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Help please!

  1. Hey everyone!

    Unfortunally I put my last thread in the wrong category, so here I am again - sorry! :(

    Do any of you have experience with Softinvestor (www.softinvestor.com)? I'm not an expert in TA, but this looks okay to me.

    Please give me your opinion - I'd hate to waste my money...

  2. What's with the tone?

    I hope to get an answer from someone a little more serious...
  3. I am quite serious
  4. I like Steve's idea!
  5. What's with you guys? I'm trying to get a little help here (I think I'm better of with another forum)...

    Thanks for your help... :eek:
  6. Good Bye!
  7. Someone needs to their priorities right...
  8. Yes I agree. Come back when you get them in order