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Experience trading from a windows tablet?

  1. Hi guys!

    As per the title.
    How is it like trading from a windows tablet and any drawbacks doing so?

    I plan to get a basic windows tablet to trade from so I can do so on the go with my full time job.
    Internet wise I will probably be tethering most of the time/Wifi from perhaps starbucks or something.
    Since I want it to be portable for convenience sake(otherwise I will use a laptop), I'm looking for a windows tablet at 10'. Lenovo Miix 310.

    Anyone who has experience/concerns please do chip in and let me know what you guys think! (Mobile apps i.e. android/apple MT4 are out of the questions as they as impossible to analyse apart from monitoring existing positions)

    PS: I hope you guys will stick to the topic and not derail i.e. like trading part time will be useless/unfruitful etc.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  2. We don't recommend trading from wifi but we offer our web trader that would work from a browser.
  3. If you don't spending a bit more, you may want to consider the Mircosoft Surface Pro. If your not familiar with it is a tablet that can have a keyboard attached. Screen is slightly bigger screen, around 12".

    I currently use this when traveling. It runs full windows and has enough ram to open multiple programs and windows. I also use a wireless mouse which makes trading a bit easier.
  4. Verizon 4G Jetpack is wonderful and the battery lasts 6-8 hours; MS Pro is reliable and smooth; there are even a couple of 8 inch Window tablets that you can put it into your pocket, though they are Atom based computer but can run Window 8 or 10. For those 8 inch, pick one that have 2G Ram and can support active digitizer pen input (Vacom pen) for accurate clicking on the prices on entry and exit, capactive stylus is terrible. There were older models of pocket PC in 5 inch that can run up to Window 7 but the CPU were slower than the current Atom. By the way, VPN is necessary if you use public WiFi.
    Hopefully smartphones that can run full window 10 with a digitizer pen will come into market next year or so.

  5. Surface 3/4 looks great but kinda out of budget right now! May upgrade in the future if I can.

    Thanks and cheers!
  6. I've got three Windows tablets in my cab, I trade on them while driving a taxi. They work great, highly recommend.

    Multi screens are important for intraday observation. That's why I have 2 behind the steering wheel and one that hangs down from the sun visor. My customers think it's strnge but the tablets work great
  7. You daytrade while driving a cab? Sounds scary for all parties involved.
  8. :)
  9. I've got three Windows tablets in my cab, I trade on them while driving a taxi. They work great, highly recommend.

    That is the most impressive thing I have ever heard a trader do .. sure beats balancing a check book mentally during sex or smoking while snorkeling.


    Surface 3/4 looks great but kinda out of budget right now! May upgrade in the future if I can.

    Sometimes I trade on my deck from my Samsung Tab 8" ($110) from my own WIFI. The connection is stable - the screen display is great. I heard voice trading will be released soon - imagine that!
  10. Who's your broker may I ask? MT4's android app is bad for trading.
  11. Has anyone here tried CQG M? You get it for free with any other CQG software.
  12. Who's your broker may I ask? MT4's android app is bad for trading.

    For mobile trading I have TradeStation, IB, TOS, and Fidelity. They all work well on my Android tablets and phone. Listed in order in which ones I like best. Fidelity is rather crude - just bare bones minimal.
  13. Yes, I've tried it. I'm not one for mobile execution but to check positions is decent.
  14. I trade off ipad / Andriod tablet, without an issue have done for years no issues.

    I've sold many a Windows Tablet to clients the £99 tescos Connect model get the 2gb ram versions are pretty good, Surfaces in use only slightly better.

    Not a lot of Windows software is touch friendly, could you not use a cheap android tablet.

    My 7inch Samsung Tab A 2016 does the job well, very portable and cheap if dropped to replace.

    Ipad Air 4g is better but costly and too big to carry around really.
  15. Thx. To me it would be good for monitoring P/L and to be able to cancel orders. I would never "trade" from a mobile app or tablet.
  16. I have literally placed 1000s of trade off ipad and various android tablets and phones, not an issue once so far.

    I may have charts on a pc screen for when I'm home, but if i see a trade i pickup a tablet to place it, if I have to go to the loo or the door knocks, not an issue tablet goes with me.
  17. I did not suggest it would be a problem. For me, I'm an option trader and when I do enter trades, they are often options spreads and the process is much easier to evaluate on a stand alone platfrom where I can see more.
  18. When I'm in between picking people up and dropping them off in my taxi, it works great. I Velcro (3) to my dashboard, they work great. I can pay attention to the Crack Spreads and equity positions while in my cab no problem. They work great.

    The police have not given me a hard time either, but I'm paying Verizon alot in Wireless data.
  19. What is your budget ?

    If it's $300 then check out the
    Asus T100HA

    Mine will run TOS off battery for 8-9 hours

    If $400 , then check out the

    Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 11.6"
  20. Hello @faatshit. Modern front ends for trading require very little from your local PC / tablet as the heavy lifting is done on co-located servers. I encourage you to try the TT platform. You need little more than a browser and any internet capable device including phones.



    Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 8.46.33 AM.png

  21. @Palindrome out of curiosity, wondering how that setup looks...have you ever taken a pic of it the tablets setup??
  22. It depends on how technical you are. I've seen trading setups where people have six monitors all at once. Maybe you can do your research at home, then bring the tablet around to do the buy/sell of your research. If you are looking to complete with second-by-second day traders with six monitors at once, that might be not a good fit. But I don't see why you couldn't do some basic monitoring/trading with a tablet. There is the wifi security to consider.

    Equally interesting to portability is battery life. Tablets are designed to give you six hours of standby/light use. A notebook computer will give you much less battery life.

    Another thing to think about is software. If you are using a browser, you should be fine. But if you want to download your mac/windows trading software, it might not work on the tablet.

    One good benefit is backup. If you are at home and your super trading computer crashes, you can use your tablet to get by until Computer Galactica overnights you your new 12 monitor Nvidia Falcon 9000.
  23. I have an Acer W3-810 that is running Windows 10 Pro and can run TWS.

    An 8" 2GB RAM Tablet

    It's not fast, but it works in a pinch. Great if you are travelling for a few days and just want to check-in and do a few transactions.

    There does not seem to be any tablets in the 8" range that are made by major manufacturers anymore, sadly. I would like an updated one from Dell/Acer/HP, but they seemed to have stopped.

    However, you can find some from non-mainstream manufacturers in China. My only concern would be how secure the systems are.