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GDP: If US States were Countries...

  1. If US States were Countries...

    Country GDPs were matched up with State GDPs in this fascinating map:

  2. Very, very cool map.

    Saved to my favs.
  3. To make as big country as the U.S. productive the way it is is a real accomplishment regardless of Southamerica's drivel.
  4. I wonder what it would look like if you compared gdp per person rather then overall GDP.

    For example, Delaware and Bangladesh have the same GDP but Delaware's population is 850 thousand, while Bangladesh's is 150 million.
  5. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  6. Aha, so Sarah Palin is the Equivalent of the President of Ecuador!! And she's hot too, I wish she was president for awhile but alas...
  7. While biden is Bangladesh...
  8. Oh! That means Bush is equivalent of the president of Brazil! I wonder if South America has any comments on that! HA HA!!
  9. we go into recession the world goes into recession
  10. Here's another view.

  11. You map is of 2006. China has gaine a lot in last 2 years, and US probably lost quite a bit.

    Taiwan and HongKong are part of China, so according to the first map, China would take Georgia and LA as well.

    I am wondering whether Asia is close to North America.

    China(including Hong Kong and Taiwan)+Japan+South Korea_India maybe close to USA+Canada
  12. China has half of our GDP and almost 5 times the people. I am not yet deeply impressed.
  13. Too bad this is a bullshit map...
  14. you may not be impressed but if you have this picture in time dimension and see how china is spreading over time you will get scared to say the least...
  15. All inflation.
  16. Sure China has half the GDP and 5 times of population, but you need to put it on a time scale as well.

    Some stocks trade with P/E=3, and some trade at P/E=300. is it fair? People look at futures. I am not saying that China is so dominant now, but things could change in 10 ,20, 30 or 100 years.
  17. Taiwan IS NOT part of [the Peoples Republic of] China.
  18. US GDP is inflated.

    It's like my neighbor who lives a flashy life on credit cards.

    Once it's time to pay the piper, his wife will leave him and take the house.

    And the piper will always get paid.

    In the case of the US it's going to be a rabid depression or a multi-decade prolonged stagflation.


    When are the Chinese going to open up their markets to foreign traders?
  19. Still waiting for the "bullshit". The GDPs were accurate. The maps were accurate.

    Do you just like to dismiss things because it makes you feel better? Or are you dyslexic and read things backwards???
  20. oh my sack traderzones!!

    so the gdp of china, japan, uk and germany equate to that of the US??

    in terms of purchasing power parity, this is how it goes:

    USA: 13.8t

    china (6.9) + japan (4.2) + uk (2.1) + germany (2.8) = 16t

    13.8 = 16.

    Brazil (1.8t) = Texas (1.1)
    Indonesia (0.8t) = North Carolina (0.4t)
    Denmark (0.3t) - Washington (0.2t)

    interesting topic nonetheless, accuracy notwithstanding.

    lastly, lower your font so you don't look like such a screaming baby all the time.

    anyway, i'm off to go drink...double rum and cokes here i come :)
  22. But half their population makes only $2 per day. That's impressive!
  23. The "Golden State", CALIFORNIA is at $1.8 Trillion which places it #8 in the world if the state were considered a Country. In 1999, it ranked #6.