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hip hop scum

  1. just listening to some random hip hop performed by some biatch

    can barely make out the ebonics, but caught "i'm gonna spit on your face"

  2. Yeah, biatches always causing trouble, always were. Spitting beats getting a gold dildo thrown at your head?

    “You also took the fine jewelry I gave you, the jewelry made of my gold and silver, and you made for yourself male idols and engaged in prostitution with them.” (Ezekiel 16:17)

    Such fond memories of that Christian doctrine class.
  3. Watch this and realize that humanity has been lost.

  4. Then watch this and realize that Mumble Rap is the new rage...this has 500 Million hits!

  5. Then watch this, and realize that there IS hope for Hip Hop.
    Lil Dicky + Snoop is just pure genius. Gold.
    Video is great too.
    and this has only 74M views????

  6. You realize none of this garbage qualifies as music, right?

    If that trash qualifies as genius, then we've gone south faster than even I'd realized.

  8. The first two videos...ridiculous.
    The last video, though, has to be appreciated.
    Very talented rapping.
    Of course, it’s all subjective....
  9. I'm not a fan of rap. Just not amused.

    I prefer not to glorify the lowest common denominator

    come to think of it, rap is like bitcoin . Worthless, but packaged for the masses who suck at it like a mothers teat
  10. Horrible analogy...but to each his own.

    I’ll just leave this here:

  11. You've just never walked in their shoes.
    And you can never hope to feel what the people that this sound means so much to... feel.
    Some rap does suck. And its a worn out template from a production standpoint.
    But so is some music of all the genres.
    Is it music?
    No one can answer that.
    I enjoy birds in the spring trumpeting the new sunrise.
    Is that music?
    You fail to understand the words of which they emote.
    And there's nothing wrong with that.
    But to judge it like you are an authority and to write as such... is truly a sign of lower IQ.

    The world resonates with music that can inspire the soul... but it only works for those who are wise enough to feel that power.
    When I see a kid boppin down the street or I hear the car next to me blasting something that I would never in a million years seek out for myself...I smile.
    Thats music Soes.
    Don't be a dummy.
    I thought you smarter.

  12. thought the analogy was apt

    look, that tribe shit aint music and it aint singing its a generic backbeat with some ghetto talk. 50 minutes of the unintelligible no less.

    99.9 % of rap is the same .

    like I say, the masses like it. doesn't mean I have to call shit , shinola,

    you wanna hear rap done right, check out some of 10cc 's old stuff, done long before these clowns were around .

  13. I see that tribe was big. Who cares, I find hip hop pretty vile and a celebration of the worst elements of the ghetto. great for the $$$$$$$$ it brings in, but the music itself is putrid.

    suck on this for a while
  14. Didn't most gospel music come from the worst of slavery, ie working in the fields?
    And where did rock and roll come from?
    Gospel music.

  15. This thread spurred me on to think about this musical style.

    Whether its garbage or gold is a matter of personal taste, but in any case, rapping is not singing as such, though that's not a negative. Its a style of spoken or chanted rhythmic vocal delivery over hip hop musical backing. On the plus side, the vocal artists seek to extemporise their styles and contents, develop new means of communication within the boundaries of the form, and I do respect their motivations. As this isn't singing, any range of emotional content and suggestion of mood from the quality of vocal delivery is almost absent.

    Social commentary is there but not well developed. Emotional ranges portrayed by lyricists and protagonists is narrow and often appears to be merely anger. The emphatic focus on issues concerning participation in criminal behaviour and intra-relationship abuse suggest immature levels of personal development (or possibly that's the focus for the benefit of the style's buyers).

    The music underneath the vocals is secondary and in a narrow spectrum. There is little scope for personal musical skills or exploration of different time signatures or tempos. The range of instrumentation is narrow, the sound balances between instruments is dominated by over-familiar drum/bass partnerships with heavy emphasis given to bass. Solo instrumental breaks and performances are rare. Instrumental pieces seem rare and might even be excluded from the genre but I stand willing to be corrected on this.

    All in all, this is a narrow musical style, poorly developed in its content and form, with limited communication with its audience and little obvious direction for future development.
  16. I like the post but

    "The music underneath the vocals is secondary and in a narrow spectrum"

    I disagree . That music is designed to appeal to the most primitive instincts of the most primitive minds.

    Nothing to do with race, plenty of white idiots out there.
  17. In case you haven't figured it out Soes... the whole fucking human race is primitive.
    The world spends billions and billions and billions on the instruments of war.
    To keep us safe?
    Because we're all primitive.

  18. You might know some good examples to quote here. I couldn't think of any but then its not my style of music.
  19. Maybe you misunderstood my point.

    The 'music' if you can call it that, is indeed narrow, but not secondary. Designed to hypnotize the weak minded
  20. This is one of the stupidest videos i've listened to in a while.
    A guy making gagging noises, cursing all throughout his 'argument', repeating shit over and over...
    It's just a hater Latino raging about Blacks/Hip Hop Culture...
    This, is one of the dumbest things i've had to 'suck on' for a long time...
    Find a better argument. They are out there.

    And yes, Tribe was big, because their beats are solid and their lyrics are tight...
    But ATCQ was never HUGE. Most people don't know about them.
    In Hip Hop, generally speaking, the more popular the music is, the worse it is. The more underground stuff, like in all genres of music, is much more groundbreaking and interesting.

    Music for the meat grinders, whether it's Kenny Chesney or Kelly Clarkson....generally is soft and weak and light...great in Dentists offices...
  21. This is hardly rap...it's more new wave rock...
    everything is derivative...
  22. The one who invented free flowing rap, spitting out lyrics like they were going out of style is the one an only RAKIM.

  24. Im never wrong

    Ismism [Aka: Snack Attack] is a music studio album recording by GODLEY & CREME (Prog Related/Progressive Rock) released in 1981 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. ... The opening Snack attack (which gives the US release its name), could well be described as rap, the song having a Pet Shop Boys (West End Girls) feel.
  25. Am these your peeples?

  26. Pet Shop Boys - New Wave...
    Hardly RAP....
    very subjective...
  28. These are my peeps.
    18 years old when they produced this album..
    I don't imagine you will listen to it, but the production quality, lyrics, beats, are all legendary...
    for 1994...

  29. scanned it. same as all the other stuff. 99% of it indistinguishable from each other . sounds like they sampled to death

    and these guys are supposedly the cream

    hey, beats dealing crack on the corner.
  31. oldies,but goodies
  32. Wiki:
    In January 1981, "Rapture" was released as the second and final single from the album. The song reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it stayed for two weeks. It was the first No. 1 song in the U.S. to feature rap vocals.

    And you hip-hop,
    and you don't stop
    Just blast off, sure shot
    'Cause the man from Mars stopped eatin' cars and eatin' bars
    And now he only eats guitars
  33. Yes, when you scan a Led Zeppelin album, it mostly sounds the same too...
    Scanning isn't listening...
  34. Not sure thats true, about LZ or many others

    Does scanning a Beatles album sound the same from track to track.

    Don't think so
  35. lol, Keith Richards says your rap sucks monkey balls

    Keith Richards Talks First Solo LP in 23 Years: 'Time Flies'
    Guitar icon previews 'Crosseyed Heart' at intimate NYC listening party

    While Richards did not hold back — saving his harshest musical critiques for hip-hop — Daily News reporter Jim Farber noted the guitarist "follows every put-down with a wink."

    Still Richards was quick to crack, "Rap — so many words, so little said." He added: "What rap did that was impressive was to show there are so many tone-deaf people out there. All they need is a drum beat and somebody yelling over it and they're happy. There’s an enormous market for people who can't tell one note from another."

    This isn't the first time the guitarist has expressed displeasure for the genre. Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2007, he said, "Hip-hop leaves me cold. But there are some people out there who think it's the meaning of life... I don't wanna be yelled at; I wanna be sung to. I never really understood why somebody would want to have some gangster from L.A. poking his fingers in your face. As I say, it don't grab me. I mean, the rhythms are boring; they're all done on computers."
  36. It is to someone who isn’t listening.
  37. No, even to someone not listening, actual musicians can vary greatly in the presentation. Not always, and not all, but many can and do.

    99% of hip hop and rap sound the same, because, it is the same. Krapp.

  38. I blame this whole crappy Genre on The Fresh Prince and Hammer time.
  39. Again...you aren’t listening.
    So you can’t possibly hear.

    Anyone who posts such a video about ‘why hip hop culture sucks’, which was maybe the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard in months...can’t be listening. Admit it - you didn’t even listen to that video before you posted it. You just pasted it because of the title. If I had more time I would transcribe what you felt was so relevant.

    East Coast, West Coast...for example....have totally different sounds.
    Totally different flows...

  40. hammer had some skilz

  41. nothing to admit, I did listen to a bit of it, but not all.

    point is, there are folks that agree with me, maybe for different reasons.

  42. I never deliberately listen to rap music. But then I never deliberately listen to opera or classical music.

    So what are the good things that the hip hop musical form is doing?

  43. Keeps a lot of folks that would be mugging old ladies off the street
  44. Hip Hop is a unique genre.
    It combines almost all genres of music into one.
    Rap lyrics are a modern form of gospel - a look into the lives of the mostly Black ghetto life, and the rise into riches. Some rap lyrics are about peace and understanding and love, no different than other ballads.

    Currently, in my opinion, hip hop isn't as good as it was when I started listening to it.
    Mumble rap (see the first few links I posted) is considered, by purists, to be lazy, unimaginative, stupid and dangerous to the genre. And yet, it's very popular. Insanely popular. I think this is a testament to how stupid society has become, and in that respect, Soes and I are in agreement.

    But then again - listen to Soes link about the fall of Hip Hop Culture and realize that those who hate the genre are just as stupid as those who love Mumble Rap.

    The amount of great hip hop that exists, though, far out weigh the mumblers and stupid repetitive thugs that Soes associates with all hip hop.
  45. Such a great album! Great lyrics and solid beats. Listen with headphones for best effect!

  46. Here's an awesome album.
    More instrumental for those who hate to hear young black men talking.
    Brilliant DJ work.
    Shadow is a legend.

  47. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Digable...
    Here's the soulful, peaceful, loveable hip hop lyrics that is in the minority...
    Tell me you can't listen to Ladybug without melting...

  48. More DJ Shadow like..
    Great Abstract stuff!
  49. You seem like a bright guy, lacesout, but whatever you and the millions of hip hop fans are getting from the sound, I don't hear.

    I have a fairly sophisticated ear, so maybe I just cant accept the simplistic nonsense behind much of the noise. Maybe there is something, somewhere I'd like, but I won't be wading through the cesspool to get to it.

    I'm not about the ghetto anyhow. Maybe if someone did pro America Trumprap , I'd be into it ;-)
  50. Compare hip hop to the work of this legendary black artist, keyboardist and composer. Tell me if there's any comparison in the art

  51. This is music. Don't know what you call the other stuff

  52. You cannot possibly comment on it unless you listen to it.
    I understand you don’t want to listen to it...so you can’t have an informed opinion about it.
    To each his own....
  53. I think my ear is sophisticated too...
    And I generally don’t like country music but will admit that there are a few great country songs.
    Would never listen to it or seek it out.
    The whole genre is just corn fed White whining about pickup trucks and love lost.
    And rock music is just drugged out nymphos screaming and wailing on guitars making noise.

    Or wait - maybe I’m just being ignorant about this.

  54. It’s nice. Of course.
    But we are talking about hip hop.
    Comparing the two is like comparing pizza and chicken wings.
  55. Well, ok, but since I dislike hip hop, how can I compare it to a hip hop I like?

    And whenever I listen to it, I'm mostly nauseated, or bored, or not amused at all, on any level.
    So you're mistaken, I've heard it, I just don't like it.

    Lots of stuff I like ,and don't like, not only HH. I'm no big fan of country, heavy metal, opera, etc. But I have a massive collection of records and digital audio of stuff I do like, all styles.

    I live to admire this , knowwhatImean?

  56. All current musical forms are influenced by some others, but hip hop combines almost all into one? Surely not? It doesn't really sound like others and its hard to pick out these influences - what are they, how do they show?

    Maybe there are gospel lyrics in the rap style over a hip hop track, but I hadn't heard that was a significant branch of the genre. Is it really? Of course its possible to find rock music with spiritual lyrics, overtly Christian even, but that doesn't in any way change rock music.

    I think you're really stretching this thin but maybe you have more behind what you say?
  57. Hip hop is a combo of

    17th century chamber music


    a chamber pot

    thanks for the idea
  58. I think you can hear rock, jazz, funk, blues, gospel, even classical music in hip hop.
    Because the music is mostly sample based...and so, a lot of it is mixed and fused to create the beats we know and love.
    My understanding is that rapping is a century old art, traced back to Africa, where tribes lyrically told their family stories over gentle drum beats.
  59. you mean stealing samples is a form of influence? hmmmm maybe.

    "over gentle drum beats."

    clearly, not imported.
  60. nmz.jpg
  61. The glorification of street vermin was a bad sign for society as a 'hole'

  62. Funny, whenever you tell someone you don't like something they tell you you don't understand it.

    Be it music , bitcoin, mayonnaise on rye.

    Couldn't be you just think it sucks.

  63. I can't take it that sampling snatches or instrumental lines form other musical genres is the same as being influenced by them, nor has the same value. Musical form + influence = development of a new musical style which is neither of the originators but draws from both. I don't think copying is a form of development.

    But I think you know this too and have maybe just chosen a weak example - anything else you would suggest please?
  64. my homlies

    I do likes hiphop, but as comedy, not art. knowwhatimeans
  65. This is the best thread on et, not that that means much
  66. I mean seriously, the more I actually look at this shit, the more vile and stupid it gets.

    You want to defend this mental midget garbage, be my guest. I'm more in the #MAGA camp, not the #MAVA.
  67. But it’s true.

    When Wu Tang Clan, for example, uses Chinese music, Kung Fu fighting and other imagery as samples in its rough hip hop tracks, they have been influenced by the sound. This was, in fact, considered groundbreaking at the time. The combination of Black American and East Asian music and cultures.

    Much music is derivative (not all, of course) and that’s because people like to play and make music that sounds good to them (that they’ve heard before). Rare artists can produce truly unique sounds that have no influence.

  68. Stop watching this new shit.
    The new hip hop is pretty bad.
    I say that as a long time hip hop listener. I realize I might be out of touch and I’ve really listened to some of the new shit. The volume of crap is higher than ever before.

    Listen to an entire Digable Planets album (non-Gangsta Rap) and tell me you can’t appreciate it. Maybe you can’t.
    But have an open mind, brah!
  69. sorry bro, I just sampled 4 or 5 of that Digable and each and every one sounded the same and the same as every other craprap.

    I can't be hip no tized into calling shit shinola.
  70. Before the degenerates took over, we had this. No one will be listening to that hiphop swill in 20 years

  71. These be my ghetto rats

  72. Snooze
  73. You have Bruno Mars today. Who is a great talent.
    Bill Withers is not hip hop
  74. I no very lyttle about Mars, really. But discovered this by accident.

    I hopes the Rumor true not.

  75. Bruno mars. I thought you were serious, now I realize you have just been conning me into thinking you were talking about actual music. I bow to your finesse.

  76. This one gets going at 1:00 :D
  77. I dig some old school gangsta rap.

  78. you don't understand the point of music. the beat is catchy and the music video was shot in 1080p, full stop.
  79. Yeah i watch it but I laugh at it because it’s stupid and I don’t find it catchy.
    But to each his own.
  80. Well, this isn't going anywhere now. So long.
  81. Oh shit, just heard he ripped off his first name from the great, legendary . What a disgrace to the name

  83. One of my all time faves VZ.
  84. No scum

  85. Is this hiphop?

  87. Check this out, this even tops Seattle imo

  88. mettalica, they just playing with their dix onstage using the guitar as doppleganger.

    again, not even music, just rage
  89. Here's some more Nyman for the child that thought it was boring stuff

  90. This is pretty cool . There is real music out there, but you have to look for it, the radio stations rarely play anything decent

    No crotch grabbing or guitarbating here


  91. I'll listen to that when I'm deaf. No soul, no energy, no emotion, music for zombies.
  92. lol, moron triggered
  93. see my theory has always been, that the music one likes is a window onto the soul. its not really a matter of taste at all. its a matter of intellect.

    thus, if you like low iq noise, then being exposed to something better will rarely move you up the evolutionary scale. dna , is, dna.

    just a theory .

  94. WTF?...I went to Wiki to see if that was Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull). Go to 38:00 .... sounds just like him. Plays the flute like him too. Wiki makes no mention of him in the group however. Nor does Anderson's Wiki page. Can't go by pictures, the guy was always strange lookin. Thats gotta be him. That voice is too unique. And the flute.

    EDIT.... yea thats him, those crazy eyes give him away.
  95. When I was 14 and only into prog I used to think like that.
  96. I'm into many diff styles. But testosterone poisoned noise not one of them
  97. But "testosterone poisoned noise" is rock and roll old man. :D
    Check this one out. Back before cell-phones, MTV, and million dollar sound boards. When the amps had tubes and weren't called "vintage". There's not a band out today that can touch this. Bump it to 3:50 old guy. The Brits had nothin' on us. And Premiata Forneria Marconi (your posts above)... that was the Italian rock scene in the 70's!? Yikes. They should just stick to making sports cars over there.

  98. This is art.

    Heavy metal and hip hop r knot

  99. how many of you millennial metros even know this exists ?

    If you cant listen to the whole thing , dont miss starting at 46:00 but make sure your mother isn't around

  101. I assume you meant start at 47:00.
    This is music? A chick repeating nonsensical lyrics to a kick drum and a high-hat as she has an orgasm?
    Yeah that beats hip-hop. (rolling eyes)
    But I don't see it being played in elevators 50 years from now.
    But maybe.
  102. I mostly dislike zappa noise except for a very few songs
  103. Hiph0p done rite

  104. More Reel HipH0p