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  1. Hi,

    I've been intrigued by Richard Wyckoff style volume analysis for a long time now & finally decided to get an in depth understanding of the underlying principles of market. So,I went ahead & bought Dr. Gary Dayton's bundle collection which contains all the following courses:

    I'm willing to sell the whole collection or any one single course from there,I'll try to give cheaper price.Please PM me if you want them.
  2. volpri


    Did you not like them?
  3. Yes,I liked them.That doesn't change the fact that the bundle cost me a small fortune,it will be good to get some of that back to invest in further trading education :)
  4. I don't understand??? If the course is so great why can't you just make it back from trading what was taught in the course :confused:
  5. Dude, I'm just playing dumb and bustin your balls....I'm rooting for you and hope a sucker comes along so you can get those sunk costs back :D
  6. algofy


    Oh man, no red flags when I read "Bundle Courses" with trading education.....
  7. Look,Wyckoff trading worked for past 80 years .Richard Wyckoff was a very successful trader.Current followers of Wyckoff are also finding success within reason-specially David Weis,Gary Dayton & Feibel.Wyckoff trading works,no doubt in my part.

    However ,I'd like to attend the mentorship of David Weis & buy the courses from Wyckoff Analytics too to further my Wyckoff understanding -for that I need some serious cash so trying to get some of my costs back.