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Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

  1. Me neither. I never trade v bottoms. I show we could actually hit 12219 on the YM before the end of the day. If this current uptrend retraces I will go long.
  2. Was that the test, dip buyers came in to save the day under 12k? Lets see if it holds up into the closing.
  3. Nope.
    Try the 1366 SPX level since that is the first fib support level.

  4. right now it is, im looking for 1350.
  5. they must have injected this market with a ton of cash. I know tonight every single talking head will say that was the bottom.
  6. not yet. We've all seen this before. Triple witching shenanigans. Another opportunity to fade.
  7. Free money. $$$

    Or something like that.

    Until it isn't again (after 2).
  8. classic bear market tactics...

    engineered to make the longs 'feel good'
  9. "The worst is behind us"

    "The bottom is in"

  10. you know how many times I thought a bottom was in last June. Like 8 times. :mad:
  11. Dow from +30 at Open, to -140, to +13, to -25.

  12. Im still sitting waiting patiently for the CPI and PPI. I think they will come in inline to up 0.1.
  13. 100% more down move to go -$$?
  14. From +600 to -900 in an hour or so.

    Unfreaking believable :mad:
  15. You can't trade this market with stops.

    That's abundantly clear.

    Go take a piss, come back, and you'll be stopped out.
  16. Do we rally hard into the close or sell off below 12k gain.

    I think the nasdaq is strong and should keep the markets in the green.

    As for a bottom, today was no bottom, these markets are certainly headed for a breakdown below 12k.
  17. new intraday highs as the market gets injected with more green.
  18. I got blown out of all my shorts by these fkn scumbags
  19. I'm just loving today's market.
  20. Out of control painful to watch this...lord, take me into a coma until next week after options expire!
  21. LOL
  22. staying on the sidelines till about 3:45pm, market will find a direction by then, dont want to go long only to see the dow sell off hard into the close.
  23. as I have been saying this morning and yesterday, the put call ratios are way way too high and when those puts are closed, the markets will shoot up very fast and furious aka bear or short squeeze. These can be brutal so better to watch out for them than be caught in the middle

  24. Market is crazy.
  25. Added a little bit on the dip today. Looking sweet so far! Now all we need is some good earnings and Bronco Bernie to spice things up...
  26. I'm feelin da Love...
  27. Hey, man, nothin personal...just bid-nis...
  28. They may cover their shorts, but then, there won't be any buyers with an ounce of conviction left as this market rides into next week.

    All rallies will be sold. Lower we shall go.

  30. Too bad.
    You just missed-out on a 22 point RALLY!
  31. went long a small bit of QLD at 78. See where it trades tomorrow, if we get an early morning rally im out.
  32. So who said making money shorting was easy????? :D
  34. I think you're right. Now, think I'll go skiing for the weekend and get away from this mess. :cool:
  35. The dow is still going under 12k, if the talking heads say that today there was an absolute bottom, they are lying right to your face. Again many will think that because we rallied off of such incredible lows that havent been seen in months, that the rally is still intact and that the dow will be back at new highs in only a few short weeks.:p :p :p
  36. The indexes may very well be at new highs in a few weeks. The bull market is not over as yet, this is just a correction until otherwise indicated.
  37. Who said anythiing about next week?
  38. was this the double bottom today???

    I bet all the fools will annouce this as the double bottom and make it a bullish case. Again no correction ends in 2 weeks. We are going lower. A close below 12k should not suprise anyone.

  39. Come on, this sounds like what every bull on cnbc was saying.

    Its time for the bear to come back, he has been gone too long.
  40. I'm not making a prediction, I am just going by the facts. The primary trend is up which means we are still in a bull market. When that trend changes for the worse we will be in a bear market.
  41. This thing is unpredictable, i was afraid to fart, much less leave for the bathroom. :D
  42. Fools???

    With all due respect, the market did in fact "retest" the previous lows of the end of February and "bounced" very strongly, now trading back up to SPX 1395.

    The "no correction ends in 2 weeks" proclamation is certainly one that can prevent you from making any serious money, trading. Last time I checked, the SPX has rallied 30 handles up from the most recent low. If you were frozen like a "Deer Caught in Headlights" during this "bounce" because you completely ignored ( or did not understand ) the impact of the upcoming "Triple Witch" I would say that you have no real business being a trader.

    This is a trading market, plain and simple.

    It continually amazes me that people on these boards fail to realize this, and consistently come out with all sorts of bold claims and predictions, more often than not based on VERY LIMITED MARKET EXPERIENCE or HISTORY, which then "freezes" them from being flexible enough to accurately perceive what is going on, and TRADE off of it.

    Duration and Magnitude of moves in the stockmarket have become ever so "compressed" with the likes of basket-trading and electronic markets. To think that "collars" getting triggered on the downside and hedges being unwound ahead of "Triple Witch" had nothing to do with the move in the market this week, is to be just plain naive. It also doesn't even begin to address what this has to do with a cookie-cutter stereotypical opinion about how "no correction lasts 2 weeks."

    You can keep telling yourself that "no correction ends in 2 weeks" but in doing so you certainly run the risk of missing out on HUGE moves and MAKING $$$!
  43. Great post Landis

  44. are you serious, Last week I would say about 75% thought that Feb 27th drop was the bottom and that the correction was over. Then just 2 days ago the market drops over 240 points. Yesterday it drops below 12,000 and did rally back however did you see how pathetic the volume was.

    You probably think the market only runs in one direction, "UP".
  45. You can knock on a deaf man's door all day Landis:cool:
  46. boring day today (expection of LEND)

    there is some number due tommorow but I forgot what it is

  47. C P I for the 100th time.

    Seems PPI didnt matter.....
  48. First off, I would highly disagree with your assertion that 75% of the traders out there thought that Feb. 27th was the BOTTOM of this market.

    After the market "break" of Feb. 27th and four more days of downside trading, the market went thru a very typical "counter-trend" bounce after enough fear and enough of an oversold situation occurred to give rise to a "bounce". These counter-trend rallies usually last anywhere from 3-5 days, and sometimes as many as 8 before they "break" again to the downside. This is nothing new. Go back over your market history and you will see that this is quite typical.

    As far as volume is concerned, the last time I checked . . . my clearing firm and broker paid me based on PRICE and not Volume. Trading volume is a fool's game.
    Price is the only thing that matters.

    Forget about what you believe to be what MOST people say or think. It's all about YOU pulling the trigger and testing the market to see if you are RIGHT or WRONG about your opinion and whether or not you are seeing things clearly, instead of RATIONALIZING why you are not reacting or capitalizing off of the market's volatility.

    Find a few technical indicators that you are confident with, and stick to them. Keep it simple. You sound as though you are looking at too many things, and as a result, you find yourself afraid to pull the trigger because you are spending far too much time RATIONALIZING price movement or basing your decision making process off of FALSE assumptions.
  49. Agreed.
    I just thought that I would try and educate a young trader in a positive manner. Enough said.

  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Quote from saxon22:

    This thing is unpredictable, i was afraid to fart, much less leave for the bathroom.

    Just split the difference and Shart!
  51. This bull is just ripping the heart out of all the bears :eek:
  52. Landis is giving out sage advice if you are willing to drop your biases and opinions, reread what he wrote, and open your mind to the information he is imparting to you.:cool:
  53. s2007, i know your smarter than this and just having a discipline shortage,big rule ,I HAVE NO OPINION,just react to the bouncing ball, an opinion can be like cement shoes and you can,t play ball in cement shoes, lose the opinion and not your acct.you can have a bias but always remember you have a 50/50 chance of being right ,the market is right 100% of the time,good luck
  54. I would tend to agree with this.
    But a solid understanding of how markets unfold during their advancing stages and their declining stages can give your trading "landscape" a bit of a "road-map".

    The key is to understand just where you are in the forest, and what kinds of trees you are looking at. Are you looking at Redwoods, Douglas Firs, or Pines? Are you focused on the grove, the tree, or the branches, or even a shorter-time frame such as the bark? A reliable set of indicators that you have confidence inare key to being able to IDENTIFY where you are in the trend.

    This most recent plunge in the market looks to be a pretty typical A-B-C correction. The A leg down looks to have been completed at 1363.88 yesterday, which was right around the first fibonacci retracement of the entire rally up from last year's summer lows. It would not be unusual for the market to now grind higher in a back and forth fashion for the B leg "recovery" rally over the next couple of weeks before a final C leg down takes the SPX to new lows and most likely the 1320/1307 levels which are simply the next fibonacci targets in this sequence.

    One should be able to define the ultimate C leg low after being able to identify the "recovery" rally B leg high that will be coming up. It will most likely be some sort of a ratio of the initial A leg down, which was roughly 97.5 SPX points.

    This is what technicians call a "measured-move".

    Good Luck to All.
  55. i was looking for it 2 blo thru 1360 fib area to 1350 200 day ma and missed that rally,perfect example of opinion and cement shoes
  56. It happens to the best of us.
    Don't beat yourself up too much about it.

    Sometimes when we actually see our "opinion" unfolding as predicted, it's difficult to accept what our EYES are actually observing.

    Trust your EYES.
  57. [
    The key is to understand just where you are in the forest, and what kinds of trees you are looking at. Are you looking at Redwoods, Douglas Firs, or Pines? Are you focused on the grove, the tree, or the branches, or even a shorter-time frame such as the bark? A reliable set of indicators that you have confidence inare key to being able to IDENTIFY where you are in the trend.

    What do you look for if you live in the desert? :D :D :D
    Btw. were you a park ranger in your former life? :D :D :D

    Patience prevails, easy $$$ THANK YOU BEN!!!!
  59. i knew this thread would be revived, lol rah rah market 100% up room booooya:)
  60. 260 POINT RALLY 3 days in a row??

    does anyone know why???
  61. Thanks Ben!!!



  62. this thread will continue until the market goes into bear mode.

  63. there it is, he can do know wrong.

    Goldilocks is staying for good. Kulow was right. :p :p :p :p :p :p


  65. Does it really matter?
    Why do you continue to question WHY?

    We are now over 60 SPX handles off the lows and you continue to ASK WHY??? Does this help you make money trading?

    Still like a "Deer Caught in Headlights".

  66. [​IMG]

  67. Great call bros! Easy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  68. I salute Eqt_trdr

    Free money, no risk, 100% upside room to go.

  69. keep laughn motherfukers while you still can
  70. I'll laugh no matter what...it can spike I'm good...it can tank I'm good...:D
  71. This is a bullish follow through day from last week's big volume up day. Very convincing volume. There is a good chance (there is no guarantee) today's action leads to a new leg higher (just like August 15, 2006 did). This gives the market the benefit of doubt, until the bears can show us some volume to the downside again which is to be seen.

    Covering my puts and am now net long again. Market is likely to stay volatile so things can change on a daily basis. Next 2% down day on high volume I am back in puts.
  72. Feeling the pain of the squeeze????? :D

  73. Old Rev Shark - Wrong again!

    Pretty funny. Before the meeting he said something like "Market will break sharply lower...Get ready to short..."

    Ouch. He musta got smoked.

    I like Sharky, but he is selling a tout service, and he's been wrong wrong wrong.

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  74. How 'bout a jingle, Wayne? That "don't be lamer,"... :D
  75. Don't get stuck by a Thorn.

    Or let the Shark bite.

    Buy dem Dips.

    And sleep well at Night!

    yeah...pretty bad, I know...

    But I'm runnin' outta rhymes, dis Market is plum CRAZY!!!! :D

  76. Tenbaggers, tenbaggers, all around;

    pick 'em up, pick 'em down!

    If your stocks took a Cramer, don't be a lamer!

    Buy them Dips, and Watch 'em Rip!

    If your puts took a hit, you gotta own that shit!

    It's never too late, he who hesitates, masturbates!

    1000% upside room to go, no risk money!!! $$$

  77. Ride em bareback, baby!

    Who needs protection??
  78. cornholing again ! :D
  79. Ben Bernanke bagged a beauty!

  80. <i>"This is a bullish follow through day from last week's big volume up day. Very convincing volume."</i>

    I happily rode the upside in today's sweet squeeze, as any trader would. But... volume is not convincing. I see 1.4mil ES contracts as opposed to down days of 2.8mil and 3+mil contracts turned.

    Also, SPX volume is lower as well.

    We'll know by Friday's close if the uptrend has resumed for real. Those of us who rode the 2002 bear market with gusto saw numerous +40pt S&P sessions, many short squeeze events were totally erased in a session or two followed.

    Gotta love the volatility! Death to VIX readings below ten ever again :cool:
  81. Volume on my screen is as good as last WED. This is a bullish follow through in O'Neill's fashion. Doesn't mean it can't lead to failure, but if you follow the discipline then this is it.
  82. that grizzly happened to be my little cousin ! :D

  83. this mean bgp trader try make control ethonol market play.Yes??
  84. I posted this on a pe forum a few minutes ago. Is the top in? We may spurt higher from here. 1464ish sounds like a good number to me to lay 'em out again. Cycles fellas remember cycles. "Blackstone going public".
  85. I am still waiting for my short entry.
  86. GAP UP BABY!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$
  87. Where's that French soldier, Eqt-trds?

    Come out, come out, wherever you are!

    It's safe ...for now!
  88. KBH trading higher today, this could have gave some push behind the futures ahead of the bell. Today looks like the markets may trade all over the place especially after a 320+ point gain in 3 days.
  89. Eqt_Trdr couldnt make it today so i'm filling in:

    Congrats to all dipsters!! Free money marathon continues$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  90. Have you seen what KBH is calling "good news" these days?

    Un-freaking-believable! :D

    I'm so bearish, baby! :p

  91. cnbc sold it as bullish...

    :p :eek: :p :eek: :p :eek:

  92. did you get stopped out of your long positions???
  93. lmao.

    I came to my senses in the nick of time.

    It pays to be indecisive for once!!!

    (I still have long positions in VLO and UL only).

  94. oh, market is all over the place, now looking to go green on the DOW.

    could get very volatile.

  95. [​IMG]
  96. Higher oil is good for the stock market, it means demand is strong, its all good. ZERO RISK IS BACK!.

  97. always buy the dips its safer than a cd. bad econ #'s for weeks market stays up a few ok #'s come in today bamm vertical
  98. Buy your one way ticket up up up and away. Weeeeeee inflation is good it means demand is strong, its all good baby gooooo market.

  99. Who needs stops in this market it always come back, always.
  100. Dow will be up triple digits today buy now 12474 no fear at all.
  101. We will break new highs on all indices except the naz by May. Retail investors are being seduced as fund managers fear not being fully invested to game the last gains possible.

    After that, all bets are off. Disappointing corporate earnings will submerge the markets by July.

    If I'm wrong, I will go join the cult of Jim Rogers in China, or Borneo, or wherever tf he is.
  102. Didnt you start a thread on that very theme a short time back?.....how did it turn out btw?
  103. Hmmmmm....
  104. When the dollar is deflating, inflation is spiking, and geopolitical turmoil is roiling, own assets that will appreciate.

    Look at commodities. They've had a streak, but the party won't be over until the globe reverses economic growth.

    Who knows when that will be? (When it is over, there will be a loud crash)

    Until then, own inflationary 'stuff.'
  105. Priceless!!!!!

  106. Anything is possible, thats my philosophy.
  107. You are trully a 'Great One'...may I follow you , Forrest?
  108. Even Forrest has a better trading strategy. :D
  109. ISM should cause another short covering frenzy. Enjoy the low risk $$$ :p
  110. GS getting weaker.......interesting.
  111. market should see saw back into the green. Market cannot find a direction.
  112. Futures up again. I love those overnight long $$$ in the indexes.

    We're back to money printing mode!!! :p
  113. Weeee just look at the market goooooooooo, no stops needed it always comes back, ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just buy any dip and hold for a GARANTEED gain.

    Heck you can buy just about any were. Here watch buy YM here @ 12495 for a GARANTEED gain.

    Yes some will say I said the same thing last week, and they are right. I said buy @ 12474, see its 25 points higher now, if you just held on.

    When trading Indexes no need to get stopped out we know they will not go to zero, stocks can but not the Dow weeeeeeee.

    Stops are for stocks!
  114. The only thing you need to worry about when trading index futures is contract expiration. Now if you trade SPY,DIA just sit tight it always comes back guaranteed, just look at the evidence say the last 100 years hehehehehe.

    Buy dips and always win. dont let em scare you out of your position, all the book about trading all say the same thing, PLACE STOPS, ALWAYS PLACE STOPS. I say horseradish, when trading the indexes, for they dont stay down for long.
  115. Sure, haven't you seen Jurassic park.
  116. I ain't buying this 7 points gap. Sure, the USD is up big time against the Yen overnight, but it's virtually unchanged against the Euro, so I think the ES gap will at least partially be closed shortly after the open. So, I am short from 1440.75, and will add more if it moves higher.
  117. So, buy on a pullback which features renewed strength
  118. Smart move...there's no reason other than overseas markets being up for the futures to be pointing green. The "not attacking Iran" reason is a pretty bad reason for the markets to go green since there have been plenty of other reasons to be red.

  119. strong market today,
  120. Looks like a giant opportunity to fade. Ran up so fast for no reason...what's going to push it harder? We'll see I guess.

  121. You dont have to buy the gap up just wait for a retracement, it me be from higher levels though.

    Shorting indexes is a short term strategy, buy dips is much safer, because the indexes dont stay down for long.
  122. I have buy limit orders @ 12480, 12470. Thinking their may be a retracement, after pending home sales data.
  123. So you just buy dips everyday and never sell? Do you and stock_trad3r have the same guru?
  124. Here's an old trading trick: Just stay long overnight and enjoy the gap ups! :p

  125. I scale in and scale out, works like a charm. The problem most folks having trying to trade the index futures is they get whipped around and stopped out, just to watch in fury as it heads right back up. Then they hate themselves and cant re-enter.

    This is what happens trust me I know from experience. Now is a good time to juice the market, the current crude oil futures contract is unwinding due to expatriation next week, this is relieving pressure on the equity markets.

    The thing is the forward crude month is @ 66.60, right were the current contract was trading before this correction today.

    After years of following the markets you learn these things.
  126. Trust me the financial news media will attribute this rally to falling crude prices, but we know the forward month is trading at 1 $1.70 premium, and in less than 10 days it will all the sudden after the contract rolls be right back near $67.00
  127. Weeeee everything is turning up roses, weeeeeee.
  128. [​IMG]
  129. Thanks for your explanation.

    Good luck and cheers. Here's to making money, what we are all here for! :D
  130. Yeah right....look at housing stocks the last few weeks...I'm doing very well...even bought a few robotic baby bears to come eat your bullishitness. :D

  131. Sad, truly sad. I use to think just like that. Man their is no way I am buying it ran up for no reason, shoot forget that.

    Can you imagine how he feels right now, spitting at his screen, face turning red pounding his keyboard. Hey I was that was once to.
  132. Were not talking about stocks were are talking about the indexes, big difference.

    You see the indexes dont stay down for long, individual stocks or certain sectors, well thats a different story.
  133. I can't get into the indexes. Leveraging into a crashing industry like housing with Puts is a beautiful thing. I don't really get angry and I certainly don't spit on my 30" monitor..maybe the smaller one. :D
  134. I looked at a 30" but did not want to pay for the graphics card, gee whiz $$$$$$$$$ so I bought a 24"
  135. Time to tip toe out at bit, I will take this treat, that you very much!
  136. If you have went with leverage on Puts you could have....just kidding. :D

    The graphics card was only $200...not terrible.
  137. Yea, go paint your trailer...
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  140. Guess what little wee wee man, Its up 100 points from my call last week. Learn from your daddy.
  141. i would say day traders got killed today as they tried to short this slow grind. bears lost for now as the gaps been filled. maybe another bear raid in may or june
  142. I remember that happening to you actually

  143. Never ever again. Only up
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  153. Yes you should have bought you would have a 48 point gain now in ES.
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  178. What can one say,the market is very manipulated.:(

  179. ya think?
  180. Were have you been?
  181. Market seems quite excited but volume is not strong at all. Three up days with declining volume is about all I can take. I may miss out on another 50 points in YM but thats cool with me. I exited at 12740. Might be a mistake but risk reward here is not in my favor.

    I will wait for a correction to re-enter.
  182. triple digit gain

    11 out of 12 days are up....the streak continues
  183. history in the making right now!!!
  184. I just got long.
  185. I took 70% of my NQ off for +32. Easy money has been made.
  186. Same. Will buy back lower.
  187. There will be no lower. Ever. Morons.
  188. listen to yourself. are you sure?

  189. took a well deserved vacation baby $$$

    I will be spending more of the shorts money again next month in May when I hit NYC for a couple weeks!!


    Thanks Bernie and the shorts for paying for my trip to Hawaii
  190. Yes. The PPT will save me.
  191. that looks to be the case, yeah. not being sarcastic either.

    it will be amazing to me if they break the dollar below 80. i thought for sure the subprime thing was going to elicit some monetary prudence, but instead they just changed the accounting rules to let the banks hide the loss ... digging deeper and deeper

    by the time it materializes, it will be another president, another treasury secretary, another person's problem

    i guess that's nature
  192. A lot of capital thought Fall 1998 was the end of the world and we're headed down 80% due to LTCM + Asian + Russia. What did we get? Fed juicing and a huge short covering rally. I think the Nasdaq more than doubled from Oct 1998 lows to 2000.

    Same thing now? Bearish analysis all over the place and "expert" analysis on how the economy will collapse any day. Might happen tomorrow... or ... might take another 2 years like it did from Fall 1998 to Spring 2000!!!!

    Game plan will change after we get a big sell off on big volume and then another follow-through sell off within 4-10 days. Until then... Free $$$ on the long side, enjoy!!! :p
  193. i've just been out of step. been shorting mostly into a drawdown since may of last year. i made a windfall in gold last year and i guess it got to my head. every time i positioned aggressive short in er2, that's when the jamming would kick into high gear. jokingly i'd tell a friend that as soon i started buying, getting on the eq inflation tit, it will come down. eventually in mid february i threw in the towel, started holding a 1 lot long off a very reliable long system i'd just been watching for 2 years, instead of the normal 10 lot shorts

    and WHAM 2 weeks into it, we get the monster down day while i'm long for the first time in a long ass time. it jerked me back into very heavy shorting and we rise again

    i guess it was just either terrible trading on my part (thats for sure), or a market very desperate for a buyer to sell into. not sure really how to read the experience
  194. he is bearish :D

  195. you will be the first I tell before I even post it here!!

    You da man $$
  196. Thats good, its amazing what a few weeks away from the market can do.

    Yes our fearless fed is pouring gasoline all over them their bears.

    I am concerned about the low volume on the up days in comparison to the down days, its sure got me scratching my head, and is making me quicken my exits.
  197. bears survive. they'll be back. the message is loud and clear though
  198. I have pulled in my horns, just sitting on the sidelines for now. Not a bear yet though.
  199. totally.. i hear plenty of substantial hf's have done the same
  200. Any brave bull adding or taking a new long position at the close. I am sure the smart ones have lightened up considerably.
  201. Here we go another up day on even lighter volume, the higher it goes the lighter it gets.

    I am amazed how confident the market is going into the CPI tomorrow.
  202. Perhaps it is because the CPI is "old" news?
  203. No, it's because whatever it is its bullish. Duh.
  204. whatever the cpi is, is good news. thats correct. nothing can stop a bull, I will remember that during the next bear market, whenever that is.

    Dow going 11 for 12. That is really impressive.
  205. russel at NEW HIGH, I will be shorting this around 845-860 area.
  206. rofl!!!!
  207. whats so funny :)
  208. Out last 30% NQ +35. Buying EEM puts today.

  209. LOL @ "bears survive"

  210. Dude bears win some time. But if you look back over the last 100 years the trend well you get the picture. Just trade what you see buy the dips, make money put your feelings in the trash can and just trade what you see.

    I am out and and waiting for a dip taping my toes trying to be disciplined here as the market is running up with out me.

    I have discipline and will wait till the moment is right.

  211. Bulls, bears, whatever -- Like you said, just trade your set-ups. It's all good.

  212. fair enuf. it is a silly thing to say
  213. Downside follow thru! whats that?

  214. dont know bro...

    I do know that dipsters always win and winners always dip
  215. dow back in the green, going for record highs.

    if its up today it will make 13 out of 14 and 21 out of 25.

    Again, this market is just amazing.
  216. Sell in May and go away. Just like last year.

    Come back in late May, or June, when prices readjust.

    It's fugly.
  217. Everyone is looking at fresh highs again on all markets, in late February the markets could do no wrong, feb 27th comes around and there is a huge wake up call, fast forward 6 weeks later and that correction is totally forgotten. Buying up here is difficult, but with margin debt at record highs it looks like everyone is buying in at the top due to the fact that there is more risk being out of the market than being in it.
  218. The margin debt issue is a real issue.

    People are buying at nosebleed levels here - they are afraid to miss out on gains, however unlikely they may be, because our federal reserve isn't protecting the U.S. Dollar (it's attacking it, in fact), and so people are freaking out about inflation.

    This is why inflation is bad for equity markets. It causes people to act irrationally, and hastily, rather than patiently and wisely.

    The federal reserve should be disbanded.
  219. all aboard the 100% up room to go rally train$$$$

    unless of course......"this time is different"
  220. ByLo:

    You forgot to take your medication again didn't you? What happened to the happy go lucky bull?

    Sometimes I think I don't even really know you.

    LOL! You're alright, bro! Just playin' with you. Keep on trading!

  221. Dude, I went into the closet to change my mind this morning.

    But seriously....***cough****

    ....I think the U.S. is slowing way too much here for the market averages to do well short term.

    We have had a massive run, and I do think that mortgage/housing/consumer/inflation issues are a massive headwind.

    But wtf do I know...maybe I'll watch something about the tribes in the Amazon Rain Forest in HD on the Discovery Channel tomorrow and get bullish (those people need broadband, damnit!!!)

    Im am amazed by this market.

    It has come down to it that there is just no RISK in this market.
  223. 13 out of 14 days if the market closes higher tonight

    21 out of 25 up days.
  224. Sweet $$$. Hope everybody is joining this market for the risk free ride!!!!
  225. $$$$$$$$$
  226. This is makloda... he likes to use the expression.. Sweet $$$

    Harden the fuck up makloda!


  227. This is ALLACES :

    Harden the f&*k up ALLACES

    <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Sqv8UJc72SU"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Sqv8UJc72SU" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

    :D :D :D
  228. I always knew soccer was a gay sport
  229. How is the Vix sitting at 12.

    Should be in the single digits now!!!

    Index Value: 12.08
    Trade Time: 2:35PM ET
    Change: Down 0.06 (0.49%)
    Prev Close: 12.14
    Open: 11.70
    Day's Range: 11.50 - 12.57
    52wk Range: 9.39 - 23.81
  230. new highs kicking in.
  231. someone wake me when there is risk going long indexes....

  232. You idiots cheer it on as if you've never seen a bull market before... you sound like rubes that will be flushed the minute market conditions change :p

  233. Do you really think this is your regular bull market, ask anyone who has seen bull markets before, this is not the same type of bull market that many have seen in the past.
  234. seriously. it's the sound of terminal newbs acting like they've never been right in their lives
  235. seekingalpha.com

    In the long run, I believe that analysis does make a difference. But, in the short run, meaning you wake up in the morning and guess up or down without knowing anything about the market or what is going to move it, you actually have a 52% chance of it going up. That's right. After 14,360 days since 1950, the chance of today being an up day is 52%. The chance of it being an unchanged day is 1.5%. And 46.5% days are down. That's remarkable.

  236. correct.

    even in the super bull of 1999 we routinely had huge gap downs, huge down days all the time...

    not any more

  237. exactly, again I will question

    How come in an oversold do we get huge 1 or 2 day bounces to the upside, but when a market is overbought there is no such thing as overbought drops.

    As i write this the dow makes fresh intraday highs and nasdaq only .25 from green.
  238. I must say I like this kinda bull market a lot better!!!!!!!! Every day +0.1%, +0.4%, +0.15%

    It's perfect. Better than a CD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just long overnight YM and let it roll!

  239. exactly right.

    Does this market offer any serious risk???

    Is this market fully priced????

    Come on.

    I think today will be the 32 or 33rd record high since OCT 2006.
  240. Yep... thats what the rubes say...


    I'm sure the Dutch were saying the same thing in the 17th century about tulips :p
  241. Just went short JPY futures and long more YM. Collecting more carry from the JPY and easy extra cash on the YM daily step-by-step increases. It's like printing money.. and the best thing:

  242. And this idiot thinks thats a good thing :p
  243. <img src="http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1419954">
  244. God I love this trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  245. Is there risk yet??:D :D
  246. Bro I think we're in a new economy with a lot of growth and stability and cruising up for another 3-4 years... 100-120% up room to go easily in the indexes.
  247. Nope no risk, market will bail you out every single time have no fear, just grit your teeth and hang on.

    I know that sounds completely opposite of what they teach you in the books, but if were that easy as what they say in the books why do so many fail.

    Seems like the ones who do just the opposite of what the trading books say make the most, well wada you no about that.
  248. so why is it no matter how many time we all teach the permabears that there is ZERO risk.. they say that there IS risk and pop their heads out when market pullsback .0005% and quickly get their heads chopped right back off buy the ZERO RISK FREE MONEY dipsters?

    I dont get it?:confused:
  249. I am talking about cost averaging loosers, no stops. Just make sure you are trading in the direction of the trend.

    For instance lets buy one dow mini contract right here, yes even after this run 12847 in now watch.
  250. Its lunch time make it look pretty!
  251. I will ride this up for a free 50 points easy. If it drops just add to it, like taking candy from Ben bernanke's, thanks uncle Ben, Gentle Ben.
  253. Just add double size at lower cost. 50 Points down, add double again! Down 50 Points add double size again! Finally the bears will get squeezed and you're gonna be up 200 points on a total of 100 contracts it's a thing of beauty
  254. Some of the best gains come from overbought conditions like right now, traders are looking to establish shorts on the fist sign of weakness, wittiness this morning, easy pickings.


    Total position 2 average cost 12842, NO FEAR!!!!!!!!
  255. 100 CONTRACTS WOW! my little account would suffer. I can go no more than 40 and thats pushing it in YM.

    Ready to add more if I get the chance.
  256. ummmmmmmmm

    where all the permabears go again?
  257. Quote from Wayne Gibbous:

    Close your lips and buy those dips.
    Then bank those pips!!!

    Long 'em if they sink.
    You'll be rich in a wink!.

    Buy them if they Cramer.
    Don't be such a lamer!

    Grab that slam.
    Don't give a damn!

    Accrue on the Thud.
    You can't be a dud!

    Stocks catch a thwackin'?
    It's gold you'll be rackin'!"
  259. How easy is that hahaha took one off @ 12860 20 points in 6 minutes wheee.

  261. Another new high in the Dow today??????
  262. In other words...

    I'm a permabear
    And I've lost all my hair

    Trying to go short
    And that bull keeps goin' snort

    Thought we had a new Asian contagion
    But maybe it was my 'magination

    I'm afraid to buy a retracement
    So I'll have to keep my day job and tell the boss to quit lookin'
    for a replacement

    But one day you'll see
    I'll be rich when the Dow hits 9993!

    (From the forthcoming investment classic, "The Permabears were Right." The publisher, Hindsight Analytics, plans to keep the manuscript unpublished until (or unless) it one day comes true)

    And now a moment of silence...

  263. going for what?

    22 out of last 26 days up?
  264. I think they must be feeling like their world is falling apart



    That is the funniest thing I have ever ever seen...

    oh man.. your pics kill me :):D :D :D
  266. CONGRATS once again to all those who play the ZERO risk just buy for FREE MONEY system!!

    Ka Friggin Chingo$$$
  267. LOL! nice pic
  268. Oh please.

    a 4.79 move on the Dow!!!


    Naz and S&P are red.

    You guys are absolutely delusional.

  269. What?

    You dont believe that these morons buy every low of the day and sell every high of the day?

    Those naked SPY short put positions that many put on will expire worthless today thanks to the moron panicky bears that bought them in March!!!!! I LOVE SELLING PUTS TO CRAZED BEARS!!! FREE $$$
  271. Congratulations to all those morons that need to scream hysterically as if this is the only time in their lives they have ever made money

    Grow up
  272. Congrats again to all overnight long index future holders. Enjoy the $$$ and there's more to come!!!
  273. And this is coming from someone who has been screaming

    "The word is coming to an end!"
    "Don't buy these dips!"

    since early March? Hmmm.

  274. its so funny how permabears get all mad when the ZERO RISK FREE MONEY futures sytem always wins$$$$
  275. Hey, I booked my profits. 5 figures this morning. True dat.

    At the end of the day, it's all about the money; on a personal level, and a macroeconomic one.

    Enjoy the diminishing return/higher risk profile from here, permabulls. ;)

    Realism in.
  276. You assume they are losing money but in reality as you keep saying it's impossible to lose money in this market.. the only difference is nobody else is screaming hysterically about it like an amateur that has never made money before
  277. They've never heard of straddles, strangles or, for that matter, spreads.

    Wankers. They only know the long side.

    That's why eqt_trdr disappears for 2 months at a time.
  278. is there risk yet?


    didnt think so
  279. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    time to hit the airport!!



  280. Dont leave yet. The short opportunity of a lifetime is approaching.

    Ya hitting the airport huh? What time does your shift unloading bags from planes start?

  281. it cant go down, i just opened a long position at DOW 12975.
  282. lol!
  283. I hope everybody here has a great time picking up the free money on the long side from the market. They're giving it away in big bundles on days like today I love it.

    I keep shorting ES and ER2 future put options into the strength there's actually morons out there buying them for me can you believe it!!! More free money for me thank you!!! :D
  284. ROFLMAO........Sweet.
  285. Am waiting for it to hit 13000-13050 or so....then fail and head south....

    that should give you a decent profit on the way up.

  286. These guys who cheerlead are obviously not traders....not sure what they are.....

  287. Where do you trade em? FLOE ?
  288. Globex baby. Not sure what retards are buying puts these days but I keep selling to them and collect their premium for some risk free $$$. THANK YOU MORONS!!!!!!!!!!! :p
  289. You don't do anything, you scream and carry on but the last thing you ever do is trade princess
  290. Allaces
    Registered: Apr 2007

    You should keep quiet when the big boys are talking, kiddo!!!!!!!!!!

  291. I heard you were one of the biggest traders on The FLOE.
  292. You shouldn't believe everything the kids in your office tell you.

  293. I guess you dont know what The FLOE is? And you call yourself an options trader.
  294. Hmmm to be honest bro, no??? I just enter a strike price ATM and hit sell and some idiots actually buy them off of me. I always end up in the green last couple months selling a few dozen ES future options 2-3 months out.

    Should I take some course or education? So far it's been sweet $$$ and these idiots keep buying the options from me!! It's great! You should give it a shot sometime!!!! Def. better risk/return than shorting ES bro!!!!
  295. Damn...about time...you finally took the bait.

    Fantasy Land Options Exchange.
  296. You should just keep quiet

    The only ones that carry on like you are the perennial losers when they finally get one right

  297. hey..whatever works for ya. Be careful selling puts...some very big players have gotten slaughtered in that game.

    Crazy as it may sound...have done ok on the short side in the SP. Caught a decent trade 2 weeks ago where it kept working and I loaded into it. The trade last week was no good...but luckily was a lot smaller size. I dont play one side of the mkt..where I see opportunity I go in. Long..short...who cares.

    Waiting to see when we cross 13k in Dow...If my trade doesnt work I will lose a small chunk of money...if it works I plan on making my year. ..I trade a bunch of mkts so I have the luxury of waiting it out if necessary.

  298. Please dont call me Bro.....if I was related to you I would hang myself.
  299. Gap up baby!!!!!! Oh boy, poor bears!!!
  300. Congrats again to all dip buyers. Another gap up. Another successful dip defense. Another successful range breakout.

  301. the federal reserve system basically guarantees its own extinction. it's just going to take some time
  302. 1. Reading about voodoo-style market crash apocalyptic premonitions won't make you any money. Predicting never made anybody a single dollar. Being right is only half the story. Being right at the right time is a rare gift. Bears are usually right at all the wrong times.

    2. The interesting thing here is that the nay-sayers always seem to hope the bulls will blow up their accounts. "You morons will get wiped out". Although I occasionally thank the shorties for fueling the move to the upside, I honestly never hope anybody blows up their account and endangers the financial security of their family.

    3. Isn't this 1998/1999 all over again? How many educated and smart people got burnt on the short side making bearish bets? Yes, markets are built to go both up and down, but schadenfreude and reading tarot cards won't make you a happier person nor a better trader.
  303. As usual completely missed the point... go put your skirt back on and do the splits for me princess
  304. I put my skirt back on, and you put your tin foil hat back on praying for a bear market :D

  305. Not everyone that points out you look like a moron when you scream hysterically about an obvious bull market as if you have never made a buck or been right in the past is a bear
  306. You sound like Trader28? Is this your new board nick?
  307. You sound like a moron getting it right for the first time in his life, professionals don't post this rubbish and scream to the heavens, grow up
  308. Good to have you back T28. Always good to hear from frustrated scalpers that have a hard time getting into the green when there's ~zero retracement in the indexes. Good luck to you bro!
  309. Pfft whatever clueless.. I'll still be living the life you can only imagine long after the market has flushed turds like you who can only trade one type of market
  310. What life is that again? Sitting in front of your PC in the middle of the night, scalping half a dozen ER2 contracts for a quick 3 ticks? :p
  311. Yawn... I can only assume you are just as wrong with all your trades :p

    Your ridiculous cheer leading is an embarrassment, you come off as a child, not a trader
  312. Need an antidote to those CNBC talking heads cheering about how great earnings have been? You can always count on Herb Greenberg to find the cloud behind every silver lining:



  313. Apparently, I was not aware, life is THAT good in convict land.
  314. yeh right, no risk-B.S.
  315. Oh boy, I love zero risk markets!!!

  316. i'm long 50 june es's since 1475 and won't sell 1 contract till we hit all time s@p highs. actually i think 1600 is doable in the next 4 -6 weeks. i've never made money this easy. every night i go to bed i know the futures will be either a few pts on either side of unchanged. it truely is no risk. it won't last forever but thats the facts now
  317. What would pro's do without clowns like this
  318. So true. We can thank the übersmart perma bears for the free money. On every 5 point dip in the ES they go 200% short only to cover a couple points higher. They can rationalize how we should be 400 points lower this market is going up, I'm sorry I am not going to fight this relentless strength.
  319. Isn't that the explosion of the space shuttle?
  320. chanster you're having a wet dream . :D
  321. SP500 cash @ 1500... :p

  322. Yes it is, another example of the brain dead Makloda's thought process.. next we'll have depictions of Nazi death camps to illustrate the bull market from this clueless loser
  323. Yes my friend, I will do exactly that just to make you lose your temper again :D
  324. Well you go right ahead and mock those dead heroes and dishonor their families to amuse yourself Makloda.. If you had half a brain you'd be ashamed of yourself
  325. Nice try to drag me into the dirt brotha. Sorry, won't work though. Not when coming from a guy who posted semi-nude pics of underage girls. Ouch that hurts doesn't it! :D
  326. Are you a lunatic?

    You are already in the dirt.. a sniveling little worm that makes fun of dead heroes
  327. Guys like yourself are best left alone. You're looking for people to insult and looking for fights. Just goto a bar, get drunk and look for some like-minded "professionals" like yourself that enjoy fighting. Oh wait, I forgot you're a keyboard warrior hiding behind his monitor :D
  328. So lets hear your justification for demeaning the memory of those dead astronauts?

    A real man would realize his mistake and apologize for being offensive and insensitive

    How about a photo of the towers coming down on 911 with you screaming zero risk underneath it you absolute disgrace of a human being
  329. You're not looking for an apology to dead astronauts. You're here to cause a riot against each and everybody on the board that you feel doesn't share your "trading professional" values. You can't stand the fact that people are making $$$ without adhering to your personal ruleset ... that might or might not work well for you personally. So whatever doesn't fit in your scheme of thoughts needs to be attacked. Of course, guys like yourself lash out and insult people online only because you can remain anonymous. I have a feeling you're one of the calmest and nicest guys in person, one that wouldn't ever harm a fly.

    How often were you banned from the board? How often did you come back? I hope you manage your emotions better when you trade than when using your keyboard to communicate with people :p
  330. I don't know makloda's intent in posting that - it may have been misinterpreted.

    I just was wondering if he was implying this market is going to run into problems.

    Quit arguing guys, and tell me what trades you're putting on, damnit.
  331. im going to call it now,

  332. You are despicable.. simple as that

    And not man enough to own up when wrong
  333. And plenty more to come from the bearish sentiments that still exist out there. I haven't been trading long but this is one bull market with a lot of doubters no matter how high it goes. What would it take for people to truly believe this can keep going?

    I'm not making any predictions but I sure as hell ain't doubting the strength of this and calling for a stop every 10 point drop.
  334. A tragedy seems to be fodder for Makloda's pleasure
  335. Makloda is a spinless c*nt. Pray we never meet.
  336. I'd pray if I were you...he'll throw his minime(stock_turder) at you like a luchador! :p
  337. What would be the intent of a photo of the towers coming down on 911 with Makloda screaming zero risk above it? Because there is absolutely no difference to the shuttle explosion and his idiotic caption above it

    And what other interpretation could there be except he is a disgusting, stupid waste of humanity?
  338. Thanks for the love my fellow professional 100 lot trader brothas :p
  339. The market will not top out as long as there is money waiting on the sideline, or shorts who cant wait to fade every single rally.

    So really the doubters are the ones who are fueling this rally.
  340. Like I said a real man could admit he was wrong.. you don't fool anyone
  341. Wait a minute, now we go from Shuttle Explosion to Concentration Camps and now to 9/11? Your much confused, bro?
  342. You are a disgusting low life that dishonors the dead and their families
  343. He was on another thread stating he was long YM and short "other" index futures in response to the market falling from the highs. Don't waste your time on this coward.
  344. Oh I know he is not a trader.. regularly disappears when the heat is on.. just didn't know he was a scumbag to boot
  345. Watch out, don't give this guy ideas! Now Allaces will spin it that being long one instrument and being short another is cowardish and totally unprofessional :p
  346. I don't need your fantasy trades to know you are a coward and low life
  347. Let's look at the facts: I posted position and account screenshots numerous times in different threads. You never did. So who's the real trader and who's the coward??? :p
  348. Those that do never advertise... those that don't, photoshop

    real traders have mastered their ego

    morons scream in chatrooms about zero risk while showing photos of heroes dying
  349. You should learn the rules of calling people out. You call me out a dozen of times and then quickly decide and run like a little chicken. Truly professional "man" you are:

  350. More photos from the "real" trader

    You got caught out as a low life scumbag, all the rest is you squirming
  351. anyone buying ahead of the job #'s tomorrow.

    The dow should see 13400+ tomorrow.

    Everything will be good tomorrow morning I think. 150,000 is great, 50,000 new jobs is great too.
  352. Brotha I can tell you... One day you will realize you will be a much happier and relaxed person and much more content with yourself when you stop worrying about other people and stop pointing fingers at others and instead reflect about yourself and the loved ones closed to you. It's part of maturing and I am sure it's not that far away for you :p
  353. Yeah lets all take advice on being mature from the guy that posts photos of the astronauts dying while he captions it with ZERO RISK

    Yeah lets all take maturity lessons from a disgusting loser like that
  354. I will say this, Makloda provides real proof of his abilities, why dont you just do the same?

    Dont just sit their and rant.
  355. Wont really matter will it, because good new is GREAT news, and bad news is good news.

    If its way over, hurray the economy is super strong.

    If its low hurray we get a rate cut.

    Either way its all good.
  356. I think we get a down day in the next two weeks.
  357. Perhaps one down day out of the next 14 yes that is possible
  358. Seems everyone if quite confident in the Jobs numbers tomorrow.
    I see ZERO fear, and thats understandable, because either way its all good.
  359. intraday highs..
  360. Yeah he's a pro at photoshop

    And are you actually supporting a disgusting individual that shows a photo of the space shuttle challenger exploding and killing all 7 astronauts with his trademark NO RISK caption?
  361. Come on!
    You can make better "play-by-play" posts than that.
    You must be feeling under the weather . . . Only 12 posts so far today.
    You are now below your average.

    Baron will not be pleased.
  362. Some losers are trying to fade our nice rally into the close

    must be uncertainty over the jobs report

  363. what uncertainty?????

    its a positive either way you look at it....

    tomorrow the markets rally again

    the dow is going for its 41st record closing since Oct 2006 tomorrow afternoon...

    today with only 6 mins left I can tell you its the 40th record closing.
  364. Yea your right. Positive either way

    high unemployment=stable rates

    lower umemployment=growing economy

    Also looks like the S&P will finally close above 1500
  365. congrats once AGAIN to all ZERO RISK dip buyers collecting free money $$$$$

    dont listen to all the negative permashorts who lose money all the time..


    when was this thread started again??
  366. When some moron stated the obvious?
  367. Downside follow thru, whats that?????????!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$
  368. Great call bro, totally agree! $$$$
  369. Bulls make money
    Pigs make money
    Bears get slaughtered

    I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK$$$
  370. as soon as you think this thread has been retired it pops right back up!!!

  371. It's the Rasputin of posts bro! :p
  372. I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK$$$$
  373. Congrats to the morning rally crew. Cheers $$$
  374. 13500 by 4pm....

    this is crazy, WMT and HD have the worst earnings in months and both stocks trade higher......

    DOW is surging on CPI data.
  375. Lower earnings now means they can increase earnings growth more in the future!! Lower bar so they can easily beat expectations next time. Extremely bullish IMO
  376. down on thursday 150

    Friday up 111

    Monday up 20

    Tuesday up???? new record highs, up 88 today

  377. :p :p :p :p :p
  378. The ES is like a train !!!!!!!!!!!!!! full of cash! :D :D :D ES at 1518!!!:D :D :D
  379. 13500 is coming today, i can feel it!!!!

    this market doesnt no what a down day is, just keep buying!!!!
  380. I loaded all at 1510 and got out at 1518. 8 points 10 contracts, you do the math. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  381. congrats!!

    I love ZERO RISK free money as well $$$
  382. Congrats!!! You see balls of steel and persistence pays off in the dip buying strategy!!!!!!!!
  383. I'd rather go with the flow than short this "crazy" market", at least I wouldnt lose money that way.


  384. Well after Ilost 2k the last time I had my doubts but today I have erased that -2k and am up 2k. I got out since 10 contracts was way too much weight for my account and my balls were turning into clay!!!!!!!!
  385. time 2 buy stocks again

    no selling off this may

  386. Buy in May and Stay $$$
  387. All the bears are getting excited at every 5 point ES drop now in May and promptly get squeezed. Thanks for the free $$$ :D
  388. dow going to 13500 this week

    14k by end of may

    15k by summer.......

    no risk at all to go long.

  389. look at that nasdaq go.....

    nasdaq is losing its momentum.

  390. um nasdaq is full of bloated, speculative crappy tech stocks that peaked in the 90's and aren't really going up anymore

    Look at the Sp00z and Dow. Those are what count.
  391. That has to be the worst retort since "Lucent will make a comeback". The nasdaq not being important is like saying, who needs food, as long as you have water and air that's clearly all you need!

    stock_turder, you're a moron. :D
  392. LOOK AT GOOG GO!!!

  393. Forget GOOG. I think it's ultra bullish we are now driven by the MCDs, KOs, TWXs and GMs. Classic old-school momentum runaway bullmarket!!!

    Feel the pain, perma bears.
  394. DIA...easy $
  395. Hell yeah, that stock is on fire!!!!!! Whee!!!! :D
  396. another ZERO RISK FREE MONEY dip!!!

    congrats to all dipsters once again $$$
  397. GO MKT GO!!!!! $$$$$$$
  398. What..where?? its been moving in a 4.5 dollar range since pre mkt...just a normal thing for a 460 dollar stock.

    The way you were soiling your panties I thought it was moving like 20 - 30 bucks or something!
  399. Were gonna be rich $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  400. You mean you aint rich allready?...sheesh, looooser!
  401. 13500 YM$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  402. this market = free money, no risk at all.

    sit back and collect free money...
  403. 13500 this week,

    14k end of may

    15k by mid summer.
  404. I pity those morons that bought puts from me :D
  405. Yeah easy money. I just sold 4000 June 150 SPY puts for $1.60. What a lock.
  406. Hey whats up with the dollar? ah who cares buy buy buy $$$$$

  407. congrats $$$

    time for more pictures of dead bears being flushed down the toilet!!

  408. respect!!
  409. Go market!! Nice range breakout!!!!
  410. as the dollar declines all assets must inflate!!!

    Inflate or Die $$$$$
  411. Im gonna take ya higher, Its all good $$$$$$$$$
  412. 13500 today.....they will not let it go down....
  413. Sideways then higher sideways higher and higher and higher, no nose bleeds yet lets go baby $$$$$$$$$
  414. dont you guys get sick of cornholing soooooooo much ! :)

  415. Dont hate the playa............ hate the game

  416. That's right. What's not to like with risk free $$$
  417. Another bullish piece of news:

    Builders Survey at 16-year Low
    5/15/2007 1:06 PM EDT
    The National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) monthly Housing Market Index (HMI) fell back to a 16-year low, falling to 30 from 33 in April. The consensus was for a reading of 33 (readings below 50 indicate conditions contracted during the month).

    Very bullish IMO. Rate cut coming :D
  418. The investors who continue to buy puts, when they do get it right, they are going to make a ton of money.

    As we head into another options expiration, we have seen a steady rise in put positions on the various broad-market exchange-traded funds. Since April 23, put open interest in the May and June series on the iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund (amex: IWM) has skyrocketed by more than 1 million contracts. During the same time frame, call open interest has increased by fewer than 370,000 contracts. As a result, the ETF's Schaeffer's put/call open interest ratio (SOIR) has risen to 2.21, its highest level since April option expiration.

  419. nothing like a rate cut, we need one right away.....only way to keep this market running....
  420. Very bullish for equity markets IMO. High level of pessimism = more bears to be squeezed = more $$$ for all overnight longs!!!
  421. Thats why i love selling naked puts at any price/strike, I figure anyone buying from me must just be stupid and doesnt deserve to have money. Hey free is free. Not like i'm going to lose.
  422. Same here it's amazing but there's always some morons willing to buy them!!!!!! I just hit their bids and sell them puts :) I am not sure who these boneheads are but I love pocketing their money!!!!! 100% risk free.
  423. super strong buy
  424. Best of luck all..

    talk to you after the 20th......

    time to get back to vacation in NYC!!

    as a side note....

    breakfast at Norma's in Le Parker Merdian was awesome!!!
  425. Enjoy your time off bro. Everything paid for by paranoid bears.. God bless them and their deep pockets!!!
  426. And you think the options writers are going to let them win? Fat hope I say.

    More shorts = more fuel for the raging bull.

  427. Man youve got a cool job as a dishwasher in a class joint....respect.

  428. if they get it right they will make more money in a week than most bulls made in the last 6 months.
  429. i love selling into the free money ! :D

  430. Wash and rinse. haha.


    You can't use stops in this volatile bullshit. They have your number.

    I'm ready to short commodities and those who produce them when they 'tell.'
  431. Nice action today. Both bulls and bears got slaughtered. :) The pigs took all the dough from the table by driving the other two animals nuts. The Dow will end the day at +97.14.

  432. +39.56

  433. Fewer and fewer stocks leading the march higher here guys. Ugly divergences today.
  434. - 45 :)

  435. this is getting interesting, nasdaq down these past 2 days.
  436. Rofl like striking the lottery? Sorry but the chances of that happening before they turn insolvent is extremely remote.

    Besides, a crash is not going to be played out in one day, a good trader should be able to capture a good 60% of the down move anyway.

    Attempting to capture the first/last 8th of a move is very costly, I learned that the hard way when I was a newb.
  437. It's not like the more sophisticated (large) index put buyers are trying to catch a down move. They are hedging long exposure that's all. Once you sit on a 7% gain for the year it's prudent to lock in the performance with some SPY/IWM puts while the market looks vulnerable.
  438. Are you familiar with straddles?
  439. A complete reversal on huge volume in the index futures dow mini 228,215 contracts traded.

    You never know the overnight team may get it back to 13500 by morning.
  440. Hey, not bad!

  441. 38.03

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  442. Give that man a ceeeegar!
  443. Another great day. Dow is up and everybody is happy! Enjoy the risk free $$$
  444. Straddle would maybe work here due to volatility. The SPooz are sitting barely above 1500...could have an interesting finish to the week.

    Breadth F***ing blew as usual too...this market has more problems than the indices are putting on the table. :D
  445. Sp00Z closed red..nooo impossible
  446. The dow was unable to drag the rest of the market along. NQ looks to be in serious trouble.

    Today and yesterday looked like distribution to me.

  447. Who's buying the distribution? New investors or are the same old wunderkind with wunderpockets eating away the erosion?
  448. Spotting a rounded top in the R2000 chart... another bear trap? :p

  449. :D
  450. With the kind of volatility (non) we are experiencing, straddles are a sure way to lose money.

    Decay > straddle 99% of the time.
  451. 2nd day of wash and rinse.

    Nothing breaks down longs as maliciously as these wash/rinse cycles.

  452. You mean the 0.5% drop in ES? :p

    Oh wait we're up a quarter point
  453. You think yesterday and today aren't volatile?
  454. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe doing 140mph on an old Triumph is volatility to him. :D
  455. This smells like distribution, or the transfer from strong to weak hands.

    The index futures make it so easy to unload at excellent prices, the specialists get a free mark up every day that to the futures.
  456. Like all those weak hands that bought in Oct/Nov? :D

  457. At some point the game is over, are we their yet, I have know idea, but I do know we have run 1200 points in 7 week in the Dow.

    These ramp up overnight on thin volume in the futures, then selling not long after the open smells.
  458. Oh boy the panic!!! Too many pessimists, too many heavy in puts or net short, too many bids underneath the market of people who are dying to get into the "rally"...
  459. Look at previous sharp runups (Summer 2003).

    a) They last longer than anybody anticipates because too many think it went way too high and expect an immediate 10% overnight drop any day while they are net short or heavy in puts

    b) They don't usually reverse 180 degrees and go straight down to where they came from. Usually you see a base building on a high level in a couple % trading range with the indexes churning sideways for a while.

    I know this is goes against everything our gut and emotions tell us but market's tend to go against human wisdom. Markets are designed to be that way.
  460. Oh boy, what's this? ES 2.5 points in the green.

    Congrats to all dip buyers!!!!! :p
  461. that was an ultimate dip....

    whew, thought the dow was headed for 13300 and then out of no where the money came pouring in to keep the dow up.
  462. Makloda, with all due respect the posts seemed to have flipped here as we sputter around. There were alot more people negative a month ago here than there are now. Granted it is the same people who cheerlead, but I sense people are trying to get IN not OUT. I still think the spoo will wheeze its way to a new high, but after that?
  463. Well between you and I .. I dont really care where the market goes as long as it goes somewhere. I just don't understand all the crash predicting when there's so much negativity and disbelief abound on every 3 point drop in the ES people run into puts.

    Yes the R2000 looks vulnerable and A/D is a joke. Too much money chasing just mega cap stocks right now. But we had this before (Oct/Nov) and we didn't tank 35% the next day.

    Always good to be cautious but no reason to be apocalyptic. Geez we're up like 6.5% on the year how are we going to crash 90% tomorrow?

  464. I totally agree, and I feel we are seeing that this week, the 100 point swoons.
  465. Now dont get me wrong friend, I am not bearish, but I am a little cautious seeing these gyrations this week.

    I will be all over a retracement to the 20 day moving average on the daily chart. Thats about 200 dow point lower.

    So well see what happens, I will trade long but very light.
  466. As I said it's NEVER wrong to be cautious as long as we're not being too apocalyptic and anticipatory. Boy I know I paid my dues with puts expiring worthless and covering short hedges deep red. But then again, it's all about conserving capital.
  467. Agree totally with both of you. I don't think we crash here, but this straight up action on such a narrow list of 3 letter stocks is a self fulfilling type of thing. The path of least resistance is higher, but technically the breakdowns are glaring and not to be ignored. The mkt runs on cycles, always has, always will. As soon as we hear this times its different? sold to he or she!
  468. Congrats again balls of titanium dip buyers. Don't ever let them beat you to the cheap shares.
  469. time 2 buy stocks

    DIA = $$$

  470. Big ups to the dipster cr3w: stock trad3r, eqt trd, mymini, ByLoSellHi.

    Congrats all on the easy $$$
  471. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    The Bull's Broad Shoulders
    S&P thinks the number of sectors participating in stocks' multi-year advance is a bullish sign, and suggests that the market has further upside

    by Mark Arbeter From Standard & Poor's Equity Research

    The stock market's torrid upside pace may be starting to flatten a bit as investors catch their breath. With the all-time high for the S&P 500 so close, there may be some sort-term reluctance on the part of investors. However, we think it is only a matter of time before the S&P eclipses the March, 2000, high.

    Taking a few large steps backwards, and getting away from so much focus on all-time highs, and looking at the bull market from its beginning, we find a remarkably broad advance when we drill down to asset sizes as well as individual sectors. Since the October 9, 2002, bear market bottom, the S&P 500 is up about 94%. The NASDAQ, which dropped a lot more than the blue chip indexes during the bear market, has risen about 131%. But the real winners since the 2002 low have been the smaller stocks with the S&P SmallCap 600 up about 153% and the S&P MidCap 400 up 139%.

    Taking a look at individual sectors reveals some interesting performance numbers. Seven out of the ten S&P sectors are beating the return for the S&P 500 and those seven are all up at least 100% from their respective bear market lows. Some of the sectors bottomed out in July, 2002, September, 2002, February, 2003, and March, 2003, and we measured returns based on the individual sectors bear market low.

    The best performing S&P sector, since its July 2002 low has been Energy, soaring about 204%. Energy stocks did not get hurt as much as the major indexes during the bear market, so its outperformance is not due to a strong snapback like some of the other sectors like technology, utilities, and telecom. We think it has more to do with the fact that energy stocks had been laggards vs. the S&P 500 for almost all of the 90's, and represented a new leadership group following the bear market. Sector leadership many times changes from bull market to bull market.

    After energy stocks, utilities represented the second best performing sector, surging 179% since the bear market low. Utilities also underperformed the S&P 500 during the 90's and got pounded during the bear market, plunging over 50%. Material stocks have the third best bull market record, roaring ahead by about 140%. The sector badly underperformed the benchmark from late 1994 until late 2000. Information technology was fourth, recovering 119%, but remains well below its 2000 highs.

    Telecom, which had gotten wiped out during the bear market, is up 117%, with Industrials and Financials next, both up a little more than 100%. The three sectors that have underperformed the S&P 500 are Consumer Discretionary, Healthcare, and Consumer Staples. Healthcare and Staples are considered defensive sectors, and many times do better during tough overall market environments.

    The broad sector participation is bullish in our view, and suggests that the market has further upside. It is only when participation becomes more selective -- large cap technology stocks in the late 90's, for instance -- that we will become more worried about the staying power of the bull.

    In our last comment, [LINK]TEXTHERE, we took an in-depth look at the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) sentiment poll. Despite the strong stock market environment, sentiment from this poll was showing some highly unusual readings of only 29% bulls and a whopping 54% bears. These readings are much more typical of a market that is in a corrective mode, than one that is heading higher on a very regular basis. Last week's sentiment numbers were a little more "normal," with an even split of 43% bulls and 43% bears. This is still far from the bullish extreme often seen at market tops where bullish sentiment rises to 60% or above and bearish sentiment falls to 20% or below. We wonder how accurate the numbers were from two weeks ago.

    Unlike the AAII poll, we are finally starting to see some examples of sentiment that is starting to get a bit frothy. On May 7, the total CBOE put/call ratio was 0.70, the lowest since mid-December. The equity-only put/call ratio fell to 0.45 on May 7, also the lowest level since mid-December. Granted, these are only one-day occurrences, and when viewed from a 10-day or 30-day perspective, these ratios are still above levels that have preceded corrections in the past. The ISEE Sentiment Index also rose to its highest level since mid-December, but is no where near the levels that have been associated with intermediate-term corrections.

    The slope of the advance seemed to tail off a bit over the last week, and with the negative price action on Thursday, May 10, it is possible that we will finally see a pullback that lasts more than a day. The first zone of support [GLOSSARY LINK] sits around the 1480 level and is fairly minor. There is some chart support in that area, and it also represents a 23.6% retracement of the rally since the closing low on March 5. More substantial chart support comes in down at 1460, as this was the prior high from back in February. The 1460 level also represents a 38.2% retracement of the recent rally.

    Technically, the market is overbought on a daily basis and may need to pause to work off this condition. The 14-day relative strength index (RSI) has popped back up near 74 for the second time in the last two weeks. For the most part, the 6-day RSI has been north of 80 since the middle of April. The 14-week RSI was approaching an overbought condition, but has more room on the upside, in our view. Many intermediate-term advances do not end until the weekly momentum indicators become overbought, and then trace out a series of negative divergences. We think we are weeks, if not months from that occurring.

  473. Thanks for keeping me inline wheee yippeee yahooooo freeeeeeee moneyyyyyyyyy $$$$$$$$$
  474. I love the DJ30 stocks. This garbage gets bid up like tech stocks in 1999.

    C .. +4%
    HPQ .. +2.8%
    JNJ ... +2%
    MCD ... chart looks like a straight line... +1%
    PG .. +2%

    Boy do we have classic bull market leadership. JNJ and PG!!!! When was the last time these kinda junk stocks pull up the market??? :p

  475. hahaha

    I notice everyday another 3-5 DOW 30 stocks gaining between 2-5%.

    JNJ up on hathaways buy, of course whatever he touches HAS TO GO UP.

  476. add HPQ for tomorrow, your forgot JPM, that was up nearly 2% as well today

    AXP as well.
  477. I'm short that trash company couldn't mention them without shedding a tear :(

    But HPQ earnings are a good one. Could gap up DIA tomorrow baby $$$ :p
  478. These are classic american companies.
  479. The buzz today was Warren Buffet bought alot of JNJ and Eddie Lampert bought alot of Citi.
  480. Yup, bear trap it was! :D
  481. JNJ a ***junk stock***



    um, no

    VERT - that's a junk stock. just pull up a 10 yr chart :)

    JNJ is a phenomenal company and has been a component of my IRA for years

    it's well run, has a nice moat, great earnings. it's a classic peter lynch type company. you can't go to a hospital or grocery store and no be surrounded by their products. they also have solid brand loyalty and a great history.

    a lot of the whinging surrounding this bull market is that a lot of the small caps etc. aren't movin'

    well boo frigging hoo

    this aint yer daddy's bull market
  482. American made strong companies strong growth from cheap dollar overseas
  483. The buying of a large block of JNJ can be construed as a highly defensive move, expressing a faith that troubled economic times lie ahead...

  484. It is a defensive move thats for sure, JNJ kicks butt in a downturn.
  485. From 2000 to 2002 JNJ nearly doubled
  486. No? You are not going to make any money from a straddle if its a mere 6% move over 5 months.

    Now if we lose 6% in a week then thats a different story.
  487. There was a seller on the other side of that trade...something to keep in mind. Not making a personal judgement about the merits of it, just reminding you guys that there are two sides to every trade.


  488. Is there risk yet?
  489. no buy buy buy?

  490. nope....

  491. All talk no profits as usual
  492. When do you guys/gals "ring the register", "go to the bank", "make a payment on the yacht" ????

    Clue in all of us noobs out there.

    Trailing stop loss ?? Number of days ? Profit potential ??

    Turtle rules, violation of 20 day high/low ??

    I can handle buying the dips, but then what do I do ??

    I've read the reference to 2003 lots of times, but there's got to be more !!
  493. And I bet you're impressed with the post count !!

    Been lurking and wondering for two years, thought I'd finally ask the question !!

  494. there are no rules other than

    1)buy any pullback (1pt, 10pts whatever you want)

    2)collect free money (whenever you want to take profits 1pt, 5pts, 10pts, 500pts)

    thats it..... simple effective strategy with ZERO risk of loss

  495. yeah but .......

    Understand the big dip part.

    So I buy a dip, but it don't come back.

    What's next, sound like double down on the next dip ??

    And then again ??

    Problem is, my pockets aren't that deep. You can count contracts I can afford on two hands ..... four dips down and I'm broke !!!!

    You referring to YM contracts, or ES contracts ..... or both ??

  496. dont come back?

    tell me one dip since 2003 where the Dow (YM) "didnt come back"?
  497. Forget the Dow bro. USD is finished.
    You're making worthless paper.
    I have a spreadsheet of the main ETF's on my screen. Energy, other countries, other currencies. They are ALL up, EVERY day!
    SPY and DIA are never at the top. All this melting up and still underperforming everything.
    Making 1% a day in the Dow ain't enough anymore. Put your money elsewhere or you'll fall behind.
    There is LESS risk elsewhere, not more.
  498. How dare anybody question these guys! They are the smartest traders to ever grace these boards. eqt, stock, makloda, s2007, and my mini tell us about 15-20x a day how smart and great they are. eqt even checked in multiple times while he WAS ON VACATION to tell us how good he is! You should be proud that these guys even talk to us!

  499. Just for that Im leaving and never comming back.
  500. Awesome!!!!

    One worthless paper trading cheerleader down, 3 more to go.
  501. Pinky Promise ??? Moron.
  502. Oh the love!!!! Poor ET perma bears can't keep their emotions in check once again! :p
  503. I wish I could figure out where your incessant perma bear bs comes from? If I am not raigingly bullish to the tune of 15-20 posts a day backslapping myself or the 3 other cheerleaders does that make me a perma bear? You have a weird sense of reality. I post here mainly to have fun. My trading has nothing to do with my posting here. I am in and out of positions all the time. I have not been squeezed by this run at all. I have not caught the whole thing, but what trader has. I am very comfortable with my ytd results. If and when we move lower I will not catch that whole move either, but I will catch alot of it. Same on the bounce. Looking forward to you're response mak, or stock, or my mini. Have a great weekend.
  504. Nobody believes any of you cheerleading fuckwits is making money.. professionals simply don't scream hysterically like you do.. they make their money quietly.. you guys sound like you are making up for a lifetime of being wrong
  505. "professionals simply don't do this and that" "they make money this and that way".

    I love the fact that anything and anybody that goes against the conventional wisdom of your own world simply can't be!!!! :p
  506. Bro I think we have a lot of things in common!!!! :p
  507. Oh please... conventional wisdom???

    You think anyone but a congenital loser would be screaming hysterically in caps in a chatroom about trading?

    It would be moronic in a teen chatroom... here it's just sad and pathetic!

    Grow up
  508. Unlike you, I do not call people names (not counting the occasional perma bear calling :p, those offended please forgive me). I'm very happy with who I am, what level of financial independence I have achieved and how I live. I don't care if anybody thinks I am professional or cheerleading and I love it :p

    Allaces, why are you on the board hunting people that go against what you personally believe? Isn't it great to have different personalities and trading styles present on the board?
  509. You cant justify acting like a child Makloda
  510. The great thing is I don't have to justify myself to anyone nor do I have to report to anyone. I'm just having a great time and I truly wish the same to you.

    It's great being independent!!!
  511. On the money $$$ :D
  512. You don't say much of anything except banal statements catering to bullishness.

    The reason people think you, eqtrader, stock_turder, etc. are idiots is because you just bullshit your answers and never really discuss anything in detail...which ends up leading to, well, seeming like an idiot.

    You're the one who I've seen with the most intelligence of the bullshitters, but when I asked you about the devaluation in the dollars coupling with the climb in the indices essentially wiping out gains the last few years you just disappeared after some muttering about bears.

    Permabears make many many more salient points about the economy, bullshit, making (actual) money and not just riding indices up while riding the currency down. You guys with your jabbering about the indices are making enough money cover the devaluation of the dollar and buy some cheeseburgers. The fact that you don't really seem to comprehend that you're just spinning your wheels is pitiful and makes you look all the more stupid.

    ...and I also don't think you guys make any real amounts of money...maybe investing you do, but not trading. stock_turder can't have more than 300 cheeseburgers worth of AAPL. :D
  513. Ignorance is certainly bliss.. but like I said, hysterical caps would not be out out place in a teen chatroom.. so while I'm sure you thing you are really unique and independent.. you have plenty of company among pubescent trolls
  514. @SiSePuede!

    A couple of observations:

    ...and I also don't think you guys make any real decent amounts of money...

    a) You didn't do your homework. I posted a couple of screenshots over time giving a pretty good idea of my account size and profits. You can look them up in the history of this thread. In particular, I remember you asked me twice about specific positions I had on. I posted screenshots and never heard back from you.

    If seems if something backfires against you and your belief you back off and quickly resort to name calling again the next time around.

    And now you call me a "buy and hold investor". Interesting. Why don't we compare monthly commissions? Me - being the "buy and hold investor" you think I am - should have next to nil, right? :D See below :)

    I asked you about the devaluation in the dollars coupling with the climb in the indices essentially wiping out gains the last few years

    b) Because your entire argument of "USD devaluation" had nothing to do with rising stock prices. You tried to sound smart by pulling out an argument from an unrelated asset class which was unimpressive. Well, maybe it was in a US centric view of the world. See there are people in the world that don't live in the US but still invest in USD denominated assets. Hence they tend to hedge their USD exposure. I do have mine - in all investments (trading account, hedge funds and bonds) - hedged against CHF + EUR + GBP since 2005. Yes, before you jump into my face again: I did not have perfect timing for selling the USD and on top of that, I end up paying ~2% annual performance for that. I wish I had done it earlier. While I watch currencies (because they impact liquidity) I don't care much what the USD dollar does, unless there were a sudden implosion which could cause overnight liquidity contraction.

    Essentially, people think you're an idiot because you act like one.

    c) I love that. I love to provoke insecure people like yourself and I love sarcasm by nature. I am mature (and independent) enough to not care what people think of me on a message board nor anywhere else in my life. You sound like you're 22-25 years old, very smart and eloquent and now you think it's time you wander out into the world and impress people to gain respect and self esteem. Maybe you still wonder if people think you're cool and what it might take for them to accept you. Don't worry, we all go through that stage. Life is a journey, it changes in stages and you will go through them. Enjoy!

  515. Everyone just thinks you are a moron that loses money Makloda.. the only thing you provoke is sympathy and disgust
  516. That's cool with be :p
  517. You are nervous and insecure, thats why you said be instead of me.. you are transparent
  518. haha Okay, have a great Sunday, Im heading out to the office
  519. You gave yourself away and folded like a cheap suit.. but I'm sure you crack under pressure like that all the time during market hours :p
  520. I never stated that you ARE a buy and hold investor...get it straight.

    Are you honestly gloating about $7k in commissions? I can go out and buy a shitload of cheap options contracts and rack up commissions all day, wowsers! $7k in commissions isn't that much silly rabbit...that's a really stupid way to measure performance.

    For a guy who gloats about the indices gain to shrug off the sliding of the USD seems rather stupid considering the US markets are based on USD. So you hedge your USD assets while investing in the indices for 30% gains in 4 year time spans? Cute.

    You are right...I'm 25. I'm not trying to impress anyone and you clearly took what I said personally because you responded at length. I have plenty of self-esteem. I've been trading/investing for a few years and went from ~$50k to almost $2M. Not bad for mostly buying and holding small caps. Your little spats of retorting when confronted are silly. At what point in your life did you go through a stage where you wondered about what it took for people to think you were cool? :D I'm interested in that one....I'll be waiting for some bullshit story.
  521. a) Congrats. I may be ahead of your account size but way behind you on ROI%. You will have caught up in no time. Keep trading well and stop jumping at people and you will be both richer and a maybe.. just maybe.. also a lot happier :p Good trading!

    b) I am not gloating over $6k paid last month, I wish I paid less :( Anyways, the take away here is: If you stick people into pigeon holes based on message board posts you are more often wrong than right.

    c) I don't think you need more "stories" at this point.
  522. Cheers bro, I think you're smart, I just wish you'd actually discuss what you know instead of pumping so much....that was my original point.

    I'll hopefully catch up to you in account size...give me another year, I have some good buy and hold stocks I'm buying up right now that may be good for a 3-5X gain. :D
  523. Don't be fooled by the photoshop kiddy
  524. I wish I had your balls :p It's true though, big concentrated bets are the surefire way to double or triple if you can take the volatility and your bets work out more often than not. It's seems you did well in both departments.

    I personally don't have strong enough nerves for making huge single bets and my positions are highly diversified across asset classes and strategies. Yea I know ... diversification is the weakling's excuse. All my strategies are technically independent from one another and have a statistical positive profit bias but at the same time all of them will go through individual drawdowns every once in a while. It's fun when many/all have a DD at the same time, happens more often than not these days with JPY being printed at record pace, thus correlating every single metal/bond/stock market/energy future available lol

    Ok enough whining, tomorrow (if it's an up day :D ) I'll be back to the pumping :p
  525. I'm not sure the volatility is so rocky in many of the stocks I've used over the last few years as much as conviction. Usually if the float is tight and the company is good the stock will only go up...makes accumulation a bitch, but if the company is solid and you know what you're risking in exchange for illiquidity, I think that's the most sure-fire way to gain 2-10X.

    Tomorrow will likely be an up day.

  526. awesome !!!

    Is there risk yet?

    When was the first post in this thread again???

    I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK $$$
  527. Solid opening.. congrats everybody on the free $$$!!!! Go Er2!!!

  528. hehe ... nice :D
  529. Oh here come the morons again.. a bull market and it's going up you say???????

    What else fellas? a bulletin informing us the pope is catholic

    That sex is fun?

    Talk about the cheerleading fuckwits of the bleeding obvious

    Have they been losers all their life and this is the only market they can make money in?

    Is that the reason for teen chat hysterics?

    Or are they still not making money and like all insecure amatuers must yell the loudest?
  530. Please tell us how to make money in a bull market??? Is there any better strategy than being long????? :p
  531. Jeez is that the level of intelligence.. you didn't even understand what I said.. explains the teen chatroom mentality
  532. 2X margin =2x gains
  533. 200% gains with ZERO RISK is still ZERO RISK but 200% of the gains. Awesome!

  534. I love 100% up room to go with ZERO risk $$$$

    Free money $$$$

    Ka Chingo$$

    who's yo' daddy??
  535. In all my time in the game (more years than I care to share here...) i have rarely seen such a disrespect for inherent risk.

  536. ok.... but I have heard that every day for the last 4 years....
  537. whats happening

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  538. someone pulled the rip cord...it will recover though

    i scanned the news headlines and nothign came up

    i suspect profit taking after big gains last week

  539. exactly right, i would be buying the 8 point dip. The dow should close at another record high today.

  540. congrats again to all dip buyers on NQ/Er2 baby $$
  542. No I didnt buy the dip

    I dont trade.. I dont have any money... and I only come on here and cheerlead all day like you say...lol

    wonder where I get the funds for vacations in Hawaii and NYC??? By the way... Norma's is definitely my fav breakfast spot!

    Although its good to finally be back in SoCal.....
  543. I don't know bro, but according to your posse I'm a permabear so I must be broke...but I live in NYC, have been to CA twice in the last year, Hawaii once, Miami a few times, and so I should be really broke....LMAO! :D

    At least stock_turder has his cheeseburgers in Ohio. :p
  544. About time you owned up.. but we actually already knew that from your teen time hysterics
  545. rofl.... funny stuff :)

    ummm... cheeseburgers :)

  546. congrats on another great call from you $$$
  547. rally time!!!
  548. I love rally time $$$$

  549. did i not call it, a couple of hours late but were still in rally mode, closing in on record highs for the 25th time this year i think.

    going higher and higher.

    14k by early june!!!!!

    15k by end of summer

    16k by end of 2007.

    unstoppable bull!!!!!!
  550. Is there risk yet??

  551. The only risk at this time would be the bears running out of money :p
  552. ROFL!!

    Bulls make money
    Pigs make money

    Bears get slaughtered!!!!!

    time for a dead bear pic imo
  553. I like seeing this thread still make it too the top of the forum on a regular basis.

    it is risk free, anyone who says it isnt is lying to you.
  554. please PM me when the top is in
  555. haha Just read this on another website:

    Robert Marcin
    Changing the Old Saw, Ding Ding Post
    5/23/2007 11:19 AM EDT
    Cramer likes to say that "Bulls make money, bears make money, and hogs get slaughtered." I have a new one. Bulls make money, bears get slaughtered, and hogs get filthy rich! Oink, oink.


  556. I guess this guy reads ET!!

    lets sue for plagiarism $$$$$
  557. I guess most bears will feel kinda trapped now:

  558. watch the el bondo
  559. Looking bullish IMO. 10 year rates going up every day = economy is on fire = higher stock prices to come = leverage up and go long for risk free $$$
  560. You guys are getting a little ripe. Shouldn't you be getting your cheerleader uniforms laundered? All that sweaty abandon...
  561. I LOVE 100% UP ROOM TO GO WITH ZERO RISK $$$$$$
  562. Yeah, that was fun!!!! :p
  563. *snigger*


  565. awesome $$
  566. werd
  567. You forgot the i :p
  568. Great call $$$
  569. Is there risk yet?? :D :D :D
  570. always will be risk FREEEEEE.

    Tonight the asian markets will rally, tomorrow the cycle repeats itself with no such thing as a down day.

    Risk free...
  571. Everytime we pullback you disappear so I guess you feel there is some
  572. talk about articles that suggest there is no such thing as a drop.

    "and beyond"

    from forbes.com

    However, I'd fully expect such a pullback to generate more than enough bearish sentiment to set the stage for a major push by the S&P to all-time highs and beyond, as the major drivers for the bull market--skepticism, put buying and short selling in the face of strong price action, reasonable valuation, and massive liquidity--remain firmly in place. I'd therefore advise all but the shortest-term traders to forget about trying to position for the pullback.
  573. :eek: :eek:
  574. Another day of risk free profits. Sweet. Congrats to all pigsters and dipsters!
  576. Please define zero risk? And why are there so many threads saying the same thing, are we trying to convince mom and pop so we can get out leaving them holding the bag?
  577. Is there risk yet?
  578. You wouldn't know.....first you have to open a fucking trading account, dipshit.
  579. It's just to remind everybody that there is money to be made buying indexes, not shorting them like all the bears on the board want to make us believe. And this with hardly (well basically zero, discounting a nuclear war or an asteroid the size of the moon hitting earth) any risk whatsoever!! And actually I'd think we could open down 60-70 points on the DJ on a nuclear terror attack in NYC but we'd without question close up 30 or 40 that day, even if they'd close Wall Street. Easy $$$.
  580. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
  581. Your welcome :)
  582. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  583. what happened to the china doomsday?

    What happened to the china tax sell-off?

    What happened to the pre-market sell off?
  584. only those that love collecting FREE MONEY $$$
  585. This is so strange, it's like you people have never made money before and are all excited???
  586. LMAO!!!!!! So true. Where's all the doomsday talk?!

    Thing is: they will be back on the next 5 point "crash" in the SP500 with the same stories how the huge US stock market bubble will pop, how subprime will drive us into a recession and how the PE is way too high. Oh and did I say we're overbought? :p
  587. LOL...they're not traders (obviously).

    I think that handjob EqtTrdr works at a pharmacy or something.
  588. What, as a test subject?
  589. With his left hand, Makloda kills all black, grizzly, and polar bears today. :)

    However, I'll be net short today for the first time in a long time. This crush has been too convincing to be believable. We went up too fast today, so I expect a 10 ES points bounce back.
  590. for you makloda!!

    the one I took out today

    :D :D :D
  591. is there risk yet?
  592. I've come to realize that the only risk is being short.....a position i was caught in until i reversed to long yesterday.

    Humble pie actually tastes quite good...
  593. HAHAH Good work bro!! As always. Bulls can't lose. Pigs can't lose. Bears always lose!!!!!!!!
  594. free money!!!

    did you see the last dip about 30 minutes ago???
  595. Good gosh that bears head is as big as an 18 wheelers tire, thats scary big.
  596. Congrats to all pigsters.. (note the huge balls of steel. they're a requirement) easy money $$$

  597. second dip coming, would be buying DOW 13645, thats where it dipped last time and came back up...
  598. that dip was incredible

  599. is there risk yet?
  600. Only risk i see is for a ramp-up in the indexes between now and 1:30!

    I think many intraday shorts are about to learn (again) not to short a dull market
  601. By definition if you use the word and have to ask the question then... yes

    Something must exist for it to be spoken of, even if only in the mind
  602. only risk I see is the risk of watching your neighbor drive his new Lambo and you are still driving your VW bug because you were afraid to go long 1000% margin !!!
  603. yet another juvenille wanker. sheesh....how many of these boys are this forum?
  604. Yes the old rule of those who talk cannot walk the walk applies here, wouldn't think there is a single real trader among them
  605. We're all real traders here buddy. The only difference between us dipsters is that we make money and the bears don't :D
  606. I'm sure you are dipshitters, but traders? no

  607. why do all these bears come on here and curse at all the great people making ZERO RISK FREE MONEY??

    I dont get the hostility
  608. Must be the frustration from getting a bloody nose every time they fight the trend and get squeezed :p
  609. Bears, you guys are funny
  610. Here is a neat trick, watch the futures after the cash close today, you should see some real movement.
  611. I take it those DELL numbers helped. Should make for a sweet midnight rally :D
  612. I don't get this, we all know it's a bull market, we've known for ages, we all know buying dips is the strategy in a bull market, it's a strategy thats been used for centuries. So what is all this pointless noise about? Do you imagine you are telling new traders something they don't know?

  613. WRONG..

    "we" all don't know, judging by the enormous amount of threads calling the top for the last 5 years.....
  614. Calling tops, calling bottoms, just opinions, doubt many put real bucks on the line. The real question is why do you engage in this childish behavior that adds nothing to ET? In fact it deters great posters from sharing valuable information. Why would you want to destroy a place you obviously enjoy coming to with this foolishness?

    I mean what is the real pay off for you? You don't really seem interested in helping anyone, just announcing the same thing over and over again in a very childish way. Is it for ego?
  615. http://bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20670001&refer=news&sid=aTvMhwXQCQnA

    S&P 500 Stocks Are 45% Cheaper Than When Index Last Hit Record

    May 31 (Bloomberg) -- Companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index may still be a bargain after the benchmark for U.S. equities surpassed its 2000 record.

    The index's 500 members are 45 percent less expensive relative to historical profits than when the index last peaked, and 30 percent cheaper than when it fell to a decade low in October 2002. Price-to-earnings ratios declined after companies reported 14 straight quarters of 10 percent-plus profit growth, the longest streak since 1950.
  616. Congrats to all overnight pigs and morning dipsters. Shoutouts to stock_trad3r, EqtTrdr, myMiniNY, ByLosellHi and the rest of the pigster $$$ cr3w!
  617. BULLS MAKE MONEY.........

    PIGS MAKE MONEY.............

  618. this week we had 4 billion outflows, but the markets rose, hum that goodness for the futures. The magic of the index futures, never again will we see a down market.
  619. The bears look kinda sad now don't they :(

  620. congrats once again to all ZERO RISK dip buyers$$$

    making nice $$ today
  621. Children's hour, the real winning traders don't need to scream about it, you guys prove you are on the sidelines watching the real traders make money

    Missed the bounce again huh, and need to come in here and scream with the others to get your dutch courage back
  622. NQ closed out down, that NQ is one weak turd.
  623. Jun 01, 2007 04:30 AM
    Bill Carrigan

    Many people are confused and worried about the equity markets, which have advanced steadily from the lows posted in October 2002 and March 2003. That works out to more than 50 months (1,520 days) of advancing prices – quite remarkable when historically the average bull market has run between 36 and 42 months, or about 1,200 days.

    Our current climb is one of the longest-running bulls in the past 100 years, surpassed only by the great advance that lasted more than 2,550 days from October 1990 to mid-1998.
  624. Forget about the email. If it doesn't cost anything just post your advice/info.
  625. we were all floor traders

    we all managed funds

    we're all so smart
  626. He's even wearing matching blue contact lenses!
  627. So who is buying this dip??
  628. Not buying.. just staying overnight long :D
  629. Another dip filled
  630. Why, any dipsters worth his/her salt loaded futures last PM and stocks at the open.

    All I'm seeing is NazBlue for miles and miles...

    Stupid question, Sheeesh...:confused:
  631. Dip #843 to be precise :p As always, it gets too many excited enough to short prematurely :D

  632. congrats once AGAIN to all those who play the ZERO RISK buy dips free money system $$$$
  633. BANG!

    burnt, wiped and flushed.. dipsters exposed in one day as teen trolls that cant trade... love it

    Oh come back.. we are always glad to take your money :D
  634. I cant hear you :p
  635. I still cant hear you.. hiding under the beds?

    Oh come one, come back, we love taking money from amateur dip buyers :p
  636. I love being a pig @ 100% zero risk $$$
  637. You got slaughtered like a pig :p
  638. If you want to be a pro-dipper than all you have to remember is to



  639. Yea? Strange my account says otherwise :confused:
  640. Blah blah dip boy.. you got slaughtered :p
  641. AH! T28 :D You keep changing your name too often :confused:
  642. Wearing this today, it's casual Friday

  643. lol
  644. Suck it dip buyers, your one dimensional trading just blew up in your face and blew up your accounts :D
  645. i told the zero risk guys STOP CORNHOLING, did not listen. this is what happens , you blow up !:)
  646. Markets are still about selling....not sure what the fuck buyers would be thinking, although it seems like computers trading. Spooz sank, then ran up on nothing, now sinking again.

    We'll close in the red is my guess...markets look like shit and sellers are not relenting or really slowing much. :p
  647. LMAO It's good to see everyone get excited. After all, what would the market be without a little fun :p
  648. The need to try and ramp the S&P. If it breaks below 1490, it's down to 1480.
  649. Going long YM @ 12520
  650. Impressive rebound.

    Especially that it's holding

    This might be a fascinating month. Only big balls going long or short. Sidelines for all others.
  651. A mass realization...

    that maybe things aren't as bad as they seemed that perhaps it is time 2 buy...
  652. I said it was an impressive move today.

    Don't jump to conclusions. If you're a big buyer here, good luck.

    VIX is back.
  653. You win the prize for 'eternal optomist.'
  654. Perhaps it's time to sell as well. You wouldn't know the difference if it hit you in the fact It So Fact So!

  655. What a day, programs kicked in around 2 and it was straight up from there. I know a rally was expected but didnt believe it would have been a 150+ point move up. A day like this makes me think the Dow could easily see 14,000 sometime in July. We get a few more rallies early next week and new highs could set in by Thursday-Friday of next week.
  656. "What a day, programs kicked in around 2 and it was straight up from there. I know a rally was expected but didnt believe it would have been a 150+ point move up. A day like this makes me think the Dow could easily see 14,000 sometime in July. We get a few more rallies early next week and new highs could set in by Thursday-Friday of next week.

    Low volume!!
  657. Um the volume today was slighly less than yesterday. Not a big deal.
  658. [​IMG]
  659. And dip buyers wiped out and considering jobs in the fast food service industry :p
  660. awesome...

    and this my friends is why there is ZERO RISK going long........


    I love ZERO RISK FREE MONEY $$$$
  661. you cornholing again equity ??????:)

    the alll knowing,
  662. I love ZERO RISK markets
  663. go futures!!!
  664. Long, strong, with hands on the bong...
  665. This is the greatest rally ever!!!!

    50+ months without a 10% correction!!!!!!!

    All emerging market markets up double digits so far this year!!!!

    Dont know if anyone read it on the other board but today cnbc mentioned that the DOW is up 13 Straight Fridays in a row!!!!

    This is the greatest market ever!!!
  666. Feels good to be long :)
  667. Kachingo $$
  668. shorts dreams crushed once again $$$
  669. congrats once again to all ZERO RISK dip buyers $$$
  670. lmao!!! Cheers bro :)
  671. Yeah, that was funny. :eek:
  672. Just a joke between Eqt and me. No need to feel aggravated.
  673. Who's aggravated? :confused:

    I was laughing too. :p

    Take it easy frau, don't get so offended.
  674. is there risk yet? :eek: :eek:
  675. I would like to be the first to donate to the official

    "Anti-Depressants for Shorts Fund"

    I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK

    where do I send the funds?

  676. none.
  677. Can you take money out of your IRA without incurring a penalty? :p

  678. it doesnt matter..

    if you pay the 10% penalty for early withdrawl.... just think how many 1000's% you are missing out on if you just take all the money and go 6x margin levels baby $$$

    Ka Friggin' Chingo $$$
  679. go market $$$$
  680. Yes, while you're at the soup kitchen getting lunch your IRA is suffering! :p
  681. Is there risk now?
  682. Don't forget to wash it down with some

  683. Same crap over the last three days, were just down to the same spot we were yesterday. Now appears to be bouncing off that support.

    Range trading! you dont really think the money managers will let the market faLL with just 7 more day in Q2. Don't worry it will rally to new highs soon.
  684. No, of course they won't. They'll just keep using their magic bags of money to buy everything up! :p

    No wonder you're being driven nuts by the markets...you rely too heavily on conspiracy theories.
  685. Agreed....

    Their money is going towards Bear stearns hedge fund BLOW UP. Isn't there a little more risk now? Sheesh...1% down in the SPX is nothing if the subprime really blows up.
  686. I don't think the market liquidity is as good as it's said to be. They throw around that word like there's billions out there that can be thrown at the markets, but