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Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

  1. Wont be long now, eh?? :D
  2. Mokwit,

    What are you going to say when the market has a healthy drop, history proves it happens.

    It will happen, but the question is will you have the balls to hold??
  3. So far we're 0 in 928 :p Why not swim WITH the stream, instead of AGAINST it? ZERO RISK is the key word!!!!

  4. Have you hear about non stationarity of volatility... perhaps you should do the same with a one standard deviation measure, not a fixed 2%...
  5. YOUR NOT LISTENING!!...........

    I - TRADE - LONG - OR - SHORT.

    Direction dont matter when you are a trader......

    GET IT?
  6. You forgot to add "real trader" :D
  7. Slaves predict... Kings react

    oh and losers post infantile slogans in caps
  8. #1: The trend is your friend

    #2: There is a new trend every day

    #3: Intraday traders no longer care when the closing bell rings :>)
  9. How about when it drops 1-1-1% in a row?

    Last year mid-June and mid-July. 3-3 days 40 and 45 points drops...

    The Mid-July drop was 3.5% if you want it in %....

    P.S.: Both May and July had 60+ points drops, but it took several days. Point is, you can have a downtrend without a really big one day drop...
  10. I found it works to get ppl like you to click on them.
  11. And then what happend? The PPT came in and saved the day, as always. Works like clockwork these days, there is no fear :p
  12. 2% drop is more (in points) on 1400 than it would be on 700...could be something to chew on.
  13. That's a good point.

    It reflects:
    1. improved exchange regulations that prevents manipulative moves.
    2. much more sophisticated investors and traders; with computers and mathematical models to manage their portfolio. No need for knee-jerk reactions.
    (would you consider 2-line MA a mathematical model? :D )

    i.e. we can have a 9,000 day uptrend without a one-day >2% correction.


    we can have an up cycle followed by a down cycle without experiencing a one-day >2% move!

    if you are OLD, you will remember the Limit-Down days.:D
  14. right on !
  15. this is the comment from http://usmarket.seekingalpha.com/article/25254

    NO DooDahs wrote on Fri Jan 26th @ 3:50 pm

    This is fairly typical BS, technically true, but meaningless and insight-less. Volatility on both downside AND UPSIDE is compressed! For crissake, it's been 144 days since we've had a 2% UP move, and I don't hear anybody sounding forlorn about THAT! Before the current streak of 144 days without a 2% UP move, we had a streak of 680 days without such a large UP move, 680 days being the THIRD LONGEST such streak since 1950!!!!! Where's the UPSIDE VOLATILITY???!!!

    Back to your arbitrarily-chosen "2% down day" as the subject of streaks. We’ve had 14 such year-long-or-more streaks since 1950, implying that we should get such a streak about every four years. If you look, we are about ten years removed from the last such streak, which was 526 trading days and ended in March of 1996. Incidentally, we've had four such streaks lasting over 700 trading days (almost 3 years!!) since 1950, and the last such streak ended in 1986.

    Knocking on wood? More like trying to scare the statistically unsophisticated! Using 2% as a significant benchmark is showing ignorance of the historic return distribution of the marketplace, which, by the way, is conditionally heteroskedastic.

    should read this too:

  16. There are more players with a "short" book which buffers the downside as the market drops. Long/Short hedge funds are largely responsible vs. the past when everyone was only long and downdrafts had a larger cascading effect of triggering stops and more stops with no support from any short players to temporarily halt the decline. This is one of the reasons that volatility has come down consistent with the surge in long/short players. More 2-way flow and positioning equals a more stable market in my opinion.
  17. No you are just another unprofessional trader the market will flush in time
  18. Well, I suppose drawing real money each month from a broker account means just that - how about you, 1 ball?... oops, I mean 1 lot.
  19. I think when the drop comes it will be nasty because everyone who is holding good profits will want to protect those profits. The exit door is going to be pretty narrow. But after that drop, expect a significant rally to take out the short positions and puts bought to protect investments. just the way the market works! I have recently started going short more than I am going long and short trades seem to work better for me right now. Interest rates are creeping higher and earnings guidance is starting to disappoint. I think February is going to be tougher to go higher. Is the 2% drop coming in Feb? Hard to tell right now. I will comment on this further in my blog tomorrow http://lauristonletter.blogspot.com/
  20. Ok, but it is 75k a contract.
  21. You're right, slaves predict :p
  22. No need to get touchy, wee man. I am sure your d*** is huge and the ladies love you :D
  23. And Kings react to grandstanding with the sure knowledge that the author is trying to convince himself more than anyone else
  24. Couldn't be that the author is just having fun :p
  25. If he's 5 years old maybe... but no, not a trader
  26. GO MARKET $$$$$
  27. Feels good to be long on margin over the weekend. I can sleep knowing that the boyz will jack up the prices on Monday morning. AWESOME!!!

  28. :D :D :D
  29. <i>"Feels good to be long on margin over the weekend. I can sleep knowing that the boyz will jack up the prices on Monday morning. AWESOME!!!"</i>

    I'd be willing to bet there are 100s of aspiring traders here in this thread who would absolutely love to see a master trader's real-time blotter. I mean, what more concrete proof of how risk-free long plays on margin over the weekend where than showing real money trades and the impressive results.

    Here's an excellent opportunity to walk the talk, and show everyone just how fearless the savvy, astute, superior traders truly are.
  30. Just load up the chart of a major index for the last 7 months, there's your proof :D

  31. exactly.... what the heck....

    if long is wrong I dont want to be right!!
  32. Trade the market you cheerleaders, been good money on the downside lately
  33. The proof of fearlessness is action... we can all get rich in hindsight. The masses here surely would revel in seeing how the big pros bought on margin Friday and held over the weekend.

    (disclaimer) Long ER 792.20 = out 794.20 for +2pts, missed ideal long entry near 790 on quick pullback while my back was turned. I'm down with the long side just like y'all... with healthy fear of risk on every trade.

    That said, you gotta know how many 100s, probably 1,000s of viewers here would just die to see how a big hitter mopped up holding long over the weekend. Please feel free to post blotters at will... no such thing as overkill there
  34. I love no risk $$$

    especially on ER2 since it pays more $$$
  35. GO TEAM ER2!!!!

    I just canceled my fixed deposit account, why bother when you get the same risk but better return in the ER2!!!!!!!!!
  36. You boneheads, I made a buttload on ER2 shorts last week... you guys are driving down a one way street
  37. Well, your's sure does....often! :cool:
  38. You forgot smart and good looking!!! :D
  39. I love zero risk buying$$$ you can't ever lose anything $$$
  40. yeah, but it's like living with a nympho. Eventually, you grow weary of that, too :cool:
  41. Beware the boy who cries wolf! (well, kinda in reverse this time.)
  42. This is what happens to bears in this market :D
  43. Actually thats you morons that can only trade one side

    nyuk nyuk nyuk... woop woop woop
  44. Thing is... why would anybody bother to trade? I just go long on dips and see no need to (over)trade at all. This market is an invitation to kick back and letting the PPT do the trading for us :p

  45. excuse me for trading with the trend and not fighting the tape..

    I love risk free 100% up room to go money $$$
  46. Pfft... trends within trends within trends... if you can trade
  47. Speaking of the Plunge protection team, m3 is no longer reported. So we're no longer able to know when they decide the market has climbed enough to pad the economy. Then their buying will back off.
  48. Did everyone else just make a quick 2 points on that ER2 short???

    Didn't think so... Moe, Larry and Curly
  49. ym short at the minute
  50. Smart man
  51. Making money both sides by listening to what the market tells you without bias and without ridiculous preconceptions

    And haven't the stooges gone quiet
  52. shorted 797.10 = out 796.10 after hitting 795.10
    shorted 795.10 = out 794.10, now printing 792.90

    flat, but prepared to trade either way or not at all until tomorrow.

    BTW... there hasn't been a trend in ER or ES for past 2+ months. Both are perfectly sideways in a 30pt roll.

    The overall trend right now is ssssiiiiiddddeeeways.
  53. market is all over the place, no sense of direction.
  54. Err no, lovely longs all morning, sexy shorts right now... easy money
  56. Congrats & welcome to the free money printing machine called dip buying!!!!
  57. Heh heh... now the Stooges will try to bottom pick and miss it by a mile then wait for the market to turn and tell us all they picked the bottom

    Yep... the dips are buying :)
  58. a) You're the one posting historic trades that nobody can verify ("SHORT MORNING, LONG NOW, MADE 2 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")
    b) Why trade when longs end up in the green all the time???? :D
  59. Does this look very difficult to you? :)

  60. <i>"b) Why trade when longs end up in the green all the time????"</i>

    Where they end up when one sells is the question. "In the green" is a very fleeting term these day :D
  61. COME ON...


    I havent traded anything yet today, if I do from now till 4pm ill post it.

    However anyone else trading lets see some picks and what price your buying and selling at.
  62. Sounds like an invite to the "no risk" pros. Like we said before, it'd be thrilling to see all those upside profits from buying free money dips and holding over the weekend.
  63. I said shorts were the go 40 minutes ago, ... check the posts :)

    Unlike you clowns who don't grow a set of balls until it's risen 10 points, we don't hear from you on the way down
  64. As I said, I'm here all the time, up or down doesn't matter to me :D
  65. Yeah you actually aren't too bad... but Moe is a bit of a joke

    I'm sure we can expect him to come dancing in for the afternoon rally... of course his eyes will have to adjust to the light after hiding in a dark room for the last hour :)
  66. been here since august, still bearish after this run since July 2006.
  67. Wow, how did you survive? Not being sacastic, seriously...
  68. owned :)
  70. And congratulations for hiding until price came back... another ballsy effort from the shadow :)

    And hey how about congratulating wee man and I for all the money we made on the short side?

    or is that just crazy talk? :)

  71. First off I didnt place every single one of my eggs in one basket, I did go long on the dips in certain sector etfs. In the last couple of months though I have been a bit more bearish than usual.
  72. How fast in volatility going to spike when this thing shits the bed. People are going to be stampeding for protection.
  73. so you admit price came back...

    check and mate
  74. Oh and it dropped 7 points and only came back 4 so far... so you know, there was more on the short side on that run... how about some caps for that?
  75. Err yeah, it limped back a few points, not even enough to tempt me, but I cleaned up on the shorts... perhaps you should study chess a little more :)
  76. sorry I was referring to er2..

    I love er2 baby $$$
  77. Sorry permabears, not a chance to break the dip buying money printing system :p
  78. We've all been long and short today... no permabears... just good traders who can read the market and take money when it is offered on "both" sides :)
  79. ER2 up in premarket, NQ up in premarket. Thank God I don't know how to short :D

    Money's too easy on the long side!!!! $$$
  80. <i>"Thank God I don't know how to short... Money's too easy on the long side!!!! $$$</i>"

    I hope the markets go up all day... or down all day, either scenario is most welcome on this side of the screens.

    BTW... where are you long from? Did you buy premarket, or hold overnight?
  81. Well in that case, You just better 'pray' that you will be flat ifin this thing tanks at somepoint - especially when you are dancing around the minefield with a sack over your head.
  82. Thats like saying thank god I don't know how to trade... ridiculous
  83. I'm sorry perma bears, I have two of these and I don't chicken out on 5 point declines:

  84. What a pity they are rolling around in your head rather than between your legs
  85. They must be your eye balls, cos according to your woman she told me 'there's nothing hard down below'
  87. He loves zero risk of a girl holding his balls overnight

  88. dont hate the dip buyer..... hate the game
  89. market still trading flat ahead of tomorrows fomc meeting...

    Why the wait, everyone knows rates will stay unchanged....any bull looking for a cut in rates to keep things running higher better think twice.
  90. Yea don't blame me for the market going just one way since 4 years. What you want me to do, fight this relentless bull tape?
  91. Love the game, making a bucket load on shorts this morning while you cool your heels :)

    Might make some money on longs after the report... who knows?... the market will let me know :)
  92. Thing is T28, is there any type of cool book you get into if you manage to scalp out 3 points on the short side? Does money made on the short side feel better?

    Or is it just as good as points made overnight long :D
  93. I like making money... I don't like restricting myself to one side
  94. <i>"Or is it just as good as points made overnight long "</i>

    Depends on <b>where</b> one was long from held overnight. Where did you say that specific entry was, again?
  95. Exactly, these guys were buying a few mornings ago and the market went down for another 36 hours, then it suddenly comes back a few points and in they all roll claiming profits... yeah right

  97. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    Feels good to know I can pay off the mortgage just out of trading revenues, hell I might as hell stop working, this no risk market makes it possible!!!! $$$$$$$$$$

  98. wowwwww...

    2 reasons

    low gas prices and a stock market that goes straight up....
  99. Goin long overnight - you have to be only unlucky once and ye get yer nuts handed to ye . ie Sept 10 2001....overnight anyone?
  100. Let's put the puzzle together:

    1. Retail investors are bullish like they haven't been since April 2006 = more buyers of stocks!!!!!!!!!
    2. Consumers more confident about US economy than ever in last 6 months!!!!! They will buy more things and make companies more money!!!!!!!!

    This is the recipe for 100% up room to go! AWESOME $$$$$
  102. Whats the old saying... when taxi drivers start talking about the stock market it's time to get out
  103. Hmmm what are you talking about, I work at Dennys :D
  104. You have a...'mortgage' and a 'job'???

    I will not rib you any longer, I didnt realise you were in that position...
  105. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    go market!!!!

    I love no risk!!
  106. All the professional traders say weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  107. i like zero risk ! i knew we had a genius on here !:D
  108. Zero risk... zero brains
  110. GO ER2 BABY $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  111. Yes but I made just as much money on the way down as I'm making on the way up... how stupid are you guys not to get that? The market will always let you know what side to be on... why would you only accept half the money the market is offering you?
  112. Why fight the tape, I don't get it. I just see green across the monitors the market is telling me the only way is up!!!!!!!!!!!
  113. GO TEAM ER2 $$$$$$$$$$$
  114. if everything falls into place perfectly, by tomorrow night the DOW will be at another FRESH high...12621!!!
  115. Current Session Tally:
    ER short 797.20 = out 796.20
    Short again = par
    Long = Par
    Long 798.50 = out 800.50

    What trend? Trading these days is a lotta work, either direction... and we see both directions darn near every day. Godspeed the next real, lasting directional push... up or down.

    P.S. - y'all sure seem bored to tears, trolling the same mantra day after day after day. Why don't we all quit trading for the day, get together and have a couple of beers?

    Bulls are buying, T28 & I don't want any cheapie domestic brews, either!
  116. i know it ! i never lose either ! :D
  117. Here's what I don't get... you are all watching it go down so you can buy the dip... sitting there passively watching it fall... why wouldn't you go short and make money then flip where you were going to buy the dip anyway??????????

    This makes me think you cant really trade and once the bull run has ended the market will flush you as it always does with one sided bulls
  118. Many of them can't trade. They're investors who buy and hold. Any real trader plays both sides of the market. Buy & hold types just post on message boards all day.

  119. because shorting = risk... and that is something I dont want..

    buying dips = ZERO risk

    not saying you cant make money shorting.... I am saying risk vs reward is better on the long side and so that is where I will play...

    with no risk....
  120. Absolutely moronic statement, all trading is risk, if you believe in zero risk I have a bridge I'd like to sell you

    You are the guys screaming hysterically about free money and the ER2 offers you free money everyday on longs and shorts
  121. 100% wins and no losses, how do do you guys do this without losing on a single trade?
  122. I beg to differ. Everyone knows that short positions have unlimited risk, dip longs in this market are entirely free of any risk. I'm sorry the tape is this way but until it changes... it's free $$$$$
  123. Spoken like an ultimately losing trader
  124. Some of you need to "read between the lines" a little on the comments from Eqt and others.

    It's really just wry commentary on a market that just won't go down. At least not very damn much. For months and months and months...

    The market loves to surprise and befuddle. Should you buy the dips? Hell, I don't know. Except that it's been working for a looong time.

    Will it come crashing down at some point? Of course. We all know that.

    Until then, let's have some fun. Buy 'em. Sell 'em. Buy 'em. Sell 'em...

    Good trading all.

  125. I bought the dips on Friday in IYT and BA, to bad I didnt hold, would have been up over 1% on each of them in just 1 trading day. Thats what I call dip buying, however one day dip buying will not guarantee quick profits like it does at this very second.......
  126. watch the russel 2000, looks like it can be breaking out to new highs any day now.
  127. Well if you ever have the guts to come in here when it is falling (which you have never done) and tell us where you are buying the dip... we might actually believe you trade them
  128. You`re calling the one guy on this site who has been 100% openly bullish for 3 years a moron???

    Why dont you go back to the yhoo boards you dimwit.
  129. Look for Uncle Ben to pull the trigger for the mother of all short covering rallys :D

  130. trader28 , from what im getting at EQTrder is being sarcastic about "free money" and "no risk".

    There are a few here that see this market as no risk buying opportunities everytime the market sheds a few points, thats all.

    You have to admit how true it is that this market offers no risk, especially when buying the indexes like the SPY or QQQQ.
  131. Still trying to work out what yhoo is... some kind of American chocolate drink?
  132. HEY HEY!! No name calling, T28 never insulted anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
  133. Uh yeah I am, because he hides in the dark when the market is falling then comes in here with caps and slogans blazing "after the fact"

    They were all buying the other morning and the market went down for another 36 hours, then when it came back a few points they were in here again claiming profits... only a stooge would fall for that one
  134. Another thing to keep in mind is that if liquidity starts drying up or housing really starts to collapse and the markets take a breather, the federal reserve without any questions will lower rates to 3 and 4%. Hey maybe even drop them to 1%, why not, someone needs to get this housing market rolling again. 100% gains in 4 short years isnt enough for the GREEDY.
  135. Has the mkt really "fallen" all that much in the last 3 years?

    Cmom man take your eyes off the tick charts for a moment.
  136. Obviously enough for him to disappear and hide until it rebounds... I notice you had nothing to say about the 36 hour stooge play
  137. No worries, Bernanke admitted he is clued in with the PPT and will take action. Link: http://www.gata.org/node/4276

  138. What if the fed wants to lower asset prices?
  139. Thats because I dont know if its true.

    I do not hang out on ET watching everybodys moves. I trade.

    SWScapital reg date 04/05 471 posts 0.72 a day
    Trader28Lite reg date 10/06 600 posts 6.58 a day

    You notice anything funny about the above numbers?

  140. Well keep your eyes closed long enough and you'll believe everything they say :) pisspoor comeback by the way, a real man would have admitted defeat instead of playing ignorant like a child
  141. Yeah I can see that by all your posts to me

    Stick a fork in him :)
  142. I dont keep tabs on eqttradr. I just know that whenever I pop in here he has threads titled "no risk buy the dips" And that is exactly what the perfect play has been for 3 years.

    BTW, A real professional wouldn't be posting here almost 7 times day as you do.

  143. Well when you start a thread and give traders a profitable method to trade and it runs for over 350 pages... I guess I'll believe you are more than just another keyboard koward that cant pull the trigger on his 2k IB account

    ouch ouch
  144. hehe cool link... thanks :)
  145. Why would I want to start a thread that gives away a working strategy? LOL.

    Welcome to the big leagues kid.

  146. Thats true, if you are so financially strapped I guess you would worry about something like that

    Owned... and boned :)
  148. Oh dear, I can show you a picture of Dick Grasso having sex with Cindy Crawford... I'm sure thats real too :)
  149. I dont go that way. Apparently you do.

    Damn, i`m good...:D
  150. You`re right. I whipped that up in 2 minutes.

  151. You do when I bend you over and drive you home :0

    Now thats good
  152. Hey SWScapital... is this the kind of composure, discipline and restraint you exhibit in your trading? you know, you cant seem to ignore me like someone that was actually trading and successful would do :)
  153. I know. You got me all worked up.

    I`m done.

    Good trading to you. :D
  154. Oh another bite from the little fishy, no self control, cant help himself :)
  155. 930 days!!!!!
  156. Without sex?
  157. MarketBeat has noted previously that this is the longest stretch (more than 900 days) without a one-day decline of 2% or more in the S&P 500 since 1928. Michael Panzner offers a related point, noting that since the last single-day 2% decline in May 2003, there have been four 2% rallies — the most recent a 2.16% increase on June 29, 2006.
  158. Ahhh yes, the "experts"... remind me where they were in March 2000?
  159. Seems like the average intraday range since late June has been 0.2% up or down. This is mind-numbing. Can we replay 2000 ~ 2003 one more time, please?
  160. Im not saying a word......
  161. According to the traders interviewed in the 'Maket wizards' books, they have made that much money that they feel it is their duty to share/give something back....is that the league your in?
  162. ...Burger King?
  163. Hell frozen over?
  164. EqtTrdr, it's amazing how the dip buying free money making machine catapulted you from Burgerking to the forefront of capitalism! CONGRATS!!!!
  165. You make a strong case for communism makloda
  167. thanks but I think its time to expand...

    we should go on TV with a trading infomercial and make $$$ on top of what we are rakin' in!!

  168. When the market falls you run and hide, then when it comes back a few points you claim you bought at the bottom... strange that you never tell us this until after the move and nothing can be verified

    But I guess thats why there's no risk

    There's no trade :)
  169. Hey T28 didn't you just get burned by the SWSCapital guy asking for screenshots :p
  170. No he asked for my photo of Dick Grasso and Cindy Crawford
  171. Well, if you get the infomercial up and running make sure you have your passports at the ready cos all them suckers that take your advice re; 'free money no risk' might not be so friendly when a decent reversal happens (please. dont say it wont happen):confused:
  172. Sounds like a solid idea:


    -> Domain Status Message: Domain is available.
  173. But surely if there is "no risk" there should be no reason to hide in the dark everytime and only come out after the fact when nothing can be verified???

    Doesn't sound like no risk to me...

    Smells like fear
  174. T28, and others have shown screenshots in the recent past on another thread.

    You want to show us a screenshot of your mortgage statement.....diddy!
  175. Hey didn't you want to stop ripping into me??? :p
  176. go baby go! don't forget you can also buy whatever you want on credit regardless of what you have or can afford. it's way better than fiat cash profits, go get yourself something really nice and tangible like a house or a set of skis, and screw creditworthyness. ability to pay back will matter even less in the future than it already does. nobody is paying back shit, be it the USA, or joe neighbor's mortgage. money is totally free no matter where you get it in the USA.
  177. I can change direction when it suits me...lol

    btw, how's your woman...missing my loins?


    Nothing new there then?
  179. haha Here you go, cause you asked so nicely.

  180. These kids today and their magic markers
  181. Yea I guess my screenshots aren't as good as yours :(
  182. Yours is certainly more.... err creative :)
  183. I gotta bail, be back later tonight. CONGRATS TO ALL DIPSTERS AGAIN TODAY, TEAM ER2 4 LIFE!
  184. See I'm not hiding a 7k loss today, unlike you I can't always win :(
  185. Yes that really did make the rest of it look authentic... you should really use some of those smarts on the market :)
  186. er2 is amazing
  187. Well, thats me finished fer the day, I guess I'll nip over and give mokola's chick another bell-ending whilst he labor's at wal-mart stacking the shelves.

    Tomorrow then....
  188. If it's true and it sure *looks* like a TWS screenshot, Mak has a 7 figure account.

    Congrats. :cool:
  189. ER2 is amazing as always!!! Keep 'em coming $$$$
  191. looks like hes losing on almost everything, he might not have any figures at all shortly...
  192. <i>"If it's true and it sure *looks* like a TWS screenshot, Mak has a 7 figure account. Congrats."</i>

    That is an admirable sum, no question about it. But, I'm confused. How could a self-professed dip buyer, trading with absolutely no fear result in anything other than robust profits today?

    After all, the ER closed near session highs following not one but two dips intraday... just like <b>eqt</b> forecast it would.

    For me it was a tough, rather scalpy day. Granted, more buy signals than not which worked, but still a challenge for those of us with a (healthy?) dose of fear.

    For the fearless, it should have been a +$7,000 or +$17,000 day buying the ER on every dip for free money without risk. Some might wonder where this (still impressive) account began <i>before</i> all those dips were bought.

    $1.5mil, perhaps?
  193. in the end... all bulls end up in a hamburger... is just a matter of time.
  194. EqtTrdr and makloda sound like TV evangelists... without the cadillacs
  195. lol. Thats cute and true.( At least for the fourlegged ones) Havent heard it before.
  196. sndk down again...

    new 52 week low very soon...
  197. Got burned on a few thousands shares of GNSS yesterday :(

    Unlike others here I wish losses to no one. May everybody here be in the green everyday :p Good trading to all.
  198. They came........... they saw........... they bought dips!!!!
  199. Sorry too late

    Only counts if you have the balls to say it before the bounce

    Try again
  200. Good to see the PPT back in action in this opening. Makes trading skills absolutely unnecessary!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  201. Heh heh luckily for you guys... that should last about as long as your accounts after the market turns
  202. Wouldn't it be ironic if you blew up before me? :p Oh wait, I forgot.. you know how to really trade...
  203. Im in!!!!! There really is zero risk.....
  204. Oh I get it... you didn't have the guts to post all morning, if the market kept falling for 3 days we wouldn't hear from you until the 4th day when you would claim to have picked the bottom

    I get it :)
  206. BOTTOM line there is ZERO RISK$$$$$$$$$$
  207. Yeah just keep saying that... but until you grow a pair and call it before the fact instead of hiding in the dark on a pullback nobody is going to believe you are buying these dips
  208. Should I buy right now? ES is at 1433.50?
  209. goog is warming up ahead of earnings, up near 503.....513 looks to be resistance while 450 looks to be support, 513 will easily be taken out by 4:02 if earnings are on the good side. They tend to release earnings about 1-2 mins after the 4pm closing.
  210. i bought 30 es's today at 1430.25 and will sell at 1450. goog's going to 550 after hrs. going long is safer than a cd you can't be hurt
  211. ... silly me, I thought this thread was dead (laugh)

    Morning Activity:
    Short ER 798.70 = covered 797.70 (twice)
    Long ER 798.30 = covered 800.30 (once)

    ES short 1431 / low 1429 = covered 1431
    ES long 1432 = covered 1434


    Where's the trend? Buying dips worked... for small scalps exited promptly. Had I held any of these trades mere minutes longer, they'd all be back in my face for $0 gains.

    Very amusing thread, however. I do enjoy the antics & entertainment by all. Now that we're done trading until 2:15pm est, who wants to join me for some fun? I'm going out on the ice in our local swamp here to drill some holes for fishing later this evening. Anyone up for some trophy perch?
  212. Out on the ice to drill some holes?

    Is that a quaint American colloquillism for shagging the wife?
  213. T28L, that literally means we're going out in 10F temps, all bundled up to drill 4" holes thru 8" of ice. The reward for sitting in our little huts (heated) will be a pail full of fish that $10 at the local store could easily purchase.

    We call that entertainment :>)


    Also, we don't take country girls out ice fishing. Ever. They get restless and bored, start with all their pawing & groping nonsense when we're trying to focus on our $300 under-ice camera screens. Hurts their feelings when we push them away while handling our tipups and rods, too. Who needs that?

    Someday I'll make it over to your fabulous continent and spend time frolicking in the outback. Wonder if there are any critters in Australia one needs to be wary of?
  214. Ahhh i see

    As for critters, I wouldn't be swimming with the Stingrays anytime soon, they are on our shit list at the moment
  215. Watch out for them Koala bears too. Theyre vicious.
  216. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  218. awesome$$$$$$$$$$$$$$44
  219. I hear you...

    But then again I always hear you "AFTER" the move :)
  220. Yea I don't know where all this jealousy and negativity comes from when there IS FREE MONEY IN THE MARKETS RISKFREE!!!!! I DON'T GET IT WHY ONE WOULD BITCH AND COMPLAIN ALL DAY!??!?!?!
  221. Not being negative at all

    But until one of you gives entries and exits before the fact instead of vague slogans you should expect people to treat you as clowns
  222. HEY I SAW THAT ATTACHMENT!!! Where'd it go :confused:

    Congrats anyways, well done :D
  223. I love 100% up-room to go

    Viva la volatility! :cool:
  224. In all seriousness, all we ask is for markets to go somewhere. Up, down... it's all good. Those of us who cut our proverbial teeth from 1999 ~ early 2003 pray for volatility like this.
  225. = FREE MONEY
  226. dont matter how big you make the letters.... he still doesnt get it for some reason
  227. one hour left to go
  228. I hate to admit it but it is true, today at least. Up $70K on ES hedge (ofcourse puts are taking a bath but will add to them with portion of these profits). Still looking for a 7% pull back unless we take out highs on good vol. A low risk trade buying OTM puts here imo with very good RR. GS has been a great leading indicator the last few weeks, just look to see what it is doing and the market follows.

    Ya might wanna hold that thought until tomorrow's close. If they don't break overhead resistance and hold it thru tomorrow morning, could easily see ER 790 again tomorrow <i>(boo, hiss from the bulls)</i>
  230. It's the other way around. It's not the market looking and following GS, the GS boyz themselves are MAKING THIS MARKET GO WHERE THEY WANT IT WITH 100% UP ROOM TO GO! :D

    Free money for all of us!! $$$$
  231. Registered: Aug 2006
    Posts: 1756

    01-30-07 11:50 AM

    watch the russel 2000, looks like it can be breaking out to new highs any day now.

    new highssssssssssssssssss going to 1000 by the end of 2007, no stopping this freight train.
  232. free money for all, buy the next dip, even if its a 0.03% decline for the dow buyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it...
  233. Where is Wee Man??? Missed him all day...
  234. 12650+ close tonight...

    goog earnings lift the dow to 12725

    friday job report should be perfect expect 12800+

    13000 by mid feb......keep buying.....

    930+ days without a 2% decline.

    BUY BUY 3.5% gdp, gotta love it....no worries at alllllllll
  235. EqtTrdr deserves credit. Honestly, he has been making calls of 100% and room to go in all types of markets and has been 100% correct. Credit should given where credit is due. Congratulations, you have been 100% correct.
  236. Aaaaaaaaahahahahahhaha

    Not a single entry or exit ever given... it's right up there with the Easter bunny and Santa
  237. Out of my 30 es's at 1445 for a nice profit of $22,125. What a great country this is
  238. There are giving away money for free, risk free!!! Don't know why some people have to complain all day about it!!!!!!!
  239. Any moron can scream buy the dips in a bull market... a frickin monkey could do that

    But where are these masters of the market when the price is falling and an entry for the dip is begging to be called???

    And after a bounce where are the exits being called???

    They're not!!!

    because that might actually take the sort of skill a monkey doesn't possess
  240. dude.. I direct you to this post....

  241. "If long is wrong, I don't wanna be right!"

    Unless of course, we happen to see a tweezer top pattern forming here tonight. Then all bets are off for tomorrow :p
  242. Well I am sorry, I am just trying to make money and not trying to just look smart doing so. This market requires ZERO skill, like it or not. The trend is up and I ain't fighting it baby!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  243. Exactly! Thats the attitude!
  244. Ah the pain of the short squeeze. Sorry bears

  245. Buy dip... Blue cheese dip.

  246. Heh heh... you realise everytime you show that picture I couldn't agree more

    Now I know who Moe and Larry are... but which one of you is Curly?
  247. Hmmmm... very interesting day ahead of us tomorrow
  248. have we seen this before?
  249. Look what the boyz did last time they saw a chart like that. The game is "burn the shorts":


    100k lot anyone? :D
  250. i love zero risk! can someone tell me when the tooth fairy is coming ?


  251. Look everyone Ben is blowing his first bubble. This took Alan some time before he blew his first.

    Man just think were the Vix would be now if we didn't get that 5% gap up on Monday, glad to see everyone is working together to help Ben blow his first bubble.

    My goodness the Dow mini is up 33 overnight, look like another up day for the markets buy buy buy buy BUYING NOW @ 12693 WILL TAKE PROFIT @ 12710..............NO STOP necessary IN THIS MARKET.
  253. Kindergarten
  254. buy buy buy, 12750 today

    12800+ tomorrow

    13k by end of next week...

    buy the sector ETFs SPY, QQQQ, DIA = $$$$$$
  255. could any of you smart traders tell me where i could purchase the book cinderella ? i know some of you have read it ! especially you young twerps .

  256. I FOUND IT ! i read it ! i'm buying s&p's. the market can't drop !:D


    its awesome.... everyone should take some free money $$$
  258. congrats once AGAIN today to all dipsters banking free money$$
  259. Oh please the ER2 is barely up 3 points... the cheerleading is just getting silly now
  260. Say, spunkie, would you mind puting an exact figure in dollar terms of how much you have actually made today, for example?

  261. lol

    er2 up +5% in last few trading sessions baby $$$

  262. russel 2000 up 3% in the last 5 trading days
  263. Been making money both sides, you sound ridiculous

  264. yes.. someone who in 2003 told everyone to "just buy... market never going down" sounds very ridiculous...lol
  265. DOW TRANSPORTS UP OVER 5.5%%%% in 4 trading days......gotta love it....keep buying these dips, another record closing for the DOW TODAY....keep buying thoseeee dipppppps...
  266. dow up 32.....buy buy buy....should close above 12675
  268. Here's a snapshot of today

    Try not to get too excited at how it is screaming up

  269. How about a screenshot of your account instead????????? Metastock's kinda boring.
  270. Sure, give me your credit card details... nothing is free
  271. Reply of a real trader :D Good trading to you anyways, not that you need it :p
  272. You called my hand, if you want to see my cards you have to pay

    Speaking of which, how tempting is it to empty out your account and go on the world poker tour... those girls think they know pressure... pfft
  273. Ahhhh but did you pick the expert advisor?
  274. futures loving oil pullback!

    dip buyers ALWAYS bank $$$

  275. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    thats funny, i recall oil going from 50-58 and within that frame of time the DOW going to fresh highs......Even the Transports are coming into fresh highs as oil has surged in the last 2 weeks. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  276. sick.. this market is nuts...lol
  277. We really are in a mania now. The market is by no means cheap anymore.
  279. 932 days since the last 2% drop......
  280. Its all engineered to go higher, pull up a monthly dow chart with an ADX its rising up thru 20 after being under 20 for 3 years, this rally is just getting started.
  281. Amazing.

    Ford and GM both announce 19% drop in sales, and their stocks jump.
  282. This will be like 1993-1997
  283. dilutions ! same thing some of the E.T.R'S HAVE. why ? because they haven't changed their shorts.

  284. What? How about the fun colors and "bullish and "bearish" indicators? How is that boring?
  285. congrats bro$$$$

    good to see you making some free money as well $$$$$
  286. ya right!:mad:
  287. Do you know how stupid that statement is? You act as if all bears are bears for life and never took a long... it's embarrassing how moronic your simplistic slogans and caps are, you all sound like frightened, insecure, frustrated traders trying to convince yourselves of something you don't truly believe. There are position traders, swing traders, scalpers etc, half the time the guy on the other side of your contracts has the same bias but is in a different stage of his trade... for you to make up these bears as if they are the enemy or a select group of traders is naive in the extreme, it shows a complete lack of understanding and frankly shows you up as children in this game
  289. Don't take them too seriously, Trader28Lite. It is called "trolling". The only purpose is to infuriate you. And it is working, I can tell.
  290. More like bewildered and bemused...

    I only get infuriated at my wife's cat and overseas telemarketers

  291. yeppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    nothing can stop the bull remember that.
  292. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it
  293. S2007s

    Registered: Aug 2006
    Posts: 1798

    02-01-07 01:46 PM

    dow up 32.....buy buy buy....should close above 12675


    right on the moneyyyyyyyyyyy
  294. tomorrow

    DOW 12735+ close

    no stopping the bull, remember that....
  295. Slaves predict, Kings react

  296. hahah...:p
  297. toooooooo many bulls...

    from motley fool

    In 2007, the S&P 500 will...

    * Increase by 5% to 10% (628 votes - 48%)
    * Increase by 11% to 20% (463 votes - 36%)
    * Increase by 21% or more (67 votes - 5%)
    * Post a decline for the year (142 votes - 11%)

  298. and free money no risk dip buyers never lose......

    what's your point?
  299. Yeah yeah... entries??? exits???

    You lose all the time, thats why we don't ever see you call them
  300. Unfreakin' believable.

    Indexes. Up again. Say what?
  301. the signals being sent from all the different multivaried markets around the globe is that global liquidity is at extreme highs.

    this increases prices of all asset classes, stocks, bonds, commodities, in the end its stealth inflation.

    so looking at the indexes and thinking its 'too high' will rob you of a golden opportunity.

    most of price volatility is just jawboning. People trying hit each others stops. But in the end it all comes down to who has the most money and their agenda.

    thats why bonds keep going up even with signs that the economy is not really that slow. Dont be surprised if the bond market rallies tommorrow on strong nfp numbers.

    A short term top will be hit tommorrow. Next week will be stop runs on longs. With some downside range testing taking place.

    massive global liquidity is the hardest thing to fight for anyone shorting popular asset classes.
  302. I imagine (not a prediction, not a call, just doing some thinking) a market gapping up on nonfarm payrrolls tomorrow and then fading the gap. (nothing weird just a 5 points from highs)

    Let's see what its going to happen but i think the situation reminds me a few months ago when the market made the highs just 10/15 min after the data came out and then we have a correction from "highs".

  303. Liquidity is driving every market index in every country to new highs. Eventually this will dry up and when it does it should be no surprise to anyone.
  304. How much more credit/debt will they pump into the system to keep these markets in the greatest bull run........ in HISTORY????
  305. from seekingalpha.com

    Bill Cara

    Demand for Debt Service
    What happens when commodity prices zoom? Interest rates zoom.

    Should interest rates pick up from here, it will not take much (as I have been saying) to put the so-called “smoking” economy into recession. Higher interest rates have a way of bringing debt holders to their knees. Over the years, it’s same old, same old. People who take on more debt have the need to service that debt, and when asset prices stop rising and bankers start calling loans, the jig is up.

    Credit derivatives, of course, make everybody in the financing business seem secure. Wait until this cycle starts to unwind. We’ll see how many lenders stay in business. Governments that are presently allowing lending rules to change, with respect to permitting longer periods of non-performing loans, can only be carried so far. At some point the banks will cut bait, and full debt service will be demanded.

    Pension debt is another issue today. The longer social payment plans go under-funded, the closer we get to a financial Armageddon. Yesterday, when the Fed Head, the President and the Treasury Secretary and their legion of shills were out pumping up financial asset prices, I didn’t hear a single serious comment on the pension problem… Or the healthcare funding problem… Or the rising commodity price problem…

    But, with a single pump of the Treasury bond market, I heard lots of hype about falling bond yields. Ha ha ha.

    This morning’s ISM Manufacturing Index gives rise to more questions about the Q406 +3.5% GDP growth number. So too did the housing data and the auto sales data.

    The truth is that the credit balloon can only be blown up so far before it pops. I expect that popping sound sometime in the next two to six months. Meanwhile, I hope you focus on the Relative Strength Index numbers (i.e., those over 70 on the Monthly-Weekly-Daily) - particularly those companies that carry a lot of debt or bonds as asset holdings) - and that you can find the resolve to sell into strength, or at least switch into stocks of high quality companies that have M-W-D RSI values below 30. The latter will likely be the first to move higher in the next Bull market.
  306. Global Indexes:

    Stock Market % Gain in 2006
    Venezuela Stock Market Index 159.06
    Ho Chi Minh Index 146.26
    Jakarta Composite Index 52.40
    Indice Bolsa General 44.54
    BSE SENSEX 30 Index 44.53
    Mexico Bolsa Index 42.96
    PSEi - Philippine SE IDX 41.37
    WSE WIG Index 36.94
    FTSE/JSE Africa All Shr. 35.74
    Chile Stock Market General 34.42
    Hang Seng Index 33.59
    PSI General Index 32.43
    Luxembourg LuxX Index 31.96
    IBEX 35 Index 30.77
    Straits Times Index 26.02
    FTSE 250 Index 25.69
    Kuala Lumpur Comp. Index 22.78
    NZX 50 FF Gross Index 20.18
    S&P/ASX 300 Index 19.03
    Taiwan TAIEX Index 18.69
    OMX Stockholm 30 Index 18.57
    ASE General Index 18.41
    IGBC General Index 17.82
    Budapest Stock Exch. Index 16.67
    OMX Helsinki Index 16.11
    Milan MIB30 Index 16.03
    NYSE Composite Index 15.50
    Amex Composite Index 14.56
    S&P/TSX Composite Index 12.82
    OMX Copenhagen 20 Index 10.72
  307. this cycle is bigger then the late 90's cycle. It doesnt end till the indexes print exponential curves.

    its a massive pyramid scheme, where prices just feed on themselves.

    its still pretty early in its lifespan. It has atleast 5 years more. Even if you catch a part of it, and understand the trends inherent in different markets, many will walk away with boat loads of wealth.

    it will end in a great depression type collapse. But trying to pick a top will spell doom. If anyone has old tapes of march 2000 price action in the indexes study them.

    withdrawal of liquidity is the only thing that can kill it. Its a lot of false wealth creation. The wealth is just on paper. But that paper is being used as collateral for real world consequences.

    main themes are that:

    1) paper will lose value
    2) hard assets will gain value

    there will be some downward attempts in oil, but those attempts will be fleeting. Gold will be the ultimate winner.

  308. Everyone knows the wealth is being created on paper, however how long could this last, you say at least 5 more years. We are entering our 4th year in this bull run, I know anything could happen, but its hard to believe they will be able to continue to pump up the money supply for such a span of time.

    As for GOLD, its making its way back up, someone must be ready for something.
  309. I keep saying over and over again. Its inflate or die. There is no turning back. This years credit expansion must be even greater than last years or the death spiral will commence.
  310. Three things that I see that could cause some problems:
    A strengthening Yen
    A significant uptick in real US unemployment/ significant decrease in US consumption
    Some massive fund or a few of them that can figure out where the loose thread/s is/are that will unravel everything and are willing to pull on it/them for ridiculous profits.
  311. They say its hard to tell a "bubble" until it bursts.

  312. This is my problem with holding gold, when asset prices get cut (or i should say if) I think gold will inevitably take a major haircut too though relatively speaking it will fare better. It is after the correction when the central banks really prime the pump of recovery that I think gold will see its biggest gains (basically Faber's view). As contrarian as it is I think the $ will be the place to be if things really unravel as all these emerging markets are going to get slaughtered and the $ will again be a safe haven (another reason why gold is going to take a hit). Once the dust settles and the race to reflate starts that is the time to go all in on gold).
  313. What they should say is that it is hard to know how big a bubble it is going get until it bursts.


  314. a significant uptick in unemployment????

    I don't see that happening, in fact every month when they revise the job data its significantly greater than it was originally figured at.

    Significant decrease in US CONSUMPTION???

    Never, the consumer only knows how to spend, how do I know...Negative Savings rate in the U.S. 2006 was the lowest in over 70 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

    However with ARMS resetting and housing prices dropping the ability to borrow against those houses has become quite tough, so borrowing on a Credit Card at 15% will the only way to go.

  315. could say that too, just like nasdaq 5000, Im sure weeks before that many thought 6000, 7000, and even 10,000 but 5000 why??? This bubble is just as hard to figure out as any other, its not a question of IF, its a question of WHEN.
  316. Borrow at 15%, invest in S&P and get 17%. This carry trade will make an easy 2% profit.:D
  317. No need to be scared, nice up room to go!!! Let's look at what happend 1993-1995. Everybody was in disbelief as well!!!!

  318. Its a runaway bull market, good news is good news and bad news is good news.
  319. Zero brains 100% cheerleading no skill
  320. The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

    I learnt that the hard way.
  321. Long overnight doesn't need much skill, in fact I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it DOES NOT TAKE ANY SKILL TO MAKE BIG $$$ IN THIS MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!
  322. I agree, when the market turns the cheer squad will be flushed out of the game, happens every cycle
  323. Correct me if I am wrong, but didnt that screenshot you posted recently claiming to be your trading account show losses?
  324. <i>"It's different this time. You old guys just don't understand today's market."</i>

    Quoted by the masses in Jan, Feb and March 2000

  325. You can even buy here in the Dow Mini just bought 1 @ 12718 no stop because it never goes down. Transports are going to make a new all time high today and everyone i going to go nuts buy buy buy.

    Over the weekend mom and pop are going to feel like they are missing out and Monday they will be lined up ready to buy buy buy.

  326. Waaaa Waaaa Waaaa
  327. It is different this time. It's free money and anyone not playing the long game is fool. I don't think anything outside a nuke can stop this .bad earn ings or good earnings it matters little. oil skied and then fell it didn't matter. rates just skied we didn't miss a beat. if thats the case why fight it. look at yellow freight. it was $40 2 months ago warned and dropped to $37. before its warnings its est's for 2007 were $5.60. yesterday it beat its reduced est's and said they'd now earn $5 vs the $4.70 there earnings were lowered to but way below the $5.60 of just 2 months ago when the stock was $40. IT CLOSED YESTERDAY AH NEAR $48 WITH 2007 EARNINGS THAT WILL STILL BE 60 CENTS LOWER THAN 2 MONTHS AGO WHEN THE STOCK WAS $40. if its that easy why fight it?i've been printing coin the last few months
  328. La La La
  329. Have you even considered the possibility that you might be the last one holding the bag?
    Going long in a rampant bull market is not skill - the skill comes when it turns!
  330. After Trader28 chickend out (I am not surprised after he got smoked twice)... but I will try with you. Why not post your account now?
  331. Magic Marker Makloda... heh heh

    And err... what's chickend?
  332. Identifying a runaway bull market and not going against it is skill.
  333. Is it?
  334. Because I am not high fivin' every time the market takes off, I am trading the downside and yes, the upside which clearly is the predominant direction for the time being.
    Constantly cumming in your pants every time the market rises is not the smart way to trade....The test for you will be how you handle any correction, for me it wont matter..I'm out at the end of every day.
  335. Yes it is.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a converted perma-bear. I decided that its pointless to go against the market because its irrational.

    I have been buying dips since like 2 months ago, recovered all my losses with some nice profits.
  336. Good for you.
    Be carefull tho, Big Dippers can make you puke!
  337. Well big dippers have been nearly non-existent for... quite a while now.
  339. Weak jobs data = rate CUT.

    More bears gonna be slaughtered today. :p

  340. I think i mentioned that yesterday, its pretty lame that bulls have that kind of thinking, this economy would need at least 3 months of job numbers coming in below consensus, it didn't happen today, there were upward revisions across the board so to expect any kind of rate cut is just wishful thinking. Not happening anytime soon.
  341. The perma bears don't get it.

    Strong job data = Strong economy = Companies make more cash = INDEXES 100% UP ROOM TO GO

    Weak job data = Weakening economy = rate cuts = INDEXES 100% UP ROOM TO GO

  342. Who the hell cares?

    Nobody pays any attention to bad data in runaway bull markets.

  343. you got it!!!

    its a positive spin no MATTER which way you put it. Just keep buying the dips, I would go 100% margin as well. Its impossible to lose. :D
  344. Aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

    There are no permabears... what do you think makes a bull market?

    Jesus wept you guys are stupid
  345. boom another 3 pts on 20 es's i just made. as i said no matter what the # we were going higher.
  346. Disbelievers constantly going short at the slightest dip and getting burned in the squeeze :D
  347. Like I said, half the time the guy on the other side of your contracts has the same bias but is in a different stage of the trade... you sound like simpletons talking about bears as if they are a constant opposing group

    In fact if anyone is going short it is the whales of the market, they start accumulating contrary positions when they hear guys like you screaming hysterically because historically that has always been an excellent overbought guage, they can ride out any bull run and they'll still be around counting their millions after you guys have been flushed
  348. Sounds like you personally can't wait for some of the posters here to get wiped out. Why all the negativity?

  349. you cant be negative if your a bull in this market, it has been just straight profitable trading since JULY.

    Look right now, the DOW is off 6 points, if your a bull you should take advantage of this dip, we should be back above 12685 by 10.

  350. On the contrary, a realistic assessment of history may save their arses

    It may be you doing them the ultimate damage... how many pre March 2000 permabulls are still around?
  351. You could make a fortune shorting the market everytime this room goes quiet :)
  352. :D :D :D

  353. did anyone buy the dip....told ya :p

  354. Yep!
  355. The Dow down 6 points is considered a dip these days? This is sheer madness.
  356. I think we know who the dips are

    I've had one short and one long and the short made slightly more...

    what does that mean?... absolutely nothing... Slave predict, Kings react!
  357. yes , thats funny .:)
  358. the bear has awakened . :D

  359. Gee I wonder if we get another 5% gap up on the Vix this Monday, cant wait to see what the market has in store, have a nice weekend everyone.

  360. madness yes....

    however it is the truth....
  361. Quant algorithmic buying programs and the PPT make it possible. The only way is up with zero vola.

  362. haha.. yes...

    nice catch on those times...

    You made me notice how they jack up the VIX for no apparent reason and then I come to find out it's to leave room for a nice market rally...lol

    GO MARKET$$$$
  363. This is a juvenile thread, with a juvenile premise, and it is has grown tiring.

    It sometimes makes me hope for a correction just so the 3 people that have a canned response to any topic that they repeat 30x a day will either stfu, or contribute more substantive comments.
  364. bylosellhi , those are the three amigos.:D

  365. those darn bugchaser's !:D
  366. No.

    That was a one time call on GS that I was wrong on. Period.

    I don't hang out here and repeat the same thing 30x a day, let alone in one thread.
  367. no, they are just having fun .:)

  368. Guys we have another dip :)

  369. yes....

    and congrats once again to all those who play buy the dip no risk free money system $$

    you truly are an inspiration and you truly have ZERO risk$$
  370. Me I buy the dip around 30x a day, for nice risk free $$$
  371. dow should go green in 15 mins..buy it now
  372. One of those dips might turn into a dungeon if your not carefull.

  373. nice call bro$$$$$

    good to see everyone jumping on the free money train now!!!

    my hope is that all can participate soon!!



  374. HASNT HAPPENED IN 4 YEARS.....I prefer to stick to the trend
  375. Remember: According to the scalpers there is no such thing as a trend that can last for weeks or let alone months. They just think tick to tick... and miss out on the greatest money making machine on the planet: LONG OVERNIGHT INDEX FUTURES
  376. lol... amazing how they are in denial...


    NO RISK $$$
  377. Very childish, we are meant to believe these kids who post ridiculous slogans in caps and street talk 30 times a day are actually professional traders... very amusing
  378. Why didnt you post WHEN exactly to buy the dip...waited to see if it realy did bounce, eh?
  379. Never ever ever. FREE MONEY. We cant even go into the red zone..

  380. It always comes back, no stop necessary PERIOD! unless you want your broker to get some money to, amazing simply amazing, go market!

  381. Not everyone is a chicken like you, pecking around on the ground, some day you can soar with us eagles.
  382. I know it hurts your ego, but making $$$ can be THIS easy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  383. Here you go buy @ 12693 sell @ 12710.......ready set go! its 11:45cst Dow mini @ 12693.
  384. The market does not suffer ego's well, those who need to be right are flushed

    It's actually why so many very successful businessmen who change careers to trade get slaughtered after dominating in their chosen profession
  385. Do you think if the bears win the super bowl it might change market direction?
  386. Is that the girls game where all those big tough guys need helmets and protection to play football?

    Down under we just stuff a dead Koala down our pants for protection and get on with the game
  387. What a garbage thread ... 67 pages of cheerleading. Why isn't this in Chit Chat? It seems clear that the three "buy the dips" aren't traders, but long term investors.

    Any trader --- or any real trader, plays both sides and those who think playing short makes no sense have no clue about trading.

    This thread has absolutely nothing to do with trading which I thought was the forum topic.
  388. I heard it being called 'Girl Rugby' once!:)
  389. Hold on....didnt you shout to everone to buy at 12700?''''did you tell every one to sell @ '710?

    You averaged down on a previous thread and got shagged when it kept goin against you!!!

    "load up 12700".....ok, say we took your advice - should we still hold?...zzzzzz
  390. You just 'soared' 17 points big eagle.

    However, some would say 17 points is 'chicken feed'.

    Edit: Are we there yet?

  391. 17 may be chicken feed, so you must me starving to death because you dont even trade.
  392. Slaughtered that wasent even 2% of my account equity. Lets talk about you, can you post some trades here? when was the last time you traded? what do you trade?

  393. how come everyone is quick to pick on you without doing a search for the 1000s of threads you started where you posted live trades, told everyone there was no risk and make $$$$$

    how come nobody sees those threads.. all they have to do is search and they will find a ton of em'
  394. Out @ 12687, crude oil spike!

  395. Because I do what their afraid to do, that is publicly make a call. Hardly anyone ever steps up and makes calls. Like the one I just made, it was wrong but Im not afraid.

    I would be willing to bet the Dow comes back after crude pits close.

    I am buying right here 12680 and will place a buy limit @ 12670. Let go!

  396. Stop @ 12647
  398. Wow... you really have no idea do you
  399. Why is it I don't see the dip buyers insulting people here? It's only the scalpers :D Maybe emotions get the best of them? It's hard to scalp a market that is going up in a straight line :D
  400. I got 99 problems...... but a short ain't one $$$$$:D

  401. Up in a straight line???

    Are you kidding me?

    The market never ever does that for any length of time, do you have any concept of pullbacks, stairstepping, waves, support/resistance or basically anything to do with trading???

    You just exposed yourself as a complete fraud
  402. Not if we overlook your height :)
  403. kind sir...

    I direct you to the first chart on this page...

  404. Here we go again, next thing you know he calls us investors.
  405. If you think the market goes straight up I cant call you anything related to finance
  406. How moronic would you have to be to tell me the market goes straight up but your entire trading philosophy is built on buying the dips

    How can there be dips if it goes straight up????

    Oh dear, perhaps you should think before you try to lie about your trades :)
  407. Er..no. I trade on a daily basis, I dont hold over night, and if I dont feel right about the market then I sit it out and dont trade untill it suits me.
    Which brings me to your strage 'trading' method - are you still long from 12700 or, as per usual less than the price that you yelled to everyone???
  408. Calm down minipeker, calm down. I must be upsetting you - good job you dont trade in a real trading floor....the locals would call you 'nancy'
  409. The penny drops!

    See, we will make a trader out of you yet.
  410. WEE MAN, you need to pony up. Please let us know who you grow a pair and actualy place a trade.
  411. The entire thread is invalidated now because according to their own statements the market goes straight up...

    so there cant be any dips to buy
  412. WHAT..NO DIPS!!!!!!!!!!!
  413. could this day move any slower. These indexes have been stuck all DAY LONGGGGG.

    Nasdaq trading in a 3 point range and DOW stuck in a 10 point swing, man this is boring.
  414. Didnt you post some screenshots a while ago of an IB TWS screen that was really a simm account but you tried to pass it of as a real one?
  415. Thats right, according to these geniuses the market goes straight up...

    so no dip for anyone... but I think we've got the crackers covered


    "NO RISK"......

    does not say anything about no dips
  417. Go on, don't believe a thing, continue to be in denial about this market... but then please also stop bitching if your scalping style frustrates you, thank you :p
  418. How can I scalp? According to you the market goes straight up, there are no opportunities for either of us to buy the dips :)
  419. The market does not move straight up, but the up moves have been much greater than the down moves.

    Shorting reactions right now is high risk, low reward.

  420. pull up a chart from mid july, it looks to me that it has gone straight up....

    The other funny thing is OIL has gone up 10 dollars a barrel in the last 3 weeks and in that timeframe the transports have gone straight up as well. Seems the higher oil goes the better the markets do.
  421. Nope, there have been a few shallow pull backs, most noticeably the recent 88pt decline. Its not much but its a dip so its a buying opportunity.

    Nothing is bad news anymore, why would a 10 dollar spike in oil do anything to roil this bull run? :D
  422. seems unstoppable

    dont you wish every bird, were rubberbird?

  423. oil going down is bullish for equities as consumers will be able to spend more...........

    oil rocketing higher is bullish for equities because it shows demand and that economy is growing.....

    I LOVE 100% UP ROOM TO GO$$$
  424. That's the kind of sharp analysis I am missing from the "experts" on CNBC and Bloomberg!!!!!!
  425. yup

    'bird or rubber, bird of prey, eat some rubber, every day'
  426. You and Bluefreek could form an LLC.
  427. Birdie Birdie in the sky

    why you do do in my eye
  428. except he has been wrong 100% and I have been right 100% so together we got return of ZERO

  429. nice call bro!
  430. I hope everyone got into the dip this morning!!!!!!!! Nice ez $$$
  431. Did everyone see that greater than 5% gap up on the Vix. Looks like they have plenty of room for more gains now, thats a pretty neat trick.

    Looks like everything is going green and the vix is still up 4.66% plenty of room to run now.
  432. Anyone that can trade made a nice long, a nicer short and another long... All good trades but the short was the bigger winner

    I think I need to name you guys wrongway and oneway... which one do you want to be?
  433. Nice call there. The perma bears are paying dearly for every point up in the indexes :D
  434. Err you realise we are below last weeks close right...

    Put the pom poms down, back away slowly and nobody will get hurt

  435. was great call on that VIX move you made last week $$$

    wtg$$ nice job buddy :)
  436. Oh what a shame, I missed your buy recommendation at around 10;22am

  437. no need to post a recommendation... what dont you get?????

    if you see a dip.... buy it... collect free money... wtf is the problem?....lol
  438. <i>makloda
    Registered: Mar 2006
    Posts: 388

    02-05-07 10:49 AM

    Weren't you the guy who went long 2 YM contracts with $2k in the account in the other thread and complained that he got a margin call from his broker?

    You can't really get much more aggressive than what you did.</i>

  439. I see a dip... how much do you cost?

    Oh and remember to give your exact entry and exits before they occur... you kind of forgot the last 200 times
  440. What's wrong :)
  441. <i>"What's wrong?"</i>

    Must be the guy you responded to in the other thread is lying. How else would that explain a margin call on long index futures position? Free money, no risk ever = no chance for a margin call
  442. I think he saw everyone else making more money on the short
  443. Hey I was trying to help this guy save his 2k, that's all.
  444. lol
  445. <i>"Hey I was trying to help this guy save his 2k, that's all."</i>

    Maybe he read your thread right here and took it to heart?
  446. What a total 'Bawbag'.
  447. another flat boring day. Just like Friday.
  448. Don't short a flat market!!!!!!!!!! :D
  449. Oh come on.. she's drop dead
  450. I heard today on CNBC that it has been 928 days since the last 2% drop. DOW is making is back up. NEW highs is less than 11 points away. Im sure the markets will close in record territory again.
  451. Nah, She a bit on the young side, if she gorges on a few burgers then maybe....however, Beyonce type is the biz tho'.
  452. She's only as young as you feel :)
  453. Yes, 'arrestingly' :confused:
  454. Disclaimer:
    All models are 18 and over
  455. :D
  456. rallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to new highs... ralllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy
  457. I love 100% up room to go with zero risk of loss or market in a downtrend$$$$

    congrats to all who play the free money system!!

    Thanks Helicopter Ben!
  458. Its amazing.
  459. Feels good to be long here $$$$$$ :D
  460. inflate or die should be the new slogan for the global economy.
  461. You downloaded her too huh
  462. So did you get out? are you buying this dip? are you still in?

    Gee it's all so easy when you don't have to give any details until after the move has finished
  463. Still long. NQ @ 1804. Will overnight.
  464. cramer says better to be in the homebuilders than tech, is this guy for real. I would buy tech over homebuilders any day of the week.

    Not the Time to Buy Tech

    By Jim Cramer

    About this article:
    You want an untold story? How about the underperformance of tech, despite the endless attempts of people to try to flog the story as a major part of the bull market of 2007? In fact, it would be better to be in the homebuilders or the cyclicals; these are the fantastic performers of 2007. Same with the oils. I would take the steels over the semis any day of the week. Check out the SOX and the Semiconductor HOLDRS, the tech bellwethers. They peaked at the beginning of the year and haven't come near taking out their highs. Why is that? I would emphasize that we are right at the seasonal change of heart for tech and you aren't going to get the outperformance you are looking for from this group.
  465. Here is another neat trick, last week we had big gains in the equity indexes, but we saw negative money flows. -1.6billion in outflows. How that for a neat trick. these index futures are sure dandy.
  466. feels soooooooooo good to see GOOG touch intraday lows just seconds ago..
  467. Going long 12696 dow mini march contract, looking for 20 point bounce into the close. Stop 12670
  468. Where's the head cheerleader EqtTrdr

    Everyone else is happy to give details before the move?

    Something to hide?

  469. doesnt matter how much outflows there are, just keep buying. DOW up a huge 16 points. When the market looks tired that means its time go long, it will surprise you and before you know it, fresh new highs on the DOW by 4pm.

  470. Im still long TWM around $66.75
  471. What happened to the 'no stops' chant?


  472. agree, 20 point bounce is definetly in the cards.
  473. looking to go long SSG as well, below 67.25, think the ^SOXX is getting ahead of itself. Back to $69 for SSG.
  474. NDX IS GREEEN, get ready for the RALLY.
  475. dow stuck between 12660 and 12675 aLL DAY LONG.

    NASDAQ stuck at 2472-2476 all day long. How come the bulls cant just push them higher, this market is getting too bored to trade with.
  476. What happened to your trades, come on chicken post a trade, I dare you to.,
  477. It always does this right before a big move.
  478. Sell limit order placed @ 12714.
  479. Why sell? Its probably going higher as usual..
  480. You are the 'big shot' that posts all day long telling everybody where the markets gonna go so youre bound to get it right sometimes, as for my trades , I trade when it suits ME!

    BTW, What happened to that last thread you started? - you get arrested or sumthin? - it's just that you kinda 'vanished' for a while....chuckle...
  481. You see the Fed has laied the ground work in the latest statement for the market to rally with strong data. They said inflation has come own, this gives the market a green light to put up string economic data now, just watch.
  482. Their you go changing the subject, my gosh what is your deal. Post a trade chicken.
  483. The market taking a nap today. Pretty boring.
    The action is on the CrudeOil today.

  484. todays economic report again shows no signs of any rate cuts in store for many, many, many, months....the bulls better hope for some type or recession looking numbers over the next couple of months or these poor babies wont get their rate cuts anytime soon.
  485. cluck..cluck..short..cluck.
  486. continue to hear that there is a lot of put buying on the RUSSEL indexes....
  487. Hey, minibrain, if you went long @ 696 looking for a 20point bounce why the feck do you put in a sell order @714...??

    p.s. still short at the 700 break...cluck..cluck.
  488. new intraday lows on GOOG..hahah:p :p :p :p :p

  490. I thought that was only on my end.

    Yea everything just shut down on me.
  491. amex is down
  492. Where all doomed......:confused:
  493. Google off 3%+ and nasdaq trading nearly flat....amazing....if GOOG was up 3% the nasdaq would be at 2500 right now.
  495. If this thread was a horse you'd shoot it
  497. ..... when dippies attack......
  498. All in?
  499. Come on minimye...push...push...your nearly thru...loll
  500. 3 half decent shorts today... but by god it's like watching Dick Grasso have sex with this woman
  501. A posting battle between a "mini me" and a "wee man" uhhuh...Sometimes I need a reminder as to why I hang out here...and this is it. :D
  502. Hey, thats my dad!!
  503. Thats not very nice, she would be good to have around to help work the land, bet she could whoop up on wee man, look at those strong hands.
  504. Please double up now.
  505. Don't give up on me!
  506. Dow -21???

    are we doomed yet?

    oh the selling... oh the horror...

    I cant look...lol
  507. Uncle Ben is on tap in 40 minutes. Will be fun to see him make the bears panic into the close :p


  508. rofl!!!!!

    that is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!!

    LOL :D
  509. What, no rally cry? uuhhh, wait till it spikes 30 points then the little bunnies will come out....:p

  510. so you admit there is no risk????

    I LOVE 100% UP ROOM TO GO!!

  511. The irony of that image is obviously lost on you.
  512. No risk to the downside. That was funny and too true..
  513. dude... he is the reason there is no risk and dippies always win$$$$
  514. Who said no rally? Check your screen :)
  515. did anyone buy that dip, i got rid of my TWM on that drop at about what I paid for it. Will buy back in below 66. Awaiting CSCO after the bell. Could easily be tomorrows catalyst for another rally.
  516. awesome $$$$

  518. I love zero risk $$$
  519. I'm happy for ye's...good luck.:confused:
  520. beautiful!!!
  521. [​IMG]
    We're in good hands... ~100-150% up room to go!!!!!!!
  522. Hummm I am thinking this rally may not hold and we may close down 40 points. Holy cow a 40 point decline!
  523. hahaahahahaha:p :p :p

  524. blasphemy :eek:
  525. Another picture of the stooges?

  526. This bounce off the lows came when Ben said "let the poor be poor" all hail the bush tax cuts for the wealthy.
  527. trading stops would kick in before that happens
  528. Darn your right curbs kick in with a 20 pint decline in the Dow.

    You know I am not feeling so bullish lately, happened last week I started growing fur on my back.
  529. Are you girls ok? I mean wetting yourselves over this little move which barely got the ER2 back to it's open is just ridiculous, there was money all morning on the shorts but you were hiding under the bed petrified, intraday traders just think you are on drugs, we are making money on shorts in the morn and longs in the arvo while you girls lift your dresses and run from mice
  530. HAHAHAHHAHHA, that was good
  531. yup....
  532. Crowbar do ok today with T@* SPM. Now have enough to pay trailer rent plus late fee. Go get 6-pack soon.

  533. hahaha:p
  534. they should be able to push the dow to new highs by 4pm
  535. and another flat trading day for the indexes.....
  536. aint it fun????

    I love endless power sideways every day!!
  537. No kidding, 5 years ago today would have been a -20 day in the ES. This market makes it a -2 day. Gotta love this invisible bid in the market. PPT = $$$$

  538. the reason for that is they just cant sell them off so they keep em unchanged for 4-5 hours.

    dow of 0.16...pathetic...
  539. Before the ball rolls downhill, it slows.

    That's how gravity works.
  540. The pressure is building I bet we get a spike up here
  541. congrats once again to all those who play the no risk buy indexes for free money system $$
  542. And a big congrats to the guys that had the balls to post entries and exits...

    Thats pretty much everyone but you EqtTrdr
  543. so me buying in 2003 doesnt count? Me being the ONLY person on the entire ET community that since 4 years ago has said "no risk just buy.. free money.. we never go down"..... that doesnt count?...lol


    """" stop crying and start buying!!

    we are never ever ever going down!!

    yeah baby $$$$

    buy buy buy, until re-election process complete and Greenie sippin' tea on his yacht

    PPT, Bushy, and Greenie don't care about EWT, Techincals, Fundamentals, blah blah blah....

    Simple market method for making $$$

    When Trin closes over 2.0, or market has 2 down days in a row or Tick under 1000, buy with both hands, and press collect free dough button!!

    Who's your daddy???


    06-11-03 04:59 PM "
  544. rallllllllllllllllllllly time.....new highs just points away....new highssss
  545. Good call, THEN.


    That was THE time to buy. Tenbaggers all around between then and now.

    Not so today, my friend.

    When we have another massive correction, I'll be doing whatever I can to buy the cheapest, broodiest stocks.
  546. Not really, it's 2007 last time I checked :)
  547. so being long for the ENTIRE rally isnt good enough..lol

    okay bro..

    you are the best :)

    you win...lol
  548. I've seen you hiding in the shadows consistently on small intraday pullbacks...

    Pull the other leg... it plays Jingle bulls by Santa bear
  549. This trading range will try your patience, not alot going on. A nice 200 point decline would sure get these volumes up, Dow Mini 65k pretty bad.
  550. Its taking alot more to get it up, these who are establishing new longs will bail in a hurry at the slightest turn down.

    They are trying to jam it up but the offers are not being pulled like normal and its taking alot of juice to move it higher.
  551. Id rather have a root canal than go long here.

    p.s. But thats always the case with me.:)
  552. Viagra time, bro ???
  553. LOL. Be sure to get help if it goes up for more than four hours.
  554. Gee I hope the crude inventory data doesn't ruin the stock market exuberance over CSCO. I doubt it, bet the comes in stock market friendly as usual.
  555. Why wouldn't it. they have pushed it up to these levels without effort. If they really put some effort in it it will sail only higher. As EQT trader says" risk free buying in the indicies". Im beginning to think hes right.
  556. and
    Gotta love it, any excuse to turn on the buy programs is good enough... $$$ :p
  557. wonder if markets +2% or +3% tomorrow??

  558. DOW up .57%

    Nasdaq up .82%
  559. Well. Looks like markets are in the right mood for that unless they have nightmare overnight which is not likely.
  560. Asia is up...New Zealand had a good day. Looks like it is a green light for tomorrow.
  561. Seems the futures are liking these productivity numbers. Lots of green on my screen. I especially liked:

    "Labor costs for each unit of output rose 3.2 percent for all of 2006, up from a 2 percent increase in 2005 and the fastest rise in worker wages and benefits since a 4.2 percent increase in 2000." Oh the irony :p

    Either way you turn it, the only way is up :D Going long NQ today, f*** it.
  562. "buy... Buy... BUY!!!"

    Unless of course, we get sell signals today :p
  563. It's like amateur hour in here, the slogans and chanting is infantile, would traders actually do that?
  564. Dont forget the energy inventory data @ 9:30cst. It may surprise the markets. If crude brakes 60 and holds above it this may cause a little caution in equities.......Oh who am I kidding the fix is in equities will rally no matter what buy buy buy buy.
  565. The economic data seems to come in just right, productivity up labor cost down, everything is roses!
  566. I think the Fed had this data already at their last meeting so it is no surprise given the result of the FOMC last week.
  567. looks to be another up day, most international markets were up at brand new highs last night especially the India market which for some reason doesnt go down.
  568. Yep its just a world wide love feast, now were to go but up up up and away!!!! so long bear markets, a thing of the past, markets will stay high for the foreseeable future. Welcome to the land of perfect.

    With a Jewish fed chairman, and a jewish treasury secretary the market ain't gonna go down. These guys are a clan and look out for theirs pals on wall street.

  569. ouch
  570. Its the truth, I dont mince words, Im not a politician. I am not trying to offend anyone. Its just what I think, and Im right.

    Now get out their and buy buy buy, because the market ain't going down.
  571. Every gutless toothless redneck racist tries to justify his ignorance with the ole just tellin it as it is disclaimer... coward
  572. Yep, dont like get the hell out!
  573. Nobody likes cowards
  574. what you arguing for MMT? Get long and make some $$$.
  575. what a beautiful market
  576. Down at 10:30 but up by EOD....

  577. You got a purtty mouth, boy.
  578. Heh heh... I think that kid has way too many teeth to be MMT
  579. here we go, 12674 + gives us a new record high on the dow
  580. congrats once again to all dipsters $$$$
  581. Nasdaq showing all the strength today.....

    Dow could easily break 12700, that would be the best buying opportunity, markets should be at 13,000 in 2 weeks.
  582. hope so. $$$
  583. here we go 12681, continue to buy. No need to panic. Market hasnt had pullback in nearly 1000 days..buy buy buy.
  584. Your a racist talking like that. Two wrongs dont make a right.
  585. This thread is moronic, apart from continually stating the obvious, it's done in such an infantile way I cant believe the exponents are actually trading
  586. 12685, come on 12700, I know this market willl not let me down
  587. Err what race is gutless, toothless and rednecked?

    Ya git
  588. You're troll #4 insinuating that. Just go find another thread before you embarrass yourself.
  589. Are you sure? 4 seems low for a thread like this :)
  590. Get ready for the energy inventory data, should be taylor made for the equity markets.
  591. Gee what kind of "taylor" do you get your suits made by? :)

    I'd check him out because Taylor may actually be his last name and not his profession
  592. A Klog is mir
  593. Fachadick
  594. That would explain your denim suit :)

    Taylor... heh heh... I knew your were straight out of Deliverance
  596. Not that friendly, oh who cares buy buy buy.
  597. Fahklumpt
  598. Now you are quoting yourself because you "wondered" something... wow... are you Kreskin?
  599. stop fighting and buy calls on every index, were going higher.
  600. Sure thang Zeke
  601. Long NQ since the AM. Long QM, too.
  602. here comes another milestone for the dow 12700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  603. NQ going exponential. Sweet $$$
  604. where are all the Perma bears today?/?
  605. Probably not in a chat forum acting like children
  606. They tend to disappear once they get squeezed like this :D

    GO TEAM NQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!
  607. I just borrowed a bunch of money off my credit cards and going to buy calls on DIA, SPY and QQQQ. You cannot lose....:D
  608. Indexes are forming what is known as "middle finger" pattern.
  609. Dippies: 736,479,116,...

    Bears: 0

    Dipsters ROOOL!!! :p
  610. Kids get this excited at birthday parties

    Experienced traders however have seen it all before and don't feel the need to shriek hysterically
  611. EXCELLENT STRATEGY!!!! I can totally understand you, why not take some of that free cash they're giving away in the indexes these days??? :p

  612. Perma bears still in denial....

    no worries.. I will always need someone to change my oil, flip my bugers and clean my house......

    GO MARKET$$$
  613. told you that flat trading the last week would lead to an upside suprise....gottta love it...
  614. They all start with disbelief like this guy. In one week he'll be a dipster, too!!! :p
  615. I think I am going to try that as well... except I am also going to use my wife's credit cards and mine together!!

    oh man... $100 million here I come
  616. where is my 12700?????????

    this is outrageous....not fair at all.
  617. Markets go up in a bull run and down in a bear run

    It's a 2 horse race and blind Freddy can tell who is in charge at any given stage

    And you losers are congratulating yourselves like you just cured cancer

    Hysterical :)
  618. i just got my 12700 like they promised now im getting ready for 13,000.
  619. Childish

  620. great call once again bro $$$

  621. buy this dip from 12700 to 12693.....its a buying opportunity
  622. Kids these days
  623. [​IMG]

    Question is...What stock indices go up, and NEVER go down?

    Answer: We know! :D
  624. Wow what a professional way for a trader to spend the market day
  625. Talking about yourself aren't you :p
  626. Thank you, folks.

    I'm here 'till Thursday... :p
  627. Yeah just keep chatting to me and trying to convince everyone you are actually taking these trades

    I hear all the professional traders do that :)
  628. We cant have all the indexes soaring, that would cause the Vix to drop to fast. NQ is blowing away ES and YM. I think NQ has alot of catching up to do.
  629. Ya reckon so Zeke? hyuk hyuk
  630. Too much fear of risk out there for any selling imo.... too much fear of volatility...

    :D :D :D :D
  631. You need to run along now, your wearing out your welcome. This board is for the Eagles, not the chickens.
  632. :D :D :D
  633. Well shucks Zeke, that aint the ole Southern welcome
  634. To much fear of missing out, I bought NQ @ 1816.75 and 1817.50
    sold @ 1823, just for kicks.

    Well guess we can kick back now, I think I will go to the gym.
  635. CONGRATS!!! EZY $$$
  636. awesome...

    congrats on your free money $$$
  637. Ya,ll watch this T280 hes a Wako, if we converse with him to much he may turn us into chickens, we need to soar like the eagles so ignore him.
  638. keep on cornholing .:D
  639. just kidding .you guys are braver than me .

  640. man.. nobody gives you enough credit for the great calls you make...

    How come nobody saw your post last Friday about how they would jack up the VIX to give market room to run on the upside????

    good job re:VIX bro !!
  641. <i>"man.. nobody gives you enough credit for the great calls you make..."</i>

    I hope you aren't referring to his Zionist bullish market theory
  642. Dude your on top of the situation too, you know how the game is played, now soar like an eagle.
  643. Heh heh... soar like an eagle... "dude"

    How many professional traders use the expression "dude"?

    It's like Bill and Teds excellent trading adventure :)
  644. Do you guys always go this quiet on slight pullbacks?

    Wow balls of steel
  645. Shhhh... We are counting our profits :cool:
  646. Uh huh... that's why not a single one of you posted an entry or exit

    keep dreamin champ :)
  647. :eek:

  648. Yeah I'm really convinced... "after the fact"
  649. What are you talking about "after the fact". I wrote I would go long and 40 minutes later I did. What's there to argue.
  650. Ha ha
  651. What do you need? A live video feed over his shoulder to watch the trade be made.

    Give credit where credits due.
  652. Yeah right, hysterical shrieking everytime the price pops up a little, why would I question such obvious professionals? :)
  654. If you scream loud enough you might convince yourself :)
  655. this market just keeps goin up . i think thats because the dollar isnt worth anything these days and all due to inflation . so you will see the dji at 500000 one day soon but in terms of buying power , it might get you a loaf of bread or cup of cheap coffee thats about it there .
  656. Once again, no volume.

    No volume = last gasp
  657. market did its thing this morning now its just hanging out.

    NASDAQ up 20-22 for the last 3 hours

    DOW up 22-27 for the last 3 hours.

    Im sure they will break out to new intraday highs in about an hour.
  658. They already broke to new highs this morning, confirming new direction up after a few days of pause.
  659. confirming "new direction"

    UP is not a new direction, its been going up for the last 4 years.
  660. So do you guys come in here and scream about buying tops in a bear market? Or are you all too young to remember pre 2003
  661. Hmmm no answer, must be a pullback and those ever courageous bulls are hibernating :)

    Strange that everyone goes so quiet on the dips when that is the main philosophy here... guess if you are not here you dont have to tell where you bought... if at all :)

  662. keep being a permabear... you will be right one day....

    tell Prechter I said hello....

  663. Ha ha... He thinks I'm a bear, what a tosser
  664. "Bear" is still much more respectful than "Scalper" :p
  665. Put T280 on ignore eagles, you can see how he is pecking around here trying to converse with the eagles.
  666. Perhaps thats why I'm not so hysterical about direction
  667. So quiet... so very very quiet
  668. t280 and counting y0u is right !
  669. Shouldn't there be hysterical shrieking for the dip buy opportunity????

    Why so quiet on the dips everytime???

    Busted fellas... frauds one and all

  670. what dip?

    this is not a dip... sheesh...
  671. Of course it's a dip... even the sharks in the pit know that when you go quiet it's a dip

    In fact look it up on Wikipedia, when you go quiet it's officially a dip
  672. Come on back everybody, we've got a blip up in price

    Come on it's safe now

    (Don't make any sudden movements and they'll start filtering back in, their testicles swelling with the rise in price)
  673. It's all about volume.

    The volume is very light, the early day rallies are suspicious because of that fact, and we fade to negative...

    ...for the last three days.

    Where's all that liquidity now?
  674. Trying...
  675. It is safe to buy the dip...just have to save your ammo to buy a several levels down...
  676. Every time the ES volume spikes, it is time to buy...
  677. Man, I WAS GONNA BUY YM @ 700 ISH... WHAT WILL I DO?????????
  678. So who is buying this dip?
  679. BUY! More volatility is good.
  680. I am sitting this dip out, the tape all week has looked like distribution in the futures, we roll in a month Im sure their is some lighting up going on here.

    I need to see a correction down to the 50 day.
  681. Looks like the 'plunge protection team' are arguing among themselves as to when they should load the cannon!
  682. JEEZO!!!


    WHAT THE F.......
  683. Still time to get some fresh dip right here @1451.50 (not for me though)

  684. Liar
  685. One tiny dip and the dipsters have lost the plot

    No wonder they don't post entries and hide until after the rebound

    they are getting slaughtered because they cant pick the dips
  686. Still long, hovering slightly above BE. Will hold overnight.
  687. Well, that was emotional...is it finished?
  688. Uhm, not sure if you have been following the market in the last couple years, but the market has consistently been making higher highs in all the major indexes. Doesn't matter if you don't pinpoint the "perfect" dip entry point, you always end up in the green...

  689. Yeah i can tell that by the abject fear in here everytime it dips... you can come out from under the bed now guys
  690. So, what makes you think it cant do the same but in reverse?
  691. congrats again to all Nq/er2 dipsters collecting free money $$

  692. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahhahahahaha
  693. Sorry but I tend to stick with a trend until it actually reverses. You go fight the tape :p
  694. I've taken several shorts today and I was always with the tape, same with the longs... you talk like there is one time frame that everyone is trading from... very naive
  695. Quick....buy buy buy...

  696. yup.....

    congrats to all dipsters..... there is no fear and Zero risk of loss $$$

    winners always dip and dipsters always win.....