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Everything Is Roses, Jobs Report Will Be Great Tomorrow

  1. Everything Is Roses, Jobs Report Will Be Great Tomorrow. Start buying, it's all rigged now to the upside. Buy any pull back.
  2. Let me prove my point here. I'm buying 1000 shares of SPY @ 84.38.

    If it dips lower I will buy more. We are headed much higher till August.

    I have 2000 WFC @ $13.97, and 1000 dia @ 75.80.

    I'm not adding to WFC,DIA, but will add to SPY.
  3. Jobs report will NOT be great tomorrow. In fact, I think the jobs report will be quite horrible. But that being said, I don't think it will have too much of a negative impact on the markets as we've come to expect it.
  4. Oh, GOD! Not another Nostradamus!
  5. How you like this dead cat bounce?
  6. I like it a lot! I am shorting it. Look at VIX!
  7. It's time to take some profits. Fast.
  8. the vix is at 41 . what is it telling you?
  9. It is telling me that no one believes in this rally! normally VIX would be at a lot lower level after that kind of a rally. Suckers, and some schmuck fund managers who do not want to be left behind blindly piling in and buying shit load of questionable assets.
  10. Vix is down less than 1%. Short the sucker.
  11. I gave up trusting the Vix when it stayed below 20 on a monthly basis for 4 years.

    Shaorting for big money has come and gone IMO.
  12. Shorting for big money, geesh I should proof read.
  13. RVX, VXN and VXO are all UP with this rally. The VXO is up 1.14. A small push down will rip this rally's legs off and beat it into submission. The talking heads are pretty sure it's all up from here, though.
  14. I'm not sure I trust the govts numbers when they are trying to sustain the greatest bear market rally of all time, but hey whatevs.

  16. The fake credit crisis is over, markets are surging
  17. The turdster was right all along....:D
  18. You really think the banking plan is going to work? The thing has no chance in hell.

    Not even one bit of evidence has been shown that would even hint at success or recovery.

    How anyone can figure the market has hit its bottom when there is not one sign of improvement is amazing. In the next month the banking plan will drastically fail, the banks will become insolvent and nationalized and the market will plunge like never before.