Has anyone attended an Oliver Velez seminar?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bermy, May 8, 2008.

  1. bermy


    I am casually thinking about attending an Oliver Velez seminar. Is it worthwhile or a waste of money?
  2. 99% of these companies do not work. So do the math and see what your success rate is likely...
  3. dojibear0


    Are you sure it's 99%, and not 98%?

    Your statement is false. There are definitely companies out there that teach good info that is valuable to traders. I've encountered several.

    I don't know if Velez is one of them, but you can't discredit it by claiming they are all bad.
  4. balda


    He didn't say ALL he said 99%.

    Is in it funny that it is first post for both started of this thread and thread's defender.
  5. I have! Several as a matter of fact... including their 2 week workshop.

    I got good news and bad news about them....

    The good = you will love their seminar! Really good material!

    The bad = we're no longer in 1998

  6. ollie has some kind of a prop shop program/psuedo hedge fund now, anyone know how they are performing?

    thanks, surf
  7. Exactly. His system is outdated. It is way too expensive also. Isn't it around 5 grand? Best way to learn is read a couple good books on tape reading, then throw yourself to the wolves getting real time trading experience. You can use that 5 grand to buy a lot of books, and as tuition money for your first big losses.
  8. newtoet


    Make sure you get your free gift when you go:

    "I spent three grand on a Pristine seminar, and all I got was this t-shirt."
  9. they have stopped posting their performace about 3 years ago.

    Oliver said he has like 65,000 people world wide following his system. Taken aback at such a statement, i asked him if all those people are all following the same stragety, wont it render his system obsolete? "oh, noooo"..... replied Ollie, "I wish everyone in the world would follow my system." That was an awakening of the bullshit that goes on everyday in the markets, by so many snake oil salesmen... gurus...etc.

    I will say this....

    If one follows their system, I guarantee you will make $1 million in the markets!!

    (just make sure you start with $2 million)
  10. bstay


    so u have attended their 2-weeks workshop. are u still participating in their chatroom? are the "graduates" struggling or expert once completed the course?
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