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Google to Buy FaceBook.com 2.6 Billion

  1. Huge bidding war between Microsoft, NewsCorp, Yahoo, and Google over social networking site facebook.com created by 22 year old Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.
  2. What is a "Facebook.com"? Why is it worth billions?
  3. I think its similar to Myspace only its a college student network.
  4. sad sad sad, I think in an interview a while back he didnt want to get rid of it for nothing less than $2,000,000,000.

    Kid is 22 and owns 30% of the company. He also made the deal that if its bought out that he will still have the right to control the company.

    I think these social networking sites as big as they are will one day be a thing of the past. I think GOOGLE paid way too much for youtube, I think it was a stupid move. For a yahoo, google or microsoft to develop a social networking site would cost next to nothing. I believe AOL developed something along the lines of a social networking site about 6 months ago. As for Facebook I would take any amount now. Take it quick and laugh all the way to the bank.....

    There is another site that was started by two teens about a year ago that is growing at about 5000 members a day, start up cost $250,000....why pay a few billion for a site that costs only a couple of hundred thousand to start. If teens can start a website and build it up to 2 million members I think a fortune 500 company can do the same without a problem...

  5. HYPE makes it worth Billions.....
  6. The devil finds work for excess cash [on the balance sheet]
  7. Party like 1999...
  8. LOL. Acquisition is such a big boys thing to do. So cool. :cool:
  9. wtf google already has orkut
  10. And didn't they also have video.google.com before they bought youtube?

    Horizontal Integration. So stupid.
  11. where did you get this info? i call bullshit.
  12. I'm on facebook and as everyday goes by, it sells out more and more. Originally it was a really good site that most people really enjoyed. They keep adding STUPID new features, and I dislike it more and more. If anyone buys it, I won't be sticking around.

  13. anybody will be able to use it soon..

  14. thats why the deal is a waste of time
  15. disruptive technologies and services do not orginate in fortunate 500 companies. fortunate 500 companies are stuck in the traditonal ways of doing things. you cannot expect true innovation to come from them.

    taken a look at a book call the Inovator's dilemma by clayton christenson which explains this particular issue.
  16. You people seem to think sites like these get acquired because of their technology or some other mysterious reason, the fact is you can pretty much license most of the technoloy needed to build your own Youtube, from companies like Adobe.

    These companies are being acquired for their user community.
  17. Many of which will leave once a big corporate takes over and ruins it like big corporates ruin everything good. Watch the censorship unfold on youtube.com and videos put up by users get taken down. Then the advertising will take over and youtube will become just another spam page with spyware, pop ups, ad space, etc.

    Cash? It's gonna be almost all stock, just like with youtube. Same old scam, it's all OPM.
  18. pretty soon google will go the way of Yahoo and HP. sales & marketing will rule the company and the technology people will be considered backoffice IT. the founders won't care that much anymore because they are already so rich from the IPO. their ownership % has also been diluted so they are really powerless to veto anything.
  19. Yea, the new "in-word" these days is "eye balls". They're not buying revenues, they're not buying profits. Youtube is making losses since day 1. No, they're buying "eye balls" - the user community of a FREE SERVICE!

    Wait a minute, reminds me of 1999. Back then, they'd purchase companies with the highest "cash burn rate".
  20. Geez, how about MySpace? Probably they didn't leave because the site is bought only by a puny Newscorp...

    I heard that Google is working things out with major labels and IP holders in form of advertising revenue sharing.
  21. I heard that YouTube is churning up millions of dollars only to cover their bandwith cost (no wonder there).

    I don't think Google's income from advertising on YouTube's site or any form of advertising such as Video ads are going to work (heck, there's a reason why we watch TV less and less).

    What the hell are they thinking??
  22. They are thinking for 5-10 years from now. Yes we are watching less and less TV. I don't watch TV any more. Maybe for CNBC and Bloomsberg . For the last 10 years, I spent most of my time on the internet . Proof ? Look at yourself, what are you doing here writing on this board ? You really think somebody is going to read your thought ? But of course.

    It's exhuberance time once again Elitetrader.com will be for sale for 100 million, who knows.
  23. It's not like people will just up and leave on a drop of a dime, those that have profiles up will just visit it less and new people will have a smaller incentive to join. But once the advertising machine takes over with scripts, spyware, adware, malicious cookies, etc. it simply changes what myspace, craigslist, youtube & facebook were originally all about.

    Let's really break it down, a big appeal of all those sites is that they are free and mostly clean of the advertising crap. If you search the web, there are a few other myspaces, craiglists, youtubes, and especially facebooks. Anyone hear of friendster, the site from which myspace copied the idea?

    What made them stand out is word of mouth and the fact that they were "pure" and clean of parasitic advertising intentions. Of course, the final goal of the founders was to sell out, but to get the community, they had to keep it clean and "pure". Now that the big greedy corporate institution has taken over, these sites become nothing more than another advertising portal that people try to avoid.

    I think all of them can be profitable entities but I also believe that their growth is capped. The key appeal is gone now that the sites have sold out. If too much advertising is pumped in, membership will drop. It's like a catch 22.