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Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

  1. It looks like walking on thin ice!! But yes, you are right, the fish keeps coming.
  2. Commodities at 13 year lows....lower than where they were during the 2008 crisis....something to question during the historical bull market run...stock market at historical highs and commodities at decade + lows....does anyone see a disconnect here....markets are EXTREMELY distorted...
  3. Well off the lows by lunch time
  4. Ready to make some free money today, long YM 17905
  5. The NASDAQ does not go down. Already green even after IBM's revenue miss.
  6. It's never "free". What's your SL?
  7. Apple and msft earnings tonite

    Huge Dow movers for tonite

    Everyone watching watch sales for apple which will be a complete miss....
    All hype on that watch....
  8. Don't freak out Apple reports tonight, all these losses will be erased in the overnight session....seen this before.
  9. You are 100 pts wrong here...if you saw it all b4??
  10. RM, do you use copy/paste when you post or type repetitive posts from scratch? (don't take comment to heart :))
  11. has no one else realized rickshaw man is the biggest troll/idiot here. guaranteed hes notlonger term profitable trader
  12. Relax, they will jam it up before the close, overnight rally will make up these losses .
  13. One down day and here come all the jonnie come lately to point out I was wrong. They never show up the 90% of the time I'm right.
  14. One thing I find pretty interesting today is that XIV is actually up even though the Dow is off 200 points....
    Im sure this market powers higher into the close and the NASDAQ closes bright green....NASDAQ is in a huge rally mode...feels like 2000 all over again...
  15. seen this b4 but didn't see your 100 pt drawdown??;)
  16. Quick question, being a perma-anything, obviously can be profitable, will ultimately train a mind to keep buying when market starts falling and results in a change of trend and perhaps an account being wiped out. Yes or no?
  17. "being a perma-anything, obviously can be profitable"

    wrong, at least long term
  18. Here comes the ramp into the close. Tonight as usual the futures will rise.
  19. Watch this squirt up into the close...its guaranteed folks.
  20. Ready for blast off.
  21. Yep it's so easy
  22. Opps there it goes
  23. I can guarantee you with out a doubt the index futures will rise overnight, I have never been so certain as I am right now, buy now for the easy money to be made. Ill sure admit it if I'm wrong, but I know I'm right.
  24. Added on that micro dip, this is so easy.
  25. Apple will release after the index futures close at 3:15, then they open back up at 3:30 with a giant gap up, watch and learn.
  26. So predictable.
  27. Where are all the loud mouths, I don't hear anyone now. You all stand around and do nothing, bunch of wimps.
  28. Would you be long gold right now? Since you love buying discounts...
  29. I'm just going to sit tight with my position, when I get up tomorrow, todays losses will be erased overnight and my position will swell to over 5k
  30. Up 2k to down 2k, now I have to think shiftttttttttt.
  31. Stops set at 17775, man that's gonna hurt.
  32. Trolololol... AAPL, MSFT induced....

  33. I like how they waited until the last 4 seconds of futures session close to start the dump.
  34. Finally some selling!!
  35. Got long NQ @ 4614 for an Asian/Euro session run up/gap-fill..

  36. I did go long a little NUGT yesterday around $4.43....today I sold off more JDST around $14.10, could have sold it at $16 on Monday, oh well....i can predict gold prices, it could easily break $1000 or head back to $1200+, if anything buy a small amount on the long side and have a sell order in if it breaks down once again...
  37. Tomorrow should be interesting with apple down near 7%, I'm sure it gets a downgrade or two, Nasdaq already off close to 1% afterhours, apple missed iphone expectations ....not only that but I just love how they didn't announce their watch sales hahaha, thats how bad they were, all that lame hype proved to be absolutely nothing, I remember the predictions they had about millions of watches being sold, if that was the case apple would have announced how "great" and "spectacular" those watch sales would have been but they totally missed .....Apple should get downgraded just on those watch sales.....
  38. Nice call on AAPL, S2007S.
  39. Yep, Autodidact nailed it, too. This will kill the the QQQ breakout.
  40. We had a good run didn't weo_O
  41. Long TNA @ $89.50...only for a bounce ...I see the Dow in the green today. Zero risk all reward all the time

    Im super surprised to see small caps bright green while other markets are down.....even the vix is barely moving.....
    Everyone is just way too comfortable with this market...
  42. rickshaw man suicide yet?
  43. Oil below $50 and IYT still can't move higher...

    Commodities are showing how weak global markets are yet stocks barely breaking..
  44. It might be a good idea to coat your portfolio with a thin layer of GLD. My strategy is to sell naked PUT 102 for 2 weeks from now.
  45. Gas prices are between $3.9 to $4.7 in California. There should be a criminal investigation on that.
  46. Hah, you're asking the criminals to investigate themselves....

    What's up with the VIX today... even with the full on dump in AH yesterday there wasn't much movement.
  47. I know my suggestion was funny but I play to call my congressman and complain. At least she knows some people are complaining. Not that she might care.
  48. "Most hated bull market..."

  49. July 22 expiration. Check out the vol of vol.

  50. Btw, check your global indices. That's my pump for the day.
  51. Most of Asia was down last night (with the exception of China which is an entirely different [manipulative] issue). Europe didn't look shit-hot green to me either.

    As far as I can tell this is typical "punish the bears"/"prop up the markets at all expense" type stuff.
  52. Sorry guys, got slammed last night and took the day off. But I'm back and ready for the overnight ramp. Got some making up to do.
  53. Buying more NUGT tomorrow if it drops, gold down 10 days in a row,
    it fell 13 days in a row in 1996, so it looks like at least a 2-3% bounce is coming....

  54. VIX has been acting extremely strange. ...i trade XIV and with the dow off over 200 points last 2 days xiv has actually moved up.....

  55. Agree, I'm not understanding the California gas prices, I paid about $3.00 today, other places as high as 3.50, oil is back below 50 and prices barely moving at the pumps, if oil gets down to 2015 lows gas should be at least 10-20% cheaper.....

    My question is when are all those companies that raised prices of goods and services especially food prices going to drop their prices, or do they keep those inflated prices where they are as oil plummets....hmm mm

    Always quick to raise them but never ever ever ever quick to drop them...
  56. Never - and you know already know this. This is part of the game: a continual ratcheting of goods and services regardless of what underlying commodities are doing and everyone gets the reward of having to pay it. They've done this year after year. Quite frankly I was blown away at the low California gas prices back in Dec/Jan because that usually never happens.
  57. They will run it up tonight with out fail, all ready headed up
  58. The real question is, how quickly can we start an independent gas station in CA?! Sounds like some nice profit margins sheesh
  59. Expiration.
  60. I used to live in NH and over there the gas is 2.45 per gallon now. I know CA taxes about 30 cents more so the price should be 2.80 per gallon and not $4.2. The reason is that they say one refinery caught fire!! and the other one has yearly maintenance shutdown!!!! and there is a strike in the other two!!!!. I am 5000% sure these are well orchestrated to keep gas prices high.
  61. I am in big favor of buying gold now (preferably selling naked PUT for lower strike prices). Now everyone hates GLD and miners are not profitable anymore. I don't believe Gold will go to $1400 but we should have an upside move soon.
  62. They've literally been pulling this refinery stunt for decades - it's both a surprise (and non-surprise) no investigation has been done on the various refinery owners.
  63. It reminds of Enron calling the power stations and asking them to shut down. I emailed my district congressman and expressed my opinion. I know it wont have any effect but if 5000 people do that, they will under pressure to ask those in charge not to prolong this scam.
  64. I am in TN and it is around $2.35 right now. They always have an excuse for the price in CA that's for sure
  65. Well off the lows as we near lunch.
  66. Breaking down. Get ready for the flack, RM. I think we are going to see 209.99 on the SPY today. The down slope is almost perfect. Same with the VIX going up.
  67. screen shot of position rickshaw pls
  69. Sounds eerily similar to the Enron "rolling blackouts" from about 15 years ago.

    [oops I see Hajimow said the same thing above]
  70. Oil falling again and IYT doing the same thing. This is not good. ..energy stocks just continue to fall as commodities get crushed....Dow negative again for the year ...if we break those lows from 2 weeks ago on those Greece fears the Dow is going to drop straight through 17,000 ....looking for a 16 handle on the Dow in August once that takes place....
  71. A break through the Greece lows without a global catalyst could lead to a real correction. I worry the dip buyers/IC sellers may come in early. The skew has gotten juicier and Greece is not hot.

    As for Transports, AAL gave me a nice kick in the groin this morning. Interestingly enough, it is reversing back down the 200MA. Voted most likely to disappoint among the Airlines.
  72. Megaphone
  73. Don't worry, Goldman has sent a trader over to show Yellen how to use the DOM.
  74. the market acts like it is "correcting the correction"...i.e. a pullback of the OpEx squeeze from last week and then the rug is pulled out beneath it...faders in both directions seem to get taken out by the erratic action.
  75. long china A shares, wouldn't be surprised to see shanghai do a mid 80's nikkei style move

  76. Now that's something interesting and original. Care to tell us more about your idea? Historical analogies?
  77. AMZN pulling a GOOG during its earnings..
  78. China will keep cutting rates and easing for a few years to come. Japan did the same thing in the mid 80's and that led to wild asset speculation. And with China's government supporting stocks, there's a so called artificial floor seemingly at the 200 dma ~$3400 Shanghai.

    Looking back at what ended the China bubble in '08, it was both rate hikes by the PBOC and the financial crisis in the US. These factors aren't in play so I like my odds of being long for as long as China keeps on easing. Ultimately, of course they will hike rates and assets will normalize. But this may not be for a long time.
  79. Not in play, *yet*. C'mon, live up to that username, buddy!
  80. Amazing how media always finds out the reason for why there was an up or down day in markets, when reality is that a lot of the time it's pure sentiment based, final floor trading scene comes to mind in Trading Places.
  81. The orange juice trade is basically everything anyone needs to know about how the markets work. :)
  82. Commodities at 13 year lows....

    Dow continues to fall....if there is no turnaround the next few days and it breaks the lows of 2 weeks ago its heading below 17,000.....like I said 2014 October lows are coming....every rally attempt has failed...the NASDAQ is holding up extremely well and the vix still hasn't skyrocketed which is baffling me but sooner or later the vix will break multi year highs.....get ready for massive volatility ....once margin calls come flying in on the commodity plunge its going to be quite a show....
  83. Every sector has already lowered revenue guidance.

    Things can only get better. :)
  84. I initially want to short/put the indices.
    However, when i see this kind a statement in ET, this tell me the market will bounch again.
    I will have to BTFD again.

  85. For the most part i agree with this, but i really think its easy to explain the reason the markets are down this time. I tried to short the ES at 2126, after we bounced those highs, and it only hit 2125 in the premarket the next day. So if analysts are looking for a LEGITIMATE reason why the market is getting killed, i say its all because i got too cute with my entry, and missed the boat. :D
  86. ricksaw man jumped off a bridge i think
  87. Gave himself a good start to a 3 day weekend. He will probably buy the dip on Sunday evening. Monday may be a coin flip.

    Who thinks there won't be a FED hike with the FED repeatedly saying they will hike? Both Chicago and NY FED wan't a hike. Yellen says she will hike.
  88. :D
  89. That's why folks are skeptical, vocal when markets going up and lost in action when they tank.
  90. Shouldn't be too difficult now that they've "leaked" their own opinions due to a "glitch."
  91. A good trade would be to short TZA now at 10.20 and cover it at 10 or any price that it closes at 4PM.
  92. LOL, market feeds the bulls a couple hadoukens

  93. After getting castrated by the bulls last week, i dont even know what to do with the feast before me this week, im in a stunned, slightly retarded state.

  94. Buy GOLD baby buy GOLD. Buy it in small quantities. GLD can go to 115 and drop to 99.
  95. Bought just now 17490. Rally off the lows is what I'm thinking. Stop 17450.
  96. Friday with less than an hour to close, watch for some BREAKING NEWS they do this when its been a down week, to get shorts to cover.
  97. You told everyone to go long Gold recently just before it collapsed down. One of the worst calls on here in months.
  98. And you were taunting the bears at the highs earlier this week...so maybe you should STFU

  99. LOL, there is no way nine ender actually trades, i cant even imagine someone with an ego as fragile as his trying to negotiate the stock market. :If he did trade hed probably call in complaints to the nyse floor when he was losing money.
  100. LOL, exactly...the guy is deranged...
  101. Seriously, dude, no. Not even the slightest bit of truth to your post here.
  102. This is a daily chart for SPY for a year. I don't see a bull market. I see sideways and decision less market tending to go down

  103. You are a huge loser. You wouldn't dare talk like this to me in person.
  104. Keep editing your post...Are your hands trembling psycho?

  105. Your right, i probably wouldnt, because you appear to be incredibly mentally unstable, id have to worry about you burning my house down or assaulting my girlfriend.
  106. Before he edited his post, he said that he would kick your ass in person...I'm guessing that he was pounding his desk and kicking his dog while typing...

  107. LOL, he probably shorted ITEK at 10 and is thinking about shooting up E-Trade as we speak. :D
  108. I'm as stable as anyone on here. But I'm not fragile and don't really fear anything. Guys like you that talk aggressively and try to push people around might scare off some, but anyone who knows me personally knows I don't put up with shit from anyone.

    This is the internet and the aliases seem to empower some of you to get out of line. If it isn't the racist rhetoric it's the off topic intimidation attempts. Might work with some people but not me. Fuck off and die.
  109. Except for your whining in Feedback and your demand to have your posting history erased...Sure, you're as stable as they come...

  110. LOL, now ive heard it all, hes pretending this shit rolls off his back, when the internet has effected him so badly he threatened to sue elite trader, and he constantly whines in the feedback section trying to get people banned.

    This is a video of nine ender after a tough day on his paper account..... :D

  111. Should we go over our posting history laced with ignorance and racism ??? You painted that picture. Who is more credible here, a guy who threatened to leave here once, or the guy posting all the hatred you post on this site.

    We get it, you hate me. You also hate anyone who is black, I don't feel special in this regard.
    It wouldn't surprise me if your own family hates you.
  112. It did not collapse. It is down only 4%. As a market veteran, I cannot guarantee all my calls to go up after 5 seconds but as a contrarian investors trader, it is the best time to nibble in GOLD. Most of my trades give miserable 2-5% gain and I am not into 500% gain overnight and that is why my performance is almost 5% every month. By the way I am happy that you did not follow me as I don't want you to lose money. It is not me who is ridiculed for my calls. They made fun of Warren Buffet when he bought 2B of GS in 2008. Yes I, Warren Buffen, Geoge Soro,.... you name it.
  113. It's perfectly clear that you've brought all the hatred...Just look at this thread...The first thing you do is jump in and criticize Hajimow (who btw made a decent gold call today)...The rest of your bullshit consists of after the fact (hindsight) taunts of anybody who might be short the market or long gold or some other imagined position opposite of your paper trades...

    You are nothing more than a nuisance to everyone on this thread and this site...
  114. I really got under your skin when I challenged a lot of the bs you post on here, didn't I ? It seems you are under the illusion that you are well liked here. So what. You think I'm fragile ? So what. I know who I am.

    I already recommended this site eliminates aliases and everyone is identified properly. This would clean up the site. Guys like you would FEAR this step.
  115. By the way my first call was to sell naked PUT 102 for GLD expiring at couple of weeks (meaning that it will expire next week) and it will most likely be a profit or you will own GLD at 102. I believe it is safer than buying FB or AMZN at current price.
  116. I could virtually guarantee Max doesn't spend more than a few seconds on you (as do I)...You are under the impression that you actually MAKE an impression...

    Meanwhile, you seem like the type to cut out pictures and paper the wall of your studio apartment with them...IOW, a deranged psycho...
  117. You dont got to justify yourself to this wannabe anyone whose read your posts knows you know what your talking about, nine ender is one of those guys whose just a perpetual loser in life with nothing going for him.

  118. It is not hard for me to illustrate using your own posts exactly what kind of human being you are. Being criticized by you on here is like having Adolf Hitler chastise me on the topic of race relations.
  119. I was kind of pissed i missed the boat on that AMZN gap, up 65% on the year then 20% gap, had to know there was going to be selling pressure, but i got stung chasing GOOG down after the gap last week so was hesitant on AMZN.

  120. Actually, I don't care what impression I've made, as long as I'm respectful of those who deserve respect. I don't respect haters like you who delve into racist ideas very easily. Do feel free to ignore me, if you have any self control left.

  121. Like you? Your the epitome of self control, after threatening to sue elite trader in a hissy fit one day, you still continue to post here, is that you in your "zen" state of mind?
  122. I follow all the markets but don't trade everything I see. Currently I trade. MCD, ADI, SPY, TZA, BSV, XLU and recently GLD.
  123. Nine Ender getting ready to post on elite trader.

  124. Just to show that I trade on the stocks that I claim and I never leave a penny behind, I am posting my small GLD related trade today. Sold Call 111.5 for next week. The commission was negative. It is covered by the way. It is only $8 but if you can do this hundreds of times in a year, it will be a great income. GLD.JPG

  125. They are going to use the commodities plunge as an excuse to not raise rates...add another 2015 low in China and break below Dow 17000 and the fed will use all of that to wait until 2016...
  126. CNBC said that two hours after you posted.
  127. US Fed will raise rates this fall. Any news or US index levels won't matter. Chinese markets and Greece always were irrelevant to US rates. This is close to a lock in my opinion.
  128. I believe that's your husband. Give him a kiss when you go to sleep tonight, and try not to get your panties in a knot.
  129. Anyways. What's everyone's ideas for next week? Continual sell off or temporary reversal to punish the shorts and then resume selling off?

    Seems like we've still got some remaining earnings results to get through although a large portion of the more hyped names have already reported.

  130. I am still short, but i think "temporary reversal to punish the shorts and then resume selling off" might be the case.
  131. My guess is we will have reverse up sometime in the near future (not necessary next week). We are still in QE phase. Also, we still see many ET with bearish view, which means bear are not yet capitulate.
  132. Reported and disappointed, except for Amazon which is a rather broad indicator for the consumer economy.

    I think we get a repeat of the March 25-27 move as a "wait and see". We are almost at Greece/China levels on the SPY. A critical support area.

    However, a sharp Monday reversal will produce momentum to help us print new highs within the week. We need it.

    IYT is still looking sickly. I don't think I can play the long side in any situation.
  133. Hum, I wonder how high they will push the index futures up tonight...No China rate cut!!...Surely some nation will cut this weekend.
  134. GOLD is up 1%. If you would be happy to make 3% in a week or 2, buy Gold.
    I put a short term target of $110 for GLD. Lowest that I believe it can go is $99. If it goes to $99, buy a little more. I have no stop on this trade. Don't put all your eggs in GLD. Sell covered call to reduce cost.
  135. I just cut some rates... suggest exiting the building.
  136. I bet the magic futures rise at least 100 points tonight.
  137. Do you put stop loss on your trades? Just now it is 45 points below your price.
  138. Asia markets are falling extremely hard

    Shanghai almost off 10 fucking %%%%%%%


    Im watching the China etfs tomorrow but wont touch them probably until the Shanghai drops below levels set a few weeks ago and CHAU is under $16....
  139. Gold back above $1100....im long NUGT since last week around $4.43....was going to add more of a position when gold was nearing 1075 an ounce but thought it was going straight below 1000 so I held off. Tomorrow if JDST takes a dip below $11 im going to buy...
    Going to be an interesting week. Fed meeting which will be the same as the last 89 meetings and some earnings out as well...
  140. By posting stops the "land of perfect" becomes not that perfect. Stop placement is the hardest part in trading.
  141. it must be time to start the Goldman Fed momentum ignition algo at inflection points.
  142. Stopped out with a (3800) loss.
  143. Respect! get 'em next time.
  144. LONG DIG at $40.10
    LONG JDST at $12.98

    Think there is going to be a turnaround in energy, a small bounce with oil going back to $50, should take DIG to $42-$44 area, good for a 5-10% jump....

    JDST should boost back to $15+ once gold starts to break down again below $1075
  145. Well off the lows crys CNBC
  146. Pavlovian buy the dip day. People are crazy if they think China is going to listen to the IMF and remove the support.

    Still more room in biotechs.
  147. cnbc is fucking desperate....

    they put the article from last week back up again....notice it says 3 hours ago, I posted this article 2 DAYS AGO!!!!!

    they really are desperate, any little 3% sell off and all the little crying bitches come out and say buy buy buy, I can't wait until this market is 40% off its highs and all those who said buy look like fools...

    Great news—2015 could be 1904 all over again!: Tom Lee
    Alex Rosenberg | @CNBCAlex
    3 Hours Ago

    The market is so incredibly flat this year, strategist Tom Lee had to look back 111 years to find a comparable first half. And according to the Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder, what happened in the second half of that year could be very instructive for today's investors.

    "In the first two quarters, we had zero percent gains back to back. … Only one other time did we find the markets spending six months like today: back in 1904," Lee said in an interview Friday with CNBC's "Trading Nation."

    After a pancake-like first half of 1904, "the market surged 41 percent in the second half. We are not saying 2015 is a repeat of 1904, but it goes to show, 'never short a dull market,'" Lee said.

    Of course, historical comparisons can be tricky. And there's no getting around the fact that the economic and market environment was notably different back then.

    For starters, there was no federal income tax, no national women's suffrage, and no S&P 500; the prevailing index was the Dow Jones industrial average, which consisted of a small number of industrial companies. (It is possible to look at hypothetical long-ago S&P 500 performance, thanks to reconstructed numbers provided by S&P.)

    Preceding the fateful 1904, the Dow fell 8.7 percent in 1901, 0.4 percent in 1902 and 23.6 percent 1903, "so there is a big difference between 2015 and 1904, since shares have been up, not beaten down, from 2012 to 2014," economic historian and NYU Stern School of Business professor Richard Sylla wrote to CNBC.

    The trouble for stocks back then was actually a wave of mergers, which started off as supportive, before "as so often happens, the Wall Street bankers overdid a good thing."

    By 1903, "the bankers were holding all sorts of newly merged company shares that they couldn't sell to investors," and the bankers "took a bath on the merged-company securities" even as the overall economy performed just fine.

    For that reason, the 1903 market drop has been humorously referred to as the "rich man's panic," according to Sylla.

    By the second half of 1904, a spate of railroad building sent steel, railroad and copper stocks higher, so the economy and the markets somewhat reconnected, as "a strongly improving economy after mid-1904 made shares that had been beaten down in the three previous years suddenly more attractive," Sylla wrote.

    For his part, Lee doesn't dispute that we're living in a very different world than the investors of 1904, granting that "that's one of the drawbacks of looking at historical periods.".

    Still, the generally bullish strategist says the lesson to avoid shorting a dull market is a timeless one—with 1904 serving as a prime example of what can happen to those who don't heed that well-worn advice.

    Want to be a part of the Trading Nation? If you'd like to call into our live Monday show, email your name, number, and a question to TradingNation@cnbc.com
  148. long SOXL @ $25.90

    waiting for the turn around or for that 200-300 rally this week on the fed meeting and selling everything I buying today.....risk free money.

    once the markets go green today the rally will be huge and will go into tuesday and wednesday, no way do they let the markets fall, the last time the dow dipped this far it rallied back over 18,000, rinse and repeat, no way will they let the markets drop below 17,000, totally impossible with the fed giving anything and everything the markets want...

  149. Chinese markets and Greece are now very relevant to US markets and rates......if china continues to sell off and their GDP starts to slip below 7% and markets around the world start to follow suit selling off more than 10-20% the fed will not raise rates....The markets expect a rate hike in 2015, but every single time that prediction of when they will raise comes around its always pushed back, now most have september as the time they raise rates, but everyone knows they are going to wait until December, they wouldn't want to spook the markets with China down 30% and earnings slowing down....soooooo if there is a rate hike they will do it in December, only .25% but Im betting 99.9% chance they don't move until next year. When the markets continue to fall the fed will quickly announce that they will hold off on any rate hikes, this will make wall street happy, but happy for only a small amount of time....
  150. finally vix is moving, could easily make some multi month highs if this sell off continues into the week ahead but it wont since the fed is going to save it once again...
  151. oil still falling yet prices at pump remain the same as they were from 2-3 weeks ago,
    paid $2.90 and thats with a 10 cents off per gallon, so its still $nearly $3.00, I guess oil has to drop to $15 a barrel in order to get $2.00 gas, maybe oil drops to $5-$10 a barrel, then will get $1.00 gas, but until then they are going to keep oil at the pump inflated for as long as they can even though the barrel keeps dropping.....see what they did in California, gas prices there make it look like the barrel of oil is above $90+ fucking joke....and the best part is all these fools thought that when oil was dropping that the consumers would have even more money to spend on more useless worthless goods, hahahah....yea cause saving an extra $12 a week filling up a 20 gallon suv is really going to make a difference when the weekend comes and they want that t-shirt for $42.89, yep, they don't understand that the rise in other costs is depleting the consumer, the rise in health care costs and schooling and low wage growth is really hurting the consumer, a drop in oil prices and saving 23 cents a gallon is going to rocket up GDP like these dumb fools believe its "supposed" to do.....this whole economy is distorted thanks again to BUBBLE ben bernanke, the fed and the world of central banks, thanks again for pumping the world with useless dollars and trillions of debt.....
  152. ohhh fuck dennis gartman just "CHANGED HIS MIND" on US stocks....

    This literally means get long anything and everything....he now says its difficult to put together a bullish case for stock prices YETTTTTTT 2-3 weeks ago he was bullish on stocks.....

    Dow is sitting around 17450 when this was written
    s$$$p is sitting around 2070
    Nasdaq is sitting around 5045

    Why Dennis Gartman changed his mind on US stocks
    Matthew J. Belvedere | @Matt_Belvedere
    27 Mins Ago

    Investors in U.S. stocks should be at best "neutral" and at worst "slightly bearish," closely followed market watcher Dennis Gartman said Monday.

    "It is very difficult to put together a bullish case for stock prices," said Gartman—citing problems in China and Europe, falling bond yields and commodities prices trending lower. He generally looks at the market on a short-term basis.

    "I think the best thing to do is to quietly go to the sidelines and allow the circumstances in Europe and ... China wend their way through and clarify themselves," the founder and publisher of The Gartman Letter told CNBC's "Squawk Box" in an interview. "We're probably not closer to a bottom. I think we're closer to the top."

    U.S. stocks opened lower Monday—coming off the worst weekly drop for the Dow Jones industrial average since January and the biggest weekly declines for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq since March.

    "Two [or] three weeks ago I was quite bullish on stocks," he said. "[But] now I see a lot of reasons to be at best neutral on stocks here in the United States and even slightly bearish of them."

    Gartman also said he's troubled that advancing stocks versus declining stocks were not making new highs recently along with the market overall.

    Read MoreWhy US stocks may rebound in second half: Strategists

    "The overriding fundamental is China," he said, on a day when Chinese stocks dropped nearly 8.5 percent. "I tell you to pay a great good deal of attention to what's going on in China."

    The Shanghai composite had surged 147 percent in the 12 months leading up to hitting seven-year highs in mid-June. But since then, the market has fallen about 27 percent based on Monday's close. In recent weeks, the Chinese market had been staging a bit of a recovery, after Beijing stepped in with rescue measures.

    "The government [there] is doing everything it can to try to pop up stock prices, and thus far has been utterly unsuccessful," Gartman contended. "Usually government intervention ends badly, and this does not look pretty."

    Other market watchers like Tom Lee, the longtime bull at Fundstrat Global Advisors, were undeterred by China—telling "Squawk Box" in a separate interview that U.S. stocks appear poised for a second-half rebound.

  153. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I love the title, fuck this is so funny, I love that I can pull up past articles on this guy, why does he even go on cnbc anymore, he must be feeling like a complete idiot now.....

    You’d be a ‘fool’ to short the market: Gartman
    Arjun Kharpal | @ArjunKharpal
    Friday, 17 Jul 2015 | 2:51 AM ET

    Anyone shorting the global stock market stands to make a "fool" of themselves as equities continue to rally, Dennis Gartman, the founder and editor of the "Gartman Letter," told CNBC on Friday.

    The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite rallied to a record high on Thursday, helped by upbeat earnings. The broader S&P 500 stock index meanwhile has been on a broad upward trend since mid-2011 and is up 2.5 percent year-to-date.

    "It's still a bull market…and if you try to sell it, if you get out of it, especially if you try to go short of it, you make a fool of yourself," Gartman said in a TV interview.

    Analysts have raised concerns about the hefty valuations of stocks.

    The S&P 500 is currently trading 16.5 times forward estimates of its companies' earnings, according to recent data from Reuters. Forward estimates are an important metric that many analysts use to gauge the attractiveness of equity indexes. The S&P 500 is about 10 percent more expensive than its historic average of 15, according Reuters estimates.

    "What I find interesting and relatively amusing is that every smart guy and every smart woman I know…keeps trying to sell it short, and they put forth wonderful ideas about why stocks are overvalued… but the stock market keeps moving higher," Gartman said.
  154. bought more UWTI at $1.57, brought my cost average down to approx $2.25-$2.30

    once oil is back above $55 this should be back above $2.75++
  155. Well BTFD failed for me four days in a row...

  156. it happens, Im long SOXL, DIG, ERX, UWTI and JDST today....

    SOXL semi long
    DIG oil long
    ERX oil long
    UWTI oil long
    JDST gold short

    looking for s 2-3 day bounce coming, will unload all shares

    Went long TNA last week and Im down about $7-$8 a share on that, but my TZA long is doing well today, sold off some XIV last Friday and glad I did since its down over $2 today, only own a small amount of that....

    going to be an interesting week, fed meeting will bring much volatility this week.
  157. apple nearing its earnings lows from last week around $121-$122 area....not much to move markets higher, steam is coming out of the market but I feel we have some rallies left, if not I'm not worries since I still have most of my short positions on...
  158. Buy discounts.
  159. Yeah but if it goes down, you will tell us about how you are selling the inverse ETFs. It is your net positions that counts.

  160. Im not selling any inverse etfs right now, Im holding onto a lot of TZA at the moment and will only sell that at $12+++, as for SPXS Im holding onto that until about $21+, right now my portfolio is about unchanged on the day, added those longs today and last week which is holding my portfolio unchanged at the moment....which isnt bad considering the dow is nearing multi week lows and the nasdaq is off 50...
  161. JDST up a $1.25 from where I bought it this morning, wish I bought more but that ETF is WAYY to volatile, the gains I have now could disappear in 27 mins, but Im holding until $15+ then away I sell.
  162. You are in the market with your hands dirty. So don't worry about loss and for a second I thought my post might look like questioning your trades. Absolutely not. You are not one of those guys who posts your trades after the fact and I like it. Wish you success.
  163. I am not trading AAPL but I am not bullish on that stock. It is a market performer.
  164. Why I smell the bottom is near and the market will bounch soon?
  165. One thing I'm noticing is that the previous rally/squeeze came off of much higher volatility readings ahead of an OpEx...This time around, the far OTM puts aren't behaving the same...either complacency or the market could have much more fuel to the downside to reach those panic levels again...
  166. Rickshaw Man delete his account yet? busto i think
  167. This might be that selloff before a rate hike. Strong existing home sales, strong auto sales, along with the Richmond Fed forecasting Q2 GDP at 2.4% might push Yellen to hike at least once towards* year end.

    *toward for you Americans.
  168. Here we go again, it's looking pretty good tonight. Got some losses to recoup.
  169. I've been here a decade, you think a couple of loosing trades puts me out of the game. Buddy I do this for a living, guess you have not been here long enough to see my 60k winners. But you go ahead a pound you chest. Lets see if your here next year.
  170. I agree. If you think he is toasted with just one 3500 loss, you are wrong. Check out his posts in the last 2 months. He keeps buying 10 contracts of futures (either DOW or ES) and most of them time the trades goes in his favor. He knows that when he posts his trades in real time, there is a chance of being criticized if the trade does go in his favor. Real traders are not afraid of this.
  171. Market looks weak to me - I wouldn't be buying, particularly when China part II starts up in an hour or so. But we shall see.
  172. i feel bad for your future trading career if you look up to that moron
  173. Now is 6.35am GMT time 28 July.
    I just long YM with the average entry price of 17460 with half the size of my normal position. Stop loss at 17310.
  174. It seems that selling pressure on GOLD is fading.
  175. LOL JB! Thanks
  176. China, I knew they would pull something once there markets started to fall again. They learned it from the US. Ben Bernanke and his QE, same thing. Free market what a complete joke.
  177. Perfect BTFD before FOMC. Remember the FOMC working paper said so itself to buy before the meeting.
  178. Index futures have some wide spreads, jumping but not really going anywhere.
  179. We need to hear what Yellen has to say first.
  180. Well off the lows, at the session highs crys CBNC....Everything is fine the fed will save the world with paper money.
  181. green pastures, fluffy white clouds and ......BLUE SKY baby:D
  182. Consumer Confidence in U.S. Drops by Most Since August 2011.......Oh no, maybe the fed can use this to not raise rates, trust me they will latch on to anything, and spout out some figures biased on the models projection.....
  183. Six months in this range.
  184. 2100+ !! haha
  185. No retrace, just squirt up , sideways, squirt up sideways. I get better signals going down. No doubt they are front running the fed, I'm sure the fed leaked to the banking buddies.
  186. Your playing poker with best traders in the World.
  187. Make it pretty for the lunch crowd. The markets never fall during these fed meetings.
  188. You mean the best computers.
  189. ya :) Be Like Water- fluid

    I don't get married to my trades, I just date them. :D
  190. Fucking ridiculous, 20 point dip is it. You know tonight without a doubt it will rise. Know one will sell in front of the all mighty federal reserve.
  191. Maybe they can make up for 4 days losses in one day.
  192. Ready for the easy money tonight. Index futures rally overnight 90% of the time.
  193. And easy it was, no retrace at all. Guess will have 5 up days now.
  194. Looks like we are heading right back up to resistance. So sit tight and enjoy your ride up.
  195. Not a seller in sight, offers lifted and up we go. Seems the bulls are confident there master will save them today, with some soothing words from the mighty federal reserve.
  196. Very little chance of it falling. Taking new position right now in YM @ 17600, Looking for spike up on dovish fed.
  197. Only headed one way, and that's up. Any tiny dip id met with buyers. Very little downside risk.
  198. See how it moves higher without any retrace, that's why you just buy and sit on the position.
  199. So easy making free money again, and with zero risk.
  200. Ill just sit on this till we get back up to 18000, should be back by Friday I reckon.
  201. Wouldn't it be better to use options ahead of Yellen? You use the same quantity for an overnight hold and a FED meeting.

    This screenshot doesn't telegraph any meaning.
  202. Mo money, mo money
  203. Be my guest.
  204. Plenty of upside left folks, get on the free money train now...
  205. No worries today at all, do you all know whyyyyyyyyyyyy

    It's fed day !!!!!!!!!

    Zero risk all reward as the fed will clear the day for another rally, remember the FED IS ALWAYS DOVISH.....they always give what wallstreet wants or wallstreet cries like a little bitch....

    The Fed will just repeat what it said at the last 187 meetings...
    The Fed will bow to wallstreet once again, zero rate hikes for this worthless economy is the only thing left...
  206. This is about all your going to get when it comes to dips.
  207. ZERO DOWNSIDE RISK IS BACK $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  208. Just like yesterday, BOING UP UP UP WE GO
  209. I will check back at 18000 on Friday.

  210. Wow, DWTI nearly doubled from my buy, I sold it for a small profit at $64 haha but damn this etf touched $120+ just days ago, wait till it falls hard again to get back in, right now I have plenty of UWTI, SELLING IT ALL AT $3.00+
  211. Your not going to get a correction, and once the fed releases it's dovish statement, it's blast off time. Buy RIGHT NOW AT 17630....CAN'T YOU SEE THERE IS NO SELLERS, SELLERS WILL ARRIVE NEAR 18000...HOP ON BOARD THE FREE MONEY TRAIN CHOO CHOO.
  212. Its 10:20 sideways with a slight upward bias, buy people, trust me it won't fall.
  213. So true, the Fed will create a triple digit rally....they will not mention a word of what day they will raise rates, they are so backed into a corner they can't do a fucking thing...
  214. Notice tech and biotech are weak, money rolling into energy again....
  215. BOING $$$$
  216. Matters not where you get on the train, the dips are so tiny, you have no chance of getting stopped out. Like right no YM sitting at 17659, so if you buy here with a 30 point stop, you will not get stopped out. It won't fall to 17630 sorry aint gonna happen
  217. those tiny dips will start to enlarge ...chip away at your P/L:p
  218. Holy smoke a 20 point dip is a super strong buy. So it goes like this a 10 point dip=strong buy, a 20 point dip= super strong buy, a 30 point dip= super duper strong buy, a 40 point dip oh my gosh back up the truck and buy with both hands, cause we got a lot more upside.
  219. LOL
  221. LOL
  223. My TZA option trade today. Sold 84 weekly PUT 10 naked. Profit will be about $650. Loss almost unlimited ($83350) TZA trade.JPG
  224. Horseshit market.
  225. Why?
  226. Just speculating...but memories of better markets...
  227. I bought the TSX on the close yesterday, my version of "buy the dip" on long term investment money. TSX was down 10% from yearly highs on Monday. I think that the chances of a correction in US markets ( which I expected this year ) have dropped lately; US markets are showing signs of having weathered any concerns and may rally at this point. This will frustrate bears no end if it occurs because they had a stronger case for a correction in the spring.
  228. As usual the stock index futures will rise tonight, they rise 90% of the time. Its so easy a cave man can do it.
  229. Yes, we heard it a million times now.
  230. Yes, we heard it a million times now.
  231. Yes, we heard it a million times now.
  232. Looks like a higher open on Wall street as the futures just turned positive...Now the spin will be, a rate hike is good, it means the economy is strong. Remember wall street works towards a higher market not a lower one.
  233. Rising volume on the way down, falling volume on the way back up. This has been occurring all year, and wreaks of distribution.
  234. Back to old Sunday BREAKING NEWS!

    An Exasperated Tsipras Calls For Syriza Referendum On Bailout Cancellation
  235. Now that the markets know a hike is coming, strong economic data is good, weak is good to it may push out a hike. They will spin it positive either way.
  236. Holy cow that was a super duper strong buy dip, don't see those very often.
  237. Q1 GDP revised to +0.6% from -0.2%. Release the conspiracy nutjobs! The boys from Chicago and their magic #2 pencils are at it again!
  238. It may open lower but by lunch we will be..WELL OFF THE LOWS....You know how they play this game. Keep the public looking thru rose colored glasses.
  239. Take a chill pill, they won't let it fall far.
  240. dow.png
  241. Dow is down 100 have no fear, we will be well off the lows by lunch time.
  242. That's about it buying YM now 17592....well off the lows is a cinch
  243. Ready for that rally....love make free money with zero risk.
  244. Relax breath, the worst of the selling is over, 17550 is good support.
  245. Added to position, buyers rush in.
  246. So easy making free money when you know they won't let it fall...haha...even a cave man can do it. Best traders in the world hahaha. By lunch we may be flat. They don't want the public to see red.
  247. Nice call, RM.
  248. Amazing how easy this is, so easy a ....well you know.
  249. Well off the lows indeed....come on let me hear it from CNBC.
  250. Thanks
  251. A caveman can do it trading without a stop, hoping that it will continue going up, but as we know it upside cycles do end and volatility can also wipe out accounts.
  252. Thanks for playing...time for flat line......Ciao!
  253. Absolutely, never trade with out protection. As long as the long term trend is up that's the direction I trade in. Always remember, everyone likes a rising market, and the media and wall street favor it as well.
  254. Look what we have here, this will push it way up into lunch hour....Buying back in at 17605 5 contracts.
  255. Without a doubt the early morning losses will be long gone by lunch time. I can see it in the price action.
  257. True enough...but for those of us around in the crash of 07-08, the upside rips were quicker and "cleaner" than the downside chop...Not that I traded much from the longside back then, but I always felt that it was an easier trade psychologically if one were to simply play it that way and get out without enduring hours/days of "rolling chop" lower that would try and shake one out dozens of times along the way...

    In many ways the past month has been similar, just at a fraction of the volatility...so RM has a very valid point, even if it is sarcastic at times.
  259. Weather's gettin cold, time to ride this pony to the south: Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 20.06.34.png
  260. My mule keeps dragging the pony, unfortunate, but it'll tire eventually.

    Order modifications to the left of chart
  261. Had to take a detour to avoid the towns black cat, who was about to cross my path.
  262. Came close to puking this one, some fool fitted my mule with a rocket engine:
  263. Remember index futures rally overnight 90% of the time. One easy way to make some free money.
  264. One person's overnight is anothers workday:D
  265. 'Death cross' 50 & 100, big one 50 & 200 is evolving.
  266. They just won't let it fall.
  267. Same thing everyday, futures rally overnight, cash market opens, then a selloff. Then up for the rest of the day. This is so easy.
  268. A 10 minute Sell off followed by, a six hour rally back up
  269. How can this be so easy, a freaking moron could make money in this market. Just sit tight it always comes right back. This entire year has been like a YO YO . The thing that's noticeable is how lite the volume is going back up. The federal reserve is controlling the markets rowing it up and down, giving wall street the opportunity to easy out of there large positions. That's why the volume is heavy on the down side.
  270. I kind of like how the Fed "accidentally" released some working paper on where rates would be 6 months, 1 year from now last Friday (which started a major down leg)...Then when volatility hits an acceptable high level, the Dovish talk comes back out...It's never been more obvious what a puppet she is to those who run the algo's up and down...
  271. Is that paper still available on the net? Did it prescribe the hike and wait scenario?
  272. Good question...Never even thought to look for it after the news headline...

    Fuzzy on the details of what rates were prognosticated...It seemed to suggest rates would be somewhere between 0.75 and 1.00 going out a year...
  273. Seems in line with hike and wait. Though, I think it just adds to more uncertainty.
  274. Right, but I kind of believe that they would love to jawbone the "froth" out of equities while actually not raising rates at all...I think further dollar strength is maybe a concern with a "hike and wait" approach...Either way they are in a damned if you, damned if you don't position for waiting far too long to balance out their emergency measures and years of ZIRP.
  275. What's the exit strategy/reality on this trade ?
  276. He says unlimited, but I hope he covered.
  277. No exit strategy. If I am assigned, I will sell covered call. I will update you about my actions on this trade.
  278. Looks like money is flowing from larger caps to smaller caps. Check out Russell, he so smooth.

  279. Had you seen it the past couple days? I believe it has underperformed the S&P500 a decent amount. I just assume today was somewhat of a catch-up day for it
  280. Going long YM at 17610 5 contracts, stop 17570.
  281. Don't worry, they will jam it back up before 4:15 EST. Sit back, relax and know, everyone is working to get it back up.
  282. Nah I've seen this before (famous last words). Nasdaq and ES start looking all sad and then through it Russell outperforms them for a week straight. If it were just TF doing less bad I wouldn't expect such a descrepancy as NQ down .25% and TF up .66% - particularly now that the wild animals have nothing to get excited about with major earnings being done. There's probably also a DX correlation somewhere in there as well.

    I've traded this relationship as a spread before and made money: -3NQ/+2TF, even observing it being safe in an index wide selloff. The reason I don't trade it regularly is because it takes up a decent amount of margin, can be unpredictable with the typical Nasdaq herd behavior, and you have to know when to put it on.

  283. GL
  284. Still alive?
  285. Five minutes till cash close, here we go, giddy up!
  286. Yep, I knew it.
  287. Sundays night open will be a jam up session, they will spin the Greek stock opening and the weekend meeting as a GREAT SUCCESS!!! ..............I'm holding 5 long @ 17610 over the weekend. Watch them sneak it up over the next hour, sitting at 17628 right now....CIAO!
  288. WHAAAAAA HAHA TOLD YA................ I'm so good it scares me.
  289. ROFL. You are too entertaining. It's quite a distraction.

    Have you ever thought of taking this show on the road? Like on Twitter?

  291. You are too sexy for trading. Too sexy that it hurts.
  292. As usual the futures will rise overnight
  293. Or else you can reset your SIM account.
  294. Looking at AAPL and INDU looks like an intermediate top to me.
  295. Won't be buying any dips here personally.
  296. GILD is looking toppy as well
  297. Scratch my trade @ a small profit, looks like we've gained a some strength. Expecting chop.
  298. So ya think we get the same pattern as last week, straight down then crawl back up for 5 hours. Or will it be straight up.
  299. Ok long 5 at 17568, bounced off 17550 again.
  300. Anyone see S2007S? Just wondering since I am about to load the truck on GDX and want to know what he thinks.
  301. Well off the lows coming up
  302. Well off the lows, had been down triple digits, markets have staged a comeback in the last hour......THATS THE LINE YOU WILL HEAR FROM CNBC.
  303. We appear to be well off the lows
  304. Ah the trusty inverse head and shoulder pattern
  305. If oil breaks new lows and drops under $40 get ready for a massive selloff, commodities are signaling what the future holds for global growth and with commodities lower now than during the financial crisis global markets and US markets are in very big trouble, these are the warning signs that were headed for another crisis and global massive recession. ....
  306. Apple falling apart, finally broke $120, who knows where it's headed, watch sales were a disappointment and if the "new" iphone that comes out in a month or two doesn't have any major changes which it won't because nearly every new smartphone on the market is the same as the last apple is going to be in trouble with keeping that market cap up that i think by now should have been closing in on a trillion dollars.
  307. Another fake drop or does this drop continue and 17,000 appear with my prediction of October 2014 lows.....

    Anyone see greece markets last night? Whewwwww
    wondering why GREK is not falling hard today...

    And last but not least vix is still holding up despite this sell off, XIV not down as much as I would have expected.
  308. your TA skills haven't improved
  309. You are back!
  310. This signal the market will reverse and move up pretty soon, S2007S is the 2nd best bull indicator in ET, after the small bicycle :cool:
  311. I took all but 25% of my 401k out of stocks last week...not feeling too confident about the market. Would love a nice pullback now that I am positioned for it, LOL.
  312. Yes im short
  313. Flipped to long

  314. Glad I'm the contrary indicator

    Going to be a fun ride coming

  315. Wow...
  316. No offend, Honestly I did like your posts.

    My 2 cents, don't fight the Fed, just have to live with it and take the easy money they offer to you. The super complicated hedge fund approachs or strategies are long gone, KISS and BTFD is the only way (obviously with a good SL or hedging).
  317. Don't worry they won't let it close on the lows....gotta be able to tell the masses...CLOSED WELL OFF THE LOWS.....set em up for tomorrow.

    It will rally into the close.
  318. Ah ha, I see em pulling the offers, won't be long till it gets jammed up off the lows.
  319. Just sit tight, they can't hold it down for long, its about to blow.
  320. Whaaa what was that a surprise rate cut, up up up we go, I knew t.
  321. BOING !!!!
  322. Stay long for the overnight rally, just like last Monday. Sit tight folks we will run back up to 17600 tonight. In the morning all you will see is green futures and the media will tell the masses, LOOKS LIKE A HIGHER OPEN ON WALL STREET. Mark my words, i have the experience and im usually right.
  323. CLOSED WELL OFF THE LOWS..HAHAHAHA SO PREDICTABLE......Just sit tight, it will rally overnight...GUARANTEED $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  324. The futures will rally close to 100 Dow points tonight, this is so easy a cave man can do it.
  325. just had one on 6/29...
  326. Kick back relax and watch the free money roll in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  327. I got assigned the shares and I had two orders today. Either sell the shares at 10.03 or sell covered call at 0.19 and the option order went through first. TZA_options.JPG
  328. Thanks for the update.
  329. I predicted FIT will hit $50 and it did today. I have never traded FIT and most probably will never do. Somehow I feel Amazon will buy FIT at 2B.
  330. Bummer, sitting tight for now.
  331. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  332. very well done.
    sorry to ask : what maximum "drawdown" did your trade go before turning positif?
  333. Here comes the 100 point rally, its going to happen today I guess.
  334. Whaaa hahah, look at it go, hungry buyers bidding it up
  335. Apple falling again today, another $2+ dollars.....where is there trillion dollar market cap everyone was yelling about?
  336. Treble top in Apple, bound to drag Naz down with it
  337. Short YM small stop, just above today's INDU high

    Taken out (edit)
  338. Short again, stop above todays INDU high
  339. Apple keeps on sinking, down almost 4%, is the hype finished, remember when Nokia owned the market, then MOT, then blackberry ruled the world, maybe it's time to say the smartphone world is finally saturated, unless apples new phone can go a whole week without carrying your charger around I don't have any idea why anyone would upgrade, same smartphone just another different year.
  340. Semiconductors keep breaking down as well, leadership is disappearing, only a handful of stocks are keeping this market afloat and from having a total collapse.
  341. How about that NFLX? Up 8% on some analyst target of 160. I can't figure which one of these has the most dumb money in it, Netflix or Apple.
  342. Out
  343. Long YM, stop just below INDU today low
  344. Out
  345. Trend following vs chop.
  346. Approaching critical 2088 "lucky galvin" level.
  347. We tried to bear down on the market by bullying AAPL. Next few days we test the high side.

    It has to break out somewhere. Skew and Vol says there are no worries.......yet.
  348. Lucky day today, I normally get at least a couple of losers before I get a winner.
  349. Index futures rise overnight 90% of the time....that's a fact people. The odds of a rally tonight are very very high. It's almost a certainty.
  350. C'mon man it's not like it's going to happen *every* single night. It didn't really happen last night and IMO the technical look bearish. But hey, I get what you're saying, bullshit market wise. :)
  351. Some sort of self hypnotic mantra.
  352. Like magic it rises
  353. Like I said, stock index futures rise overnight 90% of the time, all these rookies bashing me, what a bunch of armatures, I'm right, that's nothing new.
  354. Almost up 100 Dow mini points, sure looks good when America wakes up, turns of the TV as they get ready for work...and all they here is...LOOKS LIKE A HIGHER OPEN ON WALLSTREET. All there little indicates show green up arrows. Makes folks feel better, it's all psychological. Look a little closer and you can clearly see the distribution going on.

    Low volume rally's, high volume selloffs. Been going on all year. This rowing the markets up and down by the Federal Reserve via the index futures lets the big banks unwind near the top. Happens every election cycle.
  355. All of yesterday losses, wiped away on 1/10 the volume, pretty magical. The cash market will get a nice gap up free of charge as they reprise there inventory based on the overnight stock index futures rally.

  356. Haha haha , so all we need for a rally to new highs is for the fed to keep saying rates aren't going up, yep, got it....
    did you read the comments out of Powell's mouth, "some further improvement in the labor market" what the fuck, how much more improvement do you possibly need, BUBBLE ben bernanke said rates would be going up once unemployment rates saw a 6 handle, here we are under 6% and they want more improvement in the labor market, stop with the fucking lies, admit the real reason you can't raise rates, the economy is worthless and can't even stand on its own is why we need zero interest rates, the economy can't even handle a .50% fed funds rate that's how weak it is, and inflation at or near 2% haha, it's a lot higher than 2%, just take a look around and go out and buy a slice of pizza and a half gallon of milk, call up and have a plumber clear your drain or a handyman come over and patch that hole in the wall, yep, no inflation, 2% haha, go take out a health insurance policy, my car insurance just went up 5%, where are you pulling this 2 fucking % number from???
    Just keep those fucking lies coming....

    Futures jump on ADP miss, Powell comments

    Jenny Cosgrave | @jenny_cosgrave
    6 Mins AgoCNBC.com
    U.S. stock index futures extended gains on Wednesday as investors digested a lower-than-expected read on private payrolls after a voting member of the Federal Reserve said on CNBC that nothing is decided on raising rates in September.
    The Dow futures briefly gained more than 120 points after trading about 70 points higher before the ADP data.

    Federal Reserve Gov. Jerome Powell said Wednesday on CNBC's "Squawk Box" that the labor market continues to be strong, but he has not made up his mind yet on whether interest rates should be raised next month.

    "Nothing has been decided and I haven't made any decisions of what I would support and certainly the committee hasn't," he said. "We're still working with the same framework, we're looking for some further improvement in the labor market and reasonable confidence on inflation going back to 2 percent in the medium term. I'm going to be very focused on the data from now until the meeting, particularly the labor market data."

  357. Apple weak again this morning and with Disney off over 5% I'm really surprised to see the futures up the way they are..
  358. Wow so they drag out a talking fed head to get the markets off support. That's just short covering. Two thirds of the gains came from the overnight futures magic show. It just floated higher on miniscule volume....JUST LIKE I SAID IT WOULD.
  359. For the next 6 hours................SIDEWAYS..................And at lunch they can say.....AT THE HIGHS OF THE SESSION///////
  360. From now till September nothing will occur during the US session. Any gains will come from the overnight magic show, just like today. I have seen this for over a decade. Volume will be so light slippage is horrible. Good luck ill check back tomorrow morning. Don't waste your time trying to grab a few points, it's just not worth it.....CIAO!
  361. Overnight session in yellow
  362. Short YM, stop just above todays INDU high
  363. Covered
  364. Nicely done! I did an ES short (bought puts), but didn't hold it for nearly long enough! I've been looking for a good area to go long, but haven't yet
  365. Thanks. Got lucky. INDU is below 200ma
  366. Good job. Looks like a good BTFD moment.
  367. I'm short, shorted at the top, and will cover at the bottom. Then I will go long. Then I will go short.
  368. Long YM, stop just below RL INDU 515
  369. Long YM at 17455 now trading at 17485

  370. Out
  371. Jam up into the close pretty much guaranteed, YM now at 17490
  372. Watch and learn
  373. They can't hold it down, its like a cork ready to blow. And we all know how the overnight session in futures works, don't we....nod nod
  374. Make it look pretty for the close...that's the way it works folks.
  375. Its so easy making free money when you know how the game is played..hahaha.
  376. Loading up for the jam up into the close, and the "as usual overnight rally"...just kick back.
  377. At about 20 minutes till 4, blast off $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  378. I am done today, I think it's going to close down
  379. Fuse went out, no blast off.
  380. 50\200 death cross less than 100pts away, if anything high vola is around the corner.
  381. My observation following this thread is that throughout 2015, the TSX was a lot easier to trade then US indexes. Fairly obvious range in play 2013-2015 plus more volatility in 2015. Not sure if any of you ever trade TSX.
  382. Will have a look
  383. Gee ya think the index futures will rise overnight .....
  384. Oz down
  385. Better late than never, waking Americans can see green again. LOOK LIKE A HIGHER OPEN ON WALLSTREET CRYS CNBC
  386. Long at 17413, time for WELL OFF THE LOWS .....can't let the masses see a down market at lunch time.

    First stop 17370, second 17356 and final stop at 17346
  387. Long YM, stop just below todays INDU low
  388. Wow that was close, came down to 17372. Still alive...
  389. I think the low of the session is in, now for the long slog upward into the lunch hour. They will say...... "WELL OFF THE LOWS" You'll see.
  390. So easy a cave man can do it. Its so easy when you know what's going to happen hehe.


  391. Front page CNBC website Thursday morning
  392. Looks bearish they said, so we should be selling not buying.
  393. Got taken out
  394. Long YM stop just below INDU low
  395. Taken out
  396. Same again
  397. Som bitch
  398. Surprised S2007S hasn't bought yet...if he goes, then I will go.
  399. So how 'bout that market, boys? For once, my VIX futures position is actually green.
  400. Stop to entry
  401. Market weakness has been here for weeks now and even longer if you take commodities into account which are in a bear market.....Nasdaq has been holding up great, s&p has also sort of held up but the dow is getting weaker and weaker, a drop below 17,000 would really start to get people worried.
  402. Flipped for short YM, stop just above 17,427 INDU
  403. Taken out
  404. Short ES @ 2079.50 prior to the close.
  405. Come on S&P, I would love to see a nice drop to get some lower entry points for the long run. I am only 25% in stocks now currently with my 401k. Took some risk off looking for a pullback. Hopefully it is enough to make the adjustments worthwhile, although I reallocated at the lowest point in about a month lol poor timing by about 2% but whatever.
  406. DJI yearly chart looks a lot like AAPL at the top before the break

    maybe it's time to retest 17000
  407. One possible interpretation:


    I call these types of things cup and handle like patterns where they commonly retrace from the highest lip down to the 61% fib... this one went past that, but still recovered fairly strongly. It could also be considered IHS-like, although it's not coming from a prior downtrend so I tend to trust those less in this context.

    The "bullshit market" side of me wouldn't be surprised to see this thing head up to the 38.2% or 50% extension. The "justice" side of me of course wants to see it correct. There's no way the Fed is increasing rates... on the same token, I do not believe the market has actually priced in a rate increase as has been alluded to in some media outlets.
  408. INDU at lower TL of megaphone pattern. Not in a rush to put in a double bottom, IMO price will breakdown tomorrow.
  409. Long ES @ 2073.75...STOP 2068.50
  410. Option expiration next week, markets typically rise that week. Positioning myself for that.
  411. It is the 3rd week, not next week.
  412. Could well be a rally out of the wedge, I am not taking the bait, yet, as I don't see confirmation in MACD's histogram.

  413. Long YM stop just below INDU today low
  414. I will go long when S2007S goes first.
  415. Long again, stop just below INDU low today
  416. My first attempt --- BTFD, SPY@206.97
  417. Long YM again, stop just below todays INDU LOW
  418. LOL doesn't look good again. OH well I am leave my stop and taking an early day off.
  419. It has to rally into the close...IT'S FRIDAY....IT HAS TO RALLY INTO THE CLOSE.
  420. Should start heading back up now, Dow now at 17276
  421. This sucker is going to rally into the close, there is no way it closes on the lows....NO WAY JOSE
  422. Things are picking up now, sitting at 17287 and inching higher.
  423. Now at 16320, haha I bet it ends green, that way they can say markets ended the week on an up note, just like the China market.
  424. Come on you little pig get you fat ass up.
  425. Sold
  426. Wow oil at new lows for 2015 yet gas prices near me haven't fallen any more than 5%. Still at $3.00....gas should be around $2.25. Where are those who predicted $100+ oil continuing into 2015 and 2016???
  427. Good little piggy
  428. Love how all the fools on wallstreet clap while the markets close. Will they be clapping and cheering when the markets are 30% lower????
  429. Same here EXXON premium $2.89 Dallas Texas, has been that for weeks, not one penny drop.
  430. Dow down 7 days in a row. Where are the dip buyers, probably Monday will get one of those 178 point up days in the Dow. It has to happen.....keep buying the dips. Especially in oil. Oil will probably surge to $50. "Surge" haha. Remember $100-$150 $200 oil? Hahaha. Those were the bubble days but no one wanted to admit it. Oil and commodities are signaling what's coming. This is the warning sign.....

  431. I said to one of the guys why is gas still at $3.00 while the barrel has tanked over $10 the past month. He said you listen to the news. I said yes I follow oil on a day to day basis so why is your gas $3.00 a gallon. He then got serious and asked if I was from consumer affairs ...then he laughed and walked away. He was trying to explain but knew he had no answer as every fucking gas station is price gouging left and right as oil plummets.....I know as soon as oil gets back to $50 that $3.00 will be $3.25-3.50....

    FAST MONEY HAS Tom Lee on right this second hahahahahaha

    This is fucking hilarious ....this guy was saying buy at 18,000+

    This guy would be bullish even after a 32% plummet. Cnbc loves this guy so much they put him on literally 2 times a week.

    He said stocks will rally into end of 2015. He will say that no matter what the market conditions are.
  433. Whoa another guy on fast money said there will be a melt up into the end of the year. Man this bullish cnbc talk never stops. Dow off 7 days in a row. Guess next week the markets rally an easy 2%. Even oil is going back up. Whewww
  434. US made deal with Iran to screw over Russia, look at Rubble
  435. TZA closed way over $10. Shares will be called away. Total profit of $2200 in less than 2 weeks. Money Put down was about 84K. Profit %2.6.
  436. Didn't make any NQ/ES/TF/whatever plays today, just let them do their thing pretty much. Hoping for a bit more decline though to squeeze out more premium from these Aug 108 QQQ calls I sold before Nasdaq went parabolic (hedging underlying saved the day).

    I did get a pretty nice long entry in GC at 1083 immediately following NFP on a resting order I placed some hours previously before bed. Also long Euro/6E and long EUR/GBP. I found it interesting how DX cranked up and then an hour or so later cranked right back down - almost as if people came back to their senses like "Regardless of what NFP/UE numbers say, they're not gonna raise rates."

    I've heard other people mention a Sep/Dec rate increase being priced into the market already. Personally I think that's a load of BS, and if anything the market is attempting to call the Fed's bluff. What's everyone else think?
  437. [​IMG]
  438. IMO party is over to a degree, meaning INDU is signalling a correction, but I don't think it will be anywhere as chaotic as back in .com and credit crunch ones, a controlled correction to offer a further deep discount for investors into equity market. Of course I may be wrong it could well be a rather 'scary' slide, but with FED and other central banks keeping their fingers on 'The Button' it will be likely just another buying opportunity to take markets to new highs.

  439. Not Ben Affleck, but PTK from TST.. It's just a tour, but some funny stuff in there about getting stuck with a 300 lot, SP/ES arb plays, SPX at 1785 in that video..
  440. Great clip, really wish i would have gotten a chance to see the floor in its heyday before it died. Even though i work from home now, i really miss the camraderie of working at a prop office. At the office i started at we had figured out an arb opportunity where a dozen traders in our office were making 10k+ each on any given day for a few months with very few down days.

    There was nothing better than the feeling we all had when we were a bunch of young punks, and we all went to the bar together after making enough money to buy a new car, and we knew the same thing was going to happen tomorrow. Obviously after a few months that ran out. Wish i would have respected it more.

    I had my best day ever last year, trading from home, and at the end of the day while i was happy, it was pretty hard to celebrate that cause no one i know could even relate, and most of them would have thought i was an asshole if i told them i made more than their salary last year in half a day. Nothing is funner than being in a group of people where every one is making bank, it makes you all feel like gods.

    Loved the comments on the O'Hair spread, i thought about doing it at a firm that was giving me massive leverage, and wasnt paying me. I figured if my money is gone anyways may as well buy a lottery ticket, but i didnt have the balls to do it...... Try buying, or shorting something like AQXP on friday with a couple million bucks on leverage, and if it pay off, your rich, if not your moneys gone anyways, lol :D

  441. Yeah i agree with that thought process, there usually has to be a catalyst for a deep bear market, and i dont see it right now. While i dont see a reason for a significant pullback, i also dont see any reason to buy at these levels. Quite frankly the best thing we could have is a 10% pullback just to get the market out of this chop so it can start going up again.

  442. ES opens at 2074.00, we all know by the time the East coats is waking up the futures will be bright green. Right now up 1.00.....FUTURES RISE OVER NIGHT 90% OF THE TIME.
  443. Yup so glad I bought last Friday.
  444. FTSE100 not doin' so hot out of the gate...

  445. Z now down another 60 pts, -1%, DAX about -0.44%.
  446. Oh look the index futures are up, YM up 100, I'm shocked...hahaha
  447. Like magic, last weeks losses are almost gone, all overnight on 1/10 the volume...Tell me that's not magic....All the public is hearing right now is...LOOKS LIKE A HIGHER OPEN ON WALLSTREET....
  449. Rigged to perfection. The only thing that gets the markets up is fed jaw boning. Fisher said two weeks ago a hike was coming. Now he says they may wait for inflation to rise hahah that will never happen. They look like hucksters and carnival barkers.
  450. I mean he looks like an honest person right. He hold dual citizenships in Israel.
  451. Short YM stop just above todays INDU high
  452. Stopped
  453. Option expiration weeks are always up weeks. They drag out what ever is necessary to jam it higher. Won't be surprised if they headline Greece like its BREAKING NEWS...GREECE GET LOAN....

    The only way to get the market up is overnight in the futures. This week will be full of GAPS higher.
  455. Short YM stop just above todays INDU high
  456. I was just thinking it looks like a better opportunity to short
  457. i wouldn't short this with YOUR $:)

    "You done good, but you gotta keep doing good."
    - G. Gekko
  458. Exactly...but this has been going on for more than a decade...It's just that now the markets are super thinned out, HFT algo's chasing the markets higher and it's just too damn easy to gap this stuff up 1.00% and let the bid sitters do the rest...I still think this is a longer term distribution, but it's a remarkably controlled decline and let's face it...if this thing started cascading lower like it did back in 2008, the consequences would be that much worse...so just a rolling chop lower with massive squeezes interspersed is exactly what the Fed is after...
  459. That's how you play the "rolling chop" or you just wait for the appropriate volatility index (vix, vxn, rvx) to regress back to its support level and you rinse/repeat...but you have to be extremely quick on the trigger closing out shorts...you only get minutes sometimes whereas you can have hours/days to close out longs...
  460. Once again, this week is not opt exp
  461. well, technically every week is some form of opts exp...but RM would still buy every dip in the market regardless of what week it is...
  462. Stopped.
  463. SPX chart is showing an inverse h&s on the 4h chart
    DJI is showing a descending downtrend

    this could go either way
  464. felt like a jam to 2100 cash was in the cards and the other indicies were just tagging along...I mainly just focus on the Russell / IWM and it's lagging...
  465. Short YM stop just above todays INDU high
  466. Yeah I think I will take profits now. SPY@210.26
  467. well done...the late friday bounce into the Monday gap opener is the tougher trade (even though RM is right about the constant intervention in the markets)...
  468. Maybe I need to be more caveman like and abandon using stops ;)
  469. congrats. lots left on table:)
  470. nah, just cover shorts whenever given the opportunity.;)
  471. It never ceases to amaze me however that SPY/ES can rally 35 handles in a short period of time and a "pullback" of 5 pts is noteworthy...it's the perfect conditioning to convert former bears into frothing at the mouth bulls (see RM)...
  472. Stopped
  473. shorts are toast:D
  474. Right here is a good low risk short...just poked above the Thursday highs in ES...
  475. take it. Take it. TAKE IT!:D
  476. did with a small options play...

    still, in a rangebound market is it productive to get really bullish into resistance and really bearish into support?
  477. Honest - I like.
  478. INDU isn't range bound anymore IMO

  479. Yeah SPY looks like a short now.
    Sell SPY@210.40.
  480. Agree in part...It goes back to what I said earlier in the thread...that this is a rolling chop lower that basically squeezes the shorts out of the market on low to no volume only to resume selling...Also alot of hijinx with vix and the other gameable volatility indicies...

    Look at all the divergences, just like what we saw back in 2000 and perhaps to some extent in 07/08...NDX breaks out to new highs, DOW breaks into a downtrend below 200dma, SPY is rangebound and smallcaps (and especially Russell Value) are more closely aligned with the DOW...and as others have noted, a few glam stocks are gunned to extreme highs to mask the damage of the other 90% of stocks out there.
  481. just like what we saw back in 2000!!??


    if 2000 taught anything it's don't buy tops
  482. EURO off the high..they know:rolleyes:
  483. this is in slow motion compared to that...
  484. Not bad for really doing nothing. I will just sit here till we get back to 18000. Kick back enjoy the pool, play some golf, ill let the market pay for it. Kicking back, watching my account grow. Thanks magic futures....ITS SO EASY MAKING FREE MONEY.

    If you will study your craft you will see option exp week is always up. They roll out something to juice the markets, never fails.
  485. Exactly as I said, straight up then sideways for 6 hours.
  486. Short YM stop just above todays INDU high
  487. i wouldn't short this with your money:confused:
  488. Did anyone listen? I'm so good at this, I should charge for my expertise.
  489. BANG
  490. I am short now, because option expiration is NEXT week, and I will buy when it dips later in the week.
  491. Not fact.
  492. Why look, rates potentially delayed. Called it bitches! Sticking with my long EURUSD position for now.

    Are there any free markets left?
  493. ow, that's gotta instill a little doubt
  494. BTW, the FOMC meetings are on their website -- they did have meetings in option expiration weeks in March and June for example, but we know there is no meeting this month (August).
  495. Which part? :)
  496. remember a few Friday's ago when the Fed "accidentally" released a report projecting rates a year and two years from now...that was the catalyst to sell the market off after we hit resistance...the Fed now times its "jawboning" and "rate forecasts" to coincide with the algo pump and dump's...
  497. How about that volume...
  498. Yeah it's almost (well, is, actually) laughable how transparent the nonsense is. I'm just looking forward to seeing what actual excuse will be rolled around come Sep (and then of course Dec).
  499. Yeah, I agree...I don't believe they will raise. I think that more dollar strength will wreak too much havoc on foreign markets and lead to further problems with energies and their debt markets...The whole "awaiting job market statistics" is just another one of their faux qualifiers to arbitrarily set more conditions on a tightening cycle...

    Also look at how some of the high flier tech stocks shot into orbit and are still setting up there perched...I'd like to see some of them fall out of the sky before I believe that the Fed is serious about tightening (I know..cue the laugh track).
  500. Covered
  501. they may need the circuit breaker today in the spoos, definitely a potential brown trousers day coming. dxy is ugly. I am not short equities as I have enough risk on in fx. GL.
  502. Markets are down, can't be right :confused:

    BTW today INDU officially registered a Death Cross.
  503. I won't touch this on short side.:eek:
    All my trades will be longs. (Exception: EURO)
  504. I don't blame you. I only cover shorts on a day like today...initiating shorts is playing Russian Roulette...
  505. The last time that happened was August of 2011 and July 2010, obviously not much happened then, but the one before that was obviously followed by a 50% selloff...I would love 10-20% just to bring some valuations down and get some lower entries.

    I am thinking about maybe putting on some puts or put spreads to hold for a little while. Not going to short it outright.
  506. Yeah the spreads idea is better, imo...more able to withstand the whipsaws...

    The market feels like it's being set up for the September move...all moves are broken off on the downside.
  507. All of yesterdays' gains gone out of INDU
  508. I drew a fib yesterday's LOD > HOD. i wouldn't be surprised to see 17500 today.

    "You done good, but ya gotta keep doing good. Go to work."
    - G. Gekko
  509. Prices oscillate, trends persist. There hasn't been a macro trend since beginning of 2015, but who knows, there may be a break of range finally.
  510. Long YM stop below todays INDU low
  511. Stopped
  512. Too easy...buying back at 208.21....

    Maybe it is BTFD time too, but S2007S hasn't bought yet.
  513. If this is going up, would they want everyone on board? Hell no. Shake out weak longs and trap some shorts. Wallstreet 101:confused:
  514. S2007 is working a shift at Walmart, he joins in later in a day

  515. how did you know?

    With the increase in minimum wage I figure I would try out for walmart, Im in and hopefully I get stock options soon....
  516. Wow, I was here last week and predicted a rally, yes it happened but only a 1 day rally, I really thought there was going to be a follow through rally for the rest of the week, today though is a huge downer, erasing everything gained from yesterday and then some, I would be worried about this market, oil is making fresh 52 week lows and the markets are just falling apart, once we break 17,000 its game over, I will repeat once again, OCTOBER 2014 lows are coming, don't even bother questioning it, its happening.....even thought warren buffet told everyone yesterday to BUY BUY BUY don't take his advice in this 6 year old bull market, its old and tired, there is a global slowdown and the chance now of the fed raising rates is literally 0%, for the next few months all we will hear from cnbc is talk about fed rate hikes, just forget it, once this market rolls over the chance of QE 4 will be talked about more than the chance of interest rates rising....
  517. :)
  518. So you are not buying for a bounce? I waited for you all week last week, until I couldn't anymore!
  519. I covered my SPY short as noted, and now QUNR and VIPS shorts. But not long yet. Still got a couple more shorts.
  520. l 17313

    so easy a caveman could do it:D
  521. its time to get real...get rid of the jokers. what you see now..is real thing
  522. Long YM stop just below todays INDU low
  523. WE going to make a lot of $
  524. Well then post a position, and make sure to post you stops.
  525. Building a position now
  526. l 17313

    so easy a caveman could do it:D
  527. apple is falling apart again!!!! Investors probably know that the new iphone refresh wont be a big deal, its all hype again, nothing much to go on with the new phone coming out next month, I mean how many times do you need to upgrade an $800 phone? Is it that necessary to upgrade your phone every 12 months, what changes can they possibly make to it that you have to run out and get the latest one, smartphones aren't changing much these days, all they do is add a bigger battery, a bit better camera and some more memory and for $800 this could all be yours.....dumb consumers.

    as for the watch, again that is nothing but hype, sales aren't all of the sudden going to pick up and skyrocket, its just another lame tech product that they are trying to hype and say how everyone needs one...

    This is what cramer said yesterday

    Cramer -- This Is Why You Hold Apple Stock

    ByBret KenwellFollow| 08/10/15 - 10:50 AM EDT
    Apple (AAPL - Get Report)shares have been on a rocky ride for weeks. After tumbling more than 15% from its highs, the stock up over 2% on Monday.

    As TheStreet's Jim Cramer, co-manager of the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, has said about Apple, you own it, you don't trade it. Apple is an AAP holding.

    During CNBC's "Mad Dash" segment Cramer noted Apple stock appears to have bottomed at the same time it was downgraded by analysts at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. Many critics have said iPhone sales will be hurt by the slowdown in China. But analysts at Bernstein expect iPhones sales to increase in 2016, and Cramer's own research has found China is still good for Apple.

    Apple AAPL data by YCharts

    Cramer said investors are being too quick to write off the Apple Watch. He disagreed with those who are portraying the device as a dud, saying they have not given the product enough time. After all, some thought the iPod, iPhone and iPad were duds at first, too. Now look at what they've become.

    If Apple can have a solid rally, look for chip suppliers Qorvo (QRVO), Skyworks Solutions (SWKS), Avago Technologies (AVGO) and NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)to go higher as well, he concluded.
  528. I expect the market to start climbing come September when Yellen announces how she "needs more data" to feel safe raising interest rates plus Yuan, inflation, yadda yadda. The Ponzi is in a weird place right now.
  529. Won't be long now, rally into the close is a certainty $$$$$$$$
  530. energy is turning around, ERX and DIG are almost green in this -200+ point dow drop, wow!!!
  531. Maybe they can drag out another fed chief and have him tell the media, inflation is to low, we must wait a bit longer to raise rates..

    No they did that yesterday, hum lets think...what can we do the juice the markets into the close.....hum....man I can't think of anything.
  532. Short SPY@208.29
  533. :D

    you drank the koolaid?
  534. Don't worry, they will juice it up before the close, then tonight oh my they will float it higher on a few lots.
  535. Remain calm and know it will not close on its lows.
  536. Up up up and away $$$$$$
  537. Yellen on the phone with the etrade baby now - tryin to arrange a 10,000 lot before close.
  538. Can't wait for tonight, most likely will recover 2/3 of todays losses overnight.
  539. exit17351
  540. Etrade, please, she speaks directly with Lloyd at Goldman.
  541. Of course, but the imagery isn't as funny. Have a heart RM!
  542. l 17350, morons
  543. At about twenty till the hour, should get a nice pop up, believe me they won't let the public see a 200 point Dow down day. They need to be able to say...had been down as much as 200, but recovered into the close. And closed down only 90.....you know a positive spin,
  544. Short YM stop just above 17415 INDU
  545. Sitting tight, gonna make the easy $$ tonight
  546. I don't think there is zero risk going into September-October 2015
  547. Scary sight.

  548. Watch how easy this is. They are all relay lifting it, with such ease. I suspect the Dow will rise 100 points tonight.

  549. from April 2015, according to katie stockton and her chart pattern analysis she thought the s&p was headed up 7% in the short term, wonder what happened the last 4 months she called that prediction.....


    The S&P 500 is less than 1 percent from its all-time high, and according to one top technician, more records are just around the corner.

    "We've already seen new, all-time highs registered by major indices in the U.S. and globally," said BTIG's chief technical analyst, Katie Stockton. "The S&P 500 has yet to do that, but I think it's a matter of time."

    Stockton pointed out that despite a negative outlook for earnings, the initial reaction has been quite positive. "We're seeing breakouts [on earnings] on an individual stock level," she said. "The Russell 2000 has hit a new all-time high, and I think the S&P 500 is going to break out from what has become a bit of a triangle formation on the chart."

    Technicians often look to wedge or triangle formations to find inflection points. The theory goes that as a stock begins to trade in a narrower range, eventually a breakout will occur, and it's usually higher. According to Stockton, the triangle pattern occurring in the S&P 500 is signaling that stocks will rally.

    "There's really nice upside here," said Stockton.

    Another major indicator that Stockton noted is market breadth, or the number of stocks that are participating in the rally.

    "The cumulative measure of advancers to decliners has reached a new all-time high ahead of the S&P 500." In other words, the rally is not limited to just a handful of large stocks, but rather a number of individual equities.

    "The uptrend still very much has positive momentum," she said. "With the support of that breadth, or market participation, I think the rally still has legs."

    So how high does she see it going?

    Stockton said that the S&P 500 is well on its way to 2,250 in the short-term—nearly 7 percent higher than current levels.
  550. Aaand 2080. What a surprise!
  551. big sellers in futures tonight as of the last couple of minutes

    2084 to 2065 in 10 minutes
  552. I guess the market wants a definite YES or NO from the FED, are you actually friggin raising rate or not.

  553. hahahahahahaha

    a definitie answer from the fed? hahaha

    you mean the lying bubblicious fed....they don't have a fucking clue whats going on, they are so upside down and out of touch with the reality of this market and economy that the only thing they have left for an answer is QE QE QE QE QE and more fucking QE, this market is in for a real wake up call, how many years of zero interest rates, its almost 10 years since they raised rates, with the economy so used to cheap worthless dollars the fed is never going to go past 1%, we will be lucky to see even a 1/4% increase this year or next, once the markets starts to fall apart all bets are off for a rate hike, the fed will continue to bow to wall street and keep rates at historical lows.....yes it would be nice to get an actual answer of the when they are going to raise rates but they will just keep the guessing game going, cnbc loves to play the guessing game with all their talking sheep, I mean everyday there is someone trying to predict when the next hike is coming, little do they know the fed doesn't even know when rates are going higher....
  554. Dow futures were up a solid 30-40 points now -87 and falling, uh ohhhhh

    october 2014 lows are coming, get ready.......

    the dow being the weakest once the s$p and nasdaq start to fall apart its all over....
  555. I posted my long last week, and then short this week. What is your trade?
  556. Sell off was Chinese yuan devalue part II, guys.
  557. Stopped out.
  558. Taking profits at open if it gaps down. If not, I will see.
  559. Cover 206.58
  560. Long JDST around $10
    LONG XIV AT $44.85

  561. I went long more energy adding DIG around $38 last week.
    Bought SOXL which I had a beautiful profit on Monday afternoon and wanted to hold into Tuesday but those profits have evaporated
    TNA I added more but in a separate trading account and was up on that trade after buying at $79.50 but those profits are gone. I own more shares around $89. They are small holdings though....my portfolios are weathering this downturn very well. I add longs just so that I can take advantage of the small buying rallies but the over all trend is down down down.....My TZA and SPXS are shining bright today...
  562. :)
  563. Again another situation that NO one saw coming. China devaluation of its Yuan is huge news. Not one person predicted this and that's where you have to realize what could possibly come next that could knock this market down 30-40% without any warning signs.
  564. I just went net long, SPY@206.49. BTFD!

    Lunch time off lows and look it is green again!
  565. D*MMIT caught in a downdraft for couple hundred dow futures points:mad:
  566. SPY hitting 200SMA. Double down and bot more at SPY@206.03.
  567. Stop at lows of the day.
  568. Actually this guy called it last year. Somebody else shared this yesterday. He was spot on.
  569. We had been down almost 300 Dow points, but now we are..WELL OFF THE LOWS....
  571. I am hungry for lunch. Where is the rally?
  572. Long YM, stop just below todays' INDU low
  573. It looks like this entire year every time it touches that lower bollinger band (20,2) it pretty quickly snaps back, so you all might be right on those short term longs at least.
  574. Long SPXL @ 87.70

    Will sell during next triple digit rally

    Positions I tookTODAY

  575. Sold, not clear.
  576. Just heard......WELL OFF THE LOWS......somethings never change.....Always trying to paint a rosy picture for the public.....Buy tops sell bottoms...that's how the media works for main street.
  577. Right here.
  578. Had been down close to 300 on the Sow, markets over the last 30 minutes have staged a comeback blah blah blah....
  579. Just as sure as I'm sitting here they are trying to come up with something to juice the markets back up. What fed official will they drag out next.
  581. Looks like its going to close green....they are jamming up with no retrace at all....up then sideway....up then sideways.
  582. Making it look much better than an hour ago....giving the masses hope.
  583. Looks like I missed the train lol
  584. And I sold 'prematurely' :/
  585. I'm thinking that was the low for the week, Long ES 2069, lets see what happens.
  587. Just think of the headlines tonight, markets staged a huge comeback, and tonight wow big rally.
  588. How's a 200 point lunch rally, ya like that.
  589. Sorry I missed all the posts because I am at the beach for the summer but seems like all is well. I am taking profits now to the close.
  590. Looks like a short term bottom to me, a hammer bottom.
  591. Liquidate all longs, SPY@207.81. Thanks everyone.
  592. Yep, all up from here.
  593. Yeah I might have left some on the table, but I had a great 2 weeks.
  594. Boy this will sure play well tonight, I can hear the hucksters now...BIG REVERSAL ON WALL STREET....BULLS RUSH IN TO SAVE THE DAY.
  595. We are setup for an easy trade tonight....stay long till Friday.
  596. Six months in this range. We where down to 2050 this morning. That has held all year. I truly believe some major distribution is occurring. But until 2040 breaks and has some serious follow thru to the down side I will keep buying near support.
  597. I remember the weekend
    Greek PM Alexis Tsipras calls referendum on bailout terms

    I remember Sunday the futures opened and we dropped down to 17350 on YM that was June 26th.

    So here we are today, rallying up to 17350 from 17100. Puts things in perspective.
  598. Man, it's not unusual to see rallies during correction phases.
  599. Still think that we're buying time till September...The Chinese didn't follow the script, so more mean reversion and vol. crushing until everyone is sufficiently positioned...
  600. and those rallies are much "cleaner" to trade...the last two days have been the exception to many years of price action (i.e. the Yuan devaluations)...the market can squeeze 30-50 spx points with minimal retracement...almost never get that sort of clean movement on downside moves...hence, why even bears will trade the long side more frequently.
  601. i want out, but want out higher:rolleyes:
  602. I'm going out on a limb here and will say without a doubt, the futures will rally overnight. In the morning America wakes up to green arrows.
  603. I'm not waiting for that possible occurrence, want out a tad higher and lot sooner a little cream in the coffee :)

    Wouldn't surprise to wake up to Tuesday's or even Friday's low
  604. You still have limbs? ;)
  605. LMAO..funny:D:D:D
  606. any small dip here i'll add...for something above 17380 to get out

    "You done good, but ya gotta keep doing good. Go to work."
    - G. Gekko
  607. BANG!
  608. buying 2082.25 here for a quik pop
  609. Don't worry, by the time the East coast is waking the futures will be up....LOOKS LIKE A HIGHER OPEN ON WALL STREET...
  610. Unless the Chinese devalue for the third night in a row...Gotta say..the whole buy it for the overnight pop trade works well until it craps the bed...
  611. out 2085.25
  612. Go buy a lottery ticket now! You got out just in the nick of time...:)
  613. By the looks of it, the "Working Group" weren't out for drinks the third time around...Lots of indiscriminate buy em ugly bids chopping this thing around...
  614. i said...

    buying 2082.25 here for a quik pop

    what part of that didn't you get?

    would you feel any better if i got out 2084.25? or 2083.25:)
  615. out 17348
  616. relax man...top ticking the market ahead of another devaluation is good luck.
  617. Wowoowowoowowwwww

    China does it again

    3 days in a row. Another move

    China weakens Yuan again

    If the markets don't fall 3% tomorrow the bulls will win again. They won big time today ...even after seeing the European markets down huge.....
  618. Looks like my gains in SPXL and XIV will all disappear by tomorrow morning. Knew that quick easy freeeee money profits were to good to be true.
    Dow futures off 34
  619. yep...just luck:)
  620. s 17371 sl 17420
  621. They were caught with their pants down last night...It's been years since I've seen that clean of downward action in the overnight market...Look at it now...immediate sell-off followed by the jam higher...now it's anyone's guess.
  622. sorry jimmie...can you take a joke? or are you just a cunt?
  623. Which they did and aside from the reaction dip it popped right back up!
  624. Oh look the stock index futures have risen overnight...shocker.
  625. Expect to see more number massaging in Greece. The bankers are on the hook, they will make sure Greece economic number's look BETTER THAN EXPECTED!

    Greek Economy Unexpectedly Surged Before Capital Controls
  626. haha, when I saw that I thought of you rubbing your hands with glee lol. someone has definitely been at work on the goldman fed momentum ignition algo. Interesting times at the moment with this Remnimbi intervention.

  627. s 2087 for a quik few
  628. Over the years, I've sort of become numb. Been thru two bull bear cycles over the past 15 years. You sort of know what to expect.
  629. out 79.75

    out YM BE

    edit: why didn't i hold that YM short?!:confused:
  630. I was j/k back at ya. Recall that scene in "Rounders"...

    "You got lucky catching that card on the turn.." (Teddy KGB)
    "Yep, just luck", says Mike

    That's what I was thinking of..no hard feelings here..I like a little repartee :D
  631. I am on such a roll that I decided to just go to the beach again today and not trade. Unless S2007S gives us a trade alert then I will go along.
  632. sorry man...I was out of line...it's all good.
  633. Don't give it another thought, I haven't
  634. oil cannot move up and that is a huge sign of things to come, once oil breaks $40 this market and world economies that depend on oil as their bread and butter are going to start to collapse.
  635. Just sold XIV around $47 and SPXL at $90, that means market should turn green in about 28 minutes....made profits on both but was hoping to see at least a triple digit open this morning to really sell at a higher profit, still made money though....the triple digit open will probably come tomorrow since I have sold off both XIV and SPXL this morning.

    as soon as I sold off SPXL it jumped .50 in less than 31 seconds...
  636. s 17311

    looking for about 40 pts give, or take
  637. Well off the lows....same thing everyday, look for the rally off the lows into the lunch hour east coast time.
  638. Ready to make some easy money....
  639. So dang easy making free money, so easy a cave man can do it.
  640. Less than 10 minutes..haha
  641. add s 17370
  642. Lighten my load, will add on dips will sell the rest up near 2085
  643. These 8-10 point rips in SP, 100 points in the Dow, occur in the time it takes to use the restroom.

    Running stops, such a crooked game.

  644. He's spot on....

    Funny how just a year ago everyone was talking about peak oil and how oil was going to average $75-$100 a barrel and even some skeptics put oil as high as $150-$200 in the years to come, fast forward and oil is almost worthless compared to where they thought it was heading. I think there will massive defaults in the credit markets once oil pushes lower, there are probably going to be hedge funds and companies shutting down as there will be great margin calls to deal with.
    Aside from that each day oil makes new lows the prices at the pump seem to be still higher than they were when oil fell to $43 earlier this year, paid $2.85 last week, that price should be more like $2.25, there is price gouging going on across the US as they aren't reducing prices at the pump as quick as they are falling....but the other way around, well we already know the answers for that...
  645. Make it look pretty for the lunch crowd, everyone will be watching so make it count.
  646. s$p support around 2063, next support 2040 a break below there and 1970 looks to be next support, Im still calling for OCT 2014 lows!!!
  647. As we continue to trade within this range, I’m fairly certain Wall Street is in distribution mode. By the time the next presidential administration is in office the markets will be much lower. Just think if Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders is the next president. That’s a very real possibility.

    I doubt we are going to break out to new highs with a presidential election looming. But anything can happen.
  648. i'm covering my shorts next dip, i think this is long(er)
  649. Short YM stop just above todays INDU high
  650. Eventually...but in the interim "rip your face off" squeezes will ensure that everyone is bloodied by the time we make it down there.
  651. Yeah I'm waiting for 2070.50-71.50 for another bounce.
  652. yeah..figured it would be that type of day following the 3rd devaluation...lots of buy em ugly spikes to counter the distribution.
  653. Same thing back in 06-07...it dropped something like 60% during the 07-08 crisis. Now look at grains, etc...more carnage there.
  654. i'm not waiting that long...my basis is about 40 (YM)..i want smthg a bit lower ..for my trouble:)
  655. Agree, the way its sitting here, it might not make it down there...
  656. yep.

    4 hrs till close. what are they trying to do here? sell this long, take out the shorts?
  657. Stopped out
  658. Checking this on the beach. Thanks for the update. I already sold my longs yesterday, and will probably join you short later today or tomorrow. It will probably frustrate everyone for another 24 hours.
  659. add 88 short..basis 56
  660. At the highs of the session cry's CNBC....Lunch crowd are feeling good as the markets are green across the board....When you know how the game is played it sure makes it easy....SO EASY A CAVE MAN CAN DO IT.
  661. you out here, or long still?
  662. BS

    i may not get out at profit, but i'll get out lower

    a fib here 17350 just above 23.6%

  663. I'm wondering why prices of food and services overall haven't even fallen one bit even though commodities are below 2008 financial crisis levels....
  664. After selling my XIV and SPXL this morning they zoomed up, just recently sold DIG at $40.30 since I know a break of $40 on oil is coming and bought more NUGT around low $4's
    My JDST is flying high today..
  665. yeah, it's always the same formula for the consumer...heads they win, tails you lose...

    Look at Starbucks as an example...Coffee prices plummet, they raise drink prices...if/when coffee prices spike higher, they will just raise prices more frequently...Obviously there is a reason that some of these companies are making record profits...it's also part of the reason that millions are getting killed by ZIRP.
  666. well, thank you henry blogget.:D

    BTW, you in a trade here?
  667. Translation - you are losing a fair bit of money in essentially flat markets. Your UWTI position is down a lot, you started buying at $2.90, refused to honour the strong downtrend and added around $2.20. It's now $1.07. None of your recent "winners" could possibly make up for this one bad trade.

    And I don't know that 'downturn" you are referring to, US indexes are flat all year.
  668. I play options spreads, but I put on a few back between 2082-2085. Was trying to leg into them on a pullback, but the ranges were too small...
  669. Depends on the "index". Dow under 200dma, Russell2000 under 200dma...Nasdaq outperforming and S&P stuck in the middle.
  670. let us know how your complex options spreads plays out

    don't outsmart yourself:)
  671. no i keep it simple...but I don't have the nerve (or patience) to sling around futures trades all day long like the rest of you guys...just use similar levels to put on legs of the spreads and then sit on them for a bit...just a better way for me to keep the blood pressure down.:)
  672. Short YM stop just above todays INDU high
  673. ES todaY.png

    Damn got punked on that last push to the highs today, terrible trade, shorted 2087 then stopped myself out when we approached the highs under the assumption that if we were approaching highs again, we were going to take them out.

    I thought we were going to set lower highs after the first later day dip so i ended up scratching my short, so pissed at myself right now. So mad at how bad i punked myself, but it cost me nothing, and as a trader im all about making my trade "free" as soon as possible.
  674. OK guys...I am short now. Thanks.

  675. Still holding that position.....
    I have that position and will add more to it once oil breaks below $40, I think its going to get worse before oil makes a bottom meaning at least another 20-30% drop, I think it will be at that point that OPEC cuts, that will send oil back up, so slowly I have been buying UWTI on the way down cost averaging, yes I know how these ETFs work with their erosion over time, but if you slowly average in you can erase that erosion off the trade somewhat....with oil down every day UWTI has continued to drop, I started buying UWTI when oil broke $50.
    Im going to cost average in more once oil breaks $40 and UWTI is under .90, Im sure by then there will be a reverse split, volume on that ETF has been INCREDIBLE, today alone over 125,000,000 shares traded....my cost average is around $2.30, once I add more shares I will bring my cost average down to under $1.50-$1.75, all it takes is a move of oil back to $50-$55 and UWTI will be trading back above $2.00.

    On March 18th UWTI traded at $1.79, thats when oil was in the mid 40's, oil skyrocketed to over $60 a share, of course everyone thought it was going higher, on May 6th, less than 2 months later it traded at a high of $4.28. A jump of 139% in less than 2 months, once oil starts to move it moves, and if the right recipe comes together you could easily see oil jump back to $60 on OPEC cuts and a surge in demand due to what ever excuses they have in the book.
  676. 8 banks agree to pay $2 Billion dollars, oh wow $2 billion bucks, thats it? Divided by 8....so lets see, that $2,000,000,000/8, $250,000,000 each, hmmmm, They should be fined $10 Billion each, how about that...its funny with all the fees they charge the consumer on bouncing checks, the high interest rates of 14% they charge you to use their credit cards.... the 0.10% interest rates you get on your savings at HSBC and CITI and $2+ at an ATM machine every time you take out your own money, they are already fucking the consumer and on top of that they now have to rig the currency markets to make a little extra in their piggy banks, corporate fucking greeeeeed.....

    Im sure with the rig job they did in the currency market sure fuck made them more than $250,000,000, again a little slap on the risk, and why the fuck they rig markets makes me question how reputable these banks actually are and why they think the have the power to do so, as I'm writing this Im sure these banks are involved in other schemes as well, its all a game thats all it is, its all about $$$ and fucking greed...

    8 banks agree to pay $2B to settle currency rigging suits: Reuters

    CNBC.com staff | @CNBC
    24 Mins AgoBreaking News
    COMMENTSBarclays, Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, and UBS.

    A previously filed and related settlement with JPMorgan will be refiled in a few weeks. Settling banks agreed to provide substantial cooperation.
  677. Good chance S&P top already in.

    Friday 8/14 looks like the market goes lower.
  678. As usual the index futures will rise overnight, you know the drill people.
  679. Long at 5 @2080.50, selling 2084.00, stop 2077
  680. I'm more curious about the weekly close tomorrow, looking for a bullish setup.
  681. Never would have guessed. :D
  682. Fridays position, looking for a breakout to the upside.
  683. Don't worry, it will rally into the lunch hour, it will be green no doubt about it.
  684. At the highs of the session crys CNBC....Lunch crowd sees another up day. Like clock work.
  685. crushing premium before OpEx week I suppose...38 pt range on Wednesday, 10 pt range today.
  686. Hey look guys, 2088! The real winners this week were the straddle sellers.
  687. Staying long over the weekend, let me think, who will cut rates this weekend? will Greece get it's 96 billion? trust me they will think of something.
  688. Just the usual low volume up day.
  689. Sandwiched.

  690. S&P been going sideways too long. Being a quiet August, this is the last chance to possibly get to high print. In September, the volatility will rise and the chances of downside resume.
  691. Time for some easy money, index futures will rise tonight, just like every night.
  692. l 2089.25 sl 2078.50
  693. BANG!
  694. stopped:(

    Rickshaw, you still in??
  695. s 2078.50
  696. Straight down then straight up no retrace
  697. That's it, thanks for playing, now sideways for 5.5 hours.
  698. Like magic it rebounds. This is a tough market to trade, running stops, then does a 180.
  699. Down market, what down market.
  700. add s 2191.75 basis 2085
  701. AT THE HIGHS OF THE SESSION CRYS CNBC...lunch goers smile.
  702. stretched so thin ready to SNAP back!

    somebody will come to their senses and take profit off table here
  703. OpEx week...crazy stuff happens!
  704. thx for reminding me. i'm taking HEAT today. :( still have a little left that i'm willing to part with if goes higher
  705. well I screwed myself...hedging overnight only to find the gap down...then re-upped the hedges around the open, but still took a loss on the overnight long...maybe es 2100 gives it a pause closing that gap from early last week.
  706. looking back, i was reeling from that loss hastily took that first short. ahhh, dumb. now, all damage control
  707. I hear ya...I figured we'd see these prices, but the gap threw a wrench into the plans.:(
  708. that sucks.

    i'll trade out of this. may not make a profit (but still shooting for that), but i won;t take a big hit either, i'm confident


    once in a while you screwed up, and must learn to maximize future "opportunity" to get out of a jam
  709. Yeah, I recovered a bit with the second buy after the gap open...I see us as in no man's land to some extent...50 ES points off last week's lows which equals a move from last week, yet NQ still has room to run higher...so I'm not initiating any other trades in this range (might regret it).
  710. This is getting harder. I'm tempted to take the rest of the month off.
  711. maybe you should. what's your trailing stop? i don't wwant to see this PB 20 pts you still claiming V Day
  712. This market is just plain bizarre these days.
  713. Just for reference, take a look at the summer-fall 2007...Not saying that we repeat 2008, but considering the plunge in oil, the pressure on corporate bonds, etc, etc...it's at least in the conversation...that year the market took out the highs in the sept-oct timeframe. similar "rolling chop" with short quick sell-offs that were constantly cut off and rallied back...Everytime I look at those hi-flier tech stocks and how they just sit up there perched, it just doesn't feel like "it's time" for the whole thing to fall to pieces.
  714. As usual the index futures will rise overnight
  715. Far cry from back in the day, eh?