Gary Norden Interview - Best so far

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Did you learn something new and informative from the interview?

  1. Yes - informative but not stuff I'll apply as I'm happy with my current technique.

  2. Yes - and I'll be looking into it more.

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  3. No - I knew most of it already.

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  4. I didn't believe him

  1. JigsawTrading

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    Right - I have my bloxing gloves on, gumshield in, skin thickened. I think that should prepare me. For what usually comes after we post something new.

    In this case, a really good insight into a professional's take on trading.

    Rafael Lasi from Brazul, recently did an interview with Gary Norden who is usually quite, errr 'frugal' with information. Rafael asked great questions and wasn't afraid to challenge Gary on the replies. Rafael could well end up being Brazil's Larry King because he really got Gary to open up.

    Gary has always been a professional trader, much of it market making but he also has a new hedge fund and does a lot of consulting work with financial institutions. So he's got a good all-round set of knowledge

    Click here to watch the interview - it's on the Jigsaw Blog, there' no paywall or any need to register.

    Enjoy the video - and for the attack dogs - I look forward to the sparring session but bear in mind the video is 1 hour long, so you might want to wait that long before sending the love.
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  2. Nobert


    :) :strong::thumbsup:
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  3. No worries. Des is on ET vacation for awhile...
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  4. JigsawTrading

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    Me and my daughter loved that movie.

    I suspect for different reasons.
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  5. Thank you very much
  6. qlai


    Thumbs down. Peter, I think your videos on order flow are the best I have found online. I doubt there’s anything better free or paid.

    This guy, however, provides no useful info ever. He says he doesn’t put out videos because his edge would be diminished, but publishing the manual doesn’t diminish it? Makes no sense to me. Maybe what he is selling is valuable, but I would not pay to find out.
  7. d08


    Garbage interview. The usual "my way is the only way" nonsense. Also, does Gary really think internet didn't exist in the year 2000? Electronic trading was very much alive back then. There's too many errors to go through all of them here.
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  8. MarkBrown


    few people are going to scalp trade i would think. the guy operates in a totally different world than most traders. i just don't see how anything he could offer would help a common everyday trader.

    i am clueless about market making cause i don't have any interest in scalping, that's another mans game. seasoned big money algo traders have the same opinions about people being clueless as well. I am sure investors think traders are clueless, so is the circle of market participants.
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    First punch.
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    Second blow ..upper out for the coming haymaker..
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