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Forex Optimum - review

  1. Hi guys! want to open accaunt by broker Forex Optimum
    heard that they don't pay - is it true? who has real cash and trade by FO?
    This broker is new and thats why i dont know - trust them or not...
    pls help - asked on other forums but no one don't give me answer
  2. You didn't get a response on other forums because your question makes no sense. Of all the firms out there, why in world would you even consider a new forex broker that you heard bad things about? Makes no sense at all. Just go with a more reputable broker that doesn't have a bad reputation for paying. Simple as that.
  3. Baron, thanks for advice!

    Now i choose 1 broker from 4 (i can tell u private what is the name of this brokers if u want). FO is one of them
    Some of them are very old and reputable but this year show us how big broker go away fron business
    One of the biggest broker in russia closed office in uk ... So i really worry now!

    I don't trust to my current broker. Now i don't care if my future broker will have the biggest spread and comission, requote and so on. I just want to save many.

    If u dont trust FO can u pls tell me private in what broker do u trade and make some proof... of course if it not difficult for u
  4. They are not scum. I trade for 3 month, got money 2 times.
  5. Oh, thanks О_О
    Сan u send some proofs?
  6. Of course. This screen suit?
  7. thanks =) what strategies do u use ? =))
  8. Hello, guys! I want to open an account here, but before that I would like to find out, what is with conditions and how different are they from those on the website? So if there are real traders with real accounts, please tell me about this broker.
  9. Hello, I have been trading for months, all the conditions on the website are real, I mean spreads, execution and withdrawal. Want to say broker is very good and much better than those with whom I traded before.
  10. thanks! But can you tell me in more detail, what makes it better than others?
  11. I checked, he's no worse than the ones I used to trade with. Not every broker has the opportunity to sit with binary options, not any broker can withdraw in such a small amount of time as here, all in all, I like this broker, and you can judge for yourself.
  12. You mentioned the broker withdraws quickly, how can I know that you're trading on a real account with this brkoer? You can post a screenshot with history to make it more realistic. Thank you.
  13. If we're talking about withdrawal, then it's best to immediately post the screenshot, that will save you from many questions, mistrust about whether or not you really trade with this broker.
  14. I post screenshots only if someone asks me to, sometimes to brag, while the thread is not very active, to brag there… What use is there to make it up if the screen shot is right there?
  15. Thanks! What do you think of the conditions on BO with this broker?
  16. I don't think the conditions are the best, you could find better, but I agree that when you see a broker offering to pay 95% if the prediction is correct, that triggers doubt. The statistics could work against the broker, and BO is a thing that doesn't withdraw to midbank, at least didn't a year ago, i don't believe that has changed.
  17. So, the broker is a kitchen? You came to that conclusion yourself, although you think highly of it…
  18. No, a broker isn't a kitchen, but this is a neverending debate, no one can prove one way or the other. I said that a year ago options were 100% kitchen. I traded with a broker who only had options, 100% kitchen, and the conditions were sweet. Whereas here i believe options appeated only a year ago, or maybe even more recently. Here the broker earns purely at statistics.
  19. you yourself trade on BO? If yes, is it successful, if not, why not?
  20. At this time I'm not actively trading on BO, since I'm mostly trading on forex right now and don't have enough time, one of the orders with eurusd had a drawdown, so I'm trying to level it out.
  21. I hope you're not trying to mend your unprofitable order, if so, that's not a good way of fixing the situation...
  22. Well, why not, in the right hands lok is a great tool for managing losses, it can help quickly stop a drawdown in the same direction
  23. As many times as I've tried to master this method, but it never worked, it's best to install regular stop loss or simly close the losing order, instead of locking the deal.
  24. lock worked perfectly for me and the result was i almost went to zero for eurusd, the pound worked well though last week, so I even ordered a small withdrawal, can't wait to get it)
  25. You see, that's a great example of correctly using an instrument like lock, and to be motivated to master it)
  26. maybe so, but in any case, i will keep to my own opinion that it's best to close the order and open in another direction, for me fixating the losses is a better option.
  27. I don't know for sure, but one of my friends got a text message that this broker will be celebrating their birthday soon and in connection with this even they're giving away some kind of bonuses, has anybody heard about it?
  28. I've not heard anything about such messages, maybe my text message just hasn't arrived yet, ask your friend in more detail what sort of bonuses do they offer.
  29. Tell me more about these bonuses, I might be able to use them for opening an account with this broker, I just want to know how well the withdrawals work here.
  30. Withdrawal is very rapid, it takes me a few hours on average from the moment I send a request till the moment I receive the money.
  31. Yeah, I got the part about withdrawing money, what about the bonuses, what are the conditions and what percentage has to be worked off?
  32. As I understood it, the bonuses aren't for withdrawing, it serves as a lifesaver for your deposit in the case of a surprise drawdown.
  33. Hmm... such a bonus will definately suit newbies who haven't yet strengthened on forex, although to be honest I wouldn't refuse it either)
  34. In that case, open an account with the broker if that kind of bonus suits you, but I believe you have to put atleast a hundred on it in order to get the bonus.
  35. well, a hundred is not such big money for forex, although it can seem like a lot for beginning traders)
  36. Even when I was a newbie, I believed that a deposit under $500 is pointless, because it's very hard to follow money management and withstand drawdowns is very hard with a small deposit.
  37. To each his own, there are traders for instance, who crachdown deposits, ignoring the risk management, ofcourse it's worth noting that most people aren't capable of doing this, but if it works out, then the hard work pays off tenfold)
  38. My personal opinion about crackdowns is it's just a money drain and a waste of time,energy and nerves... it's better to simply do it the old fashioned way, poking your way around.
  39. I haven't traded with this broker for about a month, other than that everything here is good, without any surprises, how are things with the quotations?
  40. Everything seems to be ok, atleast with me, it's comfortable to trade, profit gets withdrawn, everything is as usual) why do you ask such questions?
  41. I'm just interested, just incase) It's too bad I had to make such a big break... had lots to do at my main job, but that's ok, I think I'll catch up) By the way, which assets right now are best to choose for trading, I mean their currency?
  42. Reimburesed my account and got a bonus. Now all I gotta do is work it off and withdraw)
  43. I've never really liked bonuses, I think it's always best to work for your own money, and not to chase after some kind of illusive bonuses, which you might never get to work off. As for everything else, the broker has been great, I've been trading for half a year now.
  44. Bonuses are good, you just need to know how to process them. Many just don't have enough skill to process. Many will acquire quite a few bonuses and then whine that the broker screwed them, although they themselves created the situation.
  45. Well, that speaks to the inexperienced trader who doesn't know what bonuses are. Or selfishness, which becomes the reason the trader bites off more than he can chew.
  46. You may be right, but the broker needs to get the message across to traders, especially new clients, what bonuses are and what conditions there are. Although this is all in open access, no one read the conditions, but instead just checkmark the box that they agree...
  47. You may be right, but the broker needs to get the message across to traders, especially new clients, what bonuses are and what conditions there are. Although this is all in open access, no one read the conditions, but instead just checkmark the box that they agree...
  48. That's right! It's all in open access - just take the time to read it! The broker has nothing to hide! If you can't find the conditions, although that is impossible, in my mind, then ask in the chat. Optimum offers support even at night.
  49. Night is the time for resting, not for bombarding the support! Well, the most you could do is open a deal or buy an option, so that there would be a result in the morning...
  50. I didn't mean that you should write to them at night but that they're always available and the answer will always come fast.
  51. Options is good, but they are good, if you take H24, that makes 90% profit. The least profitable are the minute ones. But that's the way it is everywhere. One time I was working off bonuses for a broker. It didn't take much time )
  52. Usually I got the answer from optimum support within 5 minutes, usually 1-3 minutes. Yesterday asked a question, by the way, it was about options, expected the answer for 7 minutes! That's their antirecord!
  53. You think 7 minutes is long? I'm reading in the thread of other brokers people complaining that they don't receive an answer for several days. And in optimum, as you said, it's 7 minutes max. I think it does depend on how complicated the question is.
  54. Support isn't the most important thing that should work well. What should work well is money withdrawal. And money is withdrawn here without delaying it.
  55. Good start of trade! But you so ambiguously posted your account in the screenshot. Usually people close it atleast partially. Aren't you afraid someone will try to use the infortmation you provided?
  56. How can it be used? Other than an account and a couple deals, in order to get control over the account you need lots more information. As much as confirming identity. The most you can do with these requisites is block the account, and even then what interest would that be to anyone? Because I could easily unblock it.
  57. Still, even if the account will be blocked, it will be rather inconvenient for you. It's better to stay away from such situations.
  58. Although forex optimum is a reliable broker and I have no doubt about it's security, but I would advise you to open a new account)
  59. Thanks for your concern, I'll take this information into account. In the future I'll always partially draw over any new screenshots, I'll just cross out my account number, that's all)
  60. Of course if you haven't taken care of the security of your account, then forex optimum will do it for you. But it's best to not give scammers any reason to check the broker's security department)))
  61. I refilled my account in order to get a bonus, I'll try to work it off and withdraw it, which won't happen soon... In the meantime, I'll use scalping)
  62. Bonuses are withdrawn fast by applying scalping. I have an acquantance who only gets by on bonuses. He gets zero profit from scalping, but he works off bonuses and withdraws them)
  63. The main thing is that the broker allowed to apply this strategy and wouldn't be a barrier in withdrawing bonus funds.
  64. If I do take funds it's not a lot, maximum 100 dollars, and still it's rare, usually I can agree to 50 dollars. It's hard to withdraw, since I don't do deals very often.
  65. I have a robot which opens many deals in one day. Well, I guess it's a lot, about 30 deals per day. Optimum allows to trade with robots, I want to see how it will help me work off my bonus)
  66. Well 30 isn't actually a lot of deals. At one time I had a robot that opened 100-300 deals a day. Profit from each deal is of course minimal, but all in all it turned out great! Also I worked off the bonuses really quick. I still wasn't able to earn normally with them.
  67. Why don't you use your robot in trading right now? Optimum doesn't mind you trading there.
  68. The thing is I got this robot temporarily, the goal of presenting it was to test different robots with different brokers. I was supposed to open a different account for it, and after the time was up follow through with statistics. I broke the conditions a little bit and was eliminated from the list of testers. Too bad.
  69. But you've still got the robot, although it's a little raw, but you can still apply it, so why don't you? Or will rights resered restrict that?
  70. Read carefully, the broker was given out for a limited time, that probably says that data was sewn into the robot and after its expiration it stops working. That way the authors insure themselves from any unexpected situations. The robot can also be programmed to work only with a concrete broker, also you can attach it to a concrete account )
  71. Yes, I was understood correctly, the robot stopped working. But anyway, no robot, that's ok, I can do it by hand as well. I do have drawdowns sometimes, but not this time! :)[​IMG]
  72. Yeah, anyone can turn on the broker, but to trade manually in the profit - is not for everyone. I got a drawdown by the way. Trading hasn't been going well lately
  73. Maybe it's just time to take a rest from trading, that happens sometimes, you just gotta rest. I've got a friend who's always got his phone in his hand, everywhere, and he's constantly trading.
  74. If a person likes it and it brings him profit, why not? It's any person's dream to have a job that you like and which brings you money.
  75. I wouldn't say that this person trades very profitably, most likely it's the opposite, he probably drains the deposit more often than he gets profit, he is just gambling. But sometimes he has really epic deals. For example he really increased his profit on the pound, and he had a lot of cases like that. Anyway, he doesn't trade very well, but thanks to such situations on the market he end up in the profit, but is it really worth it?
  76. In any case it's not for you to decide what he should do. Maybe it's his trading strategy to always sit on small deals waiting for such jumps?
  77. Does he also trade on forex optimum? I wonder because I'm curious to know if his profit was withdrawn? There were rumors that I heard from many traders that some brokers didn't get their deal payments.
  78. Yes, he does trade on forex optimum, he got everything to the last penny. I remember it quite clearly, how happy he was at that moment, it's hard to forget :)
  79. Speaking of withdrawals. I ordered a withdrawal which arrived fast as always. I just decided to let you know because this withdrawal is at a record high for me in terms of profit. All previous withdrawals were less.
  80. Good records always make me happy, the main thing is not to set antirecords. What do you think, did this work only once and that's it, or are you waiting for another result?
  81. I don't wonder if I have a record sum or not. I relate coldbloodedly to it.
  82. Of course I hope for the repeat of the same result and it's improvement. In terms of me paying attention to my results, I usually act calmly, but when things work out better than usually then why not get happy?
  83. Then be happy, we don't know what happened, tell us about it :)
  84. For some this may not be an impressive result but for me so far - it's the best.[​IMG]
  85. Thanks , you are right
  86. The main thing is what this record means for you, not for others. This record influences you specifically in a way that you become more confident in yourself. For others that's not so important that you got something right.
  87. Well, why is it that other people's success energise me with positive confidence too. Anyway, if anybody's got a good result, then that inspires me as in I can do the same or even better, and if someone got something wrong, then my attitude is like I can do better and will do better.
  88. My child is watching a very good cartoon about a girl that finds happiness in everything, even in the worst of things. It's actually cool, I can't do that)
  89. I recently withdrew money, the sum wasn't a record one of course, but it was nice. I was glad that the withdrawal was fast as usual.
  90. Any withdrawal is always nice, if it's a profit withdrawal of course, not part of a deposit, because you needed money. But the fact that you're sharing information about withdrawals is very good, because it increases trust in the broker.
  91. Yes, I also watch the news of the broker in search of such information that will help figure out if everything is ok with the broker. Thanks for the information!
  92. I've upgraded my computer and the platform is now more stable and works faster! It seems that platform's performance depends on your computer after all!
  93. Not only that. The internet connection quality is also important. Plus, if you use wifi, it's important that nobody turns on a microwave nearby.
  94. It's true about the upgrade. I had only 4 GB RAM laptop. I've installed a 2GB card and it stopped being so slow. My laptop used lo lag when I opened several tabs and now everything's fine. I would never think the problem was in RAM. Andhow did you upgrade your laptop? As for wifi, it's true that microwaves and some other devices affect its performance. But it only true for 2.4 Ghz wifi. If you have 5Ghz, these devices won't interfere with its work. But then again, you'll have lesser range and signal penetration.
  95. How come you know so much about wireless networking? Job related? I've installed SSD instead of CD-ROM on my laptop and use it as a system drive. Now it takes only a few seconds for my laptop to start. Before that it used to be 5 or so minutes before I could start working. I've also increased RAM from 6GB to 16. But I should say that 8GB is usually more than enough. The platform also starts quicker now.
  96. No, I don't work there. I learned it when I was buying the router, actually, when I was choosing it. I read the description of router frequencies and looked up the difference on the internet. That's how I learned it.
  97. Cool. I didn't know it was possible. But I think it's not a problem anymore and they take it into account when they make new routers.
  98. The browser speed hardly depends on ram. It started working faster cause you use ssd. But the number of tabs in your browser depends on ram.
  99. Thanks a lot. I'm not that good with computers. I didn't know about the thing with browser and ssd.
  100. Guys, let's discuss trading. Some people here have old computers and can become jealous. I for one tesed a new feature and I got a bit more profit. I'll even show you. [​IMG]
  101. More than a broker, a financial advisor copuld help you a lot to gain profit as I had experienced in my past - my broker was guiding me to buy a share from where he was getting commission so I started to take service from professional advisors.
  102. Good job=) And what did you do exactly?
  103. I've changed the strategy a bit, added a couple of new indicators and got rid of several old ones. Plus, I found free monthly signals on the internet. They turned out to be quite precise.
  104. Wow, and where did you find the signals? Could you share the link?
  105. A guy I know, who also taught me to trade, shared them with me. But I don't know where he found them=)
  106. Hi there! So I got an account with this broker and I noticed on their site that they offer vip accounts. Could you tell me if I need to pay 10k or just have them in my deposit?
  107. Have you tried contacting the support? Forex optimum has a really nice team. They'll reply quickly and to the point.
  108. There are people working for the support. I respect people's time and effort and I don't want to bother them with such questions. That's not what they work for.
  109. OMG. Why are telling this person to contact the support after the first question? You could've just reply yourself...To get a vip account you need 10k in your deposit and trade actively. Do you want to get one?
  110. Well, not right away, at first you have to trade with the broker yourself. I won't trust such a sum of money to a broker with whom I've been trading for less than 2-3 years. In general, in terms of its conditions I got interested in such a service.
  111. It truly is a cool service but the price is quite high. I personally would find a completely different way to put that money to use.
  112. Have you tried trading with this money? Trading with such summs can give pretty good profit which can help you have quite a comfortable life for a month.
  113. Really? For me trading for the most part is just a hobbie. but in order to trade with such sums one has to have steal... nerves=)
  114. You don't need anything. Trade as you always have and don't think anything extra. In a few months when you've already made 100% of your deposit, all the fears subside.
  115. Well, that's correct. So, it turns out that you're trading on money that you earned and you won't lose your money. The fears truly will subside and won't interfere. Well, there will be a small monetarial loss, but it's not the same as trading on your own money.