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Dow 5000 by end of month?

  1. Im hearing this
  2. Those voices in your head just won't stop huh?

  3. keep mocking someone who is right 90%+

    Are you a congenital idiot?


    down another 12 ES points since my post. lol, you are an idiot aint ya
  4. Happy Birthday Obama
  5. green by eod
  6. lucrum in his younger, saner daze

  7. ps wtf is a lucrum? sounds foreign
  8. Is that Jack Hershey?
  9. no , thats lucrums uncle, Fucrum.
  10. ps , we are up 10 ES since my green call. another winner. gladyahaditsukker

    you notice ever time i make a directional call, Im right.......

    yes, sure ya did, thats why your so smart
  11. I thought you said it was 98%.

    I'm not the one who claimed to be both long and short at the same time.

    Quote from stock777:
    08-03-11 12:50 PM
    Im going on unlimited hiatus.

    I'm also not the one who said he was leaving but just can't do it.

    Or was "Im going on unlimited hiatus" code for another one of your indecipherable "calls"?
  12. 90% +

    see the plus, dont you ever get tired of being a shmuck. guess not.

    but i, dont have unlimited patience.

    you are now on ignore.

    fu, and the horse you rode in on


    Ill always remember you this way
  13. Does this mean you're not taking a hiatus?

    Quote from stock777:
    08-03-11 12:50 PM
    Im going on unlimited hiatus.
    LOL :D
  14. 5000 looking better all the time, aint it turkey?
  15. You talking to the guy you have on ignore while away on your hiatus?

  16. you thought I was kidding. now you suffer
  17. Green by the end of the day hey? I see S&P - 4.5%

    First time you actually made a call where you picked a side, and the date quite clearly and its dead wrong, no surprise here.
  18. He didn't say which day.
  19. That call was put there to entice idiots like you to comment on it.

    Score 1 4 me.

    I mean , if I dont throw some deliberate shit up against the wall, you'll think I'm cheating. Since no one can be right so often without cheating.

    I do notice that there is always some twat to criticize (even obviously sarcastic calls) , but very rarely a compliment. Very odd. Makes me think et is full of ..... well, twats.
  20. Cop Out Alert Cop Out Alert!!!

    What a tool! Now anytime you make a wrong 'call' it was a fake call? Gimme a break, LOL

  21. how is this obviously sarcastic? There is no tone, there are no emoticons and there is no punctuation. there is absolutely no way you can claim this a sarcastic call with a straight face.
  22. EOD = end of the day
  23. somebody safe this post. now we have the evidence that stock777 does not know how to trade.
  24. safe the post?

    is than anything like hold the mayo?

    folks dont realize theres only one basher here using 12 diff nicks at a time.

    the ip traces back to Creedmor State Hospital
  25. You and your cell mate got in an argument?
  26. So now you're claiming to see IP addresses? In addition to the markets future no less.
  27. Funny, I thought they were all dongs.

  28. what were your previous 20 disgraced nicks? Im keeping track of your decline into complete dementia.

  29. Cool, keep track of it right beside the only real call you ever made, which was off by more than 2% on the S&P. (an epic failure by anyones standards)

  30. Here is a call bozo.

    Jobs report will whiff tomorrow, and we will sell off in the morning and then recover, and close above the previos close...... we will close green tomorrow(open to close), guarantee.

  31. I missed on the jobs report, but its looking pretty golden that we will close green today.
  32. long 118.48 on the spys, take it to the bank amigo..... :D
  33. Just bought more SPY's at 117.90 this is going to be the mother of all bounces.
  34. Just bought more spys at 116.90

    This is going to blow out a month if it keeps going.....
  35. How about now homo's? Getting it yet?

    Owned. I just made 100x your lifetime earnings.
  36. Max E Pad , time for a new nick asshole.
  37. No no no you're doing it all wrong. In a stockturd thread "calls" are supposed to be ambiguous or even coded. That way no matter what happens you can claim you cleaned up and everyone else is an idiot for not deciphering your trading riddle.
  38. the funny thing is that im still positive on the day, and my average price on the spy's is only 117.66 dumb ass talk to me at 120.

  39. man, seriously, you are an even bigger dick than lucrum. hard to do
  40. Max E. Pad has just publicly declared herself an official twat
  41. Whoops, sorry buddy.

  42. Cool! I doubt we will ever see Stock777 post a trading blotter. I think one has to actually trade in order to post a real blotter.
  43. BINGO!
  44. 120 reached, im out.


    lol @ stock777

    Still think there is a pretty good chance we close green on the day.
  45. It would be a stretch just to get the guy to make an actual trading call, let alone post a blotter.
  46. Nice trade!!
  47. Thx!! how are you doing in this market?

    Lots of good moves today.
  48. Haven't been live trading in a couple weeks, am working on getting my algo concept in order. Great timing by me, right? :D
  49. This has probably been the best trading week since early 2009. Its a rule of the trading gods that whenever you have downtime the market will go absolutely batshit.
  50. Very true. Luckily my algo concept does ok to well in most market conditions but of course these last few days would have been truly sick :)

    Oh well, glad someone is nailing trades. Nice work!
  51. Why do you act like this?
  52. Blotter? Or do we just take your word for it - again?
  53. same reason pad posts a paper trading account
  54. stockturd definitely has issues.
  55. Unbelievable, i post exactly what i think the market is going to do 1 day in advance, then i post all my entries in real time,(while you trip all over yourself laughing like a dipshit) then i call for the mother of all rallies in advance, then i post my exit in advance, then i post my blotter to prove it, and you accuse me of paper trading? Classic!!! :D

    And this accusation comes from Stock777 a guy who claims to win 90% of the time, but has never made an actual trading call in advance.

    This pretty much solidifies how much of a joke you are.

    Maybe next time i am going to have to actually open a trading account in your name and place the frigging trade for you.
  56. you're a paper trader. thats all there is to it.

    and how many other nicks have you used.

    Ive had mine for a decade.

    Is there some reason you have used 20 nicks?

    end of discussion .
  57. Max has you beat today, no doubt about it.

  58. Has me beat? Moron? I called the beginning of an 800 dow move , with no pain.

    This idiot does a knife catch (with imaginary money) with much pain, and gets lucky?

    If that has me beat.....
  59. I don't know what you called in the past. Was it detailed like Max's call today?

    The only call I saw from you was green by eod yesterday and we all saw how that played out.
  60. I also 'called' you a moron, didn't you see it?

    Sears has a sale on glasses this week
  61. What's with all the name calling? You called green by eod yesterday. It's in this thread. You didn't get that one right, ok? According to your stats, you should get the next 9 in a row right, lol. gl bud.
  62. btw, a little tidbit that you are blissfully unaware of is that you CANT paper trade through sterling, anyone else who has traded on the platform is aware of this.

  63. Don't you think this poor guy has suffered enough? Show some mercy, leave him alone. :)
  64. lol, been calling them dead on with 90% accuracy for a decade, but that imbecile is obsessed (or claims to be) with a post obviously made sarcastically.

    you can't make this shit up.
  65. Yeah... some people just don't get sarcasm.
  66. I see........ so it was sarcastic when you proclaimed "Green by end of day" right before a 4.5% down move.

    And it was sarcastic when you followed up that call by saying.....

    But when you started a thread entitled "Dow 5000 by end of month" it was supposed to be serious? Does that mean that this will be the worst call in history? When the end of the month comes and the Dow closes over 6000 points away from your "serious call" based on the thread title does that mean that with this "serious" call you were off by more than 50% on an index within a month?

    You should stick to your "sarcastic" calls, your "Green by eod" call was only off by 4.5% your "serious" call which was "Dow 5000 by end of month" is off by more than 50%.
  67. The point you refuse to see is that your so called sarcastic calls are NOT obvious to anyone but you dumb ass.
  68. if nothing else, I keep pervs like maxi busy, so they don't molest little children and old ladies.
  69. What made your call sarcastic? You just wrote: green by eod

    No punctuation, no tone, NOTHING.

    Claim whatever you want but dont be shocked when no one is buying the bullturd that you are selling.
  70. Facts facts facts, is that all you got? :)
  71. And dont forget right after he made the call he made this post taking credit for the call when the ES was up a couple points from where he made the call. The guy is a complete tool and so far his only call he has ever made was wrong.

  72. That's very funny! So when the call is working, triple 7 is bragging about it and when it ends up not working it was a sarcastic call. Got it :D
  73. That pretty well sums it up. Typical newbie tactic, only he's been around long enough to theoretically know it won't fool anyone.
  74. Yep, everyone here can see that he is either delusional or trolling, one thing for certain is that the only ckear trading call he has ever made was an epic failure, off by more than 60 points or 4.5%on the S&P in 1 day. It was probably the worst call in the history of elitetrader.
  75. you idiots aren't even worth ridiculing.

    gone forever, dix, my ignore list is gonna get a workout.
  76. What a silly guy!
  77. Guess we struck a nerve. :D
  78. you were warned punks.

    so now , not only are you getting your asses kicked, but you know you could have been smarter.

    my mission is done.

    New policy, all assholes are put on immediate ignore.
  79. LOL according to you that is everyone. :D
  80. And by 'asshole', you mean anyone who catches you backing away from a call and calls you out on it. :p

  81. figure it out yet, pinheads?
  82. Kind of reminds me of Gabfly, he goes into a thread and gets owned by 6 or 7 people within the thread with not a single person coming to his defense, and then insists that everyone else has a problem and not him.
  83. as far as I can tell, my calls are the best on the net.

    if you have a better source , kindly post it.

    ps dont you wish you played the call? yeah, but then you wouldn't be you, iykwim

    done this about 100 times over the years. you'll catch on eventually.
  84. Only call you ever made was off by 4.5% or 60 Es points, you called green by end of day and it was the worst sell off since 2009, must have been the worst trading call this site has ever seen.
  85. lol, get short yet.

    I getting a stiff neck looking at my entry point.

  86. ya chokin on your bash yet? morons
  87. green by eod
  88. eod

    end of decade you jerk
  89. i notice very little correlation between stocks today.
  90. you see dingleberries, you laughed.

    who's laughing now.
  91. wow you managed to outdo yourself, only off by 6% on the sandp this time, you really are brilliant.
  92. How did that one work out for ya dip shit?

  93. After your green by EOD "call" today you may want to speed up the process.
  94. Just today?
  95. Dow is down 1000 points since I posted this thread

    1000 points in a week

    And you think "IM" the fool? wow

    Another documented call for the ages.

  96. Lucrum, now on ignore, must be apoplectic. Bet he was long too. Every point down like a dagger in his heart.
  97. How much?
  98. the 5000 figure, given , of course, for effect, and to catch the attention of the cretins here, is not an actual target.

    but the seriousness of the impending selloff was foretold.

    once again, called it.

    who else?

    we have some clown here with a model thats been bullish for the last 2000 down points.

    for all we know , the model is a packet of mary jane he swishes around, and does a reading on.

    be right, or be gone.

    oh yeah, we will be back to 13,000 by Fri
  99. Only in your own little world stockturd.
  100. didya take the hint.

    once again, called the bottom

    lol, easiest market in years
  101. my next prediction is

    ..... .. .. . ... ... ..... ...... .....

    use a magnifying glass
  102. This Stock777 fellow is psychotic.

  103. And that's when he's having a good day.
  104. u no i nailed it

    here, a free bee

    xggddddh fg3ffss ff asd d asdf fgfgg sddg dg 55664 fdfdf spread

  105. [​IMG]
  106. dont make a move, i will be releasing my call sometime in the next........

    5 years
  107. Yeah but since no one can interpret your "calls", by design of course, what good are they?
  108. said 5000 was just for effect.

    didnt say what the models (yeah, I bought one from nitro) real level is.

    could be anything from 5001 to .......
  109. bump for the slow witted
  111. howz that idiot lucrum doing? new nick yet?
  112. Odd you should inquire shortly after I post. Anyway why would you care? I'm on your ignore list, right? LOL
  113. uh, dont you wish you sold it all on my alert? sure ya do. now bend over, its ky jelly time.

  114. That's Jack Hersey. Not Stock777
  115. lucrum, now that you bought the open , and are down a quick 23 ES points, you can reapply that ky jelly to your mouth. I know you regularly apply it to your @n**

    you're still on ignore (perm) but you were quoted.
  116. called it again. sold the open, just like you . you did sell that fake open , right?
  117. Maybe you'd like to quote me where I said I bought the open.
  118. Another "call" huh? Where did you make this one? On a napkin in your kitchen?
  119. A lot better than you.
  120. :D
    Hes getting even lazier with his fake calls, he used to atleast give us some stupid riddle before he claimed that he made a call after the market had aLREdy made its move, now he has been reduced to simpy telling us he made the call.
  122. Another useless prediction that wasn't even close. That is unless you think it's gonna make it by the close on Wednesday.
  123. Uh...no.

    Still predicting DOW 5000 by Wednesday? :D
  124. candy day. if you didnt make 10k or more. give it up.
  125. Well you were only off by over 50% with the dow 5000 call. That beats your average for the only other call you made which was "green by eod" which was off by 4.5% in one day. Had you followed that pattern you would have been down over 90% on the month.

    Think positive.....Green shoots baby!!!
  126. Says the idiot who predicted DOW 5000 by today.
  127. Stock 777 appears to be the best fade on the board. Keep them coming !
  128. How about now?
  129. boner likes to post as often as possible cause he gets to shove that ridiculous tag line in your face.
  130. any questions suckers?
  131. The "boner" you supposedly have on ignore? Or the "boner" you haven't experienced since you were in your 60's?
  132. lol, bet your clients are happy with your calls.
  133. 70 ET Members who are clients... and counting. You will not find one complaint here on ET or in any other forum that I am aware of. Four CTAs and 2 HFs are clients as well. And every one of these clients was an experienced professional who checked my performance in advance by contacting clients already trading my systems.
  134. yes but are you trading your systems?

    you just said to fade stock777, I dont think that qualifies as good advice unless you like being wrong 90% of the time

    ps, been on right side of this huge selloff, but I decided not to post it here. ingrates like you.
  135. Did anyone really doubt the outcome of this "brilliant" prediction from someone who had this to say among many other gems:

    "yes, sure ya did, thats why your so smart"
  136. That's what i like about et.

    The criticism is so acerbic and biting, with wit and wisdom found only in places of higher lerning.

    PS Find the hidden missspelling and win a prize.

  137. Found it.....You spelled your name, "stock777" wrong, it should be spelled p-i-k-e-r, now where is my prize?

  138. Riiiiiiight.
  139. It's Latin...for something you don't know the first thing about. :D
  140. howz those long FADES of my call doing boney?
  141. ar ya getting the pikture?
  142. Is this super duper secret code for your next "call"?
  143. Dont worry, he will give us the code, 2 weeks from now when the market has made its move.
  144. best trading day in the last 20 years
  145. I had the best day in 40 years. And what's even better, I don't have to prove it with screenshots or any calls BEFORE the fact.

    Isn't fantasy trading great?

  146. Apparently i should quit playing fantasy football. I only win 1000 dollars if i win at that, Fantasy trading seems much more lucrative according to Stock777. :D
  147. I made even more money when I backested my fantasy trading strat. I'm hot. Next plane to Vegas.
  148. Your next alias should be enigma trader.
  149. best trading day for me since jesse livermore told me to go long union pacific before the earthquake
  150. I remember that day vividly, my internet went down when i had a bunch of offers out, and i got filled on all of them, and couldnt cancel my orders, i ended up getting crushed cause of those rail road bulls but luckily i was able to trade out of it using my smart phone.....
  151. It was a 3 mile walk uphill to wall street.
  152. It was uphill Both ways if i remember correctly. :D
  153. Mkt has become 99% casino.

    Up from 95%
  154. Blew out those huge paper profits from yesterday did ya?
  155. amazing

    today was the best trading day in 30 years.

    caught every twitch, didnt you?. even the fake ones
  156. And tomorrow will be the best in 80 years? Not bad for a 70 year old guy.
  157. damn, whodathunkthemarketwouldbethisnastyhowareyourlongs?
  158. The longs you told everyone to put on just before you switched to claiming you were short?
  159. an other vic to ry
  160. why has the market become so easy to trade, where 80% winners is a daily event?
  161. It must be PFM.