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  1. images.png Good time to leg into a short position at $56.66............
  2. Because of 666? Well don't stay short too long. Investors will be buying it up.
  3. haha ... not really. Because its overpriced for the next quarter.... and probably beyond.
    Did hit the high of the day though didn't I?
    666 ..... Well .... sympathy for the devil I guess.
  4. Oh, you just meant an intraday trade. Yeah nice call.
  5. How many shares were you able to short on that trade?
  6. Not enough to buy a Tesla.

  7. Don't know what holds $HOG up here. Unarguably lousy numbers for years. I'm short.
  8. Coming down nicely Loyd. You're gonna make bank.;)
  9. so what rumour is going to come out today to hold this over priced stock up?
  10. Short more.

    And short RCL. ;)
  11. $HOG stagnant in this range. Continuing to hold 3 small short lots.
  12. As long as you're not margined, let it ride. The chickens always come home to roost.
  13. Harley-Davidson to roll out financial services to offer loans in India