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  1. One night, after looking at charts for months, I saw something

    After that I started to look at charts in a complete different


    This insight convinced me that there was order in the appa-

    rently chaotic movements of the market.

    The power of this insight is in the simplicity of it's nature.

    People in the financial field like to dream about the Holy


    I believe what I have discovered is able to catch a substan-

    tial amount of waves, not all of the waves of course.

    I like to demonstrate this discovery to the world and to hear

    if anybody has seen anything better then this.

    TO BE CONTINUED.......
  2. we're all ears
  3. The markets keep following this rule so good that it is almost


    I believe that the market best suited to exploit this would be

    Forex market, since it seem to be highly liquid.

    It is in my search for a broker with the narrowest spread

    and good liquidity that you people from Elitetrader can help


    Please, advise me in this matter...
  4. Here we go again.
  5. Easyrider,

    What you mean by those words ?
  6. LOL! :D



  7. You people are not joking with me, I hope ?!
  8. woooh i'm frightened :D
  9. Hello,

    Perhaps it's you joking with us? You state you've found something to exploit, then say, "I like to demostrate this discovery to the world and to hear if anybody has seen anything better than this?" Without offering any information, you then jump to the ?, "Please advise me in this matter..."

    Forgive my suspicion, but so far you've opened with something to share, then without sharing went right to asking for advice. Do you really have any ideas, or is this another fishing expedition?

    L8R Kelly
  10. Ok, I understand you people...you think I am not serious

    To prove I am, help me to find good broker with narrow

    spreads then I will show my trading results.

    I want even to show this in real-time.

    Sounds serious enough ?
  11. Could someone with experience in the Forex market

    contact me ?
  12. Albert,

    I've no experience in the FOREX market. You should probably post in that forum, & I'm sure you'll get help.

    Good Luck & God Bless You!
    L8R Kelly
  13. Sounds like a top-notch paper trader to me :D

  14. One member pointed me to www.oanda.com

    2 pips on EUR/USD sounds very good

    I will cheque it out and let you know this will be broker

    of my choice
  15. Please don't make jokes of me or compare me with

    someone else, this message board is new to me so

    let me convince you of my serious intentions
  16. Ok, I'll play along. Explain to anyone who has a basic understanding of physics how in the world you've arrived to this conclusion and how does the Theory of Relativity has to do with this. Seems its more along the lines of Chaos Theory.
  17. "Make things as simple as possible but not any simpler"
  18. ...are probably disgruntled old bastards like me who remember from their mis-spent youth that Four-X was a rubber. And that it was always too big.
  19. Just curious:

    If the holy grail is a real one, why the narrowest FX spread from a broker would be required? :confused: :D
  20. Cuz his average profit is 2.00000001 pips :D



  21. Come on guys ....

    Let's give him his 10 minutes of fame :)

    Albert forget the forex market it's has to many other variables and is not as easily tracked here on ET.

    Use the ES (emini) it has more than enough liquidity to handle anything you throw at it.

    That is unless of course you have a vested interest in getting us to something that you might be trying to hype under handedly?

  22. I am looking for the narrowest spread because I will trade

    on a very short time frame, high frequency trading.
  23. Oanda is playing around in FXGame with lowering their EURUSD spreads to 1.8 pips at times...
  24. dear Albert

    i think i can guess how you feel coming to a board like this and people make fun out of you. see, there are some individuals here who spend quite a lot of blood and sweat in this game to find out that there is no such thing as a holy grail. there is indeed exploitable opportunity, but i am afraid it requires a lot of trading epxerience, especially if you want to trade high frequency.

    your tone and your content indicates somehow that you are not too experienced with trading (at least i guess so).

    unfortunately i am one of the people who think that it is really funny to have einstein as a handle, choose e=mc2 as the title of the first thread, claim to have found the holy grail and ask for a broker.

    maybe i am too long in this game, but all my sense tell me: no, this ain't work.

    all the best to you
  25. you sound like youve seen the movie pi recently...
  26. I investigated OANDA and they offer indeed HONEST 2 pips

    spreads on EUR/USD with negative and positive slippage so

    finally you got on average the price you saw when you entered

    your order.

    I will use them to demonstrate my trading.

    I will start posting my results on the board and a few people

    will be given access to my account to verify the results.

    What people on this board can qualify as persons of integrity

    to confirm my results ?
  27. Albert,

    How you doing old buddy? How's Mileva these days? I've reviewed your latest paper, but I'm afraid a patent clerk will never be able to cut it in the science community.

    Are you tipping the bottle lately? Seems to be that it is all relative, but with all these strings holding things together lately, I doubt the standard model will survive over the next few decades.
  28. Please, take my request serious.....
  29. Albert

    why so formal? take your oanda statement, post it and nobody (at least nobody serious) will argue about it.

    you are funny.

  30. harrytrader?

    is that you?

    u having a laff wit' us?
  31. shit. he really got me this time.