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Ensign Question

  1. Does Ensign allow you to adjust the scaling on your charts? The main problem I have with Sierra and QT is that you cannot set your own scaling. Sierra will allow you to adjust the range to a user defined setting but you have to go back and reset it every time you move out of the range which is a pain. It is very important to me to keep the scaling on my charts constant. Esignal allows you to do this but I track bonds and the euro and dax with IB data and would like to find a API app that would let you do this.

    edit: tried to delete this but for some reason it wont do it. I downloaded the demo version and found the answer which I should have done in the first place.:) It does allow scaling and just about everything else it looks like.
  2. yup, Ensign is top notch..

  3. you can't delete the first post, that is forbidden. :cool:
  4. I already have esignal and it seems that it got all basic features.
    Now that I am reading all these great things about ensign.
    Do I still need ensign if I have esignal?
    Can somebody explain the added values of signing up again with ensign?

  5. I dont think you really need Ensign if you have Esignal. I am using it because Iwant to track bonds, etc without having to pay exchange fees and I like having backup charts. Esignal charting is fine for most applications imo.

    p.s. I am having problems with the Ensign symbols for dax and estx50. Anybody help?
  6. I thought if the first post was YOUR post, then you could delete
    the entire thread if you wanted to. Has ET changed this?............:confused:
  7. you can start it but you can't kill it.
  8. Hi Easyreader:
    Just questions on ensign's use:
    If I don't sbscribe bond (CBT) on esignal, can I still access Bond in
    ensign? HOw about Dax, eurostoxx and others?

    Also, if I use esignal as my data feed and it goes down, wouldn' ensign also go down? If I also have IB, can I just switch the data feed easily in case esignal goes down? I think this is a good idea to have back up.
  9. You can access the bonds thru IB data. Dax and estx costs $8 a month additional to IB. If your using Ensign with Esignal then of course if Esignal goes down (I dont ever recall this happening) Ensign would also be down. I am using Ensign with the IB data. I dont think you can switch because there is a separate download for each data feed and I believe the billing is also different.
  10. Ensign has more and better indicators.. more control over the parameters etc.. i wouldnt use esignal without ensign personally.. but, everyone has their own opinion i suppose..

    as far as DAX and Eurostoxx symbols.. you need to make sure that you have the correct market times set for the symbols.. Dax is "AX H4-DT" and Eurostoxx is "ET H4-DT"

  11. That's the one thing that bugs me about Ensign. I have IB and IQfeed, but I can't have one of these as a backup UNLESS I want to fork out another full monthly subscription fee to Ensign.

    In other words, Ensign forces you to download and run an entirely separate program in order to use another data feed.

    I use IQFeed as my main data feed with Ensign. I would LIKE to be able to run IB as well (as a backup), but I can't unless I want to pay double to Ensign. This I find absurd.

    Unless I'm missing something?
  12. thx qwik. I wonder why this is not posted someplace obvious on their site. I could not find it anywhere.

    edit: Those symbols arent working for me either. I can get everything else but the DTB's although they show on my tws ok.
  13. I agree. They would pick up a lot more customers if you could use the same program with multiple feeds.

  14. dude, im using esignal for quotes.. if you are using ib then you need to use the ib symbols.. make sure your market times are set properly.. i nearly pulled my hair out over this when i first tried to load the euro symbols..

  15. Im not having very good luck with my trial. Whenever I try to setup ZN charts and make changes to them the whole thing freezes up on me and the only way I can shut it down is pulling up the task manager. ES, EUR and others seem to be ok. Pretty strange. Tried their chat site. Never anybody there. I guess Ill stick with Sierra for now.
  16. i tried downloading the demo but it doesnt run and tells me the subscription is expired. i'm a bit confused since i thought version downloaded is a demo?

    how'd you guys get the demo to work?

  17. I agree with you, but it seem they forgot the T&S, which is just poor, simple and unusable!
  18. Beta - Not yet released. Anticipate release in March. This is a list of what is coming.
    One version that supports all data feeds. Feed selected on the SetUp | Connection form.

    think they are going to solve the problem soon.
  19. My hair is thinner after 6 weeks of trying to get all IB symbols to work with ensign.
    I gave up and use Medvedqt with wealthlab , and sierra charts now.
  20. I finally got all the symbols working but there have been other problems. Yesterday my ES charts got stuck at one spot and stayed there for the next several minutes.The prices were moving up and down but it stayed on the same bar until I shut it off. Have had numerous freezeups. The problems are probably due to my lack of knowledge but the trial is running out and Im tired of messing with it.
  21. I had similar problem to easyrider. Quotes, weekly and daily charts were all frozen. However, intra-day charts were working normally!. Shutting down program with restart fixed problem. Ensign support had no explanation.
  22. I am back to Sierra for backup. They dont have everything I want but they are hassle free. Three things I want in a charting package: idividually colored charts, alerts on studies, and the ability to scale your charts as you wish. Esignal comes close with the efs addons but none of the secondary packages have all of these. Its not a question of money. I would gladly pay up for these features. Maybe some day......
  23. Does Esign have backfill and historical data? If so how far back can you go?
  24. I went ahead and signed up for a month even with the problems I was having because Ive heard so many good things about this program and I was sure it was my own ignorance that was at fault. One week was not enough for my thick head to get the basics. Now that Ive had time to work things out in conjuntion with their great support I find that it has everything I wanted and more.