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Exactly how democracy should work

  1. The republicans deserve to lose and hopefully they learned something in this.

    My hope is that we as a country can regain some credibility in the world and give the democrats a change to correct the mistakes the republicans and Bush have made.

    The only negative is Nancy Pelosi in any position of power.

    What truly frightens me is a Democrat in the white house in 08 with Nancy Pelosi as speaker.

    Terrifying indeed.
  2. Angry white male fears powerful woman...


  3. The only thing that frightens me about Nancy Pelosi is her nasty face lift. Looks like fish hooks are holding her eyes up...

    Otherwise i`m sure she will make a fine politricker..


    something about those CA politrickers and plastic surgery..hmmmm

  4. Does this mean Alec Baldwin can return from Canada?
  5. No.
  6. for the Repubs to have a chance to reshape, retrurn to core values, win back control and govern properly...

    Nancy Pelosi is perfect.

    She scares me because she was so full of shit on her victory speech.

    No more fear and smear.

    She timed the smear perfectly with the foley deal after his name could not be changed, along with many other tactics.

    Including and I cant believe the b.s of he dems. They are now not hear to make changes with the war, they just want better oversight. Paul Begalia said that last night and it was all over the channels.

    Screw yourselves democratic party - come up with solutions or your toast.

    You just told us with one side of your mouths you were going to get us out.

    Now do it.
  7. "Screw yourselves democratic party - come up with solutions or your toast."

    Another sore loozer...

  8. Actually I am phillipino if you must know.

    Anyways, why do you lefties always assume if you dont' like somebody or agree with their agenda you are afraid of them?

    Actually it has nothing to do with her gender and has everything to do with her being a left wing nut job from the planet san francisco, a place so hopelessly out of touch with reality she can't possibly do any good for this country.

    Understand it now?

  9. Oh so you are a phillipino male?

    Now I understand...


  10. Hypocritical people like these are a clear and present danger to Americans. Not the ragheads in Afghanistan.

    He didn't vote, doesn't support Democrats, yet expects Democrats to clean up his mess.

    How about the Democrats start cleaning up by starting impeachment hearings? will that work for you?

  11. You're from Philippines as much as I'm a Chicago transplant in Floriduh :D
  12. Believe it or not... San Fransiscans call Pelosi "too conservative". I think pragmatic Americans are going to be pleasantly surprised. :)
  13. What you have written is correct. But then, this is actually an excellent plan for a rebirth of the Republican Party. As I have been stating here for years, Little George Bush is not a real Republican.

    We know the Democraps are going to be a disaster, therefore setting up the Republicans for a comeback down the road.

    Stay tuned. Keep it on EliteTrader.com for all the latest news and commentary!!!

  14. RepubliKKKlan days are over. The only few places they will continue to win is the illiterate inbred south, parts of the mid west and the Dakotas. Their redneck ignorant evangelical "base" is growing old and will soon be dead in a decade or two.

    The next generation of voters, the Gen x vote democratic by a 3 to 1 margin. Republikklans did most damage with the future Hispanic block. Except for a few uncle toms, Blacks will always continue to vote Democratic. With Obamas high profile even the few toms may shift over to the Democrats.

    Bush was smart enough to pander to the Hispanics since they will be the majority in a couple of decades, however the inbred republikklan homophobic and xenophobic "base" F**ked up and now Hispanics will start a generational tilt towards Democrats. It's a exact repeat of what happened in California, only this will be nation wide shift.

    Now that you inbreeds have lost control of congress, watch how the Democrats pass a "amnesty" bill which Bush will of course have to veto so save his nasty little "evangelical coalition", further alienating what could have been a part of a solid republikklan majority base. I say good riddance to the fascist party, it's the beginning of relegating it to the side show it used to be before.
  15. sore loser. Baloney.

    I hope the dems have the balls to do something constructive. I just saw the spin starting on election night. And I am very concerned they plan to do nothing.

    By the way I hav voted in every election since I was eligible to vote. (once they did not let me vote caused I moved.)

    I stayed home on Tuesday for the first vote ever. Because I could not vote for the democratic candidates and I did not want to say I was voting for more of the same.

    so I let you fools believe that by voting democratic you were going to get positive change. We shall see bsmeter.