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Do you have any experience with 'Cashflow Heaven.com'?

  1. Hi,

    Yeah, well as the title says, do you have any experience with 'Cashflow Heaven.com'?

  2. I like it fried, on toasted bread!


    Hint: if this isn't spam, you have to give a little bit more than just "Have you tried such and such service" We are all (well I am, anyway) a little wary of "hidden" ads for services...
  3. :D
  4. that's charles cottle's group i believe. as far as i know, cottle is legit.


  5. Well, no it's not spam. It a legit question. I'm interested in subscribing, but I'd like to hear from anyone who has some experience with them.

    That's the reason I asked. Cynicism is to be expected I guess.

    The guy's name is Peter, not Charles Cottle, I believe.

    Anyway, any feedback would be much appreciated.


  6. LOL , dude! you are joking, right!?

    its peter, as in saint peter..... get it??

    surfer:D :confused:
  7. My trading buddy has used it for over a year, he likes it. I think the name and ad is very cheesy. He has made money with it and had some losing trades too. I believe overall, he is net positive with the service. Peter apparently subscribes to many services and uses his own ability to find plays and posts this info on his trade recos. I belive to make money you have to being doing 5 contracts per trade. Your execution better be very fast. I have watched him close a winning trade fast when price hit x and then watch 10 minutes later it turn to a break even or a loser. I hope I got my terminology correct, I don't trade options. There you have it.'

  8. Penut I bit and took a quick peek at the website....it honestly looks like a complete joke...NO ONE with any sense would have any experience with this website so I doubt you will get any replies.

    edit...obviously someone did but it isn't firsthand!
  9. I said it before on a different thread..... If you are paying more than $15-20 a month, then you are overpaying.
  10. Having just looked at the site, I would suggest that if you are paying then you are overpaying.
  11. for those who don't know--charles cottle was one of the minds behind www.thinkorswim.com , he also wrote a very insightful book options perception/deception now called couldawouldashoulda. i am not sure of his relationship with this site, but i think a relationship exists. cottle is 100% legit to the best of my knowledge.


    ps--then again, i may be wrong about any relationship as i see his book is no longer featured on the site.
  12. Thanks for your level headed replies. Looking at some other threads, I see there are a lot of fireballs thrown around these boards.

    I'd be interested in anyone else's comments.
  13. Ok, I'll admit to being a sucker. I joined last summer and had a good first month, but subsequent ones were breakeven or losses, so I left by the fall. I don't have any dire regrets about it because I was a complete newbie and did get an education from it, just not what I was expecting.
    Peter is neither unimaginably brilliant nor psychic. In fact, he often plagiarizes, copying and pasting sections from other advisories and passing it off as his own work.
    I joined because I had become interested in selling options, and that is what he advertises. However, it turns out that he has become bored with selling spreads, and now primarily buys ATM options.
    Also, his service is not remotely as "automatic" as advertised. Directions would often include "buy X for the best price you can tomorrow morning."

    At any rate, I have learned that I do not want to be dependent on someone telling me what to do!
  14. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING is worth that amount of money.
    Send me $1000 and I will tell you what a "condor" is.
  15. Can you recommend any good ones in this price range?

    I've been thinking of trying RedOption's CC service.
  16. I can't really recommend a good advisory service, because I haven't ever come across one that was worth paying for if you're an experienced trader.

    I'm assuming that you are asking from the point of view of a slightly less experienced trader. To a novice these advisories are helpful because they can guide you through placing trades, and the mechanics of trading options. A better one might actually give a pretty good analysis of each position. As far as picking winning trades I wouldn't recommend any of them. You need to be able to do that on your own.

    As far as learning the mechanics of trading various strategies, I've looked at red option to see how well they did. Not bad, but I didn't like any of their trades. For the novice they do a decent job of explaining how to trade. That's what I was talking about when I said $20/month.