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  1. All depends on the French election right now.
  2. Nope...the ecb meeting on Thursday ....the election is pretty much over imo
  3. Darn, that is a GOOD trade!

    I'm short EURUSD at 1.0862, stop at 1.0922...60 pips plus slippage which could be quite a bit.

    Technically, although it has been in an uptrend for some time, today it hit previous highs and couldn't stay there, indicating a possible change in trend...also big gap all the way to 1.0779

    Fundamentally, we have loose monetary policy in Europe (the Thursday meeting could change that, but i doubt it) compared to tightening in the US. Also Trump is announcing some tax change on Wednesday which may be good for the dollar.
  4. Hard to say, Le Pen still has a shot.
  5. We'll find out whether the polls are correct in just a few days.
  6. I would start to short European equities on Macron win as I expect the opposite reaction from markets contrary to widespread beliefs his victory will spur the rally further.
  7. The Euro is looking quite strong at the moment, in particular the EUR/AUD cross.
  8. I don't think I will be opening any positions, EUR/USD is too range-bound for me right now and it will probably remain that way until the elections.
  9. How's this trade going from the time I posted it? This is getting all too easy.
  10. EUR/USD is rallying this week after a considerable period of consolidation. I think it could reach 1.1300 eventually.
  11. There is a pullback from 1.1170, but I don't think that's the end of the rally for now.
  12. EUR/USD has reached a strong resistance on the weekly and monthly time frame. I think it is very possible for us to see a deeper correction - up until the pair reaches 1.1400 or even 1.1250. Such a correction, obviously, won't develop over the course of a couple of days, it could last for weeks.
  13. I think I will wait for the NFP data before I trade the EUR/USD in any way. Those news always cause a lot of volatility.
  14. Brexit?
  15. I am not sure I understand the question? Brexit did cause volatility and whatever economic decisions the UK government makes in the future related to Brexit will continue to cause volatility, but I was specifically referring to the NFP.
  16. Predictably EUR/USD is retracing after the big drop on Friday, but the pair will likely continue dropping once that correction ends, at least until it tests the support at 1.1700 once more time.
  17. EUR/USD remains bearish today while testing the support at 1.1725. The possible breakout below that level could lead to a further drop to 1.1700 and below.
  18. The pair is so undecided for the moment that unless the fundamentals give it a necessary push it may not exit the range before the market closes later today.
  19. ML whats up ;)

    The Ever Roaming VIPER
  20. Fundamentals have already gave it a push (after US CPI). Now target is 1.20 ahead of the ECB meeting in September where Draghi should announce tapering off.
  21. EUR/USD is testing the support at 1.1700 yet again. I think a breakout below that level will lead to another move to the downside toward 1.1600.
  22. Obviously, enough. ECB minutes signaled Euro got high risks to overshoot, with sentiments going ahead of themselves and maybe economy fundamentals. EURUSD gain is a merit of dollar weakening, not improving picture on Euro.
  23. It has finally become obvious that EUR/USD is forming a flag on the D1 time frame, an obvious correction to its overall move to the upside. Once that correction ends there will likely be a new move to the upside, and the continuation of the upward trend will be confirmed once the pair breaks out above the high at 1.1909.
  24. The correction to the downside may be over, considering the hammer bars the pair has formed on the H4 time-frame at the support at 1.1660. I expect a new move to the upside.
  25. A quick reminder that Janet Yellen will have a speech tomorrow at Jackson Hole at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium and it will likely affect all USD-related pairings, including EUR/USD, which will probably continue its consolidation until then.
  26. The sideways consolidation has become very tight because of impending news about Janet Yellen's speech. I have closed all my positions just in case. Good luck to anyone trading the news.
  27. EUR/USD has formed a pair of shooting star bars on the H4 time-frame at the last high at 1.1960, so we might see a temporary retracement before the pair continues moving to the upside, as the trend remains very bullish for now.
  28. Draghi unlocked upside path for EURUSD, now expecting it to jump to 1.21 this week. Weak NFP should accelerate the timeframe for this case.
  29. Look at the 122 level on a monthly chart. A barrier with history.
    Drahgi used this area for " whatever it takes" in 2012.
    Lots of liquidity at 122 probably.
  30. There's a pullback from 1.2070, let's see how long it will last. So far there's no indication the overall bullish trend is over.
  31. EUR/USD also formed a shooting star bar on the daily time-frame at 1.2070, so the correction might end up deeper than expected. I think next target is around 1.1700.
  32. The US Non-Farm payrolls were announced earlier today but all they caused was a whipsaw and the tight sideways consolidation continues. It is unlikely it will end before the market closes this week. That said, once it does end there will probably be a new move to the downside.
  33. Very weak report that derailed december hike completely, but dollar still on growth track. Maybe top players have their own view on Fed and US economy?
  34. I have no doubt about that.
    Whatever the fundamentals, however, the technical analysis hasn't changed - there is still a shooting star candlestick at 1.2070 on the daily time-frame and that signal for a move to the downside is still valid.
  35. Yeah the feeling grows that euro rally runs out of steam and dollar accumulates long positions near 92.00 before making a reversal.
  36. We'll probably have to wait for the fundamentals that week though, the pair is still stuck in a tight consolidation.
  37. EUR/USD made another attempt to break out above 1.2070, but so far it has been unsuccessful. The pair might retrace back to the support at 1.1920 or even break out below that level.
  38. Fundamentals and EURUSD reaction really bewildered me. Draghi says no to QE while EURO extend growth. Maybe its economic fundamentals that drive the single currency's price up?
  39. Everything is possible. The pair certainly did finally form a new high at 1.2092 and it may continue rising above 1.2100
  40. Starting to new with fresh eye on EURUSD and of course tracking all possible events that may affect the price. Fed September meeting may be already a driver that prompts repositioning this week. Sentiments analysis should help in that.
  41. It appears that there will be at least a temporary retracement as EUR/USD formed another shooting star bar on the D1 time frame at 1.2092. That said, the overall bullish trend is not over yet and the rally will probably continue afterwards.
  42. Of course especially ahead of US inflation on Friday. The chance of falling short of forecasts is high
  43. So I have heard too. I think I will probably close my positions and wait for the news to pass before I open new ones. Or wait for Monday to do it.
  44. The EUR/USD retracement is either over or the pair has begun to form a sideways consolidation above the support at 1.1835 because the pair formed a hammer bar above that level on the D1 time frame and bounced off from it. Which one of these scenarios is more valid depends on whether there will be a breakout above the last high at 1.2092 or the pair will bounce off from it again.
  45. EUR/USD dropped significantly after FOMC announced yesterday that they won't hike the interest rate. However, despite the drop, the pair remains withing the sideways consolidation above 1.1859. I think next target will be 1.2030 again.
  46. EUR/USD has been consolidating sideways for well over three weeks now and not even the FOMC news could end the consolidation. That said, the pair has formed a hanging man bar on the weekly time-frame at 1.2030, a correction to the downside is possible.
  47. I have the current support on the daily chart at 1.18554. I am waiting for a break below this level and then a retest of new resistance. Sell stop just below the retest candle. Stop loss just above the doji posted on Friday. Hope this helps.
  48. I think the bullish trend is definitely over for now - EUR/USD has begun a serious correction. I think next target will be around 1.1600, which is the MA89 on the daily time frame.
  49. EUR/USD is consolidating above 1.1700. The consolidation likely won't end before the NFP on Friday. NFP weeks tend to be terribly slow up until the news come out.
  50. EUR/USD found some support at 1.1665 and rebounded from that level. What is more, the pair has formed a clear hammer candlestick on the daily time-frame, also at the same level, so there will likely be a new move to the upside.
  51. Maybe a graph can help to see the big picture.
    Long on a ST basis => 1.19 first target.
    Short between 1.19 / 1.20
    Hold short if 1.1660 breaks, take profit if 1.1660 / 1.1670 holds. Go long again.


  52. EUR/USD did rebound from 1.1665 and continued rallying. It's testing 1.1870 and I think if it breaks out above that level it will reach 1.1980.
  53. I also think that bullish trend will prevail this month. But we'll see, the US situation is really unstable now.
  54. I agree. It looks like EUR/USD is on its way to test the resistance at 1.1870 -1.1880 yet again. I think this time there will be a breakout after all.
  55. EUR/USD is back at the support at 1.1730. A possible breakout below that support could lead to a drop towards 1.1665, which is the MA89 on the D1 chart.
  56. EURUSD day chart appears more like range bound to me.
    It ranges from 1.171 to 1.192. even if it breaks 1.192,
    the 1.192 to 1.21 band is equally choopy.
    Weekly chart is uptrend.

    same goes for GBPUSD day chart which appears to be forming a close wedge.

    anyway different traders analyse it differently.
  57. The pair has formed both a hammer and an inverted hammer bar on the H4 time frame at 1.1730. I think that is a good indication that the support at that level will hold.
  58. EUR/USD is consolidating above 1.1570 for a third day now. A breakout below that support could lead to a drop to 1.1400.
  59. EUR/USD is testing 1.1670 again, which is the resistance of the sideways range. Frankly, I doubt there will be a breakout before the NFP, but then again, stranger things have happened.
  60. EUR/USD is testing the support at 1.1570. It may be forming a double bottom at that level and if that is the case we will likely see a new move to the upside.
  61. EUR/USD did break out below the double bottom at 1.1570 but it was only briefly and now it is back above the support. Clearly the sideways consolidation continues.
  62. Sorry but there is zero double bottom at 1.1570. Neither there is a support until 1.12/1.13. Keep in mind the big picture : H&S. Long dollar until 1.12/1.13.
    Maybe a last rebound / dead cat bounce @1.1750 / 1.18 before the plunge?


  63. The (MA)89 indicator on my W1 chart is at 1.1300 at the moment, and it usually is a good indication for a support or resistance level, so I agree that there's a support level there.
    That said, you were right that there was no double bottom. We'll see how it will develop.
  64. So much about another drop. The way it's rallying it could reach 1.1900 or even climb above it soon.
  65. Looks like a dead cat bounce...
    I thought rebound would be max 1.1750 / 1.1800 ! cf my precedent post.
    Right shoulder confirmed if EURUSD stays below 1.1885.
    Wait and see...


  66. There was a pullback from 1.1860 which is normal after such a sharp rally, but now the question is whether that rally will continue because the pullback also formed a shooting star candlestick on the daily time frame. A breakout above 1.1860 will confirm the further bullish movement.
  67. EUR/USD is consolidating below 1.1800, the pair seems very undecided despite the shooting star candlestick on the daily time frame.
  68. EUR/USD rebounded from 1.1710 and is rising again. It looks like the sideways consolidation will become even narrower.
  69. EURUSD is in the correction today. But until the price is above 1.1805 it's interesting to find entry points up.
  70. The pair broke out below the last low at 1.1800, it will likely continue dropping towards 1.1720.
  71. The Daily candle broke through the support level yesterday, so the Daily trend is bearish now
  72. day chart looks more like ranging to me.
    so if you do swing trade, it is going to be rather challenging.
  73. It is ranging at the moment indeed. The breakout below 1.1800 was misleading, unfortunately.
  74. The Daily trend remains bearish, but the price may hit soon the next support level, so retracement may occur around price marks of 1.1730-1.1710
  75. I agree with you, next week we may see some retracement from those levels.
  76. It has already started, H1 trend is bullish now
  77. all the best mister. I will avoid touching eurusd
  78. Euro is making false breakouts now, but new entry points will be gardly formed today

  79. all the best mister. I don't dare touch eurusd (at least for next few hrs/days)
  80. I thought so too, but it looks like it was very temporary. The pair may test the support at 1.1730 again.
  81. Euro hit the support level, so now the probability of going up increases
  82. ????
    All the best mister. I will avoid touching it for next few hrs.
    Perhaps big boys waiting for tomorrow Eur big news or coming fomc news.
    But who knows, big boys might decide to move it before the news.
  83. I, personally, won't be trading this pair - or any USD-pair - before the FOMC news come out.
  84. The pair started depreciating after the fundamentals this week, I think it will fall back to 1.1700.
  85. The pair is moving towards the Daily resistance, so now the bullish movement may slow down
  86. Where do you think is the daily resistance?
  87. Anyway, the pair is testing 1.1900 but whether it will break out above it remains to be seen. If it does it will probably rally to 1.1940.
  88. 1.1863 - was the upper border of the Daily resistance, but this level was broken 2 days ago.
  89. Ah, I see what you mean. The pair is below that level though, the breakout may have been false.
  90. The pair rallied over the holidays, but it still hasn't broken out above 1.2090. Time will tell whether it will form a double top or it will continue rallying.
  91. A bear trend develops on H1 timeframe. If EURO breaks the support level on the Daily tf also (1.1990) - Daily trend will change too and it'll be important to look for bearish opportunities
  92. It did break out below 1.1990. I too think the trend may be reversing.
  93. The pair may stop its bear movement before tomorrow Eurozone news
  94. You were right, it did rebound from 1.1915.
  95. The pair is incredibly bullish and broke out above 1.21. I think we may see it rally to 1.2300.
  96. EUR/USD Is playing hard next compared to EUR/AUD. as major of the people approx you can say 175 million people digg to the euro currency .And In the coming scenario euro will jump fastly as said by the FX trading expersts from the newsroom .one should keep hold to this currency as this is the period of remittance and many people will give in huge demand of euro.
  97. The pair pulled back from 1.2300, but I am not sure the move north is over yet. So far there is no signal for a reversal.