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ES/NQ/YM Technical Alerts

  1. Possible inside day ahead. I expect some volatility akin to Friday's movement.

    Possible Selloff on the close today ahead of tomorrows reports.

    Indicators point to a failed rally ........then a parabolic selloff.

    Working Orders: New Positions (To enter longs)

    ES: - Buy stop-limit @ 1115.75
    YM: - Buy Stop @ 10276

  2. Longs got triggered!

    Took profit on YM @ 10286
    Took profit on ES @ 1118.00
  3. ........to call the direction of the mkt consistantly.

    You never know what the mkt is going to do.
    However, you can formulate a trading plan to capture whatever the mkt throws at you.

    Sometimes you can hit a homerun and sometimes you only hit singles or bunting.:D

    It's all money to me.:) :cool:
  4. I agree but then stop calling the direction of the market because your are dicrediting yourself.

    Just tell long above 1115 / short below 1105 and keep an exact tally of your profits and losses.
  5. You miss the point.:confused:

    I always list my reason for my trades. It is important as to whether or not your asumptions and/or premise hold true.

    In other words: whatever analysis you use to determine your overall rationale for entering a trade should not be negated because the mkt moves in the oposite direction. You have to be willing to change your mind and follow the trend wherever it may lead you.

    I don't mind being wrong nor am I afraid to be.:D
    ........and being right is NOT a precurser to gleening profits from the mkt.:D

    I'ts all good my friend.:cool:


    p.s. as for credibility........I lost it a long time ago. I'm just having fun. Who needs credibility when your consistant in your trading discipline? I don't have to prove anything to anybody anymore. I'm over that. As long as I believe in myself and my account statements reflect profits compounding........who gives a flying fruit salad what other people think???:D

    Be Encouraged.


  6. T-REX

    what is your trading style... I'm assuming you are straight
    TA? -- what indicators do you rely on for your signals?
    Generally speaking

  7. T - REX

    It was peaceful here for the past month when you did not make market calls. You seem to bring out the most agitation on this board. Good Job!


  8. your welcome.:)

    be cool.
  9. Remember,
    "Big things come in small packages with simple instructions." -T-REX

    2 Bar Charlie Live Demo
    2 Bar Charlie Journal
    T-REX Journal
    True classic jems
    "Bully on the Playground" - this was very good. (CLASSIC)
    Ego Challenge -(Definately a CLASSIC!)
    26 Sept 2003
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    02 Oct 2003 (Last and Final Challenge) CLASSIC!

    I Love Being on the Other Side Of your Trades!
  10. the mkt is setting up the next leg down.
  11. I'm not big on predictions but I agree that this is the most
    likely scenario... however the bulls were not giving up
    today and we have consumer confidence tomorrow.


  12. Yup:D

    If it is good we could get another boost higher as a result but nothing more than a knee jerk reaction.

    If I am wrong I will simply trade the trend until it runs out!
    right or wrong I just want to extract $$$ from the mkt every day.
  13. Here are my working orders for tonight ahead of the Consumer Confidence number.

    NQM4 Sell Stop-Limit @ 1438.50 (To enter new Short position)

    The PulseScan Swing Vix is still headed down so this mkt is not out of the woods yet.

    Downtrend channel still fully formed.

    Let's see if we can take this mkt down about 20 handles?:D
  14. T-Rex, what triggers you to constantly be in SPAM mode? Another posted entry stated that you had your own radio show??? Do you let others advertise for free? What is the name of the program you have?

    Seems to me you had better spend your time on the slick bull%^&* speel you are going to give to your client heading in from - was it NYC?

    Constanly trolling for newbies. Do I have to post your lies, deceit and ego crap to alert people to your ways again?

    Better yet, send your NYC client onto this board. He needs to see truth about you.

  15. still holden NQ short.

  16. quick out @ 1435.50 on NQM4

    will wait until after the report to reconsider another entry point.
  17. If you're so bearish, why not hold your short positions.
  18. I was correct in my analysis to get out and take some $$ off of the table. You see that gave me another chance to short again at a higher price. I did not have time to post it here.:D
  19. :cool:
  20. :cool:

    See Pandora's Journal.
  21. Intra-Day Reversal pattern.
  22. :cool:
  23. ES & YM are still lagging behind the NQ this morning.
    Could be another leg up later this afternoon?:confused:

    current reversal pegged at : 1474.00 in NQ Short trigger.
  24. The 1481.50 overnight trigger worked like a charm to capture a quick 2pt scalp in the day session.

    see NQ overnight triggers.
  25. So you got 2 pts out of a 20pt move?
  26. where did you see 20pt move this morning in the NQ?:confused:
  27. If you waited for the market to open, you got a 21pt move. If you bought the bounce off gap support pre-market, you got a few more.
  28. You are assuming that you could have bought the bottom and sold at the top to make that range.

    Did you make 21pts in a single entry today in NQ?
  29. db
    What I normally do is trade a 2 lot and take profit on the one while letting the other ride with a trailing stop.
    Other times I will just exit full position and wait for another entry point. There is NOTHING WRONG with taking quick profits.
    I'm not ashamed of that nor do I apoligize for doing so.
    BTW, yesterday was a 30pt day for me in the NQ:D

    Thank You

  30. How is that relevant to my original question?

    I assume the answer is yes.
  31. I just answered it!

    I took 2pt profit on the 1st leg and am ridding the second leg.
    what don't you understand about that?
  32. What was your time of entry and exit on the 2pt scalp?
  33. Buy @ 1488.50
    Sell @ 1479.00

    Topping out intraday uptrend pattern on an inside high day.
  34. set up occured on the 9:45am EST 15min bar.
    entry took place on the 10:00am EST 15min Bar.

  35. I anticipate that the Short 1479.00 trigger will be hit next.
  36. That's not what I asked. What time was your entry and what time was your exit? Also, at what prices. The times should be on your broker statement.
  37. I just answered you.
    The trade started and ended on the 15min bar.

    Furthermore, the purpose of this thread is to give alerts and updates as to pending trade setups and mkt timing signals and entry points. I wish to keep it that way. I do not want to get into off topic conversations about my own personal trading or to discuss time of sales.

    If you want to know about MY personal trading then I suggest that you read the Pandora journal that I update at the end of the trading day.


  38. You haven't answered me. I'll try again.

    What time did you enter the trade, eg 10:02am, 10:05am???
    What price did you enter at, eg 1481.50?
    What time did you exit at, eg 10:08am, 10:12am??
    What price did you exit at eg 1483.50?

    I think you know why I'm asking this and I know why you are avoiding answering this.
  39. I understand it just fine, but your post said nothing about "riding the second leg".

    If you're going to be this touchy about a simple question, perhaps you should reconsider making the posts.

  40. the purpose of this thread is to give alerts and updates as to pending trade setups and mkt timing signals and entry points. I wish to keep it that way. I do not want to get into off topic conversations about my own personal trading or to discuss time of sales.

    If you want to know about MY personal trading then I suggest that you read the Pandora journal that I update at the end of the trading day.

    I place the alerts ....AHEAD OF THE MKT so that you will have time to execute the trades well in advance of the move.
    So you tell me what time do you think I got filled if I had a working order to buy NQ @ 1481.50 since yesterday's close?
    If I posted that I got out at a 2 pt profit and that the trade was executed in the 10:00am EST 15min bar what is so difficult to examine about the scenario?

    If you are trying to disprove that I got out or got filled for that matter than why not just come out and say so rather than playing these childish games.

    are there NO trades going off right now at 1483.00
    if i am still holding can I not execute a mkt order right now and get out at 83.00 or 82.50? or 83.50?
    what's the difference? a win is a win is a win.
    if you missed it then that is just too bad. :p

  41. This is NOT a trading journal!
    it is an alert thread. to give signals of possible entry points in the mkt. trade management is up to the individual.
    and I'm not being touchy. I'm just stating an obvious fact.
    you know that I have no beef with you dude.
    we may have had some moments in the past but i have no beef with you so I apologize if it came off that way.
  42. Yes I am saying that you didn't get filled on a 2pt scalp with an entry at 1481.50 and an exit at 1483.50. 1483.50 was the high of that bar and only 287 contracts traded there. Anyone trading NQ at that time would know that that is not enough to get filled at the ask unless you had been sitting there all day. You have done this before and I'm sure you will continue to do it. If you must lie about trades, don't be stupid enough to say that you got filled at the absolute top.

    You need to go back to guru school and learn the rules again.
  43. What I'm suggesting is that if your alerts yield such poor results, perhaps you should reconsider the basis for your alerts. But if you're happy with them, carry on.

  44. if you call 2pts on a quick scalp poor you must not be trading real money at all.
  45. just like i said to db
    you too must not be trading real money at all.
    if you were you would not be arguing with me about my fills.
    if you don't like it that i made money on that trade then take it up with the CME exchange.:p

    I know what fills I got. and I don't need to prove a thing to the likes of you.
    you are just jealous that you can't call the market like I can.:p
    stop whinning and start following along.:cool:

    I'm not here to babysit you.
    If YOU can't execute that IS YOUR problem.

    p.s. I'm not trying to be a jerk here but when you accuse me of fraud I don't take it lightly. I have been upfront and honest and have made every attempt to post my mkt calls well ahead of the mkt. If you want to see if the trades work out or not why not execute them yourself? Even if I did not get out at the top of that bar did not the NQ hit 88.00 today? Yes it DID!
    would you have had enough time to get in and out of that trade?
    Yes. you would have. All you have to do is manage your positions well enough. If you don't like the trade once you have enterd into it all you have to do is get out. Obviously not all trades work out but some do.

    p.s. are you going to say that i am not short now from 79.00?
  46. another fantastic mkt call.:D

    ........still holding 1479.00 NQ shorts.
  47. buy stoplimit order @ 1478.00 to lock in 1 NQ pt.
  48. buy limit @ 1475.00 just got filled.
  49. Now FLAT.............I'm done for the day.:D

    1.50 + 4.00 = 5.50 NQ points per contract.:cool:
  50. :cool:
  51. :cool:
  52. if you followed today's price triggers.........consider tightning up your stop to get out with profit.

    Never turn a winning trade into a loser.
  53. Next trendline resistance is at 1488.00
    We will need consecutive closes above this price level before we can confirm the bottom has been firmly put into place.

    If this current level can hold as a support the next Ultra-Trend Neck line @ 1610.00 is not out of the question.:cool:

  54. Just out of curiosity, since no one has posted to this thread in nearly three weeks, what's the point of it?

  55. Just out of curiosity, since no one has posted any "real trades" in your journal what is the point of it?

    Your jealousy of my trading ability is amusing.:D

    I'm flattered.

  56. No point, I suppose. Though with over 50,000 views, I guess somebody's getting something out of it.

    As to the jealousy, you bet.
  57. 50,000 views and still NO sure plan to make any $$$.
    has anybody been able to make any $$$ from employing any one of your principles?

    Have you been able to demonstrate that what you are teaching is of any REAL life value?

    Can you assimilate what you teach into real $$$?

    Instead I read alot of cliche's and catchy phrases but no real steak just alot of sizzle.

    Hey, but its your journal.

  58. And about your more successful clients. What were their names again?
  59. I don't know you tell me.
    Arent you one of them?

  60. You bet.
  61. C'mon man.

    you know I'm nice with the charts so why you frontin?

    You know I got crazy skillz so why you hate on me?

    Shouldn't you be given your students some more sage advise from your wealth chest of wisdom?

    ........unless you would like to know what side of the mkt to trade on tomorrow then maybe I can be of assistance.:D
  62. Simple. You're dishonest.
  63. What is so dishonest about giving exact entry points before the opening bell?

    What is so dishonest about giving updates during the mkt hours?

    Again you are just jeolous because you CAN'T trade so you like to hear yourself talk about trading theories and anacdotal statements to make yourself "feel" good.

    Knowlegde does not = $$$

    You may talk a good game but you can't trade worth ****!
  64. Knowlegde does not = $$$

    Learning to spell does = $$$
  65. I don't have to spell in order to make $$$ in the market.

    something you only dream of doing.:p

    my plump friend.
  66. Looks like there's a little projection going on . . . :eek:
  67. you mean like the hyperbole that YOU project as fact to newbies in your price and volume thread?

    Betcha can't make $$$ with it?:eek:
  68. :cool:
  69. Shoulda seen this coming.

    Next fragile support in NQ is at 46.00 and 42.00.

    mkt is well below trendline support.
    NQ is now trading within the Trend reversal zone.
    mkt is setting up a major test of support.
    if it fails the next support is not until 1376.00.:eek:
  70. Possible Parabolic reversal up day?

    (YM M4)
    Buy Stop @ 10485
    Initial Target @ 10505
    Initial Stop Loss @ 10465

  71. Although the above order never got filled my NQ short on this morings price triggers did.:D
  72. :cool:
    Selloff could come rather sudden today.
  73. RSID has now become resistance once again.
    The afternoon downtrend has started.
    expect overnight lows to be tested in ALL three indicies.
  74. If I could only predict as well as you do T-Rex. Why, I would be a multi-millionaire like yourself.!! All this time and no newbie has signed onto your SCAM service...I mean Vulcan service. Which kinda has me wondering that your service is somewhere lost in space being bombarded by nasty Klingons. Do you pretend to call U.S. markets or the Vulcan Final Frontier stock market?

    Sell YM short @ 10212

    If filled I will post the protective buy stop.
    will Look to hold this one over the next 2-3days or so.
  76. The 15 min bar has now turned bullish in the indexes after the fed.

    the uptrend should continue into the close.

    p.s. I have now cancelled the short trigger working order.
  77. p.s. nobody follows your dishonest and deceptive postings T-REX !
  78. :cool:
  79. LOL. The spammer gets spammed.
  80. macal425,

    the previous gentleman (who's post has now been deleted)

    IS providing a "paid for service".

    I am NOT!

    What I post here at ET is just that ............"FREE".

    I'm NOT advertising!
    I'm NOT soliciting!
    I DON'T want nor need YOUR money!

    If I wanted to sell something I'd pay for advertisement privileges.

    I don't care if you think Im spamming.

    I'm NOT!

    p.s. atleast I don't spam people with PM's like so many others do.
    ....and I post my price triggers BEFORE THE FACT!

    :p :D

    p.s.s. no hard feelings just having fun dude.:cool:

  81. Thanks for your reply.

    I post before the fact as well.

    Take care!
  82. I think he got 0-7 followers based on number of downloads but 7 proved to be strong resistance number.
  83. I'll say it again T-REX, you are dishonest and a very deceptive poster here on ET. Your are also truly deceived in your constant blathering about that you never advertise or solicit. What do you call your constant - PULSESCAM, VULCAN REPORT and PANDORA'S BOX crap posting and attachments? That from the very beginning had web links and promo offers that the Moderators constantly had to tell you to remove.

    Keep up the great postings T-REX. The more you post, the greater the record of you for Google. As an added bonus, the University students love - future classes too - the never ending challenges of following you as a case study.
  84. why you be spamming t-rex?

    i hear you saying he fake but where is your proof?

    if you gonna call somebody out you should be prepared to prove it.

    from what i can see even though im still high is dat you be pickin fights wit dis dude why he be minden his business.

    so far it seems to me dat you need to see a psychiatrist about your passive aggressive tendencies and t-rex needs therapy to deal with your constant badgering flaming.

    yo check it,
    until you can prove dat dis dude is fake you should chill out wit all day hatteration.

    have a smoke and chill.

    Blaze one wit Johnny
  85. Don't even waste your time trying to defend me.
    Just use your ignore feature and go on with your day.

    He (along with others) are just jealous because they can't trade as well as I can and will never be able to become profitable traders. These are the failures of life and now they are just miserable and like to take it out on others that they emulate.

    I pay no attention to them. and neither should you.
  86. Since we already know that you and Canibus are the same person, resurrecting him to defend you, then asking him not to do so, does not strengthen the claims you make for yourself.

  87. yo i aint no trex
    jus cuz i dont think he get his props dont be startin no wit me.

    i dont give a what you think about me but he cant be me no more than you can be him.

    i dont think trex smoke cuz he one of dem straight dudes
    but i blaze straight through cuzz.

    believe dat

    das all i got ta say dawg

    im outta here

    stop frontin and stay blunted cuz u sho aint tradin
  88. T-REX, Contrarian, Canibus, Mr. Psycho Alias Master,

    Thanks again for all the great posts. One of the keys to learning is to make it fun - and to have fun! The students are truly having a blast since you and your pretend aliases are so darn funny.
    Text book case with a twist at every turn for a "real life" study and ongoing project.

    Deceit and aliases for dishonest T-REX.