link to my hotforex account, its easy. i by pass most money transfer its from my ewallet to my payoneer that fast.
  112. Thank you trader_phil, will check if Nakitrade allows such a type of transaction. Is there a list of all the brokers doing it?
  113. Who on hotforex is making money trading and what your your views on their executions?
  114. Well, difficult question :rolleyes:. Maybe Hotforex? :D
  115. I don't like to share an insight to the digits of my trading performance, but can say that I quite confidently manage to make off living with them. Currently I am on their Fixed real account and "Zero" spread account (in testing), don't get any slippage on flat markets, about 1-3 pips during major economic releases. Spread widening doesn't pose a problem for me as I picked an option of fixed spreads during any market conditions..
  116. I trade with them, execution is fairly good, though i noticed some slippage during heavy hours or news release, its not that often though. i think it can be better if you test them first hand, the min deposit is small anyway.
  117. I agree. I think they also have tons of promotions going on lately, the reason why they got a lot of people signed up. [​IMG]
  118. Not only promotion actually. It is just a marketing constituent. The quality of brokerage service is also on top, that's the reason I stick with them
  119. Anybody here using Skrill in their daily life ? Are you happy with it ?... The reviews online are horrendous, it sounds like a nightmare.

    I hesitate between 2 brokers : Hotforex and Armada Markets. Hotforex has Payoneer debit card, Armada has Skrill debit card. After further analysis, Armada looks better, cheaper commish..

    I'd rather go with a broker based in Estonia(Armada) rather than Cyprus(hotforex)..

    Any comments or comparison between using Payoneer or Skrill ?..
  120. happy holidays everyone. its a bit to quiet for trading and a good time to back track and do a yearly trading review. have a good 2015 everyone.
  121. short in

    Skrill really can screw you unless you've done with their verification and accept payments only from trusted members. Personally use them about two year, has nothing to complain about. Don't have a reason to be critical on Hotforex, everything is on top-grade level, however I gave up with payoneer as they use bank of america for funds processing. Now I prefer to work through neteller, system is quite reliable and cheap, just what average fx trader need.
  122. When looking for a broker there are so many things you have to check. But first i will consider the brokers reputation,trading condition and the withdrawal and deposit system. this what I consider before opening my account with Armada Markets last years ago, reputable one, even this not the only thing to consider, any website review sometimes just had their own odd issue, I'd prefer to make sure by my own experience. these where i found AM trading condition are very competitive they even provide flexibility in trading conditions, they’ve discounted me 10 cents per side on their commission account (so now I get 3.8 $ round-turn, instead of 4 $) just because of my passionate trading (over 150 trades monthly) with deposit over 10K. instead of claiming to offer as "zero" spread while in fact it cost 2 times higher than my current account , as for payment they had wide range method but at secure line of payment methods, I primarly use Skrill with them, and never found any problem while use skrill as payment method, processed in average a day, sometimes it took only an hour.
  123. 3.8usd per 100k ? that's really good, i don't know anybody cheaper. what's the spread like on USDJPY ? usually the lower the commish the wider the spread..
  124. Hey lubba, i just noticed you put this broker comparison on another thread... Armada Markets looks pretty good... thanks.
  125. Execution at Hotforex is much better due to better liqudity. moreover Armada Markets seems to be unregulated it scares me really..how can we trade with a broker controlling by nobody:)
  126. I am using Skrill monthly and I am totally satisfied with it. Fast withdrawal, the fee is much but not much more than Paypal fees. Regarding broker advisory, I think you should read from page 1 of this topic.
  127. No need to chew over such a large amount of information, just last 2-3 pages to take a print of broker performance.
    Personally I would vote "yes" if you are looking for a good, low-cost broker with abundant trading options and loyal client attitude. The choice is up to you, though.
  128. Skrill`s fees is very high, I prefer Paypal but dont know why many brokers do not accept Payapl :(
  129. Let the brokers integrate this system PP complaint department will be swamped with beefs from perplexed newbies, demanding their pennies back
  130. I have a question that many brokers requires their trader have to sign a form to complete a withdrawal request. Some brokers like hotforex allow trader to withdraw with an automated system. Just a few clicks.

    Of course we know signing on forms takes much more time but why don't the brokers intergrate an automatic system for more convenient for their traders?
  131. There are a few brokers still requiring that stuff from a trader. The competition is high so everyone is striving to facilitate it's processes as much as its possible
  132. i guess some brokers still do it old school with signed withdrawal forms scanned and sent back!! but its good to see full automated or semi automated withdrawals.. easier and less hassle
  133. They should be innovate for more convenient for their traders.
  134. yeah, lots of brokers lately turn to automated, or semi-automated withdrawals, usually not instant but a lot faster. some with ine 24 hours, the amounts in forex trading are not small.
  135. Guess every withdrawal is thoroughly checked before processing. Especially when trader balances on the edge of some sophisticated strategy or algorithmic trading.
  136. dealing with money is not easy, peronally i think a full automation has lots of loop holes, and in forex its better to be cautious than sorry :) well 2-3 days is not a bad time and usually its faster.
  137. Anyone got trouble in getting into Social Network, just pm me. I finally can join it.
  138. Anybody knows how the hell traders in their demo to real contest manage to make 12000% on their 100K demo deposit just for a month? Smells a free cheese from Hotforex want to take part in it but seeing their tremendous yields really frustrating and kills any hope..
    Here's the link https://www.hotforex.com/ru/contest/demo-contest.html
  139. thats not an impossible number really, with forex nothing is impossible given the variety of conditions that can be done LOL but it is crazy and its demo, to win a demo contest it takes extreme messures

  140. Yeah taking extreme risks - overleveraged and using big lots you can reach such substantial results.
    Anybody tried new HF instruments? Please provide feedback
  141. Just checked the link and the winner of July 2015 has 6900% profit. It's a stunning gain but with demo, nothing is impossible.
  142. There are a lot of other options if ever you want to try demo accounts. There are brokers that you can costom the money and the leverage as a demo!
  143. Demo account can be opened after registering live account, the allowed number of demo accs is unlimited as well as flexible demo conditions (leverage, initial deposit etc.) Don't know if they restored the option to open demo account directly from MT4
  144. Hotforex staffs just did not have the patience to answer my questions regarding the works of their platform. I decided to withdraw the fund and cancel my account.
  145. Hotforex is a scam company, I made a profit of 800 dollars they deactivated my account and told me i have made in illegal ways, i asked them to tell me what is illegal of making and if they have any proof do provide me, but i didn't get any response.
  146. Hotforex consists of a bunch of 2 scammers, won't name them, but they know themselves.If their system freezes, they'll tell you it's a problem at your end, and ask you to 'reinstall metatrader' even if all other brokers' metatraders are working on your computer.Theyr'e a bunch of crooks, and I'm closing my account with them pretty fast.
  147. Hotforex is a market maker who winds the spread during news hrs to trip the stop loss they wind the spread even 30 pips.one of the worst broker I ever meet in life.
  148. this jett moore at one point said it was 600, then now its 800 pretty much an obvious spam. do you even have any screen shots to this stupid claim? I can provide you with a 1 year history or decent withdrawals with NO PROBLEM at all.. i even doubt you would reply to my post! new account user with only one post and the first claim is so nonesense he has nothing to back it up..

    3 new account 3 new stupid claims, with no evident argument to back it up.. come on? do you even trade FOREX for gods sake? or just paid to post some SH*T!
  149. Yesterday I made a credit card payment to fund my account at HOTFOREX. I followed up with a live chat to ensure they had received the payment. They informed me they had not received a payment. I provided them with a copy from my credit card company showing a payment had been received by them. HOTFOREX said they would look into it. Today I followed up with HOTFOREX and was told they did not have a payment from me. I went to my credit card company and received documentation HOTFOREX had been paid and taken the funds. I informed HOTFOREX of my conversation and again HOTFOREX said they would look into the matter. My credit card company also provided me with documentation where HOTFOREX had tried to debit my credit card a second time for an unauthorized withdrawal. I communicated that information to HOTFOREX and have now requested they credit my credit card with the original amount plus the transactions costs charged by my credit card. I said to have this done by today as HOTFOREX continues to tell me they are 'investigating' the matter.
  150. here are a couple of things to consider:

    1. you did not provide an account number or a decent email
    2. where are the screenshots? evidence?
    3. and this i am certain, he wont even bother replying to me this asenema. why? because its an obvious spam posts or known as paid post, now i dare this person to provide a decent argument, I will be more than glad to share my withdrawals here through payoneer, skrill etc. even bank statements if needed. coz the only this i see in his posts is BS. paid to post.

    I will be waiting for your reply, lets see how far you can take this argument?
  151. The only thing this person will be doing is creating new account with new claims with different names, in the end its just the same person, who has no idea what forex is all about and all he knows is to post some BS only for pocket change. very childish.
  152. it was expected these spammer are not there to provide anything except some bad comments, obviously paid to do so. damn...
  153. asanemma, yep, many brokers are scum:( so, what tell u hotforex now?
  154. dont bother they will never answer, paid spammers, they talk lots of SH*T with no evidence, pretty obvious. HF has no issues and i speak from my personal experience only, last withdrwal was done on the 21st for my christmas shopping and it was processed like all other withdrwals with no issues. pisses me off :) happy holidays everyone
  155. Skimmed over his post, guess there is identification problem, its often to get problems funding your broker balance because its too strict to avoid unauthorized payments. That's why brokers don't hurry to fund balances where payment source is credit card. I guess you should sit and wait. What was the amount you deposited, asanemma?
  156. dont expect any reply from a 1 poster, its just a stir post, I dont even think he was an actual trader. :)
  157. Yeah probably you are right lets skip such time wasters.
  158. yup, its nothing unusual really, you will find more of those people online. sad but true, happy trading everyone
  159. Btw what type of account you're running with Hotforex? Just tryin to figure out which is best trading cost scheme for scalping.
  160. ^
    I advise you to find a good PAMM account and invest to it, hotforex has many good PAMM account worth to participate.

  161. Could you give me some examples. I just really can't understand how to evaluate their performance.
  162. Actually it's my secret and everyone use their experience to evaluate the suitable PAMM ones.
    But I advise you to check:
    - Age of PAMM
    - Profit
    - Drawdown
  163. Yeah, thanks, but what about statistics of performance?? Do you use it somehow??
  164. Another question is what is rescue level their fund managers offer?? Is it a kind of responsibility for out money invested from their side?? Should I choose managers who offer this feature?
  165. With such these questions, I think you should contact the PAMM manager or CS.
  166. Do you know how to get in touch with them? They don't post their contact information in the PAMM account description...
  167. Anybody has open positions with Hotforex and hedge it with cut leverage?? Just want to know how risky it could be ahead of Brexit...
  168. Brexit is an important news that could cause a huge gap on market and experienced broker would adjust the leverage for traders to trade safely during the news. I recommend you to avoid to trade with big news. You can earn a lot but your account could be exploded as well.
  169. i stay out of such events really, it creeps me out, and from the looks of it it went against most predictions, at 51% the UK will be leaving the union. lets see where it goes from there.
  170. Surprisingly they left the Union. Glad that Hotforex eased margin requirements before the event so I could enter the market with good position and make good profit (my average two moth returns from trading)
  171. if you made it good profit then good for you, we all learned from the black swan event last year, and that made broker a bit more cautious and its a good thing i guess.
  172. Hey guys any news on Hotforex changes in leverage&margin requirements? Did they return it to normal?
    Or it was only for "Black Friday?"
  173. usually there are means of communication with pamm managers, skype or what not, depends really on the terms of service of the pamm acocunt, always ask support about it, usually managers have to submit their portfolio to be elegible to be a manager.
  174. Do you have contacts of any good and trustworthy pamm managers at Hotforex?
  175. no idea really, i mean, i just look at the accounts at times, though i dont have any particular ones so to say..
  176. There are some good new accounts with high returns unfortunately I can't find the way to get in touch with them? Can I ask support their contact details.
  177. There are some good new accounts with high returns unfortunately I can't find the way to get in touch with them? Can I ask support their contact details.
  178. Check their display name on Google.
  179. Ok thanks I will try
  180. they should have a website or maybe a forum with more details about them, if not yeah i guess you can ask support, im just not sure how it works really. do let us know how it goes..
  181. Have you personally tried to invest in their PAMMS with rescue level like this https://v2pamm.hotforex.com/hf/en/managerdetails.html?managerID=1041607 ?
  182. I havent had the time to go through the details but i admit i have the thought for years now!! but never had the need to do so.
  183. I've invested 2200$ there so far split between several managers with aggressive and conservative strategies. I can say that this type of investments can yield good results if you know how to reduce risk expsure of your portfolio which is main problem..
  184. hey not bad, to let us know how it goes.. best of luck, i hope it all goes well :)
  185. Sure I will, btw you can also try to put a couple of bucks there just for test so we can better understand which managers are best pick out of their list. What do you think?
  186. Actually fund manager and investor should work on a PAMM platform, the commission doesn't matter for themselves protection. Follow me, the fund manager always have advantages in PAMM trading without platform.
  187. What commission are you talking about? Managers' fee? Do you use PAMM with Rescue Level, is it useful for regular investors like us?
  188. Yes, I meant manager fee. Because many talented trader advertise about their trading service without a trading platform and it is really risky. And a PAMM platform should be the best thing.
  189. yeah the only concern i guess with pamm is the managers, i mean its ok if i know any of them personally,actually its been a while and i have said this before pamm is a good long term option, though i just didnt have time to actually check but hopefully soon enough.
  190. Yeah you need to be careful choosing fresh PAMM's as min deposit to open such account is $300. I think performance can be verified only by accounts age what is at least one year for me.
  191. I haven't had experienced any PAMM as yet however I had received some emails from hotforex about PAMM but i didn't got time reading those mails. I think its better to stick with my regular trading account as i am able to earn good profits through it.
  192. yeah, im sticking to regular accounts for now, and hey there are accounts that acctually allow 300 min deposits huh? i think it was a min of 500 or something though not sure.
  193. 500$ is minimum deposit of Premium account, micro is much smaller. 300$ is the new minimum deposit for PAMM accounts.
  194. Going to open PAMM soon, hope there won't be any hassle with account opening (like proof of qualification, CFA paper,etc.)
  195. I also noticed an email from hotforex related to this PAMM accounts however can someone please elaborate it a bit as i am trading with a regular account..
  196. Do you want to invest in their PAMMs? Choose those which offer rescue levels.
  197. well pamm is basically traded by someone else, that has a fee that goes to the fund manager, if successful you earn up to 80% if in lose im not sure but there is no guarantee.
  198. So is this can be a good option for retail traders like us who trade with small capital but make some regular profits on investments?
  199. The PAMM share is only 20%, follow me, it's too good to trade PAMM. It's reason many PAMM services grew as mushrooms after raining.
  200. yeah to some extent i have to agree, but so far manual trading is doing well anyway, most my focus is on. thanks.
  201. 20% monthly or its annual growth? My Pamm portfolio at Hotforex now yields 8% monthly, what is your return?
  202. 8% a month is a good number, as long as its done safely and hey, 8% of anything is better that 0% of everything right!
  203. I guess safety is first even if the payouts are slow and usually those safer investment avenues pays little but consistent income and that's why many investors invest in those stocks which are secure no matter what they pays. So investing in PAMM can also be an option for investors who don't want to trade directly but willing to get regular income streams.
  204. American has numerous of funds, where many spare millions USD looking for a potential thing to invest into. And PAMM is a shortcut of it and if you have spare money, find a good PAMM acc and invest to it. It's better for you to trade manually, because you lost your time and maybe your money.

  205. Those funds are too much for PAMMs at least it is hard to provide same yields (4-5% monthly) when your deposit is 100 times higher.
  206. Yes, the yield could be very small but if it's consistent and you have SPARE CASH, why don't invest?
  207. Yeah Hotforex is quite safe place to invest they are regulated by CySEc and South Africa FSC and what is especially important client funds there are segregated and administered with independent organization Ninety Fast so I consider them even safer than FCA or NFA brokers.
  208. the last time i checked regulations there were alot actually, and i think its a good think, to be able to cater to different traders in different places, i rarely see a broker actually doing this. usually they settle with one or two tops.
  209. It's enough for choosing a broker that the client funds are managed by a reputable organization.
  210. What do you think are other important criterion when making a broker choice?
  211. This Hot Forex thread has been bumped up and promoted for a long time. That's all folks.