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futures front ends

  1. who has the best front end for trading futures and why? what does everyone think of GLOBEX vs LIFFE vs Eurex systems?
  2. I have found Trading Technologies to be the best front end. A Globex Terminal has the best up time but for ease of use, Trading Technologies is my favorite.

  3. The traders that do the biggest size at Redwood use X Trader, the smaller traders use PATS
  4. Dennis,

    What do you think is the cutoff for size in your firm for traders moving from PATS to X Trader?

  5. My suggestion would be a cut off amount of let´s say $1000 loss due to J_Trader "technical problems".

  6. I demo'ed J_Trader and didn't really like having 3 or 4 different windows open at once. I thought the key to being successful in trading was to simplify:)
  7. redtrader

    how much money do you need to open an account with your firm ?

  8. Call me