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Germany attacks US economic policy

  1. Germany has put itself on a collision course with the US over the global economy, after its finance minister launched an extraordinary attack on policies being pursued in Washington.

    Wolfgang Schäuble accused the US of undermining its policymaking credibility, increasing global economic uncertainty and of hypocrisy over exchange rates. The US economic growth model was in a “deep crisis,” he also warned over the weekend.

  2. The germans are back. How fast can Germany re-arm and achieve total mobilization?
  3. Germany and China are upset. How touching.

    1 - Germany gets its exchange rate subsidy via the euro, which simply by its existence eliminates the exchange rate as an option for its competitors. How ever so convenient. Why exactly should we listen to them?
    2 - China: in a de facto currency union with the US, a union that it maintains for its interests alone. It of course hates when its partner in the union doesn't play along with its desires. Why exactly should we listen to them?
  4. The currency wars are heating up.
  5. I have stated this on other Germany related threads lately...

    Don't trust the Germans.

    They have a long history of being instigators, aggressors and murderers.

    They started both WWI and WWII. After their defeat in WWI, they were made to pay reparations to France and England and their economic policies that resulted caused ultra hyperinflation. This led to Hitler taking power and Germany starting WWII.

    They murdered millions of innocent civilians in their unprovoked invasions of Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, etc.

    They committed genocide by murdering millions of their own people in WWII.

    They launcehed V (vengeance) rockets indescriminately into England to murder civilians in WWII.

    Imagine if Germany's world conquering ambitions came to fruition in WWII. There would be no free markets of any kind. Germany would control everything and we'd all be doing the duckwalk heiling Hitler (and the latest dictator.)

    As the will of the good ultimately overpowers the will of the evil, the USA and its allies have defeated Germany whenever that evil empire has raised its ugly head.

    The only lesson that the world should take from from Germany is that Germany cannot be trusted.

    Underneath it all, they are still the same socialists as they were back in Hitler's days. Its just that they are in a better socio-economic atate because the USA and its allies made it that way for them. If they had their way, there would be no Euro. All world currency would be in Deutschmarks and they would rule the world.

    German hatred toward others is still rasing its head... have you heard Chancellor Merkel lately...

    Beware of the Germans. They are not to be trusted.
  6. I have no problem if the Germans take over the world. Their music taste is questionable but I can live with that.
  7. They are upset because they see the unfair game thet have set up is coming to an end.

    These are two countries that abused free trade agreements for their own benefit and for ripping off wealth from other nations. They have been enganged in a silent war with the rest of world for about 10 years now. They have set up special interest lobbies in many countries, even setup a currency union which sucker nations and corrupted politicians bought into.

    The sh*t has hit the turbine now. Reality check for Germany and China. Germany has no commodities and will collapse if the dollar goes to 0.5 Euros. China will get a taste of civil unrest soon for wanting to extract money from the US with forced currency peg. US can rebuild its manufactiring base in the next 10 years because the skill is there. The price for abusing free trade will be too high for Germany and China. China may survive after conceding and asking America for forgiveness. China can be a useful trade partner of the US if it lowers expectations and demands. Germany will go down. 2007 BMWs go for $5K now in secondary market. The party is just beginning.
  8. Or they could just threaten to dump their complete inventory of US treasuries.

  9. 937 billions? Ben has more than that in his wallet.

    What are the Chineise gonna do with the new crispy 937 billion dollars?
  10. They could send .0001 of that to my personal checking account...
  11. But they make good cars :]]]]]

    In any case I prefer Germans taking over than Mcdonalds eating Amexicans :]]
  12. zee germans! history repeats itself-1 Problem, Germany is not allowed Nukes under international law.Only the G5 are USA/UK/france/russia/China
  13. next we will have the germans hating the " judens"
  14. [​IMG]
  15. next we will have the germans hating the " judens"
  16. "Germany attacks..." (fill in the blank). The two most feared words to start a sentence in the 20th century.
  17. lots of bark but no bite
  18. Your assinine remark spits in the face of the hundreds of thousands of American and allied men and women who gave their lives so you could have the right to print your foolish remark.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.
  19. The Germans hate just about everybody. Probably even you.

  20. Please....where do I start...

    I will just say that you should not confuse fascism with nationality.

    P.S. Also read up on history a bit.... start few centuries before 1776

    Do you really think that some f*cked up German gene is responsible for the fascism that divested their country? Or perhaps there were some other reason(s)? If you don't know what brought the fascists to power how will you know it when they come back?
  21. If they try to dump, nobody will be there to buy them.

    China sealed its own fate by refusing to run a legitimate currency while it had the strong hand.

    Now...they're screwed.
  22. And here I was thinking all those people died so half the world could be run by Stalinists instead of a quarter of the world run by Fascists who were already on the brink of fiscal collapse...

  23. As usual, 100% wrong. We've told the world: "devalue or kill exports." It's not just China and Germany. Reactions all over the world have been negative, and rightly so.
  24. F'cked up German ideology was responsible for bringing fascist dictator Hitler to power.

    And F'cked up German ideology is responsible for bringing Germany's largest political party today to power, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).

    The CDUs political ideology applies "Christian values" to public policy and emphasizes "Christian understanding" of humans and their responsibility toward God.


    The CDU is led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. In October of 2010, at a CDU meeting in Potsdam, Germany, Merkel stated that attepts to build a multicultural society in Germany had "utterly failed", stating "The concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it does not work" and that "we feel attached to the Christian concept of mankind, that is what defines us. Anyone who doesn't accept that is in the wrong place here."


    Hitler must be smiling in hell.

    First old Adolf only wanted "Aryans" in his Germany. Remember what he did to those that he deemed weren't?

    Now new Adolf Merkel only wants "Christians" in her Germany.

    I wonder what she will do to those that she deems aren't.
  25. Smart-ass remark.

    From Random.CAPITAL... how ironic.

    Maybe your dad should have died fighting for the freedoms you obviously take for granted.

  26. wishful thinking on your part.

    "New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, on a visit to Hong Kong and the neighboring city of Shenzhen, had some harsh criticism for his own fellow Americans: Stop blaming the Chinese for their problems.

    As the debate rages over China’s trade and currencies policies, the 68-year-old Bloomberg, now in his third term as mayor of New York, was tough on China’s critics in the U.S. He spoke to reporters Saturday in Hong Kong after addressing a meeting of leaders from top cities around the world, dubbed the C40, focused on climate change and environment.

    “I think in America, we’ve got to stop blaming the Chinese and blaming everybody else and take a look at ourselves,” he said."
  27. LOL, you seem to live in the past...the Germans don't hate anybody except the lazy people coming to this country to only tap the social welfare system without giving anything in return...do you belong to this group and now face harder times?...but keep on taking words out of context to prove your 'hate' theories...that's entertaining, Mr. Al-Kaida...but you should use your energy otherwise...honestly... :D
  28. no surprise we hear that from you.

    At least a few political leaders dare to speak the truth. US policies towards monetary policy are full of lies and deceit. If the rest of the world prefers to ignore it and is too scared to speak up then so be it. It should not preclude those who work hard and push ahead with top notch technology and quality products and a functional economy, which is not to the hilt in debt, to demand its dues.

  29. As a matter of fact, China would still pull ahead at a 10-15% annual GDP growth figure if the US would not even exist today. Most Americans are not even aware that America being China's most important trading partner is a fact of a couple years ago already. Times change, seems one large nation is truly behind the curve if you ask me....

  30. congrats, not only dumb shxx lurking around here...

  31. even if China wrote off all their treasury holdings at zero cents on the dollar you think that would cause any serious harm? Please thing twice. You may wanna travel China to learn that this country is becoming more and more self-sufficient.

  32. How much of Chinese soil is arable again?
  33. China has used the technology and money from USA and other developed countries and now they are becoming more and more self-sufficient. China has used developed countries for its own benefit.

    The same applies to all other poor and developing countries who want Technology and money from rich countries.

    Nobody is helping anybody.
  34. Agreed. At least a couple of brass ball political leaders actually are speaking the truth.

    BUT : where are the same politicians when it comes to criticize China´s currency policy ? The truth is the yuan is extraordinarily undervalued and China serves as the world´s industrial outplacement country.

    And not to speak about China´s influence on JPY ( in the last year or so ) and the EUR "stabilization". China has tremendously influenced exchange rates. 1% change in their reserve basket has already huge implications on currency rates.
  35. I read Chinese has much less arable land than India but greater agricultural productivity.

  36. All why America tries to SCREW EVERYBODY... except for our "deficit spending justification" wars, of course.

  37. "LOL, you seem to live in the past..."

    If people do not learn their lessons from past mistakes, people are doomed to repeat these same mistakes in the future.

    ..."the Germans don't hate anybody except the lazy people coming to this country to only tap the social welfare system without giving anything in return...do you belong to this group and now face harder times?"

    I am a third generation middle-class working American. We have plenty of lazy people here too that tap the welfare system without giving much back in return and it is a problem here as well.

    "keep on taking words out of context to prove your 'hate' theories"

    I suppose Germany's history of genocide, racism, anti-semitism and unprovoked murder of millions of people are merely "hate theories". Those "theories" were put into practice by your past leaders to the detriment of mankind.

    Your Chancellor Merkels words were direct quotes, not taken out of context. Yes she was referring to your immigrant issues, but she said "Everybody" must conform to "Christian" values, or they're not wanted in Germany. Do you have "Christian" values? If so, I would like to know what these specifically are as Markel has not published a book entitled "German Christian Values 101" yet.

    "that's entertaining, Mr. Al-Kaida...but you should use your energy otherwise...honestly"

    I can hear your German accent coming through loud and clear. My energies could not be put to better use than to counter the insidious intentions that lie at the core of German ideology.
  38. To fix India,
    Talk to Indian Govt and create H1B type special visas for Americans viz no income taxes, special protection from local police, free govt transport etc.

    To fix China,
    Imports goods from China.
    Refurbish those goods and export them back to China.

    Hope this will alleviate some of the American woes.
  39. Without question, as China's currency is close to worthless without them retaining value. With a worthless currency, their economy based on importing raw materials priced in hard currency will collapse.

    China is very much boxed in. The US has very serious issues as well, of course, but China being in a dependent position is even more precariously poised.
  40. Completely agree. China is not responsible for US trade policy - the US is responsible for US trade policy.

    At root, voters are getting exactly what they've been voting for these past 40 years or so.
  41. ...because the rest of the world has been living off the US consumer. I don't know if you're American, but if you are, you should be ashamed of yourself. Some things are in the American interest, period, full stop.
  42. Germany is upset because they think the Euro at 1.38 makes their exports uncompetitive.
    The fact is that they would be uncompetitive even at parity.

    Germany makes excellent cars. But they are ridiculously overpriced.
    They need more exports besides cars and chemicals.
  43. you obviously know next to nothing about the strength of german industry and the range of products in which they are world leaders.

    Germany is running big trade surpluses and unemployment is falling to multi year lows.


  44. it is certainly not the case as the dollar is devalued and the standard of living declines.
  45. German is the #1 largest group of Americans by ancestry, as a % of the total US population:


    2000 Rank Ancestry group Number Percent
    1. German 42,841,569 15.2%
    2. Irish 30,524,799 10.8
    3. African American1 24,903,412 8.8
    4. English 24,509,692 8.7
    5. American1 20,188,305 7.2
    6. Mexican 18,382,291 6.5
    7. Italian 15,638,348 5.6
    8. Polish 8,977,235 3.2
    9. French 8,309,666 3.0
    10. American Indian1 7,876,568 2.8
  46. The USA hardly has clean hands - the country was after all pretty much stolen from the natives in a bloody few centuries of conflict and oppression. American historian R.J. Rummel estimates 8.7 million natives were killed by the actions of the US government after independence.

    We can also point to the millions of civilians killed by the US military over the centuries, the colonial invasions and annexations such as the Phillipines and Puerto Rico, the institutionalised slavery that existed and the racism and anti-semitism that still permeates society. If all the civilians who were slaughtered by America were lain head to head, the line of corpses would stretch further than the entire circumference of the earth.

    Know that as an American, you are basically living on stolen land, conquered by force from its ancestral inhabitants. If you do not consider yourself personally responsible for actions that you did not partake in, then fair enough - but if you take that position, then you cannot hold present-day Germans responsible for the past of Germany either.
  47. China is a paper tiger like George Friedman tells in the next 100 years. Soon we will find out. They just need others to expand while cheap labor can just be found anywhere.
  48. :eek:

    that is more than the holocaust
  49. Note that you could say that about almost every piece of land on Earth. Every country in existence conquered the previous inhabitants at some point in history. Consider the Native Americans themselves probably conquered whoever was living here before them, or at the very least they conquered each other for control of the land.

    Ownership is defined by whoever can kick the other person's ass. Always has been. That's why tribes/countries/whatever form in the first place, for protection.
  50. Correctamundo.

    The native tribes were likely NOT the first to inhabit North America. And they were "conquered by a superior force"... the story of mankind since we first evolved from the primordial ooze.

    The early European immigrants COULD have treated them better... then again, they could have killed them all, too.
  51. no wonder even in this day and age my cousin goes out with a concealed knife as he can get "hammered" by fellow humans any time for no reason other than to show their superiority. Pretty sad.
  52. Its a symbiotic relationship. The American consumer has also been living off the the rest of the world with lower inflation, low interest rates, cheap goods, higher standard of material living etc.

    Now this link is becoming very tenuous. What next for the world?
  53. My country (Belgium) used to own the Congo.

    It is estimated 10 million died under the Belgian regime, many more handicaped for life (arms chopped of if they didnt obey) or traumatised for life.

    We robbed the place blind to the equivalent of 200 billion USD today contributing significantly to the Belgian economy becoming one of the biggest in the world at that time regardless of it's small size.

    We left in the 60's and the sad part is by many locals the Belgian period is considered to be the good times compared to what happened after.

    People here today consider this to be merely a very small footnote in history as they come to grasp with the new reality of a changing world were they themselves drop lower in the global foodchain.

    Blaming everyone and everything for the downturn refusing to understand these things move in cycles and their rise to prosperity perhaps was build on the same questionable princibles they atribute their decline to today.
  54. For the vast majority, the standard of living has been stagnant or declining my entire life. When I was a kid, there was very little homelessness, only the occasional bag lady. Not so today.
    Dollar devaluation needs to take place. All it is is recognition of reality. You can't have recovery without using all the tools in your arsenal, and that includes devaluing to help your exports.
    If the rest of the world doesn't like it, tough. Just means it's working.
  55. My gut feeling is that there is a misconception that the Americans are materialistic people. Above all they a freedom loving people.

    You can give them gold, ipads, TV etc... up the gazoo but they will not accept to leave in tyranny like in China or the middle east.

    A true American does not need much more than freedom. They can care less how devalued the dollar gets.

    Ever wander why there is not much unrest in the USA?

    99% of the world population has no idea what Americans are like and what drives them.

    Imagine you are in 1977 or so. The dollar is down the shutter, America just lost the Vietnam war, inflation is huge, the Nixon Watergate completely embarrassed the government etc... USSR looks as strong as ever. The Japanese are starting to take over and the US industry is starting too look quite uncompetitive etc.....

    So what happened?

    P.S. Also 99% of the rest of the world don't know what freedom is. It takes a good 4-7+ years to leave the USA to start feeling and understand the freedom. If you have never had sex I can't explain to you how it feels. So don't bother to ridicule the freedom if you don't know how it feels to be free. And very very very few of you outside the USA know what freedom means. The surprise will come to you when you realize that it is not about the money, not for the Americans at least. It is about the freedom to take risks and be what ever you want to be.

  56. Today, November 9, 2010 is the 72nd anniversary of Kristallnacht "The Night of Broken Glass."


    Never Again.

    God bless America.
  57. Yes, but their instruction manuals leave something to be desired:


    Das Machine ist nicht fur Gefingerpoken und Mittengrabben. Ist easy schnappen der Springenwerk, blowenfusen und corkenpoppen mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht fur gewerken by das Dummkopfen. Das rubbernecken Sightseeren keepen hands in das pockets. Relaxen und watch das Blinkenlights.
  58. That was a joke sign we put up in a computer room many years ago, back when computers actually had blinking lights, and I had hair.
    Funny stuff.
  59. I got it from the photocopier room in 1986 when I was working at MannyHanny.
  60. This is the best google did:


    The machine is not for Gefingerpoken and middle grabbing. If easy tip sparker grab the jumping movement, and blowenfusen corkenpoppen with. If not for trades by the fool. The rubber plug Sightseer Keep hands in the pockets. Relax and watch the flashing lights.


  61. Wow sounds like some propaganda here and personal hatred coloring your judgement...great analysis and sweeping generalizations...ask the other half of the world what they think of the USA and they'll copy and paste what you wrote below.

    ...the V rockets...really? Carpet Bombing from the USA?

    ...long history of Aggressors...ask the Middle East, Vietnam, Koreas, South America, Cuba, Portugal, Philippines, Native Americans, Mexico...who do they name?

    ...so if all Germans are socialists then all Americans are also exactly one voice...fundamentalist Christians?

    ...Chancellor Merkel and her recent comments obviously you didn't actually read the speech...she said the country needs to do more at bringing all cultures and ethnicities together and what they have been doing so far has failed...perhaps a nice honest assessment by a politician, maybe we could get that here as well.

    More people should be open and honest like you about their opinions that way everyone can have a sane and factual discussion. That is the strength of the USA we can all have our opinions and still live and work together to move this nation forward.

    Basically when it comes to my interest...they are the richest nation in the EU and around the world and why not go after some of their business and money so we can all be better off.

  62. What I have stated is fact, not propaganda or judgment.

    I agree, it is hard to believe, but it is the truth.

    As an American, and it sounds as though you may be young, you should educate yourself on past German ideology because it influences their present ideology.

    You can get your feet wet here:
  63. But think for a minute - what the heck can Germany do? They are part of the EU & will not be able to break away from it, EU, like Asia, is 'tied into a knot' with the US which they won't be able to untie because they will be thinking about the future loss of gains. OK they will lose some now, but the bigger picture is that all will want to win & one can't win by trying to escape the global module. Firstly who is going to allow it & secondly who is going to trade with them? So they don't like it, but they will have to put up with it. Also let's not forget that Germany is military weak now, everybody knows it, so they don't have the collateral they used to have in the past to be able to win over the argument, they can try & flex their muscles all they like, but it will have limited scope. German people 'owe' their existence to US, Britain & of course the Soviets. After the carnage that Germany caused during early-mid 20th century they could have faced extermination.
  64. Don't forget it took 2 superpowers to end Germany. They had the best generals, Rommel, Von Manstein, Guderian, Skorzeny....
  65. Do you also know why that happened in 1938? Why were Jews hated so much in Germany at that time? There were many reasons that usually aren't fully explained in today's history books. I will point out just one:

    Jewish Boycott of Germany

    This front page of the UK newspaper Daily Express speaks for itself.


    Note the date of March 24, 1933 -- just shortly after Hitler came to power and before any serious measures were taken against Jews in Germany. Also, it was before Jewish shops were boycotted in Germany, which was merely a response.

    More info below, taken from: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/israel/freedman.htm

    Well, in 1933 when Germany refused to surrender, mind you, to the World Conference of Jews in Amsterdam, they broke up and Mr. Untermeyer came back to the United States -- who was the head of the American delegation and the president of the whole conference -- and he went from the steamer to ABC and made a radio broadcast throughout the United States in which he said:

    "The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them, that will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business."

    And it is a fact that two thirds of Germany's food supply had to be imported, and it could only be imported with the proceeds of what they exported. Their labor. So if Germany could not export, two thirds of Germany's population would have to starve. There just was not enough food for more than one third of the population. (...)

    Nevertheless, the Jews of the world declared a boycott against Germany, and it was so effective that you couldn't find one thing in any store anywhere in the world with the words "made in Germany" on it.

    If you don't believe that the Untermyer quote is genuine, here's another source:

  66. Blaming the Jews for the Holocaust is typical of 2 types of people:
    1.Nazi sympathizers or
    2.Germans who are experiencing collective responsibility and guilt for the crimes of their ancestors against mankind.

    They try to reason that it was the Jews' own fault that they were murdered by the Nazis. The Nazis were only giving them what they deserved.

    Code7, which one are you?

    Let's take a look at the facts:

    Samuel Untermyer, a Jewish-American lawyer, delegate to the Democratic National Convention, self-made millionaire and pro-zionist publicly called for the political destruction of Germany on ABC radio in August, 1933.

    He witnessed Hitler's rise to power and foresaw that Hitler had evil intentions for Jews and the free world.

    What Samuel Untermyer said, in part as transcripted by the New York Times was this :

    "Germany has been converted from a nation of culture into a veritable hell of cruel and savage beasts. We owe it not only to our persecuted brethren but to the entire world to now strike in self-defense a blow that will free humanity from a repetition of this incredible outrage.
    Now or never must all the nations of the earth make common cause against the slaughter, starvation, annhialation, fiendish torture, cruelty and persecution that are being inflicted day by day upon these men, women and children.
    What we are proposing and have already gone far toward doing, is to prosecute a purely defensive economic boycott that will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their sensesby destroying their export trade on which their very existance depends."

    It turns out Untermyer was right about Hitler and the Nazis... but apparently the world didn't listen or couldn't believe it at the time. If America and its allies had only intervened in 1933, the world may never have had experienced the atrocities that Hitler and the Nazis perpetrated against mankind.

    The gutter press tabloid, the UK Daily Express, picks this up and prints the infamous headline "Judea Declares War On Germany"!

    The UK Daily Express was/is a gutter tabloid designed to attract readers with sensationalist headlines, half-truths and fabricated information. Lord Beaverbrook controlled the paper during 1933 and later admitted to a Royal Commission on the press that he ran his papers "purely for the making of propaganda."

    BILD is a German tabloid of the same style as the UK Daily Express.

    Read below what Code7 says about BILD in the ET thread "Germany: We Give You Euros, You Give Us Corfu":

    "Never believe anything from BILD.
    That "newspaper" is a well known scam.
    Exceptionally dumb entertainment for morons.
    They have zero credibility in Germany"

    Code7, you could easily replace BILD with UK Daily Express and your comment would still be true. And you know that.

    Code7 quotes information from sweetliberty.org. This is a sensationalist, conspiratist web site with articles such as "Drano Used in Processing Soybeans", "Kill Cell Phones Before They Kill You", "EPA to allow Pesticide Testing on Orphans and Mentally Handicapped Children." and "9/11 War on Terror" - dedicated to exposing the genocidal-insider attack on the World Trade Center and Penatgon - Proofs of a conspiracy to commit treason on Americans. Enough said.

    So Code7, I ask you again, are you:
    1. a Nazi sympathizer or
    2. a German who is experiencing collective responsibility and guilt for the crimes of your ancestors against mankind?
  67. But why did the Allies preserve Germany after WW2? Could they not just have ended it as a state, carve it up amongst everybody else, ban the German language,etc...
  68. How would they have been different from the nazis, then?

    (Cultural) genocide didn't fit in the allies' core values at the time (fortunately).

  69. Well, today is Armistice day. We remember all the millions who fought against Germany in the Great War.
  70. When you insult and vilify your critics, you are merely showing that you don't have anything meaningful to say on the matter. I will stick to the facts, and as it turns out, history isn't black and white, there are lots of grays.

    The UK Daily Express was one example. There are many other references for the Jewish boycott of Germany. Here's an excerpt of an article from the The Barnes Review, Jan./Feb. 2001, pp. 41-45.

    On March 12, 1933 the American Jewish Congress announced a massive protest at Madison Square Gardens for March 27. At that time the commander in chief of the Jewish War Veterans called for an American boycott of German goods. In the meantime, on March 23, 20,000 Jews protested at New York's City Hall as rallies were staged outside the North German Lloyd and Hamburg-American shipping lines and boycotts were mounted against German goods throughout shops and businesses in New York City. (...)

    However, note well that the Zionist Association of Germany put out a telegram on the 26th of March rejecting many of the allegations made against the National Socialists as "propaganda," "mendacious" and "sensational."
    Full article at http://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/articles/jdecwar.html

    As for the Untermyer speech, you somehow missed the parts with the "holy war" and "sacred war", he did say that. What I posted was rather a summary than a quote but nonetheless a fair representation of what Untermyer said in his whole speech.

    The excerpt from sweetliberty.org was actually a speech by Benjamin Freedman at the Willard Hotel in 1961. So, what does it matter if a transcript of Freedman's speech is hosted at that site? It's hosted at other sites as well, does this change anything?

    Some background info on Freedman, from the introductory note of the 1961 speech:
    Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States.

    Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times.

    What's more, Freedman attended the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. He was there and has first hand knowledge of what really happened. This brings us to another reason of why Jews were eventually hated in Germany, the Balfour Declaration. For more info, see this post and the one below:
  71. Okay, but still not a reason to gas 7 million people.
  72. I thought this was the twenty-first century. I must be in some kind of time warp.

    Why doesn't the US just switch to using domestic natural gas -- there's plenty -- in cars. That would bring our balance of payments into balance, so to speak.

    Then we could go on buying junk from China, and on the rare occasion when we wanted something to work well and last we could buy it from Germany or Japan.

    Then we just go on selling the rest of the world soybeans, rice and wheat, and weapons too of course, since that's what we are truly good at, and everyone is happy. :D
  73. Never heard it referred to that way. I think it's pretty clear what kind of poster we have here.
  74. Yes it is.

    It is also referred to as Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

    Today is also Veterans Day in America.

    God bless America and its allies - the lands of the free, because of the the brave.
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  76. lol, I guess you are slightly blind. Another nation has maneuvered itself into a corner and its not China, G20 meetings and growing frustration towards American monetary policy make this very clear. Think and listen and observe before you speak, there is a reason you were born with 2 ears and two eyes but only one mouth. My 2 cents...

  77. my God, please, can you please come back to fuxxing reality? Sneak out of your Alabama hole and breath a fresh wind of new world order. You seem to have slept over the past couple years....

  78. This is the twenty-first century. Just let it go. It is unproductive to try and keep hate alive when there is no reason for it. Today's Germans are appalled at what happened in their country during the Nazi era. They learned a hard and lasting lesson. And to say Merkel is wanting only Christians living in Germany is complete nonsense. Most Germans are non-believers, as is true of Europe in General. What Merkel said was "we feel attached to the Christian concept of mankind." That's something even an atheist could feel -- nothing to do with being a Christian except incidentally.

    If you have concerns about a country potentially becoming very dangerous to the rest of the world you should be concerned about the direction the U.S. is headed, with ever larger numbers of "Christian reactionaries" gaining more political power, particularly in the Republican party. This is what scares me. We have those wanting to kill doctors because of their religious beliefs, we have many who think military spending is a priority above health and education. We have more per capita incarcerated than any other civilized country; our personal liberties are being eroded; we give corporations the same constitutional protection as individuals; and in practice corporate interests often prevail over individual interests; and as a nation we recently attacked and laid waste to a sovereign country that had not attacked us nor were they planning to, or even capable of it. Shockingly, U.S. military spending is nearly as much as that of all other countries combined. The middle class is shrinking while the number of wealthy persons is growing and the number in poverty is growing even faster. These is not a good directions to be moving in.

  79. US is not the only country in the world where you say there is real freedom. It is a big world out there.

    And not all countries are in same mould as China and Middle East.

  80. Do you have the freedom to take a risk? Or is your government collecting big tax to set a protective net around you, this limiting the amount of risk you can take on your own?

    Are you free to make choices about your live?

    How about the unions in your country? Are they strong? Are you free to get any type of job?
  81. Yes to all.

    Actually unions are pretty out of fashion in some parts of the world.
    Again, there are many nations besides US...

  82. shall we all bugger off to germany then? Refuse to speak german- just English-I am tempted as a Englishman, After all " we won the war".
  83. The Germans of today that are sorry and appalled about what happened in their country during the Nazi era are only sorry and appalled because they were defeated.

    If Germany had defeated the allies in WWII, they would have used the victory to confirm that their actions were justified.
  84. Can you please elaborate on the "fresh wind of new world order" you are referring to?
  85. Sorry littlefish, but you know nothing about Germans and the rest of the world. You are a lost soul! Get out of your backyard and see how the real world is! Not in the 1940s but today. Travel the world...learn another language...meet foreign people and educate yourself...maybe you learn something...no I guess not...unfortunately... :(...some people will never learn...very sad...that's why you are a littlefish and not a bigfish...forever...

  86. China can't do that without crushing themselves, they'll lose about 40% of their economy via lost sales to USA.

    So who really wins: China dumping their debt or USA banning their prducts or taxing them at 1,000% ?
  87. It is a mistake to use "unions" and "freedom" in the same sentence.
  88. Willkommen back to the thread, Herr mujoh.

    Yes, the Germany of today is a lovely place - because of the terms of the Potsdam Agreement.

    The Potsdam Conference, held in Potsdam, Germany was held from July-August of 1945, 9 weeks after Germany's unconditional surrender to the Allies in WWII. Here, Stalin, Churchill and Truman met to decide how to deliver punishment and restore order to defeated Nazi Germany.

    It was agreed that:

    1. Germany was to be demilitarized, denazified, democritized, decentralized and decartelerized and that Allied forces would be occupying Germany.

    2. All shipyards and aircraft factories were to be dismantled or destroyed. All production associated with war-potenetial, such as metals, chemicals and machinery were to be at minimum levels. Surplus was to be dismantled or destroyed.

    3. The economy was to be organized with primary emphasis on agricultural and light industry.

    4. All German annexations would be reversed.

    5. Nazi war criminals would be prosecuted.

    US forces still occupy Germany to this day. There are currently over 50 US Army installations throughout Germany, including Ramstein Air Force Base, Spangdahlem Air Force Base and NATO Air Base.

    As of last count in 2008, the US has over 52,000 troops stationed in Germany.

    Some people, even Americans, might question why the US maintains so many troops in Germany. The reason is simple: we don't need another WWI and WWII episode by the Germans. They have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and must be kept in check - hence my initial statement on my initial post on this thread: "Don't trust the Germans."

    It's too bad that the American people must bear this financial burden - but this will not change anytime soon.

    Have a nice day Herr mujoh. And remember to thank America and its allies for your freedom.
  89. whats your REAL problems with Germans? I am German and let me tell you how most Germans of my and younger generations feel about the Third Reich and war atrocities and the crimes committed towards the German Jewish population. Most agree that what has happened should never happen again. Most agree that crimes have been committed that begged for forgiveness and assurances in our constitution that something on such scale cannot happen again in Germany. But we are sick to be apologetic about something we ourselves have not committed. Most are also sick to hear by a few in our current German Jewish communities how we are to think about the past, how we are to think about Judaism now, and how we are to think about the conflict in Palestine. Most people are intelligent enough to make up their own mind and to form their own opinions, no need for some Jewish "thinkers" to dictate how the German youth ought to think.

    Most Germans are incredibly open towards people of other cultural backgrounds, in fact hardly any other country in Europe deals with more foreigners that immigrated to their country than Germany.

    Hardly any country in the world has shown more remorse and has taken more extreme steps to ensure similar things cannot happen again than Germany. Not the US, not Japan, not China, not any other industrialized nation. And please do not tell us in your infinite wisdom that the U.S. has not committed unbelievable sufferings in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan........

    I recommend you distance yourself from your static few of the world and start engaging with people again, especially those you are so opinionated about.

    Good luck!!!

  90. that was a long time ago.

    the UK is about to lose the economic war unless the conservatives do the right thing.

    (the skilled middle class with property but cash poor are selling while it is still possible and headed off to Australia and Canada. housing is cheaper and the remaining cash can be use to start a business or to live off during a period of adjustment)
  91. the fresh wind? Well lets start with the fact that a large number of Chinese have driven up housing prices in first tier Chinese cities including Hong Kong to a level that most WHOLE STREETS in combination in the US would not be able to afford. A million dollars in Hong Kong really does not get you too far anymore (even when the dollar was worth 10-15% more).

    Or the fresh wind that the exit out of this debt trap looks more and more to be only through weakening once's currency. China does not need to mind much where the US dollar is heading as global leaders are more and more reluctant to continuously accept the dollar as a global "benchmark" currency.

    Or the fresh wind that American military dominance is a thing of the past, or when was the last time the US ran a successful military campaign?

    Or the fresh wind that Chinese are getting more and more independent of international trade and that domestic business and money flows are getting more and more developed to a level where most Chinese will not mind anymore in what direction the American economy is heading...

    Any more hints needed?

  92. this is such a crap. It is by now abundantly clear that even if China wrote off all its loans to the US, China would still push ahead to transform its economy to one that will be dominated by domestic powers and money flows. On the flip side, Americans will over the next decades painfully have to learn to DE-leverage and to live within their means once again. Most Americans will never experience the comfort of the 80s and 90s again in their entire life time.

  93. the air is coming out out of the US balloon. the balloon is the mountain of debt which cannot be sustained.
    it is a question of time.
    china will do whatever it perceives as its national interest to slow or hasten the process or do nothing. the same goes for Germany and other countries whose economies are relatively in order.
  94. Herr asiaprop,

    Thank you for confirming the facts that I have presented about Germany, past and present, on this thread.

    You have been known on ET as being anti-America and pro-China, and you now reveal yourself to also being a German anti-semite, as only anti-semites and anti-zionists refer to Israel as "Palestine."

    I do agree with your assessment of your people:

    That most Germans agree that Third Reich war atrocities should never happen again. That most agree that their crimes begged for forgiveness.

    However, many Germans do not.

    Interestingly, you say "most" but you don't include yourself in this group. You could have said "I and most Germans agree...", but you didn't. This leads me to believe that you are of the group of Germans that does not believe what you have stated.

    I also agree with you that today's Germans are sick of being apologetic about "something we ourselves have not committed."
    Unfortunately for you, this is the "scarlet letter" of collective responsibility and collective guilt that the German people will bear forever.

    Your wording: "Jewish "thinkers"" is also revealing.
    You know old Adolph was not a "thinker" either. He was more into action than intellectualism.

    So to answer your question: "What's your REAL problems with Germans?"
    My answer is: "Germans like YOU."
  95. Good question - why should we pay for all those bases, not only in Germany, but across the whole world? Plus $3T for criminal drone wars in the Middle East designed to remap it according US and Israeli ruling elite master plan?
    US runs giant Ponzi scheme now http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/8090902/Pimco-likens-US-to-Ponzi-scheme.html
    and was doing this since the beginning of the republic.

    As for Germans and WW2, US of A should be especially grateful to Hitler for driving smart Jews and other folks out of the country over here. Uncle Sam also scooped up leading German engineers right after WW2. I doubt that without the war criminal von Braun the rednecks could have set foot on the moon. There were some money to blow on military-financial complex, and now their american empire crambles.
    Do you feel (free and) lucky?
  96. So what are you doing here on ET? All of your posts are made to slander an entire nation of people. Do you have any insights as to moving averages, trade techniques, or discount brokers to route traders through?
  97. You are arguing with an alias created for no purpose but to aggravate. At some point, doing so says more about the responder than it does about the initiator.
  98. You obviously have not read all of my posts.

    The topic of this thread is "Germany attacks US economic policy", not "Stochastics - Love'em or Hate'em" or "IB vs. Tradestation - Which One's Better?."
  99. cant we all just be friends?
  100. A simple but profound question.

    If people could take that to heart, we would all be living in a better world.

    littlfish out.
  101. No, because the human animal is selfish and self-centered. And a couple days without water or a week without food from killing you in order to take yours.

    "Civilization" is a very thin veneer.