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    Has anyone used Program Trading Live or Chat service. Would like to get some feed back.

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    Yes, I would love to hear others about it too. Please let us know.
  3. I recently studied under Hank and Rita.

    Here's my take. I contacted them via a form submitted on their page. I got a call from a Fay Macallaster about a month later I learned Fay is Hank's partner Rita pretending to have an assistant. First red flag. Then I spoke with Rita being herself, then later I spoke with Hank. Here's the details of my conversation with him. First he told me everything I was doing was wrong, my software, computers, indicators, etc. Then he told me that he has single handedly trained LIME and GSCO more on that later. Basically he said he's the only solution to make money on this market, he does this because he loves meeting new traders.

    I signed up in early 2014 for his services. His trading cheat sheet and his PT live chat room services. I started drinking the kool aid I'm not going to lie when you drop 10 plus grand on a trading guru you hope it works and see your mistakes as user error. After trading his system for two quarters I was losing less than as much as I was making. Then in late 2014 my cousin Jaime starts working at GSCO. I meet people Mr. Camp has supposedly trained at the Program Trading Desk at Goldman Sachs. To my surprise none of them know him, know of him, or know of his Program Trading seminars. I tell them he said he also trained LIME the limewire guys. One of them we will call him Jimbo says his best friend from Columbia works at LIME asks him via SMS about Mr. Camp and LIME has no clue of him or his trading services. This was a shock as Mr Camp had all the right answer and always knew what to say. He's a very slick salesman.

    I was devastated. I paid this man a lot of money. I followed his chat room attended his courses. Now, after this, I understand why he was so slick and quick on his answers. I asked him about seeing his trading office, he said no, through a little digging I discovered that Dorman trading his brokerage house he uses lists his business address as a home in Palm Beach Gardens in a street La Rochelle. Through some further digging I learned Mr. Camp was arrested for domestic assault and battery I really don't care about that individually but with everything else I can't deal with it.

    His information seems to work but I'm not sure I can trust two liars like Hank and Rita. From Rita pretending to be her own assistant Fay to Hank lying on training GSCO and LIME. I just can't deal with boldfaced liars like Hank and Rita.

    I hope this answers your questions. His notebooks for the seminar really are impossible to understand without taking the class. Can it work maybe, are they boldfaced liars, yes. Pay at your own risk.

    I am writing this not using my real name for fear that Hank and Rita will endlessly harass me because of this post.
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    Wow, I am surprised Camp is still pushing his stuff in the age of HFT. His material was the holy grail pre- HFT, now its worthless since big money program trading has multi logic formats and has for many years. Back in the 90's early 2000's Camps stuff made sense-- Now it is completely irrelevant--- just goes to show there is a sucker born every minute
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    So, someone who supposedly worked for Goldman at the Program Trading Desk is now teaching Joes off the street for $10k a pop? Why are people this gullible.
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  6. Of course it is clear Hank and Rita are con artists. It is clear they never trained GSCO or LIME. I just want others to not get screwed by their boldfaced lies. I almost think all their good reviews are planted by them I can't prove that.

    Anyone that knows them and been to a seminar know 1 and 1 isn't 2 with them. I feel like an idiot. Even if their spreads works they conned me and everyone else in the room.