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Discussion in 'Forex' started by LoganSilver, Apr 28, 2021.

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    Funding Talent is focused on finding, and helping members of the forex community. Our goal is to become the leading, and most trusted global solution for forex trading while providing the best path for our member's financial independence.

    Funding Talent is an exciting opportunity that allows traders to display profitable trading strategies while being rewarded for their success.

    We currently offer funding up to 300K per person and offer 2 different exciting account models which allow traders to find a perfect fit of the model to accommodate their trading style.

    The Flex Model brings the Flex Classic and Flex Aggressive option, with the ability to start earning money within the first 2 weeks on the classic. The Funding Talent Challenge brings the classic prop firm challenge model to our traders, with our own twist. Lower profit targets and time to reach the account are just part of that.

    I wanted to open this thread to answer any questions the community may have regarding the program and opportunity,
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  2. primus88


    I don't really understand how it works, but it looks interesting. What experience do you need? I'm just starting with forex, is good for my?
  3. LoganSilver

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    You do not need any experience, but I recommend getting familiar with Forex so you do not waste money or time with our program. We do offer very beginner courses for people just getting started.
  4. tedmos38


    Is this a new broker?
  5. FTDK


    No, Funding Talent is not a broker.
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  6. LoganSilver

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    We are providing our own liquidity solution for our members in the near future :)
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    Oh I got it, you are liquidity providers!
  8. billv


    So if I understand this correctly, you are providing traders a demo account of their choosing size and you charge them a monthly fee? And in return, you pay them back a % of any profits made but ONLY IF they trade by your rules?
  9. LoganSilver

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    That model is the Flex Classic and is one of our models but not our most popular by far :)
    Also, changes may or may not be coming to that account-model shortly. Most people in that model do get their payout and if they do not that is only due to their erratic and inconsistent trading.
  10. Can you explain exactly how this works, thanks.
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