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ET weight loss thread.

  1. I want to pre empt the new year and start a weight loss thread. I weight ~200 right now. I've lost over 60 lbs so far ( I was a SIF, secret internet fattie :) ) and my goal is to get to 175.

    Week 1 goal, lose 2-3 lbs. Will report back in a week.
  2. Come on guys. Fatties of ET unite :D
  3. just dont eat
  4. Weight gain is an inferior, or defective, psychological or life or character condition. -- so it's important you remedy the root cause of that....so things will be relatively smooth sailing, with little to no obstructions.

    Kind of the same thing with problem drinkers, smokers, binge eaters, gamblers, sexaholics, cheaters, shoppers, swearing/profanity alot, racial or social class or political or religious intolerances, wife or pet beaters, or whatever. etc etc

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  5. 2 - 3 lbs in the first week sounds like a pretty ambitious goal. Good luck!
  6. I'm just curious. What's your height and age?
  7. 5'5, late 30s.
  8. I've been losing roughly 1lb a week currently. But if my bmr and caloric intake numbers are right, this should be doable.
  9. Thanks Baron.
  10. So what's been your weight loss strategy up until this point? Sixty pounds is no joke to lose so congrats on that.
  11. Thanks man. It's been slower than I like but I think it is due to a sedentary life and underlying illness. Time to kick it up a notch with more activity during the day outside of just my hour long workout.
  12. -1 lb. Holiday eating got me...which is to be expected. My strategy so far has been working out for 40 minutes in the am, 20 minutes kettle bell, 20 minutes treadmill on a 10 percent grade. What I'm pushing myself to do is do 10 minute exercise breaks during the day. At least 4 ought to do it. And adding in some yoga or pilates to stretch and prevent injuries. When I get well, I want to get back to heavy dumbell and barbell work.
  13. Yeah, it's hard to escape the holiday pig out, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    It sounds like you've got a good plan. I need to do more stretching myself. I like the way I feel after I've stretched but for whatever reason, I never stay as consistent with it as I want. Maybe because it's so damn boring. Not sure.
  14. I'm trying to stay motivated with my stretching by thinking of starting BJJ. A life goal of mine is to become a purple belt. I know I can at least become a blue belt with some work.
  15. 198. Moving in the right direction.