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Fan in workstation Making loud noise

  1. Hi,

    I have Dell T-7500 workstation that I bought in 2012. It is out of warranty & Dell will not renew warranty because it is too old.

    It is almost impossible to get parts from Dell. Last time last year it took month & half to get a power supply.

    I had minor problems after warranty expired last year & some great minds helped me resolve them.

    Today, I ran into another problem & it is the Front Large fan that sits on top of another smaller fan. It started making loud noise & seems to be running faster than usual.

    (1) I turned up my office air conditioner just to make sure the system is not heating up.

    (2) I also took out the side cover so system is open so it gets more air.

    (3) I blew air to that fan using an air blower to clean it out.

    (4) I had 4 HDDs in m/c. One 500GB & three 3.0 TB. So I disconnected one 3 TB HDD.

    It has quieted down now.

    (1) But what if it starts again ?
    (2) What else could be the reason since I never had this problem before ?
    (3) What happens if the fan fails ? Will system sill run or it will shut down the system or create some other problems ?
    (4) Any other solution besides replacing the fan ?

    Thank You
  2. Harddrives tend to run hotter without side panels if they are located in the usual location. This has to do with airflow going from front to back (exhaust fan). Taking off the side panel stops the flow.
    Fan bearings are probably the problem. Expect it to fail. If it fails it's still probably okay as it's not a CPU fan, it won't shut down but expect higher temps.
    Your processor will auto shut down if temps get too high.
  3. Dust collects on fans over time and after enough time they become completely caked in a layer of dust you must physically remove. If it's not the dust itself creating the noise then the fan bushings themselves might be going bad - in which case just replace the fan with one of the same size. Computer fans are cheap and easy to replace just; measure the outer dimensions and buy a new one on Newegg. Otherwise if cleaning it made the noise go away then you already have your answer.
  4. i bought a laptop with the silent fan mode for that matter.
  5. Hi again,
    I forgot to mention that I am running 12 monitors using 3 ATI Fire Pro 2460 Video cards each running 4 monitors.

    It ran fine for 2-3 Hours and now same problem.

    Hard drives have casing so that might not be a problem.

    Since the fan is throwing the air directly on video cards, I took one card out but that didn't help.

    Then I took 2nd card out leaving one card right now & that didn't help either.

    Bearing would not make fan run much faster. I can feel that it is throwing air 2 to 3 times faster. Lots of RPM.

    I wanted to get this posted soon so now I am going to put 2 cards back.

    System is pretty cool with room temp around 75 degrees with A/C blowing air on back of system.

    What should I do ?

    I can't find that type of fan where I am located.

    Meanwhile this is my main system. Only choice is a much older system that will do emailing & little web surfing job.

    Should I continue with this system to see what happens ?
  6. Driver issue? BIOS setting?

    Read all of the comments here:

  7. Check the temperatures then, GPUTemp should help. You can find out what the normal temps are for these cards or consult the manual.
  8. Buy a new computer. Hardware is cheap. Time is expensive.
  9. exactly.
    " penny wise pound foolish."
  10. Never built a computer myself yet but aren’t case fans universal fits?
  11. Already looked up price of similar Dell workstation that would do the job & it is not cheap.

    Around $ 4000.00

    I am not trading but doing research right now.
  12. Open it up and brush away the dust from the fan and other areas. Check the youtube vids on how to open specific model of computer or laptop. Type in the model name and do the search etc.
  13. had similar problems and almost killed myself trying to resolve it

    i found that fun increased the rotations when system was trying unsuccessfully to auto update itself

    i switched from auto update to manual update and noise disappeared

    but any attempt to even manually update (we need updats) brought the noise back without updates being install after hours of computer's attempts

    what i found is that there were update available for my invidia card which i could update manually

    after that update i switch to automatic system update and they all updated like a breeze and no noise anymore
  14. To add,

    Some folks, in this case, don't allow non-Microsoft auto updates when dealing with problematic cards...they always do manual updates.

  15. It's a fan dude. Replace the fan, not the entire computer.
  16. Get a good SSD - one from Intel, Micron, or Samsung. Not sure why anyone builds PCs anymore with magnetic drives as the primary drive. Magnetic drives are great for long-term storage and large amounts of data, but SSDs should be the primary drive.
  17. OK let me clarify few things that might help you guys figure what is actually wrong.

    1. GPUs all 3 are fan less. No fan. It is low profile.
    2. I just turned the system on after 12 hours of shut sown with one GPU running 4 Monitors. No problem so far. But I did the same thing yesterday with just web browsing & no other programs running & after few minutes that fan was running like crazy. Right now I will see how long it runs with just web browsing.
    3. If it goes crazy again, I will take that card out & connect 2nd card which is cool for 12 hrs. If that does not ramp up the fan then likely that GPUs are getting too hot ?
    4. Other fans are running normal except I can't tell the CPU Fan which is very small & black & hard to tell if it is running fast or not.
    5. I have installed GPU-z sometime ago & I just checked the GPU Temperature & it shows 58 degree Celsius. ( 150 Degree Fahrenheit )
    6. Fan speed 47%

    Question :

    A similar video card came with the system which is low profile too but runs only 2 monitors. So if I want to install it how should I install drivers for that card ? Just on top of current drivers ?
  18. 7. Just installed HWMonitor = CPU core temps range 98 F To 125 F ( Running few webpages only & using one Video Card & 4 Monitors )
  19. If that was mine then with the system running I'd put my finger on each fan in turn to momentarily stop it spinning so as to identify which one was generating the noise. Having found the defective fan then replace it if a new one can be obtained. Alternatively remove the fan and dismantle it and brush out the dust and debri and the reassemble it.

    I had a similar problem with an old laptop when the cpu fan developed a noisy rattle. When the fan was removed and dismantled there was found to be fluff and some hairs clogging up the gap between the stationary armature and the rotating circular magnet of the fan. The fan blades could be pulled away from the armature as it is only magnetism holding the two together. Brushing away the debri was all that was needed to sort out the fan noise.

    2017-08-03.jpg 2017-08-18_0004.jpg
  20. I know exactly which fan is making noise. It is not CPU fan. Second, this fan spins at 2 to 3 times the usual speed when it runs almost silent & barely throws air that you feel.

    I have been running the system with one card & 4 monitors today & so far it has been running with no noise for about 6 Hrs.

    There is something that cranks it up & I suspect the video cards because it blow air directly on the cards. But why all 3 video cards are heating up all of a sudden ?

    OR experts on this forum may have the answer. Looking forward to their input.
  21. Took out 2 GPUs & ran only one& 4 Monitors for 2 days with no problem.
    So inserted all 3 GPUs & have been running with no problem till today.
    CPU is running at around 62 to 64 C.
    GPUs are running at around 68 C.
    Neither have gone beyond 70 C.
    Have not made any changes but for absolutely no reason problem started & went away on its own. Go figure ?
    Thank you all for your support.