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Experience with trading Hong Kong equities?

  1. My current strategy is investing in momentum type stocks, smaller caps, based on technicals/fundamentals. Typical holding period ½-3 months. I have only traded US listed instruments until now.

    Been pretty successful - Build my liquid assets from 5 figures to 7 figures in 5 years, lately profiting from shorting the indexes on the way down and basically avoiding the long side in small caps

    I am looking to expand my horizon and looking at Hong Kong. IB provides access for 0.088% commissions. The HK stock exchange has 3000 listings:

    Stock screening – I use TCNET from worden brothers for US stocks, alternative could be Bloomberg terminal, any other tools?
    Quotetracker – could this work with HB stocks using quotes from IB?
    Information access – any useful tools for obtaining earnings releases, web sites etc?

    By the way – I am considering going to the Hong Kong Moneyshow in February – Jim Rogers among others will speak

    Best regards