Eike Batista has lost $30 billion in personal wealth

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  1. $32.8 billion to $2.8 billion is quite a fall.
    If the metals bear market lasts much longer, he risks losing almost everything.
  2. 1) Shoddenfroida. :D
    2) If he can hold onto atleast $1-billion, he'll be okay. :cool:
  3. at the rate he's losing, he could easily wind up 2 billion in the HOLE
  4. The key here is he managed to get to the 30s billion in the first place. So he will be able to do it again.
    Donald Trump did lose his first fortune and was at least a billion in the hole, and now he has much more.
    If he could just explain how he made the 30s billion and what it takes with things that work, many billion people will buy his book/dvd/seminars....
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    he made the 30 billion fooling investors into investing in bad companies during an investment bubble, thats not easy to do again !
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    He was the king of IPOs, convinced a lot of people to overvalue a large number of companies and give him money to gamble. Now the gambles turned sour and his reputation is ruined. He won't ever make that kind of money again
  7. ?....He could do it in Portugal, maybe. :cool:
  8. Then again, investors have short memories.
  9. Not all investors.
    If he is indeed seen as a crook, it is just a question
    of time before the wronged investors
    give him a "pay back time". Former cases : Madoff and one
    investor who "drawned" before court appearance,
    as well as Cohen (Sac case).
    I would say "wronged" investors have a very long memory.
    But it would still be very interesting to read his story
    from his own mouth.
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