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Historical Data

  1. Does anyone know where I can get historical end of day data for the e-minis in a text file for free? Thanks
  2. Thanks Tom, www.pittrading.com is perfect. Now, where is a good resource to get the EOD current day data for the day session only for minis? Everyone seems to keep updating today into after hours!!!
  3. http://www.anfutures.com/ has data for pretty cheap (about $80 for several markets). they have intra-day and EOD data.

    g/l and hth

    take care :)

  4. omni,

    I don't want intraday data, just end of day for the day session. If you go to www.cme.com, even the delayed data goes into after hours. I just want the pit session (9:30am to 4:15pm) for today.