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Gasparino Has Completely Lost It

  1. What the heck was he doing on live TV?

    He must be coked out.
  2. What happened?
  3. "What I have is not what I got"

    This guy never says anything of value, he's a total waste of airtime
  4. he pulled out his wank on live tv and started peeing...
  5. yeah, wtf just happened.

    He went completely bonkers! :eek:
  6. What was he trying to say about capitalism?
  7. must have been a coded message to his HF Buddies! His crackberry must not have been working!
  8. I was actually thinking the same thing. The code being the Merrill deal isn't going to go through? I have no idea.
  9. his sources are probably the lowest of the low....murder your mom for life insurance low...
  11. Any chance he got fired or fined?
  12. gasparino is an egotistical moron. I hear he is more abrasive in person than he is on the air - even amongst peers. I challenged him on some issues where he was dead wrong and sought a retraction from him and he tried to threaten me.

    Real piece of work that schmuck.
  13. Very Strange Indeed!!!

    "So, okay. The "Closing Bell" team of Dylan Ratigan and Melissa Lee just cut to Charlie Gasparino who supposedly was going to give us some information on "turmoil" at Merrill Lynch. Those of you watching, though, know that didn't happen. We don't have a clip-- someone, anyone, for the love of No Sleeves and his BoFlex, send it to us now-- but paraphrasing, I shit you not, it went like this:

    Ratigan: Charlie, what have you got?
    Gasparino: What have I got? That's almost Zen-like.
    Ratigan: Yeah...so give us the story.
    Gasparino: What have I got? What have I got? What have I got?
    Lee: Charlie, just tell us!
    Gasparino: What have I got?
    Ratigan: Charlie, we've got limited time.
    Gasparino: What have I got? What I got is shoot for the capitalism.
    Ratigan: 'Shoot for the capitalism'? What?
    Gasparino: What have I got?
    Ratigan: Okay, not really sure what just happened there.

    The most bizarre thing is that while it wouldn't surprise us to see Gaspar get into a tiff with one of his colleagues, he didn't sound angry or like he was juicing, just really stoned the whole time. I'm not saying he was, and in fact, I have no idea what I'm saying. That's how strange the whole thing was. One really crazy theory is that Charlie didn't really have anything new to say about Merrill? But that's completely unlike him. He always has new angles on stories from well-placed sources. Seriously, I have no idea. We're going to try and get in touch with CG now. In the meantime, let us know if you have any idea WTF just happened."
  14. OK guys what did he say or do............ this is killing me
    he is kinda weird / unstable

    Anyone have a video of what he said or did?
  15. Please someone post this on youtube!
  16. Wasn't there a story on Dealbreaker about CG literally trying not to sh*t his pants because of some hot story he had a couple of months ago?
  17. any drug experts here? was his on coke?
  18. must got in Kudlow's stash
  19. :)
    yeah, kudlow NEVER knows what he is talking about. must have really good sh*t in his locker!
  20. LMAO!!
  21. link?
  22. i can`t believe that anyone still watches cnbc rubbish....:confused:
  23. What else is there to watch?

    Whether they're stupid or not...they do 2 of 2 things

    1. Move markets
    2. Post relatively real time info for people who don't have time to SEARCH for everything.

    In the long run it works.

    I'm not defending their stupidity....but they do serve a purpose
  24. You Financial News Channel Snob....
  25. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/rtgxMkp25Rg&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/rtgxMkp25Rg&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  26. You guys watch too much TV
  27. they do nothing but offer noise..........you`re out of your mind if you use them for anything pertaining to trading.
  28. whatever it was, I liked it!
  29. the constant repeating of words reminds me of DC Mayor Marion Berry when he was caught red handed w/ a hooker and coke....... for his sake I just hope it was only Red Bull! :D
  30. Sounded like he was annoyed.

    "Shoot to the capitalist system." sounded like he wanted to say "Shit to the ...." etc.

    Maybe he is sad that Cuomo is going after exec compensation because of the public bailout or something like that...
  31. that was creepy.
  32. I'm gonna be Charlie Gasparino for Halloween....
  33. If I were bald I could be either Kudlow or Cramer.
  34. wow. great video. need to watch cnbc a bit more again :D
  35. I think his "shoot to the capitalist system" comment was meant as "fk the capitalist system". What do you think?
  36. Sounds like he had a liquid lunch. Why not?
  37. I think I'd love to party with that guy.
  38. yeah, he clearly seemed like he was under the influence of some kind of downer.
  39. The hand-off "Charlie what do ya got?" annoyed him and he replied "What do I GOT? WHAT DO I GOT??" in mockery. It appears he took offense at the fatuous generality of the questions, and he snapped back with deliberately non-specific replies. Calling it "Zen Like" is his way of saying "you have asked a completely meaningless, stupid question." I think he repeated the wording of the questions just to highlight how ridiculous (he felt) they were.

    Then began to he split hairs when asked "What do ya got about Merrill Lynch", again seeming to mock the questioner for not realizing that the actual news story was about BofA AND Merrill Lynch. Finally when told time was short and he would have to straighten up and act like a well behaved performing monkey if he wanted airtime, Charlie suggested they Shoot to (i.e. train the cameras upon) the Capitalist system, that's what you've got. In other words, I ain't shining yo shoes mista, go try somewhere else.
  40. That said, he's still a prick...
  41. maybe he didn't realize he was live??? i think its common that guy that does streetsign with erin burnett or the show in the morning with her the fat guy he picked up his cell phone on air lmao
  42. If I ever see him on the street, I'm gonna kick him in the balls...
  43. will he keep his job?
  44. yeah, its not like chuck didnt break the tarp in september. that was only good for 10% move in the spy.

    monday faber denied the gs rumor

    or the time faber broke dj getting bought by nws for 30 points higher.

    your ignorance is my bliss, more stock for me on news situations
  45. Looks like Gas had his last gasp on CNBC to me. Maybe we will see him on Fox Business.

    I hate CNBC in the morning as stated already they sound like white noise so always have them turned down. I prefer Bloomberg TV..

  46. usually this 3:25-3:30 cnbc apperances are just verbatim of his apparence in the am that day.
  47. Maybe his pro GOP anti liberal comments are pissing of NBC execs.

    Perhaps they warned him about it and he's just had it..
  48. I couldn't agree with you more.
  49. Why is this in the TRADING FORUM???

  50. at least 2 of us make $$ on this "garbage" . id rather be a looser making $$ off watching tv then a snob too good for cnbc.


    check this video out. its 5 mins. do not watch the whole thing. but its chuck breaking the tarp news. just look at the ticketer on the right of the screen when they start. then at the end the dow is up 113 points as he starts in less then 5 mins the dow rips another 100 points. and that was only the begining of the move. the dow rocketed the rest of the day. i think i was long MS and it went from 18 to 24.

  51. call the fbi and report this.
    dude relax. if its an issue get the admin to move it to the correct forum
  52. Duuuuude . . .

    The poster that I quoted and asked why such a thread is in the TRADING forum IS a moderator!

    And people wonder why there is rarely any value in ET's "Trading Forum".
    Their more interested in what some "clown" has to say on CNBC.

    Go figure.
  53. The guy takes his job way too seriously.
  54. we are also dying to know who farts on the show. :D
  55. If he were publicly traded, I'd short the fuck out of him. All the way down into rehab.
  56. Gasparino's one of the few people with real jounalist cred on CNBS.

    Most of the others are performing monkeys.

    He probably just got fed up with the bullshit.
  57. i'm going to cnbc tomorrow with a kilo of uncut coke and then cut it with splenda and sell it all the Gasparino because he is obviously on downers and needs to be perked up.i bet that fag has some cash.
  58. That ladies and gents is f'n funny, not politically correct but old fashioned funny.
    Gaspir and Leesman are both like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  59. Wow. Dylan is kind of a jerk, but he was getting very peeved at CG. I've seen a few drunks and he really looked drunk to me. Even if he was just tired, mad, or really didn't have anything when they cut to him, he should have showed some professionalism.

    This, coupled with that tussle with Bartiroma (but who cares about that fat B), ought to get ole Charlie the boot...
  60. mountains outta molehills...much ado about nothing.

    cg is a loose cannon, thats the long and short of it, it is part of his personna, and frankly, a part I personally enjoy.

    I do not see it as any big fuckin deal.

    bashing cramer is where the emphasis is best placed, thats where the real damage is being inflicted.
  61. i am a mod but a very limited one i can only delete posts i can't move them
  62. Not to worry... Obama can change THAT too..
  63. yup pretty close.

    If you listen close Ratigan mentioned the Capitalist system before Charlie did and that's what got Charlie on that track. I think Dylan said something like "it got the capitalist system waiting" and Charlie said....fine shoot the the capitalist system.

    He wasn't drunk. He was pissed IMO like you said.