Google problem! ! !

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  1. hroiwer


    Google problem! ! !

    Usually like to use their online Google, but since the Chinese market after Google launched Google and then I always feel good on the Internet dropped, at first I thought it was a machine issue, but several places are not for the line, in the end should be how to get? ? ?
  2. I thought I could read English.
  3. I'm sure English is not the OP's main language.

    I'm also pretty sure you don't speak any other language as good as he/she speaks English.

    Why ? Because that's how the fucking world turns, the big mouthes are usually the ones full of shit.

    Crazy A
  4. Well I do monsieur :)
  5. cstfx


    I'm pretty sure OP is using an online translator from Chinese to English - it doesn't translate well.
  6. I speak only English, I have no interest in learning someones elses gibberish.

    You want to communicate, speak a real language.
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