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Fruit from the poisoned tree....


    Sarah Palin's got another Wasilla wild child on her hands - 15-year-old daughter Willow who's running with the "wrong crowd".

    Big sister Bristol made headlines with her out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and now Willow has been named as a participant in a teenage booze bash that got out of hand, say sources.

    "Willow has been running with the wrong crowd," confides a friend. "They are a popular high school clique known as the Colony Girls, who are well known as hard partiers and are regularly involved in underage drinking and smoking dope."

    Willow recently attended a party thrown at a school pal's former family home - after others broke into it, according to the friend.

    "About two dozen kids broke into the house that was up for sale. They drank, played beer pong, listened to loud music - and trashed the place.

    "Police were notified, and they investigated the incident for possible vandalism and breaking and entering. When the pal who threw the bash was questioned by police, she named Willow as one of the partiers."

    And when word got back to Sarah about Willow's involvement, "she was furious," said the source.

    The friend also maintains that Willow has a definite rebel streak like siblings, 20-year-old Track and 19-year-old Bristol.

    In July 2009, Willow was photographed slamming back a bottle of vodka at a Juneau house party. "Sarah was fuming when that photo of Willow was published," said the friend.

    Her older sister Bristol scandalized her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, as a dope-smoking underage drinker and party girl. At 17, she announced she was pregnant - by hunky Levi Johnston whose mother was later sent to jail for pushing drugs.

    Bristol, who gave birth to baby Tripp in December 2008, later organized an much ballyhooed advocacy group to prevent teen pregnancy.

    Track, meanwhile, has had drug problems in the past, and was addicted to the painkiller OxyContin before shipping off to Iraq.

    The former Alaska governor - who ran for vice president on a family values platform - is upset that Willow's wild behavior could cause her embarrassment as she promotes her new gig as Fox News commentator.

    "Right now, Sarah's trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug," the source said.

  2. NY gov Patterson's son caught playing dice, kids are kids.
  3. Willow Palin really loves black hunky men
  4. Isn't a 'booze problem' a sort of wink-and-a-nod PLUS for a Republican? Sort of like an obsessive sexual 'need' is a validator for a Democrat?
  5. Another one from Optional777's number one news source, the National Enquirer. These are the same losers who said Palin was getting divorced. How did that one work out for you Optional?

    Anything to get the attention off of how badly the democrats are fucking up.

  6. lol
  7. The democrats are fucking up, I have no problem with saying that.

    I also have no problem saying that Sarah Palin is not a good mother, given the problems her children have...

  8. How many children have you raised?
  9. Below is what is known as a strawman fallacy...

  10. It's just a simple question.
  11. Yes, the question is simple.

    The question is also irrelevant to Sarah Palin being a bad mother...


  12. What is it with the wackos recently using strawman?

    Did Al Gore use it recently? Maybe Olberman?

    Can't come up with a decent rebuttal?
  13. YOU are accusing her of being a bad mother. The question I believe reinforces your moral high ground if indeed it was positive.

    But most likely it is negative, and that is the reason you wouldn't answer.

    Just making a point and next time don't be chicken.
  14. In June 2005 (under the ZZZzzzzzzz alias), you authored a thread proclaiming one could "smell the fear" from the Republican side of the isle over the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming President. You offered (in part) 'supporting facts' (and I use that phrase loosely in this context) for your conclusion by noting the "numerous 'Anti- Hillary' threads" started by "the right" (your words). While the specific thread no longer exists, I did link to your words in February 2006.

    By your own logic, it would seem you now exhibit the very same behavior you once decried.

    I guess people really can "smell the fear" as you so eloquently put it (nearly 5 years go).

    - Spydertrader
  15. It's one of ZZZzzzz/Optional777/TrollZ's favorite evasive non answer "rebuttals".
    Interesting statement coming from a guy who's admitted in this very forum to having drinking issues some years ago. I presume then that you must feel the same way about your own mother, as you feel about Palin.
  16. Your mother was a total screw up to raise a loser like you.
  17. Yes, I am looking at the behavior of her kids, and holding her accountable...

    Something wrong with that?

  18. You must spank your tiny little monkey to a photo of Sarah Palin...

    Good gravy, the repubs simply can't handle any criticism of their political heroes...


  19. Just when i thought Optional777 could not get any stupider he comes up with this gem. News flash idiot, 90% of kids these days experiment with alcohol, and or try drugs in highschool. Even if your phony story from the national enquirer was true this would not be anything out of the norm. It just goes to show you how out of touch you are with reality from years of isolation, and never being able to get married and have a family of your own, since no one in their right mind would want to have kids with a psychopath like you.
  20. 90% of kids don't have wacko self righteous absentee mothers preaching to others how to raise their kids and pretending moral superiority when her own kids don't even listen to her...

    Palin's shit only stinks worse because of her own moral failings as a mother...

    By the way, prove your claim of:

    "90% of kids these days experiment with alcohol, and or try drugs in highschool."

    The beat goes on. I talk about Palin... and not having any defense for Palin's behavior, the right wing crazies attack the messenger...


  21. I challenge you to find me a single user under the age of 25 who didnt try drugs or alcohol in highschool. You are saying she is an unfit mother, based on a National Enquirer story. The only person who may fit this mold of being a person unfit to have kids or a family is you, because you have been totally shut out from society. Even if you never had your first sip of alcohol in highschool you still ended up being a pedophille, and an alcoholic, so what does this say about your mothers parenting skills?
  22. then you must also agree Al Gore, Joe Biden and John Kerry are terrible parents as well.

  23. What about ethel and joe kennedy, my god. They raised several generations of criminals.

  24. Hillary was a very viable candidate for the presidency, right?

    Palin is a punch line for late night TV and now a contributor on Fox News, having up and quit her job as governor.

    You are obviously too stupid to get it, the dems are not afraid of Palinbeast, they want her to be the republican nominee in 2012.

    This brittle little bitch (lipstick on a pit bull and all that crap---hell she can't even handle the press, but she is going to be president?) has very little chance of being president.

    So it is not fear you goof, it is simply ridicule...

    Palin the punch line, and of course watching the local ET goons go ape shit trying to defend her.

    Must be the redneck Neckcar in you defending a turd like Palin...

  25. <img src=http://myiq2xu.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/strawman.jpg>

  26. <img src=http://myiq2xu.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/strawman.jpg>

  27. <img src=http://myiq2xu.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/strawman.jpg>

  28. Actually, I do think there is a smell of fear associated with Palin, and that it emanates from the thinking Right Wing. However, the substantial remainder of that group is too stupid to see the train wreck she would become if she were put on the fast track.

    Perhaps Democrats should be supportive of her political ambitions. Until the nomination, of course.
  29. Why does a topic started by a complete bozo, that links to a National Enquirer story actually have 28 replies?
  30. Probably because right wing toadies like yourself have no self control when the Palinlovian bell rings...

  31. and chicken.

  32. Seems the National Enquirer was the news source of choice for you Rightmeisters during the early days of the John Edwards scandal.
  33. Like anyone cared about the John Edwards scandal. John Edwards is a total loser and a nobody.
  34. Whatever. But your brethren thought The National Enquirer was the pinnacle of journalism at the time. How quickly the ardor fades.
  35. Please cite all examples of Republicans claiming that the National Enquirer was the pinnacle of journalism.
  36. Logical Fallacy, Non-Sequitur and Ad hominem all combined in a single response. One really can smell the fear in your posts.

    - Spydertrader
  37. Great to see spydermonkey, pimp for Jack Hershey, a trader who "knows" what will happen in the future, has joined the ranks of teabaggers and klannish...

    It is about time the neckcar lover showed his true colors...

  38. Sarah as leader of the free world :eek:



    and that's being polite :D
  39. More non-sequitur and ad-hominem. Shouldn't be too long before the goofball .jpegs and .gif files start appearing.

    Point out your hypocrisy and you respond in such predictable ways. Hilarious.

    Smell that fear.

    - Spydertrader
  40. Great to see spydermonkey, pimp for Jack Hershey, a trader who "knows" what will happen in the future, has joined the ranks of teabaggers and klannish...

    It is about time the neckcar lover showed his true colors...

    Oh, and I am certain that spydermonkey will crawl back under the rock he came from in no time at all...


    p.s. You are suck a putz spydermonkey, you are doing nothing but grinding on having been bitch slapped here:


    ...talk about predictable, that's Jack's Hershey's pimp.

  41. spyder, we need scholars in public office not dilettantes, do you disagree :eek:
  42. Does that make you jealous?
  43. Examples? Do your own search. Some of you Rightsters were falling over yourselves regarding the Enquirer's Edwards story, accepting all initial allegations at face value. I guess it's a selective thing.
  44. ... that has been known to occasionally print factual stories and has even broken a few of them.

    The Enquirer probably has a better track record of printing the truth than newsmax and Fox News. You can't dismiss everything printed by the Enquirer the way you could the defunct Weekly World News. Or newsmax.

  45. How about CBS and Dan Rather.

    Strawman. LOL.
  46. We know, blah blah blah, palin, blah blah blah, hannity, blah blah blah, limbaugh, blah blah blah imus, blah blah blah, fox news, blah blah blah orielly.

    What would scientology and the child molestor l ron hubbard say about the current state of affairs?



  47. You were the one who made the claim shithead. If you make the claim you have to provide the proof. If you can't back it up, maybe you ought to shut your hole.
  48. Where's the strawman? Evidently you don't know what that word means. :D
  49. This pffffffft's for U:

    <img src=http://api.ning.com/files/meO41oy9PPmggRFcqhz30YfPuq*2Q7FjlNFUUgUdlhjSXNjqcQ3S6xmpxx5UgETVflWRdS5anrlxCOsTwCn9iA4V2HjHTIcl/258Troll_spray2.jpg >

  50. GOP parrots...

  51. That's funny.

    We all know who the troll is don't we?

  52. Since repetitively make claims you can't back up, why the flaming sissy fit?

    :D :D :D

  53. You follow me around like a little lovesick puppy...



  54. the bullshit buzzer goes off everytime I hear palin speak. even moreso then when I hear one of he clintons speak.

    don't you fellow conservatives sense the same thing.

    She is as rehearsed as pelosi an almost as dumb.... and that is pretty fricken dumb
  55. Isn't utterly hillarious to watch you squirm about.

    Having the mental dexterity of an intellectual light weight, you resort to schoolyard tactics in the hope that you can deflect the hypocrisy of your assertions.

    Hilarious. Simply, hilarious.

    You constantly exhibit the very same behavior you vehemently decry in others.

    Hypocrisy can't disguise your fear.

    - Spydertrader
  56. Too bad chat still isn't working so hog and I can point out your scummy salesman mentality on a daily basis...

    I used to think there was nothing lower than a Bush apologist, then spydermonkey shows up and is a Jack Hershey apologist and pimp...

    Gottam, that is just too freakin funny...

  57. We need experienced problem solvers oriented toward results - not rhetoric.

    - Spydertrader
  58. Wow, you do so enjoy providing the rest of the world clear examples of your fear.

    I live 30 minutes south of The Bighog. Anytime you two would like to pay me a visit in person, feel free to let me know.

    However, with you so full of fear, Stevie Wonder can see you'd never attend such a meeting.

    - Spydertrader
  59. Kind of like we need winning experienced traders, not pimps for Jack Hershey's bullshit...


  60. Typical twist and spin nonsense of your average sales rep...

    Jack Hershey's pimp...


    p.s. No interest in meeting BS artists like you or marketsurfer...

    I pointed out that marketsurfer was a con man long before the rest of ET found out, and I pointed out your bullshit before others found out that as well...

    You should have stayed with your Fuller Brush door to door career...

  61. You simply cannot help yourself.

    Projecting your own inadequacies onto others will never assuage the level of fear you experience daily.

    - Spydertrader
  62. I would not waste your breath offering proof with idiots like Optional777 and Gayfly1. I tried it and Gayfly1 ran like a little girl, just as scared as Optional777, They dont actually care about proof, it is all about mis-direction, as well as denial, you could go with them to your broker and get the broker to print off statements and they still would try to claim you lied. I have posted many blotters on this site and was even willing to post executions down to the second on thousands of trades a day, which would basically give them a free strategy, and they still sit there and try to deny, deny, deny, as opposed to the logical solution of trying to learn how to trade off of someone who clearly knows what they are doing. I have also offered to confirm my numbers through the best traders on this site, who are notoriously known as the best on the site, but that wont do either, it is just deny deny deny. It is a fairly common tactic from totally hopeless losers like Gayfly1, and Optional777. The assumption they make is that since they turned into complete failures everyone else must be one as well, I am pretty sure you could tell guys like this that Warren Buffet is a billionaire, and they would ask for a statement, then claim you photoshopped it, when you provide it. The problem with dealing with these guys is that they think they are more intelligent than you (typical liberal thought process) and it absolutely destroys them when they realise that guys like me and you are able to make money doing something they totally failed at.

    Dont bother wasting time trying to prove yourself to perpetual losers like this. You could tell them the sky was blue and they would deny it, it is a fairly typical tactic from failures, they admit nothing.

  63. What a shock, Jack Hershey's pimp is as delusional as Jack Hershey...

    Birds of a feather...

  64. With every post you add to your Opus as fear continues to represent the defining theme throughout.

    Fearing someone, other than yourself, might have the last word, you feel compelled to respond - again and again.

    Like a puppet on a string, you dance; all the while controlled by fear.

    - Spydertrader
  65. Dude, you need to be deprogrammed...

  66. ...and she would probably still do a better job than the Dumbo we have in the White House now.

    But yes I agree, I hope she does not run.
  67. That's just wonderful. But given that I have already proven you to be a lying liar who lies, where would the credibility come from? Even if the blotters and such were not photoshopped, why would anyone in their right mind automatically believe that they are your blotters, and not those of a real trader for whom you are just a bumboy who gets his coffee? And on "thousands of trades a day" no less. Really.
  69. Imaginary?