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do you believe "Scientist" has "over $100k" in his trading account?

  1. let's not forget he just turned 22.

    i know he's going to mention his "earring business." let's say he started this business at 18 and ran it for 4 years, selling 800 pairs of earrings for $10 each. not accounting for taxes, that's $8000.
    if i'm wrong, i'll eat my shoe.
  2. You thinking about starting an "earring business" ?
    Its not polite to ask how much one has. The term "stack of high society" is such a beautifully ambiguous term.

    Happy Piercing.
  3. Not ambiguous if you saw "Rounders". One stack of high society is exactly $10,000.

  4. This is the beauty of Cyberworld where identities and account sizes are illusory. Nevertheless the odds are not in your favor and you should be prepared to eat your shoe. Because it is irrelevant whether he has $100k in his account or not, I shall omit the logic as to how I came to this conclusion, only to say it can be found in an exchange of posts in which both he and I participated.
  5. i'm not asking how much he has. Scientist already told us and i'm questioning his truthfulness.
  6. I still think Phil Hendrie's writers are trying out new material on ET. Scientist reminds me of Ted of Beverly Hills.
  7. there's my boy! giving up on Atkin's, staring on stinky shoe diet. kids....so silly:D
  8. this all from the same guy who only has 2 gigs of RAM. lol
  9. Dude, 2 gigs of RAM is huge. Most new computers still only have 1/4 that.
  10. no, he didn't just graduate from a high school--it was an elite high school. :)
    this post is just fantastic....
    speaks 4 languages, not counting the programming ones..
    let's not forget the IQ test...
  12. please excuse my boy, his O.C.D. is in full bloom tonight.:eek:
  13. The most painful part of this must be sifting through all of his verbose posts.

    Keep posting the highlights. It is fun reading.
  15. this one is a beauty....

    he's been trading like 1 year...after not even 6 months, he only has 4 losing days, and brokerages are fighting over his business. lmao ok, dude...
  16. he sounds like lundy. and we all know where lundy end up (supermarket incase u forgot).
  17. and he could kick your ass, too!!

  18. even he admits he was a loser 4 years ago!! :eek:
    something's just not right...
  19. Jesus, I wonder what kind of apps would even come close to requiring that kind of RAM. Is he working for NASA on the side?
  20. i'm sure he'll tell us that soon!:D

    there's a simpler answer...

    occam's razor......

    is Scientist the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth, or is he full of sh!t? lol
  21. Holy smokes! This kid deserves to have a religion named after him.

    Gekko, take a bow, you've outdone yourself this time buddy. This has had me in stitches for a good ten minutes.:D
  22. scientist is a comic book superhero i'm guessing Superboy. :p
  23. He may or may not be what he says he is??? but that doesnt matter does it?? how can this possibly affect you in any way??

    you may be a liar yourself:

    1)and believe in GOD
    2)make money trading
    3)and are not really gay ( I got that from ur bodybuilding picture without a shirt you posted for our ET boys to see )

    in the end it is the internet and you spending even a minute researching what a HANDLE said speaks volumes about you....

  24. Right. Who cares? Like most of us, he has posted some crap and some good stuff, too. I forget the crap and learn from the good stuff.

  25. Good job GG - I spit out my coffee laughing! :cool:
  26. Recent picture of Scientist.
  27. if scientist has a 100K then i'm a monkey's uncle :p
  28. I don't know what you guys are talking about.....
    I thought most people had 100k or more to trade?
    Otherwise you were undercapitalized and could not open an account?
  29. if your losing then "yes" you need at least 100K :D
  30. Yep, people starting polls like that are way more pathetic than those these polls are supposed to concern.

  31. My personal fave was the one where all those black belts start attacking him and he calmly and deftly blocks and evades them. No sweat for ole Scientist.

    If he and my little cousin -- who's eleven and who recently tipped off the FBI and thus saved the Sears tower from terrorists -- ever team up, watch out world.

  32. I finally figured out who scientist really is...

    JIMMY NEUTRON (Boy Genius) !


    Makes perfect sense. scientist=jimmy :p
  33. Gordon is taking Scientist to task about his truthfulness????....quick recap on actual GG postings here on et:

    1) Im the worlds best trader

    2) I held the high school record in the mile that had stood for 17 years

    3) I have 3% body fat ( thats my personal favorite)

    4) I graduated High school with a 4.0

    5) Im closing my $2000 account at IB and never posting on ET again..

    6) Atkins is for fools, I know everything about diets

    7) Religion Sucks, fuck god, fuck the bible

    8) Eating chicken and meat is no different then what was done to the jews in the holocaust

    9) I breast fed from my mom until I was 17

    .....am I missing any other GG claims?
  34. so what's your point :confused:

    all sounds totally believable to me :confused:

    GG is KEWL! :cool:
  35. Quote from Gordon Gekko:

    i never claimed i am anywhere near einstein. einstein is THE MAN. i was just saying i agreed with the einstein quotes. specifically, this one:

    but now that you mention it, my average iq of 2 tests is 144 (153 and 135)--that's in the top 3%.

    ALSO, einstein's personality type is INTP, which is the same as mine, AND INTPs are only 3% of the population.

    Although he is no Einstein...he is very close :p :p
  36. as usual, you're distorting what i said, but i'm not wasting my time with you. do whatever you want.....
  37. TM_ is a genuine idiot if ever there was one [eg see Diet Thread] just ignore him :-/

  38. Gordo starts this stupid thread of no relevance and like clock work his little longshot bitch chimes in like a midget next to DR. EVIL.....and other people are stupid???? you are pathetic.
  39. While I don't particularly care how much which ET member has in his trading account, I do have one thought that might be worth sharing: Do you remember 4 years ago when $100k used to be considered pocket change? The guy whose job was to sit around at the office and chat or take 3 hour lunch breaks used to make $100k, and if you were capable of assisting someone who did some installation work that had anything to do with networking or computers, you were making $150k plus benefits plus stock options. And that was what the lowest lowlife (except those on welfare) was making EVERY YEAR. Now, just a few years later, the argument that a 22 year old could not possibly have saved up $100k is given serious consideration.
  40. Well said. Very good points.

  41. So I'm away for a few days and what must I see? GG started his 5th or something thread about me within about 2 weeks - His personal crusade is starting to take psychosomatic dimensions!

    But not only does GG (aka THE M*N / sup*r-ego / Ma*reen D*wd etc) commit all his time to posting and voting here in his own interest, but also does he drag along his boyfriend LongSh*t (aka F*sterPushyc*t / Dik Burns etc), as usual.

    You two must be the most pathetic loser troll couple on ET, and I doubt anyone could count all your handles... Yet I also pity you. What a sad life you two must have... :(

    Dear Fellow Trading Brethren,

    The following post is a part reply to GG, yet more intended for those here I like to call friends... The reason I seem to have "disappeared" for a week is that I've realized my dream and moved from my down south beach house to a top-top location. I think given all the night clubs, cafe's and real friends just 'round the corner, I will be spending a lot less time on ET soon. I've worked too hard too long enough, it's time to start enjoying life now.

    To comment on GG's question:

    1) Where did I tell you or anybody here on a public internet board how much I have? You mean net worth? Since I'm an active trader, more than 100K is basically implied anyway, isn't it??? :confused:

    If I was being honest, all I would reply to your 100K suggestion would be: "LOL". I've never looked at things from the "ant perspective" you guys seem to have. I tend to compare myself to those "way above", such as Justin Frankel who, at age 19, sold WinAmp for $100M. That is "M", not "K". This is what keeps me down to earth.

    2) What's the point in questioning my truthfulness? Quite frankly, who, other than trolls with too much time on their hands, give a flying toot whether some dubious anonymous internet board member is "truthful" or not? Am I a "fake" or "liar"??? Who cares?! What benefit, financial or moral, could you derive from that knowledge?

    None, for what I can see. However, an exception would apply to someone who lives his life in a community like this, I.e. spends all his time here and is always concerned about others since he is so shy of mirrors, afraid of looking into his own sad truth. I have had some funny private chats over time, and GG was mentioned occassionally as the example of the "ultimate loser". Common portraits are "He must be a lazy sit-home geek living off his daddy's share portfolio", "When does he actually work?" and the like. How about yourself, Gekko?

    I suggest you stop worrying about who is "fake" or who is "real" and instead just filter the good from the bad information. Every ET member will at some point post something useful and at another point something useless. It is up to none but your own "filtering mechanism" to determine what is what. You are also welcome to use the ignore feature.

    Regarding all the quotes you so nicely collected - Thanks a lot. I must admit in hindsight and so nicely cropped out of context, some of these may seem pretty pretentious to someone like GG and LongShot, I probably shouldn't have mentioned them.

    Didn't realize I seemed that "boasting". Consider, I never claimed I own a huge yacht, a Ferrari, Jaguar, 7 Series BMW, or a house on the beach (which I also clarified is rented). I have never, on ET, claimed to be a genius, to possess anything grandous or to be rich (go ahead, prove me wrong in any of these). And, give me a break, so far I haven't told lies here, either. Whether you believe it or not is none of my business!

    I have worked extremely hard for the last 4 years, running a full-time business during the day and half/full time market watching/trading during the night, rarely sleeping more than 4-5 hours. I was working everyday in my JDM business from 9:00-18:00 and then trading from 21:30-4:15 my time, you do the maths. I haven't really enjoyed my life for quite a few years, much unlike Gekko, who goes out and gets drunk. I am not a genius, I have just worked hard. Anyone can do it. And now I can say with confidence to anybody "Fuck You!", because I know what I did and I know what I can do. I'm not going to let any losers, envy-ridden people and anklebiters take a bite of my success. I can live with it, because I am planning to, and know I will financially retire by 25. I am on the way to where I want to be. I can do anything I like. You call it pompous, I call it positive, enabling attitude.

    I have given up a good slice of some of the best time of my life to build what I have and I have been and am being rewarded for it. You anklebiters can spew, draining your own energy, but you can't stop my progress. Your bitching only reinforces my feeling of success. No, I am not a genius or a prodigy, nor am I the most successful entrepreneur for my age. But yes, I am fucking proud, not for what I've achieved but for all the negative people and attitudes I've dealt with and overcome in my life. None of this can affect me anymore. That's why I'm free. Freedom is everything. I am proud to be free. I can fly with the eagles.

    Myself, I obviously haven't been here for a few days, and to GG's comfort, I am now leaving for good my sweet beach house on the sea & river, to move into the city, mainly for the lifestyle and the whopping internet connection. My dream has come true: I have finally gotten hold of a top-notch place; A ripping 2-storey, sea view, 2-balcony, designer apartment very close to the CBD. I am 101% thrilled - No more gardeners to employ, no huge house to look after, no security worries, no nothing. And the lifestyle of Perth's most groovy suburb. Even a garage to keep hooligans like GG and LongShot off my car! I can already visualize my office & bedroom on the upper storey... Whew! And the girls ... My god! This suburb is full of gorgeous girls !!!

    Tough decision it sure was... I had to give up being close to my jewellery business, yet I can drive down there once every couple of weeks to check on things and do some work, which gives me an excuse for holidays down south, I can stay at friends' and family and I can now unquestionably claim all car expenses as I like as business expenses. Now that I can get broadband, I can also get my pro brokerage & exchange seat. Everything falls into place. Life is great!

    Anybody trying to be helpful gets bashed on ET anyway, even if most of it is just GG / FPC anyway. Why do I need to explain why I want 4GB of RAM??? Instead, I will save that time, and keep communicating privately with a nice selection of trading buddies and friends I've collected here. I'm getting way PM than I want to get, anyway. I will have a lot more time for talks with serious people, a lot more rarely mix with "the public", "common crowd" or communicate with them, priorities set. I have also, from all the driving 'round looking for places, rediscovered my taste for real estate, and will be spending a lot more time in that field as well...

    As the saying goes: "If you want to fly with the eagles, don't mix with turkeys..."

    Gratefully I salute TM_Direct, aphexcoil, gordy's dad and many other smart ET members for putting that little bit of effort into fighting the spread of troll infection by GG and FPC which, similarly to athlete's foot, just doesn't seem to want to go away.

    It seems that eventually, all "decent" traders seem to move away from posting on this forum, due to the very immature code of conduct and troll responses. As for me, I will be following in those footsteps, yet I'll be coming here occassionally, checking on "the boys" and seeing if there's a good post here or there.

    Another great step in the relentless pursuit of excellence. What can I say? LIFE IS GREAT !!! :D

    Have a nice one!

  42. Just read the rest of this thread... I'm afraid you'll have to eat your shoe... :)

    I'm not in an "earring business", earrings only make about 5% of my range. I am (or was), by definition, a jewellery designer, manufacturer & retailer, so I owned all three processes, getting every mark-up in the chain, for maximum profit.

    Regarding $10 for earrings - I doubt I (or anyone else) who designs jewellery could survive on prices like that. I don't sell chinese imports, I sell designer jewellery. My cheapest pair of earrings currently available is in Sterling Silver, and it retails for $479. PM me if you're interesting in further info / ordering.

    Other than that, I'm mainly into rings & bracelets, one of my nicest ones is attached below. The price on the poster cut-out below is only ~13K, but it retails for a tad more now. And that bracelet is just the beginning. I have some gold & platinum items, set with high-caratage finest Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphires, I also have finest grade Burmese Rubies and finest South Sea Pearls.

    I cater mainly for the highest income classes in Australia and internationally, and I cannot complain about my doings. Highest price items and the like are considered for individual design, if anybody wealthy here feels like a gift - Feel free to PM me!

    If you want to know why I'm so "incredibly" successful - Visit me and make sure you bring your girlfriend. :D

    Regarding all the other comments and quotes of mine on this thread - There are no lies amongst them for what I could see, yet it seems everybody thinks I'm pretending to be a superhero!

    I showed my brother the collection of quotes here, and he said "No wonder they think you're full of it! Nobody's gonna believe you this stuff man, even if you did it. Most people don't even have their own car at your age! Just shut up!"

    I value my brother's advice and will honor it. I realized that a lot of my statements on ET seem "over the top" to the average observer. I am very sorry if I have come across as insincere at times or have stepped on the toes of people who haven't achieved similar. I never intended such or malice, and have really always done my best to be 100% honest and help people on this board. This includes both of GG and FPC, who requested my help and then kicked my efforts with feet. You two are such ungrateful creatures.

    Lesson of wealth I learnt today: Best is to pretend to the public I'm poor and clueless... :cool:
    Good Trading to you all!

  43. I can't understand what the problem is.

    Don't you think a guy of 22, who's planning on buying his first Helicopter thanks to the money he won by trading, drives a NSX , etc etc. can have a 100K account?

    You'd better read the biography of B.Gates
    you should be glad he shares his great mind with us.

    Now it's up to you to decide whether this post is ironic or not...

    One thing for sure, you guys make me laugh a lot :D
  44. LOL mark1, this post made me laugh! Yet I am not worth comparison to Bill Gates (and I'm glad about it).

    What made me laugh is that I have a mugshot of Billy from December 77 - When he was 22 and only months from my current age. He was pulled over by Albuquerque highway police for speeding to get to a party in his freshly acquired sports car, bought just after he realized he was a multi-millionaire - Ironically something that happened to me, too - Days after I got mine (I was going 126 - into the laser - ouch!). Yet I can't claim to have such a "funky" taste of dress code (Star Trek uniform with flower-power collar???)

    Don't know about the helicopter, though... Now that I'm living in the city, I don't really need it anymore... :(

  45. GG, you've got to admit...Scientist is either an incredibly skillful businessman, or an incredibly skillful liar. I see no possible third option.

    I'm pretty sure I've told you how much money I had accumulated, and at what age. If you believed me, why don't you believe him? Serious question.

    Remember when candletrader was caught in a blatant lie, claiming he dated a certain hottie, and posting a pic of some Oriental celebrity, thinking no one here would recognize her? Unless you can catch Scientist in a similar botched tall-tale, you might want to give him a little reasonable doubt and back off.

    I'm not one to believe everything I hear or read...But Scientist's exploits deserve some measure of agnosticism, don't they? Now, if he were to ask anyone here for a capital investment in his business, while beaming about how great an opportunity this is...I would instantly assume everything he said was a lie.

    I tend to give people a bit of slack until they ask me to write a check.
  46. BTW, scientist... your Time For Love bracelet is aesthetically pleasing, but the raw materials couldn't possibly have cost you over $1,000 USD. To think that people happily pay about ten times that amount and think they're getting 'an investment for eternity'...lol.

    Reminds me of a certain PT Barnum quote.
  47. A few very smart points here. I doubt I'm such a skillfull businessman, but I am sure I am not a skillful liar. I wish I were, but as they say "lies have short legs". Liars have to have an extremely good memory. If I had such tremendous lying skills to pull up so many lies and still fool anybody here after over 1,000 posts - I would be wasting my "talent" as a trader! I'd qualify for president! :eek:

    That's something I've heard before. The truth is the real value is a lot more than that. Sure, the silver is only worth ~$100 (the silver in most bracelets out there is worth about $1-10), but the gold is 24carat, to the value of over $3K retail. The diamond is worth a lot, and it alone would retail for over $20K at most "jewellery shops" out there! :eek:

    The reality is many or most jewellers, for understandable reasons (city rent, which I never paid!), live on markups of 1,000-10,000%. Remember that next time you visit a jeweller! A lot of my work, including that bracelet, has much lower mark-ups than that, and many items are very limited edition or absolute one-offs! "Under promise and over deliver" is a 'secret' motto that brought me a lot of success in business.

    But I needn't worry no longer... Listening to Miles Davis... Moving to the city on Tuesday... My last free weekend down south... :D
    I won't be there next week... So come on guys, flame me while you still can... I'm all game and nothing to hide. :)

  48. actually, no, this is the only thread. i'm not super-ego, etc.
  49. some people in this thread have made it seem like i'm just automatically doubting Scientist because of the $ figures he claims. that is not the case. i even had over $100k at one point. lol

    i'm doubting Scientist from his collective posts. the ones i posted in this thread are just a fraction of his claims. i mean, come on, he even admits he's been trading with real money just over a year! but he's mastered it already and needs something more challenging! with like 4 losing days in the last 6 months--due to commissions none-the-less! LMAO riiiiiight.....

    check out how he handled the IQ mess. does his post look like a joke at all? no. but after everyone called him on it--catching him boasting a IQ result higher than the test can score--then he said it was a joke! SCIENTIST IS THE JOKE.

    Liar or comedian?
  50. Hmmm....the IQ test might be your smoking gun.

    Btw, anybody who pays $20K for 1/2 carat diamond, regardless of color/clarity is a sucker. Even if you meant $AUD, that's still an absurd price. Would you mind humoring me, and posting a link to any merchant, anywhere in the world asking $20K for any type of 1/2 ct stone? This I gotta see.

    My wife's engagement ring cost me just over $21K.
    4.27ct, I-VS2. To think I could have gotten a 1/2 ct rock for the same price...lol.

    " the gold is 24carat, to the value of over $3K retail"

    The bracelet in your pic contains over 7 oz. of gold bullion? She's gotta have some pretty thick wrists for that to add up. Is it like a waist bracelet or something?

    Edit: Just one more thing (I know I'm starting to sound like Colombo.) 24K gold Jewlery??? Within one week of normal wear, 24K gold jewlery of any type would be completely disfigured with scratches and little dents, which is why it's so rare. What's going on here?

  51. LOL Gekko! Now, haven't you just made a fool out of yourself and dug your own grave here? OK, let's go: :D

    Besides, now you're saying "I even had over $100K at one point" - And that after you opened this thread with a reference to a post where I said I transferred $100K into my IB account when I opened it! I didn't even say how much there's in there now, but you're telling me that you yourself had 100K once, while claiming that I am a LIAR to mention I did?!

    So tell me, Gekko. If we did a poll on ET that asked : Who is more likely to have had a $100K account at any stage of their trading career:

    a) Gordon Gekko
    b) Scientist

    Who do you, honestly, think would get more votes? :)

    Yes, so what you little brat? I did years of sim & paper trading by the time I put my real hard-earned money on the line. What's wrong with that? Very much in contrast to you, who started trading "for real" straight away, besides most probably NOT with your own hard-earned cash. You are such a pathetic little loser, no way would I believe you earned even a cent so far in your whole damn life, not to mention enough to day trade! Had you papertraded for a long time like I did, you might have actually gotten somewhere in your trading career.

    And what's wrong with "something more challenging"? You honestly believe trading is the only and most challenging thing in the world and there aren't people who look for greater challenges? My god, you have a narrow little mind my friend.

    Come to "4 losing days" - I don't know if you've ever heard of the term "scalper", but perhaps you should do a search on it. If you're doing over 50 trades per day, and losing at the end of the day, then my friend you know your strategy isn't working. Losing days may be acceptable for the day trader who does 3-6 trades per day, but for a scalper, "a day is an eternity". Your model of the world isn't my model of the world! Get it into your numb little skull, Gekko!

    It wasn't a mess, you were the fool. It was a clear joke. I even explained why, so that even the dumb guys (supposedly) would get it. You think with all the hints given, anybody halfway smart was fooled? You are still insulted because you were one of the idiots who ran right into it, together with Pisspotpete and the other trolls! Want me to post reference?

    As anybody can see here, all of Gekko's points are invalid, even contradictive, and nothing but a pathetic attempt to regain his "pride" which some of my jokes have obviously taken off him. It's not my fault that Gekko is such a dumb guy. I fool him, he gets fooled and blames me and starts a crusade? Holy shit! I think it's time to clean this place up a bit!

    Got you by the balls, Gekko - Go ahead, post a little more! I'll tear your vindictive little ego to pieces! Welcome are also your other handles, Pisspotpete and the other trolls. I'd love some meat this weekend! In the end, the truth wins, and the truth is getting dangerously close to victory! Namely that all this shit is nothing but a systematic little character assasination campaign by you and your boyfriend LongShot / FPC and all the various handles you post under! And I know who's gonna be standing there as the fool in the end... :)

    Who on this board wants to clean up with this whole mess that Gekko and LongShot consistently try to create?

  52. lmao..yeah, you got me good! tore me to pieces!

    you may have SOMETHING to do with the jewelry business (maybe you work at dad's store or something) and you may trade, but i'd bet anything you have a tendency to exaggerate like hell.
  53. LOL! I don't know if you read my later reply to that, but here is a bit of it:

    You might be very surprised! Some jewellers will charge this, some even more. I'm talking a top-grade VVS1, which is the grade right below FL, at a top color!

    Yes, but you're talking I-VS2. I am not supposed to tell [clients] this, since it always pisses them off, but you still paid quite a bit... well... I won't go into it. Yet please realize that I-VS2 isn't top-hot. You can get a high-carat rock in that grade, yet please realize that value grows exponentially with clarity, color and cut rather than weight.

    Here's the grades:
    1. FL
    2. (IF)
    3. VVS1
    4. VVS2
    5. VS2 (Your wife's?)
    6. VS1
    7. SI1
    8. SI2
    9. I1
    10. I2
    11. I3
    12. Industrial Grade

    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. F
    7. G
    8. H
    9. I (Your wife's diamond)

    ... You know what I'm getting at?

    Again, retail isn't wholesale. The content is just over 1 ounce, if you had that alloyed into 18ct, you'd quite likely be paying $3K or more for the worked gold at a lot of jeweller's... :)

    Warmest Regards,
  54. Handled many A,B, or C color grade Diamonds in your career there, scientist? ...LOL, now you'll either have to edit that out, or pretend you were joking.

    Sorry I doubted you, GG ...this guy doesn't even know standard diamond grading.

  55. Exxagerate? Me? More like the opposite I think - actually. :confused:

    So have a look at these items, designed and manufactured by ME (all sold but one) - And give me a rough guess what they're worth... :D

    Hmm... The kid's gotta start getting clues sometime... Even GG can't be that stupid.

  56. you may be right and you may be wrong......now what???:D
  57. Nope, D is all I've ever handled is D (Truly Colourless), E (Extremely Colourless) and so on. Not even sure sure if ABC exist, so I'll just look that up... :)

  58. Looked it up... Nope... Starts at D. My mistake. Disqualifies me as a gemmologist, but does little about being a jeweller. I should have done at least Certificate IV in gemmology, but went into trading before that. Too bad. How did I manage to sell diamonds before without knowing that? Thanks for the nudge, Rearden_Metal! :)

  59. Ok, Firstly I admit I'm only interrogating you because my once glorious daytrading career fell apart shortly after the tech boom ended, and I have way too much time on my hands. Cracking you is like a (slightly) stimulating game or puzzle.

    Why would you design and manufacture intricately carved 24K gold jewelry (an almost unheard of practice), which would without question become disfigured with multiple scratches and dents within just a few days of normal wear, and call it an investment for eternity? I'm an expert on gold bullion, and know first hand how easy it is to scratch/dent the stuff.

    Check mate?

  60. Oh, coming back to this;
    The fact that you are sorry for doubting Gordon Gekko speaks volumes about you, doesn't it?
    Not to mention you're supporting GG, who never did anything but troll this place!

    It also tells me that the whole plethora of "antagonists" I have on ET has still not managed to prove my whole life as "fake" in any proper way. All they have is the occassional "mistake" of mine to cling onto in their pathetic hopes for "acknowledgment", such as me not knowing if there are diamond grades above D ,but no actual proof. Is that all you got (Gekko?) You know, everybody makes mistakes, and 90% of my success was achieved by making mistakes. If you guys can't come up with anything more decent than that, i.e. actual proof that I don't know what I'm talking about, then you're just wasting your time. I have even posted copyrighted images of my work here - And you're picking up on tidbits? You must be bloody kidding me!

    Gekko, you and your boyfriend(s) can go through 1,000 posts of mine if you like - You will bite your teeth out on your "mission" to prove me "fake" or whatever it is you want to prove, because the puzzle solved will reveal nothing but what is. If you still haven't come up with anything even halfway decent by now, then I doubt you ever will.

    Come on, GG. Do your deed. Take your weekend to prove I'm a liar. And while you're at it, prove that there's no god! Good Luck! :cool:

    As for you, Rearden, I am deeply disappointed in your support of GG! :mad:

  61. LOL! How about "cracking" Gekko and his alias-empire instead? :mad:

    No, not anywhere near checkmate. I'll gladly answer that. For starters, my JD label is not the usual kind of stuff you see around. I do, or did very different things. Love working with fine silver, 22 & 24ct gold. If you look at the image of rings I just posted - Can you tell which ones are 22ct and which are 24ct? If you're an "expert" at gold bullion, you should be able to answer this, because the color of 24ct is infallible. I can look at any piece of gold and tell it's caratage immediately.

    The big question: HOW can the rings on the image not bend? :p

    I'll tell you: I've beaten them. Beating, also known as forging or "Silversmithing" is one of the most difficult, yet most qualitatively rewarding techniques in the metal craft industry. The advantage gained is incredible hardness through compression, which surprisingly works even for 24ct Au. By starting with a tiny 24ct ring blank (fuse-joined!) and beating it until it hardens more and more, you can get an extremely hardened product, which is relatively bend-and-scratch-resistant and proudly wear pure gold (which is also very negotiable!) This is why some of my work is so "outstanding".

    Yet I don't claim to be the first guy to use 22/24ct Gold - Those caratages are quite more frequently used In India and Asia (China) - One Chinese Restaurant owner here has a massive 24ct gold bar chain! :eek:

    Another advantage is the fact that 24ct gold will not look ugly when scratched - It will be just as shiny, grooves look nice, kind of "burnished" on it! On the "Heart Bracelet", you see the 24ct hearts as applique (sweat-soldered on) - Which is indeed easy to scratch - Yet it will not make it look bad - Rather "record" a scratch for every "memory" gone through in a lifetime. It may not be for you, but for some, this is a phenomenal concept. Another advantage was of course not having to worry about firescale using both pure gold and silver, since the alloys will stain (copper etc), while the pure ones won't! So, no extra "grinding" was required, which left the item almost "untouched" from the initial fine-filed pre-design! It's not easy to copy - But it's worth looking at!

    Oh by the way - Don't worry, I have some gold bullion & granules at home, too... It's amazingly soft indeed...

    So, Rearden... Hmm... White Queen is threatening your King, my other Knight is taking the opposing liberty, and your own pawn (GG?) is blocking you from moving... Your only choice is to cover sacrificing your queen... What do you do? :)

  62. Dum-di-dum... GG is already check mate, his new boyfriend Rearden is gardé (dame threatened/dead).

    Rearden, it's your last move. Any more questions, or passé? If it was my game, I'd pass... :D

    Gee, I' being a bit entertained today, though. At least Rearden knows something, unlike GG. Give me some more smarter enemies, please! :)

  63. Not your enemy dude, it's just a challenge to try and catch you in a lie. The two rings which are lying flat on the right side of the picture are of darker hue than any 24K gold I've ever seen. I believe they're an alloy, but you must admit, it's hard to tell 100% from a picture, where lighting is a factor. Your metalworking explaination is above my head, so I'll have to conceed that point. I'm tired now...we can play a bit more later...
  64. Very good observation! The one in the back is a single ring made of two "rings" of 18ct Yellow and 18ct Red Gold, thus "2-tone". The one in front of it is 18ct Y as well. The two extremely golden rings in the middle are 24ct, the Sapphire ring is 22ct (admitted, 24ct is a little bit soft for setting valuable stones, at least for rings!), and all the other rings are either white gold or 950/970 platinum (extre-hemely heavy & expensive)

    So where is Gekko gone? Given up the battle?

    Shall those restless doubters relinquish their last weak pawns, already so ungraciously fallen in battle. It seems now that my pathetic enemies are marked and curtailed by the disgrace that is their own words, while I delve in victory over the fallen trollish creatures that dangled like dwarves from my collar. The world is grown so bad, that wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch.

    Or, as Shakespeare said so much better than me, in King Richard III (not that I had so cruelly murdered my way to the throne the way Kind Richard did, though);

    Now is the winter of our discontent
    Made glorious summer by this sun of York,
    And all the clouds that loured upon our house
    In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
    Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths,
    Our bruised arms hung up for monuments,
    Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings,
    Our dreadful marches to delightful measures.
    Grim-visaged war hath smoothed his wrinkled front;
    And now, instead of mounting barbed steeds
    To fright the souls of fearful adversaries,
    He capers nimbly in a lady’s chamber
    To the lascivious pleasing of a lute.

    As for Gordon Gekko, more applicable would be the following passage:

    But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks,
    Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass;
    I, that am rudely stamped, and want love’s majesty
    To strut before a wanton ambling nymph;
    I, that am curtailed of this fair proportion,
    Cheated of feature by dissembling nature,
    Deformed, unfinished, sent before my time
    Into this breathing world, scarce half made up,
    And that so lamely and unfashionable
    That dogs bark at me as I halt by them,—
    Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace,
    Have no delight to pass away the time,
    Unless to spy my shadow in the sun.
    I am Gordon Gekko the lifeless freak,
    Know not for what I know nor what I seek.


    P.S: Anybody watching the ES? How was the volume push upon touching that 5m trendline just then? :eek:
  65. I feel like im reading Lord of the Rings........You guys are funny!
    sex, lies and metallurgy tapes!!!!:D

    What was the point of this thread again?
  66. ROFL! :D
    Oh man, you just crack me up man...

    I am subscribed to so many threads now that I just do an Outlook-scan for the word "TM_Direct" on the whole Inbox folder at the end of each day. I click the links in the "TM_Direct has just replied..." emails and delete most of the others... :D

    Check this recent one out:



    P.S: But honestly now : We know why Gordy loves ET - Because it's the only place where gets at least some attention!
    Where else would anyone waste so much time to talk to / discuss such a notoriously stupid teenager???

  67. in case you're wondering, Scientist, your joke "explanation" didn't fly with me at all. that was a WEAK attempt to recover from the lie you were caught in.

    you've been busted.
  68. Bullshit, Gekko. Which lie??? And how have I been "busted"?

    I think you ain't exactly in the position to keep mouthing now, GG. That apart from the fact that I'm confident I've never told a lie here anyway, so I can just sit here and laugh, waiting for whatever happens. I have nothing to worry about. You on the other hand do...

    You're basically check mate. Better shut up, or put up some "evidence" before you embarrass yourself any more! Good Luck! :)
  69. for some reason, Scientist likes to announce when he hasn't been on ET for a while (or so he claims).
    you even need to brag about your inbox being full. lmao
  70. Yeah? So what, mother-sucker? Doubt it? Then go verify the dates between the posts. We won't be unthorough now, will we?

    I see you've been studying my posts all afternoon... Good work. Just keep doing your homework, Gordy. You're a good boy. But don't get off-track - Stay with the topic ... Namely proving I'm a liar!

    Keep it trolling, I'm ready to parry... :) :) :)
  71. ROFLMAO!!
  72. Brag? Oh Gordy boy, oh oh oh. You've still got a lot to learn.

    Again, you're assuming that my model of the world is congruent with yours. It simply isn't.

    What may seem like "bragging" to you, specifically in written form, was nothing but a sober, yet surprised realization to me. Please realize that "my inbox is full" means something very different when I say it then to when you say it. Admitted, internet communication doesn't necessarily simplify the problem of ambiguity, as can be caused by lack of body language and tone of voice (btw did you know that 65% of communication is body language, 30% is tone of voice and only 5% is words?)

    To me (in my model of the world), bragging would be something like this:

    "I am the greatest man to have ever walked earth."
    "I am the best trader out there."
    "My inbox is always full."
    "I am one of the best traders in the world."
    "I am richer than most people around."
    "My dick is bigger than yours."
    "I have 50" biceps."
    "I lift 360lbs easily."
    "I can give a woman 52 consecutive orgasms."
    "I have had 46 consecutive winning trades."
    "Everybody else is below me."
    "I am better than you and all your friends."

    This is what I call bragging. If you go through my many posts, you will not find any of this type of statements - anywhere!

    Get it into your head - I am not you, Gekko, and you are not f*cking me!

  73. Not an acceptable reply. If you're running out of arguments, stop posting.
  74. i don't know where you're getting that from, but if you're interested, 32 is my record (or so she claimed).:D

    ladies, don't bother PMing me. i may have a long, no-ET weekend, and my inbox is so full...again!:p
  75. Mine is only 5. It was damn tiring... for me.

    BTW - I think this calls for a ET Celebrity Boxing match between the two of you. Either one of you game? The trash talking is entertaining but it's getting kind of old...

  76. Now, doesn't that make you proud? Anybody with a decent knowledge and practice of taoist sexual kung fu / tantric sex can do that. Yet, the number named by mrmarket (52) is probably nonsense, since records say that the highest # ever done was 40 something.

    So, how about you and LongShot? Did you manage to give him 32 as well? :)
  77. Celeb boxing match? What's that gonna look like? :confused:
    For what I can see, Gekko failed to bring "evidence" for his claim of my insincerity, and I'm getting tired of this "pissing match".
    Come on Gekko, tell me you're not that lame!?

  78. OK...here I jump into the depths.

    I used to make custom made jewellery. At the age of 17-23.
    I now just buy a lot of it for myself and others.
    And I do agree the price for that item is absurd.

    If you can get that kind of money for that item, god bless you.

    Now, I would really like to meet the MAN who can have 52 consecutive orgasms. Now that is something to be proud of.
    52 in a row for a woman, peice of cake.

  79. Amazing price. Obviously not a fraction of retail.

    I have my grandmother's stone, and have been putting it out there recently. 4.52 ct VS-1 H. And the thiefs who cut it (had a few nicks and they polished 'em out..only reduced weight by 2 pts..down from 4.54), have not offered anything more than $31k. So if you paid $21k for the I, that seems like a great deal. (The weight isn't really much less, and H to I isn't either). The cut may be the thing. I am no expert, but that is a way of tearing down a stone. Mine is a great cut actually. Very amazing piece. (Emerald).

    Anyone interested, (really interested) let me know. I am sure this thing would retail for over $50k maybe over 60K. Possibly over $70k, and for sure more on 5th avenue. Oh, and it's GIA cert. GIA is rough. On a laser color machine, it came in F-G, but you cannot argue with GIA. It CAN be redone, I guess. Same with clarity. VS1 is a little iffy. Even the cutter thought it was better than VS1. But again, GIA is what it is.

    Platinum setting (Tiffany) with the standard baguettes included if wanted. The stone is out of the setting because I had to send it for the cert. (which was about a $500 expense including insured shipping, and $200 for the polishing out of the nicks). Probably cost $30 to reset it anywhere.

    So if any of you big swinging dicks want a real certified diamond, I will hand deliver it with the cert, and go with you to have it appraised anywhere of your choice. Make an offer. I believe at 43k it is a steal (about what I would expect), but might consider a slightly lower offer depending on how far I would have to travel, how much security deposit, etc...All can be worked out. But I know I can sell it to the cutter for $31 (only 'cause he has it pre-sold for a shitload more).

    Retail on this is probably (just a guess, Reardon would know better) around $50-70k?

    Anyone interested, IM me. I will travel with it within the continental US...hand deliver it. Must have cash or bank check (obviously).

    Exact specs:
    Emerald cut
    11.81 x 8.17 x 5.17

    4.52 ct.
    table 63%
    depth 63.3%
    girdle extremely thin/slightly thick
    polish and symetry both good

  80. Bob, does Cathy know you're looking for this?
  81. Bob said a man would be dead from dehydration from 52 orgasms.
    Hmm...guess I gotta rethink this.:D

  82. What man in his right mind would want to give a women 53 consecutive orgasms???? Hell, anything over 1 is taking time away from me:eek:

    what type of men do we have here?:confused: sex is about a man's pleasure not her's.:D
  83. Well, if you are not fun in bed.....think of all the sex you will NOT be getting......:eek:
  84. Tried that.
    Once they find out that you're good, there's no getting away.

  85. It's Friday evening, all the casinos are closed here, so I thought I would entertain myself, and possibly others, and follow up on my first post in this thread in which I claimed that GG would probably have to eat his shoe, stating that my reasoning could "be found in an exchange of posts in which both he (Scientist) and I participated". This exchange, together with my annotations in red, follow :

    Scientist presents the above partial quote from a post by Mark Hyman, and continues :
    I read the above post and thought to myself that this rate was too high, but then realized that Scientist, being from the land down under, where women glow and men plunder, must have his money with IB in Aussie dollars. Sure enough, after visiting IB's website, the math checked out 'cause the Aussie dollar was getting around 5% per annum on credit balances versus about 1% for the USD. So, I posted the following :
    and Scientist replied thusly :
    Sure this exhibits a degree of naivete concerning basic foreign exchange tenets, but left no doubt in my mind as to the veracity of his claim. Meanwhile ChartingMarkets, who was apparently busy charting markets and not following the discussion, posted the following :
    And here comes the clincher, a reply from none other than def :
    Here's the thread : http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=364854#post364854

    Read the flow of the discussion, and draw your own conclusions. Decision making under conditions of uncertainty - that's trading and that's life.
  86. Very nice.
    I wonder how Gordon wants his shoe prepared... :D:D:D

  87. i won't be eating it.

    i don't doubt Scientist lives in Australia, has an account with IB, or may be familiar with interest rates.
  88. Whoopee, Mr Subliminal; You are a dangerously smart guy to be reckoned with! You made your way onto my buddy list! :eek:

    See, that's why I would never claim to be a "genius" - As you can see there are some people around with extremely smart perceptions, and others with extremely good memory, and some with both. There certainly are people here that are much smarter than me, no doubt, and it would be very eery trying to fool them. This alone is a reason why I don't even try to lie, neither on a board nor in real life - It's just too dangerous (unless you're a politician of course). As Rearden Metal pointed out, Candle was very quickly exposed publicly on a big lie. With an ET membership of 20,000+ people, there's always gonna be a stink-dwarf who knows better and blows up the game, no matter what you tell people.

    Truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it; but, in the end; there it is. - Sir Winston Churchill

    For what summarizes the "battle", most people just trolled around or didn't know what they're talking about, posted Bat Man pics, a few brought some interesting points, Rearden Metal was very smart, but then ended up tangling himself in the wrong web (trying to prove I'm not a jeweller = ouch), and the real dumb-trolls (Gordon Gekko and his boyfriend LongShot) brought nothing but their usual plethora of unsupported claims, lies, silly out-of-context-quotes, "piss-on" comments and "ROFL's", as expected and appropriate to their level of intellectual development.

    As for the subject of the discussion itself, I obviously just toyed around, admittedly lazy about "proving" the question of the thread. But realize: I was the only one sitting here with "insider information", actually knowing, so I wasn't exactly determined to prove a point, yet enjoying the conversation. If you're on the "right side", you just let time work for you. I wanted to leave it up to the participants to find proof, whichever side they're on, by using their brains or the search tool, the way Mr Sub did. I could have just posted a gif of the net liquid value of one of my accounts - but then you can never prove anything on an internet forum, you can always fake any kind of picture, printout, brokerage account or screenshot anyway - There is no way I could prove anything here, unless I had something like an independent link to Effron audited accounts, the way Dan Zanger did. But then, why would I need to spend all that money to prove anything? So again I wouldn't even have been able to a point... Besides, how much of a spoilsport can you be? :cool:

    Yet I'm pretty stoked at Mr Sub's reference - I didn't even realize myself that there was such a clear little hint anywhere on these forums... Like posting interest on one of my accounts! Well, hmmm. Tough lying with so many inquisitive noses around, isn't it? Shame about Gordy, though...

    Mind you, I had a laugh about my interest thing, though. I really was a bit naiive about that. I exchanged all of my USD into AUD, when predictions really favored that move (clear resistance break at 61.50 after several higher lows), yet looking at "credit interest" in IB's statement, didn't consider that this was actually the relative growth of AUD->USD.

    You can kick me about this, I really am as much of a forex expert as I am a diamond expert. Jeez, that deal, though... over 20%... Wish I'd leveraged that rather than just 1:1 exchange! Just look at where I got in, where we were when I made that post, and where AUD is now!!! But then - did I now make that money, or did I just not lose it? I think the latter is more applicable. Holy cow... I should get into forex a bit... I certainly should go for a holiday in the US sometime... It' obviously "very cheap" now! Less than a year ago, the USD was 1.70+, and now it's like 1.35 to the AUD... :eek:

    Anyway... How about a "proper" poll, anyway? Like "What do you believe is Scientist's net worth? Over 500K / 1.25M, 1.5M, 1.75M?"

    That'd be a much more "interesting" range. Not just trading accs now, but including real estate, business, metals, gem collection, car etc.
    I'd love to know where the ET'ers really say "stop"... :)

    Oh, before I forget all about you, Gordy: How do you prefer it? Al dente, al gusto? Would you like any sauce with the laces? Hot Salsa? Chilli Con Carne? Bolognaise? Carbonara? Marinari? I think Marinari's seafood taste would match beautifully with the "underlying"... :D

    Bon Appetit!
  89. I'm sure Sub is just thrilled to here that.

    It's not enough that you're such a blowhard, but are a conceited little twerp as well.
  90. IF he really is self-made wealthy at age 22, conceited behavior is perfectly natural, and practically unavoidable. Quick wealth in one's early 20's after a humble childhood/adolescence is an intoxicating stimutant, a thousand times stronger than the world's finest cocaine.
    Sex, drugs, love- nothing comes close to the feeling of quick self earned wealth at such a young age.

    The high is not permanent either, as it fades within 2 or 3 years.
    Trust me, I know.
  91. R-M,

    Heaven knows how I acted when I was that young, so you may have something there. I'll try to keep that in mind when he opens his piehole again.
  92. :eek: Umm... That was indeed one of the most humbling things I've read in years...

    Wealth sure can be intoxicating - unfortunately.
    Unfortunately it can also cost you a lot of friends, and create family envy.

    I used to have my JD business in my dad's gallery when, after some time part-time trading, I basically "walked away" from it with a few words that implied "Sorry dad, but I'm making a lot more than you now..." Imagine the look on his face.

    Yes, I realize I'm conceited. Not only as a result of circumstances, though, but I think more so as a means of self-protection. Trust me - Arrogance is a great way of keeping people, girls and false friends at bay. And for what I know, the few really good friends I have are kind of conceited, too. I know a lot of arrogant people and it doesn't bother me at all. I believe that people who are smart enough just see right through the "shield" that is arrogance, anyway. And those that aren't... Well...

    Lesson learnt, and a wise post to think about from RM. I think I'll remember this post for a while.
    Rearden, do we have something in common? Love to add you to my list, too - If you don't mind.

    Shame to know it should fade soon, though... Ah well - plenty of time left to lose it all and start from scratch again... :eek:

    Moving 2 my new pad on Tuesday - So I'm off to a goodbye-party now. Have a nice Sunday nite folks! :cool:

  93. you got nailed, too.

    liar or comedian?
  94. "Lesson learnt, and a smart post to think about from RM.
    Rearden, do we have something in common? Love to add you to my list, too - If you don't mind."

    Sure we do. I suck at human psychology. The only reason I understand your current mentality is by experiencing it first hand in the late 90's. Money is freedom, and money is power.
    I used to have the attitude: "This is who I am. If anyone doesn't like it- fuck 'em." Ok, so I still have that attitude
    :cool: , but it used to be more extreme.

    If I wanted a better seat in an airplane or theater, I'd offer strangers $100 to get up and let me and whoever I was with have their seats. I remember this chick I had just started dating back then suddenly told me she didn't want to go out with me anymore. I found out from a mutual acquaintance that my cockiness of offering strangers money to get up and let us have their seats was the catalyst for this breakup...not that I cared really. I had already accomplished my 'hole' purpose of dating her anyways. Time to move on to the next one.

    A phrase I coined and often repeated back then was "It's not what you know, it's what you HAVE." I took great pride in the fact that I have zero college education, and still had so much money. I recall a very similar Richard Pryor quote, where he said pretty much the exact same thing.
    Now I know, It's both. What you have, AND what you know.

    Anyways sci, enjoy the high while it lasts. It isn't forever.
  95. Scientist, sorry I got involved in this thread, taking a dig at you.

    Whether or not you are enjoying the level of success described here is no business of mine.

    Assuming for the moment that you are, it's interesting the way people immediately want to cut you down, isn't it? The idea that someone out there could be doing so much 'better' than us can be very difficult for humans to accept. That's why we hear the "oh, it's gotta be bullshit"s and "well, it doesn't last"s. These guys aren't talking to you, they're talking to themselves.
  96. To all that create threads as stupid as this one, my signatures for you. Get A Life.
  97. what's a "looser"? and you want to take back ET? learn to spell first, you maroon. what a LOSER! LOL :p
  98. weak..

    i'm not trying to cut anyone down just because they are successful. why aren't i bashing Don Bright or someone else? when i read Scientist's posts, all my bullsh!t detectors go off.
  99. Hey long shot thanks for correcting me....

    btw still go fuck yourself !!!

  100. This is funny...I was at the theatre a few weeks ago and some cocky guy offered me a whole "$10" to move so him and his g/f could have a nice seat...I didn't go for it but your post reminded me of this guy.

    Scientist; I can't believe you wasted as much time as you did replying to GG :p

  101. let me guess, back then you had $50k. bullsh!t you were trading at 7. maybe baseball cards...
    you gonna be a billionaire next month, clown?
    woohoo!! check out my g. i. joe!
  102. LMAO! :p :D :p :D

    Dont ya all mess with GG!

    He be bad! :D
  103. Wahaha! What a joke! And that from the much more literate, highly educated guy who said THIS:

    Both shining examples of LongShot's far superior control of fine anglo-saxon parlance, spelling and grammar.

    Do I need to say any more?! :D

    What a major embarrassment... You, Gekko and your one thousand and one handles really are the most pathetic little ankle-biting creatures that have ever seen the face of ET. You are but like Gollum, slimy creatures driven by schizophrenia / complete split of personality, both good and bad, catching and eating fish raw, just to live another day, for the pursuit of their "precious"...

    The only difference is that I always felt kind of sympathetic for Gollum. Gollum has something nice about him - And he is smart! You guys are pure laughing-fodder. I don't know if you know what the word "fool" comes from, but here's it from the dictionary:

    fool n A member of a royal or noble household who provided entertainment, as with jokes or antics; a jester.

    Don't you and GG realize that this is all you are? A bunch of jesters for my and every other ETer's royal entertainment? I know it sounds cruel, but yes, it can be great fun laughing about "inferior" people's stupidity - It can make you feel pretty entertained and self-assured. You two are but slaves, tools for our entertainment, willingless jumping-jacks repeatedly doing what we want you to do, just by pulling your strings and pushing your buttons. Never noticed? That's all we've been doing on this tread - pulling your strings... :)

    Think about it. And since you're our jesters, make sure you make up some better jokes. Not always the same stuff, please. Cheers!

    - S
  104. As a response to this thread, it seems quite a few are asking, some wondering, some doubting. How do I do it? The following paragraphs are thanks to a couple of people who PM'd me regarding how I build wealth. What follows is a summary of thoughts, tips & tricks, which should explain quite a bit, alleviate some doubts and get inspiration as to what is possible. Quotes from GG are used to illustrate how 'inferiors', ergo people with limiting beliefs think, and why they are doomed to be trapped in the 'rat race' forever. Those people are the ones that create wealth for smarter people;

    In case you can't read, I put the word into inverted commas. I wasn't "trading", I was "investing". $50 isn't actually too far off the track, good guess. It didn't make me rich, but it was a branding experience. Rene Rivkin, Australia's stock billionaire, started a lot earlier than that, though (!) - I'm not really a prodigy. And FYI, I wasn't a wealthy kid. I had a rather humble childhood. Most of our money went for expensive schools etc. I was always the kid with $5 a week pocket money, who couldn't buy cool clothes or had to wait till Xmas to get a computer. I was the shortest kid, too, and weak. But I always had dreams. I had enough of being bashed, so I learnt martial arts. I invented small ways of making money to get what I wanted. And when I was almost "adult", I had a huge growth push. My mum always encouraged me saying that time can do anything, if you plan and let it work for you. Now I'm ~6", have a good collection of gi and belts, and I can buy as many video games as I like. All the kids that hassled me at school (people like GG & LongShot) are now working in boring part-time jobs, for some stupid boss, living in some grey place, or at least studying to do all of this. Somehow they seem to envy me now. "Who last laughs..."

    It is breast-feeding people like GG who make wealthy people wealthier. Observe carefully the behaviour of "tenants", "loan clients", "employees", people like him, because it's them you will inevitably deal with at some stage, if you're planning to build wealth.

    That's a question. It might take a little longer than that, but isn't impossible. "Possible in the world - possible for me."

    Interesting, the net worth thing. A nice reminder of 'yesterday'. I'm a bit ahead of a coupla hundred now... :)

    I think you're forgetting something: Short-term futures trading. It can be nicely profitable.

    What looks "small", can add up very handsomely, if you're consistent, and don't p*ss your money away in drugs and rock'n'roll. Let's do a little lesson of cumulative finance for little Gordy:

    Let's just assume someone:
    - Started with a meagre 50K account, working his way up to reasonable margin ($5K/car on ES/NQ, so 10 cars)
    - Adding another contract only every 5K net equity gained.
    - Averaging only 3pts/day (ES). This is a modest performance, but we'll take it just for the purpose of illustration.

    - At 10 cars, one would be grossing 30pts/day = $1.5K
    Doesn't sound like a lot? Nope. But sure adds up if you don't spend it all. Look at it in time. Do the maths on a calculator.

    180K would be your sole non-cumulative gross for 6 months, on merely 10 cars.
    Now do that on 20 cars. = 360K
    Do it on 25 cars. = 450K
    Do it with more points / more size / & cumulative ...

    There are much better traders out there even. NihabaAshi, as an official example, has been averaging over 7pts/day over the last 3 months (trades posted & recorded live), other traders, like AMT4SWA even beat NihabaAshi all the time. My mentor also does. So does T-REX and some other ET'ers, Cutten probably, too. There are quite a few traders that consistently bank over 10K a day on the ES.

    There's some maths you can do, to see where I was ~6 months ago, with 'a coupla hundred' and where I could be now. Just remember - It takes a lot of size on ES to become 'disadvantaged' in terms of liquidity. I consider the ES a gold mine with almost unlimited potential. And then also, please remember that trading isn't my sole source of income. :)

    And there starts the next lesson. How to create wealth? Wealth is created primarily by what you not spend rather than what you earn. Sounds ironic, but most people fail on this point. If you only save $1K a month, without spending it... With ~5% interest (assuming longer-term deposits etc), you will have... Surprise!
    10 years = $ 158.5K
    25 years = $ 601.4K

    If you assumed even 10% return (which any half-dead trader could do, with any size), the cumulative would be astronomical. How come so many people retire poor? Because, ironically, they tend to do the opposite - for the bank. Does above example remind you of your mortgage? If it does - think about it. That's how banks make money. The word 'mortgage' comes from the old French words "mort" and "gage", which essentially means "death pledge". You can think your own part. Very appropriate naming indeed. Lesson: Don't take a mortgage unless the cashflow of the house pays for it. Rent your own place, and deduct all rent for business, while using equity for gearing into positive-cashflow properties, residential if possible, yet commercial is (potentially) more lucrative. This way, in what insiders call positive gearing, you can use minimum initial deposit (5-10% or less for res) and still make money from day 1 - given you find these properties. If you do your COCR (cash-on-cash-return) and pick the best deals, you can make over 100% a year on real estate. Here in Cottesloe Beach, had you bought a place 2 years ago, it would be worth 35% more now. Putting 10% down (1:10 COCR leverage), you would have had a 350% gain in equity. Don't believe the real estate nay-sayers. They have just as little idea as the "smart" ET'ers who claim that more than 2pts/day on ES isn't possible. Anything is possible. It's up to you.

    Next step, you can get "free capital" from your real estate, or even trading or savings equity, for example setting up a trust and raising a mortgage against the available equity, then investing these funds in a fixed-term deposit, which you then use as a security for the bank to provide a larger mortgage. This way, you can do "higher risk" (=more lucrative) investments, yet not risking more than is in the fixed-term deposit - So by using a mortgage on a fixed-term raised through a mortgage, all supported by a trust, you 1) Get more free money, 2) Your risk is substantially limited (to all of what's in the fixed-term, rather than your total or even private equity!) = You're basically firewalled.

    So how do I build wealth? Well, first I set up a business (JD), starting with simple silver jewellery. Let that business earn enough to pay all the bills and build equity (tax-deferring gems&metals), meanwhile stacking capital for trading and learning to trade. Slowly step up in size in trading business, while (back in the JD business) building a good range of castings to reproduce your designs with less work = Leverage. I set the castings up to be cast in gold as well, plus suitable to flush-set diamonds into them - takes little time = more leverage. Not too much earnings, yet it's all leverage and cashflow. Use the leveraged time to look more into building cashflow, trading and expand your horizon there. As profits grow, keep reinvesting, using all of trading capital, business capital & equity, turnover (as a capital lever) and look at real estate. Keep the money circulating, and make sure that preferably "passive" (=leveraged) income pays for the bills and lifestyle. It's all about leveraging time - And as you grow, you can also get into better and better deals - Plus, the bank manager is more and more eager to help.

    Just a few little stories for you, take it as an 'inspiration' to wealth. It sure works well - Combing real estate, business and trading - Also from a spread-risk point of view. Similarly to many prop traders, I consistently sweep out my trading accounts to put money into other places. Don't put all your capital at risk in the futures markets! Finance isn't about making the most in the shortest time, it's about living another day.

    My secret to wealth isn't superior trading performance. Trading needn't make you rich. It's leverage, superior capital application and circulation that makes you rich. Wealth can be an easy game, once you throw all the "prejudices" away and get going. Anybody can do it. No, I'm not a trillionaire yet. But I know I can get whatever I want. And as long as that's what I believe, this will be truth. I pick up a dollar, and by the end of the year I'll make a few more out of it. I have a new money idea every day.

    The world is my oyster. Your world is whatever you believe it to be. :)

  105. actually we're all laughing at you in this thread "scientist"


    ps Regarding those "misspellings", wrong again boy wonder, "looser" was deliberate (as was "maroon", as in YOU MAROON! HA!) :p

    try again, jimmy neutron :p
  106. Come on guys....cut it out.
    Next you will be measuring things again.

    Long Shot and Gordon Gekko and FPC LOVE to get everyone riled up. Matter of fact, those guys are related.
    Scientist, you are just walking into the "alligator's mouth"
    I for one find it funny, since 2,000 posts ago I did the same thing and was pretty pissed off too. Madder than a wet hen.

    Now, I have the definitive collection of naked photos of all of ET. And yes, Long Shot really does fit him......

    So there goes the little dick or gay theory right out the window.
    But I do have pictures of FPC that he would like me to burn.:)
  107. "$10" - ROFL! Do not try this in Australia, with any amount of money. :D

    Oh man, Fast. Guess I'm naiive still believing in the good in people. It seems in the case of those guys that may not be applicable, though. They are simply hands-down hopeless losers. There's no way we can get Gordy off his mommy's breast within the next few decades... :(

  108. LOL!

    Matter of fact, at least two of them are the same guy.

    Makes you wonder where he finds the time to troll, all between surfing penis enlargement websites and driving his 69 Corvette around.

    Well, you can't argue about taste in collectibles. Yet I'm sure none of them are as cute as this one, cathy.... :)

    This pic is the only thing that makes me grasp the concept that LongShot may be (chronologically) older than 13. Scary - but yeah.
  109. I'm sure Scientist now has 1 million.

  110. pesos or dollars?:D ....just wondering, how much gordon has ....last time he said he had 30 of the big silver coins, 15 of the small silver coins and almost 1000 of the copper colored ones in his piggy bank at home!....he also claimed if you swallow the silver one you can see it in the toilet the next morning:D :D
  111. LOL....that is a picture I am not entirely fond of.:D
  112. Why does it matter to anyone but Scientist, his family and anyone who may be freeloading of his wealth/income how much money he has?

    In that light, the same thing applies to GG.
  113. Halloooo any "sense of humor" out there?!?!?
  114. After I posted, I had a strange feeling that I was going to get called on it.

    You're right mark1. I have to admit that these threads have provided me with lots of free entertainment. Second only to the great Michael Jackson jokes that get posted.

    My sister is leaving to work in Australia at the end of the month. Maybe I'll have her verify Scientists books. ;)

  115. Go for it, DTK! She can certainly come and smell a bit of my lifestyle...

    That is, if she likes funky location seaside-apartments and fast cars... Umm... Is she hot??? :D

    Don't worry. My apartment has 2 storeys, I'll have a room downstairs in case she doesn't want to sleep in the "emperor's lounge"... LOL

    Hey btw - Tell your sis to bring cash with her if she's looking for some serious artwear - I still have my jewellery design business down south, 260km from where I'm living now - So if she's willing to do the extra drive (or if she's carless I'll drive her down in my CLE) - It would be worth looking at! I'm not kidding here, my stuff is popular all over Australia now although I basically "stopped" almost a year ago! This is a main reason why I started trading - I don't like the publicity and exposure. But some great designs are still there - And sure worth looking at before they go!

    Thing is : Most of it is limited editions, or even one-offs... Which is why prices are constantly rising. My range has anything from the smallest silver ring at $110 over $7K sapphires to diamond bracelets over $14K. I also have a decent gemstone collection at this stage, which she can look at - and even pick a stone and maybe have a custom design made by me! With a nice collection of stones, including south sea pearls, highest grade (Belgian Ideal Cut) diamonds, dozens of finest Burmese Rubies and Ceylon Sapphires! I pride myself with one of the finest grade gemstone collections around, with unique pieces such as a 4+ct finest Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphire that will make you stare for hours! If I ain't got it, you don't want it.

    And now comes the thriller: She will get a 10% DTK's-sister-discount! And I usually don't discount for anybody! :cool:

    I tell you what, Inviting and hosting a girl without even having seen her, daring to leave my workstation to do some handicraft AND offering a discount on top of that is something I would only do for the sisters of respectable EliteTrader members! :D


    P.S: After seeing my gemstone or jewellery collection, not to mention location, I very much doubt she'd wonder if I have "Over 100K" in my trading account - ROFL! It's an entertaining thread, though. It's good to see you have a sense of humour.

    P.P.S: If you're for real, tell me when she's in WA, and I'll email her all the relevant details/studio website/my address, whatever. Attached below just a modest sample of some of my designs. The "silver" looking things are pure 970 platinum! The rest is 18K, 22K and 24K gold! Of course I have also a selection of much more amazing bracelets, necklaces, engraved work etc, and in all the high-carat metals! Have fun!
  116. Great !!!
  117. Already have. Most of my focus now remains on one thread. It's funny to see though how many people read through my post history... :D

  118. WA? No Australian would ever use that to mean anything but "Western Australia". I thought you said you were in Sydney?
  119. alfonso, I hope you realize that false allegations / misquotes fall under the category of trolling, too?

    Thank you.
  120. Okay, I can accept that.

    Now, are you in NSW or in WA?
  121. WA! It's a great green place to be, the NSW'ers come here constantly for holidays...

    On the other hand, Sydney is probably the most exciting city in the world. :(

    Yeah, perhaps I should consider moving there one day. I love WA, but Sydney's a place of itself. I've lived in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, other European cities, travelled all over the world (except Antarctica), and I haven't found another place that seems to offer such a well-rounded quality of life. But then I don't really like that much traffic - My car doesn't really like slow speeds (high-perf. engine), and I like to have the freedom to take 1/2 hour to get out of the smoke and trash my car through the green (yes I love speed). This is something very hard to do in Sydney... Besides the fact that I still have another business and family here etc etc.

    On top of that comes the inconvenience of timezone - Means Eurex starts 3h later! No, I'll really have to consider that. I'm twisted enough with my current time zone.

    But, to pre-empt the trolls: "Who cares anyway?" :D
  122. What amazes me most is that alfonso seems to be the only guy around here that accepts and understands that false allegations / misquotes fall under the category of trolling.

    As for the other people posting negative things about me - They are just full of it! All these persistent lies of what I've supposedly "said" or "claimed", and everytime I call them to it, to post a reference, they distract, make excuses or disappear!

    I'll say this for the record: If you guys are consistently pulling your tails in, incapabable of using the search feature to find quotes verifying your allegations and personal attacks, then I hope you realize that you are all nothing but pawns in L0ngSh0t's and G'G's character assasination campaign.

    While that's all very funny and entertaining for all of us, please also realize that the fun ends somewhere - And that is where serious accusations are being made, such as me lying etc. It isn't really funny forever. And come on - not for you guys either, is it?

    For dollar's sake, I know I am arrogant, I know can I appear offensive or humiliating to people and I know I am NOT god! But as Rearden_Metal pointed out very rightly "wealth at a young age is a more intoxicating stimulant than the world's finest cocaine". Well, sorry, but he is right. If it doesn't suit or comfort anybody here, you are very welcome to use the ignore feature! I don't force you to read my "drivel". I have enough people here to share with, I don't need you!

    But stop giving me such a hard time over nothing much, while other people on this board freely post heavy racist comments, lies, severe personal insults and all kinds of junk and you guys are looking the other way like gutless pedestrians! Doesn't that just make you feel ashamed???

    I think this just had to be said at some point. Throw your prejudices away for once and think about it.
  123. I don't know how. But this is the first time I noticed this thread. I just sat here and went through all of it and found only one conclusion: You are all bored out of your minds. Go see a movie, read a book, take care of your sex life, and mostly GET A LIFE!!!
  124. And this from someone who spent his Sunday reading 21 pages of this thread :D :p :cool:
  125. Well... Calming a screaming 4 month old boy for two hours will suck out of you any wish to do anything intellectual... so here I am
  127. This is one of the most asinine threads on EliteTader - I'm embarassed to have read it. Does it occur to other people that this is a site based around hope for profit? I'm losing faith fast.

    In defense of Scientist, young / old, rich / poor, the guy at least posts good copy. I think he is naturally suited to writing guidebooks. And it appears he knows enough to survive / live an individual's life via trading. Good on him.

    In the meantime, is anyone making any money? My friend earned EUR198k scalping last year- this off a margin of EUR25k.

    To the jealous and those lacking in imagination, do something more positive than post nonsense like this.

  128. ok this year earned $104k off a margin of $25k (just one of my accounts).Happy now? :eek: :D
  129. This site was great when it first started.
    Now, it sometimes resembles a retarded circus.
  130. This coming from someone who thanks Jesus for the meat he eats.

    You're in the circus, too, buddy...the freak show... :eek:
  131. Here we go again...

  133. why do you think he may be bs??? because of his age or???
  134. thats right. exactly! :-/
  135. Hey, name one person on here who has not exaggerated.
    One person who has not left out a crucial piece of information.
    Especially amongst the ones who call Scientist a liar.

    You can only judge people by your own standards.

    And Scientist, don't take this so seriously. These guys love getting a rise out of you.
  136. longshot
  137. Oh man, oh wow.......ROFLMAO:D :D
  138. LongShot: :p AAAH HAHAHHA! WAAA !!!:p :p :p :p :p

    This is the most absurd thing I've laughed about in a while... Who are we talking here? Mr "My Dodge Viper kicks the shit out of Scientist's rice rocket"? LMFAO! We still haven't seen your Dodge Viper, FasterPussycat. Where is it? All we got is a pic of you, 5 minutes after being thrown out of a roadhouse, on the side of the road with your sunflower yellow '69 Corvette, which you have kindly posted all over the forum. Not that a Stingray in such good condition isn't a fantastic car and collectible - But where is "your" vindictive Viper? And how about a picture of your hot setup with 8 LCD monitors? Have you ever posted it on ET? I don't understand why you should be making more money with 8 monitors, if I can make $hit-loads with 2 monitors - one for charts, and one for execution. That's all I need. Another monitor for chat & ET & email is fair enough, but that's it. Why 8 mons? You trade the whole world? Play 3 computer games at a time? Run Photoshop on 2 monitors? Man, I can trade off just one monitor, just the execution platform, and that's it!

    You, Mister 8 X 24" LCD's, have an ego complex! And you hate me, because my ego complex is far greater than your ego complex could ever be.
    So go, give up! Give at least up flaming the DAX thread, and go and start war with dbphoenix instead - please!

    Am I every day forced to get the universal Magna* with the bad bad broom to sweep bad bad pussycat's crap out of the sink?

    Why don't you learn to go potty first? So you don't 'potty' all over the forum!

    Wowsers in my trousers!

    Excuse my vulgarity. I must have been drunk & swept the caps lock key.

  139. i hate to say what im working with however my age is twenty-four and my firm has given me a prop account well over that number... i have no idea who scientist is or what its doing on the board however ill tell you this, im not the only one at this firm in my age group with that amount... who is working for or does he trade his own capital on his own from home or something or ???
  140. Here you go. This is what started FPC & GG's entire Jihad against me, which in storm seems to have taken at least 10 people (mostly trolls) on ET. They have turned their backs to me because of all this bullshit slander

    Not my real friends, though. They remain, they know me better.

    Here's the post I should never have posted. It shows a reply of mine to a friend's inquiry on the "2nd job" thread. My reply should have been one of many, but no, the moderator liked my post, took it and started a whole new thread with it, attracting all the trolls. Next, I have GG and LongShot & Co on my case, trialling war against me, because they don't like the way I smell. Had I never written this, nobody would have ever started this.

    I realize now that it's stupid to write anything progressive, self-driven, or success-oriented on such an obscure place as ET!

    Here is the thread, with my 100% sincere post, which got all the shit rolling. Read it and do your own judgment. Read my post on page 1 and the discussion between 'bubba7' and me on page 2.

    Then, draw your own conclusions. And then end the stupid "anti-Scientist" drama. Thank you!

  141. BFD! Your still livin in a shackand living from day to day. come on back when you grow up sonny boy! :-/
  142. i posted that pic you reference ONE time you DWEEB! LIAR! You jealous of MY AMERICAN MUSCLE!
    (and yes, I have been kicked out of more "roadhouses" than your years in age, IIII am proud of it, I NEVER back down and always held my ground like a REAL MAN!)

    Furthernore, I can kick the shit out of you with one hand tied behind my back you KUNG FU QUEER!!!

    And lastly, I pull more OUT THE MARKET in ONE day than you do in a MONTH fag boy!


    bite me!


    ps and if you dont like it you know where *I* live -THE USA!
  144. whoa~! simmer down there longshot... this is exactly why i do not like to speak about what im doing... i wasnt bragging i was inquiring why he thought 100k was impossible to do... more importantly who pissed in your coffee? it wasnt me... so why are you lashing out...

    *do you typically act out emotionally with out having facts??? maybe thats why youre not doing so well and have all this pent up anger and frustration...

    personally i dont know your financial situation and i dont care... whether you made a million in the market or lost a million does not effect me one bit... and i dont see how my buying power should effect yours so... so have a nice day and a prosperous year...
  145. wow, i just read the first 10 pages of this crap because I was bored and I refuse to read any more, but I felt compelled to post at the end of it:

    Gekko: you are jealous of other success because it seems that you have not attained it in your own life. I agree that scientist is arrogant and is probably exaggerating alot of what he says, I mean who is going to RENT a sports car, 7 series BMW, a mansion and a yacht?? What a waste of money !!! Maybe he's just young and dumb- the only thing to ever finance is a house- you can't afford it, don't get it. Anyways, I think he's a little full of shit or maybe not, who cares?? Why do you waste countless hours on these boards harassing others when you need to be doing something more productive, especially considering that you DONT MAKE MONEY TRADING!! you talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

    Scientist: you have some degree of intelligence but you are young and have many lessons to learn. I admire your work ethic and tenacity but frown on your arrogance and boastfulness. You think you have the world by the balls, but don't seem to realize the world can kick you in yours. No one cares about your life, or how many "ho's" you have, what your IQ is, where your "mansion" (loft with rats) is located, what hot car (yugo) your dad gave you, or about your jewelry business- that is all trivial fluff and does not contribute any value to this site, rather it makes you look like a pompous ass. but at least keep your chin up, you have a way better chance of making money than gekko.
  146. Guys will you stop this.
    This is your Mom speaking.

    Just so you know, I have more money than anyone who posts here. I own my bank in the Bahamas.

    I drive a different expensive car for every day of the week. One car? Don't you get tired of it?

    Donald Trump borrows money from me.

    And I have $100k in my trading account.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  147. Yeah, true! Even "Bob the Builder" borrows money from her! :D
  148. That is really funny.....my husband Bob was a builder of really huge expensive homes and glass additions.:)
  149. ROFL! That is hilarious! :D

    So, perhaps you borrow money from Bob the builder, and then you lend your money to Donald Trump.

    Does indirectly imply that Donald Trump wouldn't be anything without Bob the builder?

    What an irony. Another image of prosperity in shatters...
  150. Well Donald's image is going to suffer anyway with this "reality show" crap on TV. Guess we are going to have to lend him some more money. Damn. And I never win at the tables in his Casinos.:eek:
  151. it's possible.
  152. i doubt it, seriously
  153. scientist blew out his account have you heard
  154. very entertaining.. where are they all now? I put scientist on ignore ages ago so its been fun to read some highlights of his nonsense without all the rest of the crap..

    I think he is a total egotistical lying idiot who may.. but probably wont.. grow up one day. Not to say that there are not plenty others here also who share some of those qualities.. but he may possibly actually be the ONE.. the one true idiot here.. there.. so he IS best at something!

    if he replies to this it will probably take him 2 thousand valuable words to return the insult.. wonder if he finds that satisfying to know that those words of finely crafted genius will never be read by the shattered victim of his wit? Dont anyone quote him for gawds sake!! lol
  155. I´ve heard that Gordon blew out his account - and in addition his ET membership ...

  156. I voted yes.
  157. Old thread, but I'll throw in my two cents.


    Believe it or not, there are people who come from wealthy families who have tons of money. Some of them are even extremely intelligent. After private school, karate training and getting advice from the big wigs, these guys go on to Ivy League schools to excel their academic sides.

    However, here is the most important fact. No matter what you read or what you see in life, the only thing you have to worry about is your own station in life. There will always be someone richer than you, smarter than you, faster than you, stronger than you, more privileged than you, more charismatic than you, etc. You can take any adjective and find someone who is better than you.

    Guess what though! This isn't the key to happiness in life. The best thing for you to do is focus on your own strengths and not worry about what the other guy is doing.

    Once you let go of the jealousy and anger that comes from wishing you had what someone else has, you'll begin to realize that it isn't such a big deal that other's have what you don't and you'll begin to see where true happiness begins and false pretenses end.
  158. Any proof?
  159. are you saying he blew out or asking??
  160. Ah yeah? Who says? :)

    So, mister 7-post "FLESH GORDON", did you sign up for an extra account just to say this? I appreciate your efforts and concerns. Perhaps you're another one of Gordon Gekko's 2,369 aliases - either way Gordon, sorry about your ban from ET - I never thought you were that bad a guy, really.

    Regarding your question, I will answer that: Personally, I am having no difficulties, and the notion of "blowing up" would imply severe violation of money management / risk control measures. This is a topic I've discussed in the past, perhaps you should search my posts. Personally, I tend to rarely risk more than 1-1.5% of equity in a single (futures) day trade, and in longer term trades, I usually diversify over multiple instruments to offset the increased exposure, or use even less size.

    These are very simple, but very effective guidelines. If you follow them consistently, you should not have to fear the "blow-out" situation.

    I hope that helped you a little. Either way - enjoy! :cool:
  161. Hi Neil,
    Thank you for your friendly comments. I can see from the quality of your post that you are a mature, fulfilled, happy and self-confident person, so while perhaps not exactly 2,000 words, I will try to get as close as possible.

    Regarding the "lying" part, I will notion that I can't remember having lied on this forum in the past - but since we're all anonymous, who gives a whistle anyway?

    But mind you, when it comes to proving a point, I've never stepped back. A couple of months ago or so, people stood me a challenge to prove my trading in the live market, with all signals posted on charts, live, and all of them at or even long before the fact. Not scalping, either, but very decent moves...

    I gave in to the requests, and posted an entire futures trading session LIVE, with charts attached, ENTRIES MARKED, PRECISE EXITS MARKED up to HOURS IN ADVANCE. It was all there to see, posted live and for everybody. Many people followed. Yet still there's clueless morons like you around.

    As it turned out, the "day of truth" ended with me calling the 2 tops and 2 bottoms (yes, total of 4) for the day precisely within only a few ticks, and that within a range of over 100T for the day. Apart from all trades winners, the net for the day was roughly +250T, at the same tick value as ES, that's the equivalent of 62.5 ES points in a single day.

    It was no chance, either. Sure I couldn't predict the market, but I played my plan, as I do every day. I also explained it all on charts, answered every single question asked by people regarding exactly how and why I did what I did, for days and days after, in PM, in email, and right here on ET. Nothing was left open. In fact, now I think I gave away more of my methods than I should have. And worse even, I'm still getting emails today regarding this trading session!

    Well, for some reason, you must have missed the action. But it's all there on Baruch's Forex Trading Journal, and by the way not just this one day, but a quantity of other live trades I posted sporadically over the course of the thread.

    If you don't believe it, I'm sure the honorable people like Baruch, Jayford and others can vouch for it. And of course the timestamps on the calls and charts I posted. Here's the thread:


    By the way, I am not aware of any ET member who's ever even come close to approaching my performance in live calls. But then, I won't tempt my vital amount of humility here - instead I'd love to see you contribute your own calls and beat me - I'm sure you could do so much better than me. Make sure you email me when you're there.

    Enjoy! :)
  162. aphexcoil - what a beautiful post! I don't quite know what to say, other than "brilliant" and that you hit the nail on the head. I swear, had you not written these great lines, I would have never replied here again.

    And for all the others reading this - this is precisely the reason I quit visiting ET. I used to believe in an altruistic motive by sharing ideas with other members in this forum. However, I have come to the realization that unfortunately, far too many people are more interested in destructive behaviour, envy, and bashing. Perhaps that's just me - in which case I'm even happier not to participate. My deepest admiration goes to people like aphie, acrary, Cutten etc for coping with all the BS, and throwing some brilliant thoughts in here from time to time. Without them, this forum could be a neanderthal battlefield.

    As for professional exchange - I have withdrawn into a very small circle of excellent day traders, who I communicate with live and every day on the screens. When it comes to the job of trading the markets, that's all I need for inspiration and communication. The rest of the time, I need to focus on the flow, anyway.

    Nowadays I invest the time not burnt "discussing" on ET anymore, on more important aspects of my life. Instead, I am working out and improving my health, meditating, reading books, having fun, having parties, meeting friends, doing more artwork, driving my car around, going on holidays and spending more time with the woman I love.

    Why would I give even an hour of all this away, just to attend arguments and silly polls like this one on some anonymous internet forum? And if you have a look around, you'll find that many of the greatest people around have left this forum for similar reasons.

    Still, my greetings go to all the great people here, including my never-sleeping stalkers LongShot, Gordon Gekko etc, all of whom are interesting individuals in their own right - people who've given this forum the face of intellectual and spritual diversity of which it is so characteristic today. It surely is neither good nor bad. It just is.

    Thanks again to aphexcoil for your wise and inspirational post. I think everybody else here should spare a minute or two to have a good think about it.

    Warmest Regards and Goodbye,
  163. do us a all "low-lifes" a favor and stay with your merry band of "good daytraders" your hinus
  164. wow! that's incredible! :p

    i see you still can't resist bragging about your email. until today, i haven't replied to this thread in like half a year. i am willing to let this go, but if we must continue....

    this says it all, imo:
    or maybe this:
    ok, so in other words, you had 1 "marginally losing day" (due to commissions) in 5.5 months? :p

    i await your attacks using the "snooptrader" alias. please keep them to 2000 words or less. :D
  165. lol WTG Gordon, expose 'im for the POSER he is ,,, nice job (its all about prob's) :p
  166. A very funny thread and good for many laughs ...
    I guess one has to be careful about how one is wording posts - especially with regards to the fact that electronic forums like these offer "very limited sensory input" to back the bursts of words being tapped on the keyboard at all hours around the world.

    Young people most often have things to straighten out when it comes to how they really want to behave - and finding out how to interact with their surroundings. When people become older they generally become more reflected - or "wise".

    Scientist is probably no exception, as are numerous other youngsters and stubborns here. Sometimes one can challenge the remarks made by those who claim deep knowledge - if you yourself have some knowledge - and thus you can be impressed, correct the erroneous poster or maybe call a bluff.

    I'm most proud of being able to retire before 30, having made 10 friends from university millionaires with me ...
    But timing was great - in late 1999.
    Doing martial arts sure is a confidence booster - but after having some serious knockdowns during full-contact sparring you'll know better than to be too confident - and better work on some defense. Watching e.g a Kyokushin-kai black belt graduation in a credible no-nosnense club - with 1000 pushups and non-stop continuos sparring with 10 black belt opponents, can impress most of us. ( a similar curriculum can be seen here - http://www.pris.bc.ca/karate/adultsyllabus.htm#shodan )
    A skill in computer languages often seeds a skill or interest in human languages - as linguistics is frequently used in computer science.
    Knowing 4-10 human languages and 20+ programming languages is really not that uncommon at computer science courses where I come from. It might be a little more difficult if you hail from a large nation where foreign languages are not prioritized or even ridiculed as part of the national feel-good pep talks. Ignorance at some levels seem more frequent for those who mostly cling to the national babble all their lives.

    So here are my stats: I know 8 languages almost fluently and 4 other languages pretty well, 20+ computer languages and made USD millionaire before 30 as well as 10 other friends millionaires. I trained martial arts for 11 years - including Kickboxing and other full-contact styles - 5 years as instructor, participated in national competitions - although not very successfully. I know a lot of computer science and a little trading. My best day on the ES has been a +20 points day with real money - my worst has been a -8 points - and humongous commission. I average +- 3 or 4 points per day, and got into ES after doing 5 consecutive days of 22 - 26 points gained on simulated trading ... as well as loosing almost 50% of my position in the stock market when a prick CFO came out with the news he had been deceiving investors and analysts.

    I wouldn't consider myself extreme - but certainly lucky. I also know there are better successes than me - but I feel good about mine because it was all about not being too selfish and greedy which made the success possible; being a CEO and owner doesn't mean you should keep it all for yourself (bad capitalism IMO). I reached all the goals I set for myself professionally, until I couldn't think of any new meaningful goal - so that goal is now a monetary goal - which just implies a lot of work - and perhaps some luck - if I'm skilled enough.

    Sometimes being blunt about success is considered bragging, but I certainly learn something from many of those claiming success - although I always try to keep my skepticism when I think I need it. Finding someone who is actually honest and successful is a real treasure - and a fast-track to learning something useful IMO.

    The markets are changing every day - so I don't think I'll ever understand it - but hope to be able to adapt to it quickly, and use my computer science skills a long with some courage to try and help me. That's my trading philosophy.
  167. Scientist, i will call a truce. it's your life and you can obviously do or say what you want. i've just found many of your posts humorous to say the least. :p

  168. LOL what no Nobel peace Prize???

    seriously, great satire very funny post :p
  169. I think the dude was trying to be serious.
  170. Well, I guess you did say almost fluently!
  171. Yes, I can confirm that. I think Scientist also had a loss or two, but who cares? You can read it all in my thread, if you like.
  172. LongShot,
    like I've said before: I won't put you on my ignore list, because sometimes you might write something useful - and you are admitedly very funny.

    People I have on my ignore-list are mostly shouting nationalists, hipocrats and totally biased and blind argumentative spammers. They would never change their opinion even if they were watching a really bright blimp and a mushroom crawling their way. I really don't care what people write here - especially about me. If someone wants to waste their time - it's all up to them. I normally won't read what they write anyhow - so they better put me on their ignore list - it would really be welcome.

    The EliteTrader forums has it's shares of wisecracks pushing oneliners and sporadic anti-social behaviour from others, but it's actually nothing compared to flame-wars on USENET news or anything I've seen before on the Internet since I started using it regularly in 1991. The nice thing about these forums is that you can get banned pretty quickly if you step out of line - and the regular wisecracks knows it - confer: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=490882&highlight=nonsensical#post490882 ...

    Some people put a lot of effort in trying to be funny, and frankly that's a relief sometimes - to be able to read something funny - amongst other "serious matters". Obviously they would like to have a reputation as being sharp and witty - someone always has to be the class clown, right ? Thankfully they usually know not to pull to hard on their leash.

    If someone has nothing useful to add but some abusive language, sarcasm or just goofing off we shouldn't get too offended. We have to admit that we all like a good laugh sometimes - and often it might be provoked involuntarily by international posters who don't master the dominant forum language well. The regulars are welcom in this way too. Who would stop a well-trained dancing monkey performing it's show ? Well, some animal rights activists might object - but they're still entertaining.

    I'm not actually aiming particularly after LongShot here (pun intended), but if he or anyone else of the regular wisecracks try to say something serious one day - it's hard to believe or trust anything they say. It's mostly ignored if it's not funny like usual. I would never take anything they write for granted.

    On the matter of success and people's response to this I think we need to go to the psyche of people compelled to try and put other people's success down.
    If a mountaineer in a post was talking about how he climbed a cliff so-and-so many thousand meters high - hanging by his fingers 20 minutes tring to get a better position and fasten a new hook - some people might respond with ridicule. Others would be impressed, or want to hear more - perhaps even try to learn something. Many business seminars are modeled on this principle; even Sun-Tzu has shown popularity in business circles.
    One thing is certain though - a fellow mountaineer would not try to put down any of the posters feat/success - at least not if he didn't have some behavioural problem or attitude deficiency.
    If I however out of the blue say that I can hold my breath for 3,5 minutes and hit a 2-inch bullseye with a rifle with 7.62 NATO ammunition 300m away, it would seem out of place. It would sound rather stupid - just like any other babble coming from someone unexpectedly. It doesn't mean it's untrue about me, but it would be better served in a free diving forum or a hunters/military forum.

    The point is: people without success and with attitude problems could be offended and react to their own failures and lack of success to try and diminish the importance of those who have success. Most successful people like to hear stories about other successful people and their stories. They might keep quiet about some naive views by someone slightly less experienced, but would be hard pressed to be offensive or sarcastic if they were not having some problems.

    This is true for most areas of skill and experience. I might draw a smile when reading scientist's vivid explanation of his sparring with 7 black belt-graduated fighters - but I know a lot about martial arts - and have even run my own TaeKwon-Do and Hapkido club, but I would never try and belittle his profound experience - even if I would not know the first thing if it was true or not; because I've been there with my experiencing various profound moments when being almost crippled by my opponent.

    So, for various pathological reasons losers might crawl out of the woodwork when someone mentions success.

    I would like most people not claim to speak any language perfectly - not even my mother tongue. Still, I try not to write or speak to many erroneous phrases. Luckily we have a spellcheck here on the forum - but mostly I'm to lazy to use it - only used it once in fact.
    Perhaps I'm a special case because I have friends with the same computer science background as myself who study latin, esperanto and more. I studied Japanese spoken and written language for one year at university - but would not claim to speak the language - only being able to read/write/say some simple phrases (understand a little bit of what's being said too).
    I'm just intrigued by japanese culture and history - as well as korean culture and history - although I only know the TaeKwon-Do related words/commands in Korean.
    Still, I'd stick to my claim about being fluent in other languages, it's all about the cultural importance of foreign language - and where you come from IMO. Again, people from large nations have very little regard for anyone speaking other languages ... that's based on psychological and national feelings and background in most cases. They ridicule others because they are basically ignorant to the experiences of others who do (and need to) speak other languages.

    Someone asked/PMed me after my previous post here why I bothered to share anything with all the slandering and wasted time reading abusive posts on the forum. Well, I think that there are some useful posts around here, and that I actually have something to learn from a few of them.

    On the other side I sometimes trade up to 3000 ES contracts some days, so the chance that I'll get to meet some of them on the other side of a trade or joining momentum with them is a chance either directly in the ES or indirectly by them being part of the broader daily US markets. Other than keeping IB happy - better liquidity is all good, right ?

    Good capitalism makes it logical for me to encourage people to
    trade and show some inspiration to others if I can.
    That some with less experience in being successful - or feeling their inadequacies in some other form - will feel the urge to speak out is obvious. It's the same experience many of us have from business meetings where someone will add some mindless babble or hollow jokes to cover up that they don't have anything more useful to add. Professional inadequacy is prolific everywhere - on all levels - and many try to go with the flow - and not stand out - while others will be ambitious and sometimes fail.

    My most profound experience in business was working with a leader who was totally honest about decision making, strategies and work in general. Since, I've tried to apply that into most of my work, and reflected a lot about how helpful and powerful you are with grateful allies. That is something many other leaders could greatly learn from in this day and age.

    Likewise, this site's owner is probably interested in a lot of
    people joining his forums - and equally interested in the quality and the broad variety of the topics discussed. So he probably understands that he has to keep the jokers and abusers on a leash, but still let them do their thing.

    And one can't deny it's fun sometimes.


    (PS! This post is quite long - and I won't bother to proof-read it this time :p )
    (PPS. I understand I'm going out on a limb here - trying to say something serious in the chit-chat forum - but if you don't care - I won't either - deal ? )
  173. Holy stream of consciousness, Batman!
  174. Hehe, just try to get through my flame-proof asbestos vest if you can ...
    Moderator's ridicule don't scare me, and your practice is bad for Internet site business if you think about it a little.
  175. I too have risen to the rank of billionaire from humble beginnings. I'm the only ET member once on the Forbes 400 list. As an infant behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet Russia my family was so poor that my first solid meal was not until age two. It was then that my family ate our dear dogs Marx and Trotsky. However my mother was keen on education. I spoke over 70 languages by age seven as well as ebonics which I learned by watching BET on a crude satellite at my father's work camp in Siberia. Unfortunately during the dark days of the Afghan war we were forced to eat the television set. By age twelve with my first Grandmaster Flash Chess Championship under my belt I emigrated to London with my first wife Uma Thurmond. Oxford had already accepted me into their quantum physics daytrading NQ program but the work was stifling. Part of the curriculum was sitting in an ET chatroom watching Nitro tick fuck the ES with 1 lots all day. You can imagine my disgust. It was then that my entry into HMSS began. Working as a teenage spy in the Falklands was a blast but the turning point came when at age 16 I was sent to America as part of an assassination team headed by the mad but brilliant John Hinckley. By then my marriage with Uma had rotted like Marx and Trotsky's dead carcuses. Hinckley and me both dated Jodie Foster for a time but after Jodie and Uma became lovers Hinckly seemed to become unglued. Desperate I fled to Seattle where a friend, Bill Gates was working on some rather pedestrian software systems. I gave Gates a helping hand that summer and in return I became equity partners in MSFT and SBUX. My fortune secure I then traveled to OZ so i could hang with Scientist the man aptly named as the finest trading mind in the world. How humble I felt in this young geniuses' presence. After a few disappointing days where I made well less than a million dollars, I was able to adequately make use of Scientist's market depth system. After my return from the Space Shuttle though things got really in gear. While driving through the outback in my hot new Honda Civic I met up with Naomi Watts. With Naomi in tow I headed to Los Angeles where I confronted Naomi's live in mate ART. I had him banned at ET and his pride wounded ART drove his less than three year old Volvo off a ravine in the Palisades. It wasn't until outside of Philly though that things got fucked up. At a party held in the home of Allen Iverson, Naomi met this guy named only Commisso. The look on Naomi's face told me she was his. I then lost it all. I bet millions on the Cubs to win the pennant and I swear it was Scientist who is really Steve Bartman. Today I live homeless in South Philly selling my body to transgender Pakistani hookers and eating pigeons that make Trotsky and Marx taste like filets.
  176. Classic!!! LOL
  177. Yes, second that ..
    (not kidding)
  178. Exceptionally funny. Great post.
  179. They say that cat Commisso.....
  180. ...is a bad mutha fucka
  181. But I'm talkin bout Pabst....
  182. ....than we can dig it.
  183. okay... you guys lost me.
  184. Damn, you're good! I should've known. And JC is indeed da man.
  185. LOL. I did it to fuck with you HD.:)
  186. Awesome! Thanks, man. LOL. :D

  187. Actually, from what I hear, they're saying that kid Commisso is a real 'dickwad'. But who knows...
  188. Hey, those are fighting words, bitch. How dare you talk that way about my boy. You only wish you were half the man he is. So FU!!
  189. Question:How many of you succesful traders use the money you
    generate to make the world a better place.Scientist,you seem like a well rounded individual.Do you give back in any way?Do you use your many talents for the betterment of others?
  190. Hey bud, charity begins at home. I don't see anyone paying my bills. Plus, I do more than my share for others by paying taxes and supporting the economy. As if the thousands I spend every month on coke and whores doesn't help the community. Puh-lease.

    So spare me, Mr. Self Righteous. And instead of just talking a big game and trying to guilt the rest of us, why don't you do something really helpful for others today yourself, put your money where your mouth is, and go get a hooker.
  191. This question was posed simply out of curiosity.I'm not trying to guilt anyone,just curious as to what people do with their profits.i don't consider myself any better than anyone else.If you don't want to answer,fine,but don't start the insults because of an innocent question.
  192. That was the funniest fuckin post I have ever read on ET!!!!!!!!
  193. Fair question. Too bad, however, that Scientist won't be responding directly since he's so fed up with ET cause of all the idiot jealous wannabe traders who are envious of his incredible success. But as his lover, I think I can answer that he most definitely uses his many talents for the betterment of others on a daily and nightly basis.

    For example, he does this thing with his tongue to my rectal regions that is just unbelievable. It certainly makes me a "better" man! He also does this amazing trick with Petey, our pet meercat, that involves a lighter, some anal nitrate and a garden hose. That one makes both of us "better". And best all, he's able to consistently tick f*ck the ES for some 200 points a day all while ass f*cking your's truly. S how's that for some sick f*cking talent?

    Now I ask you, is that not using his talents for the betterment of others or what?
  194. Hey, a bit frustrated, are we? :)

    "... more than my share for others paying taxes and supporting the economy" ... are you really? How much are you supporting others paying taxes in an economy with no social system? You certainly won't be helping the needy a lot...

    Regarding the "thousands I spend every month on coke and hookers" ... Hmm let's think... Spending your cash on coke (and therewith a greedy large corporation) isn't really charity. And spending your money on hookers... Well, let's just assume the average hooker doesn't pay much in taxes, if any. Let's further assume that many hookers will be spending their money on crack etc, which terribly hurts the economy you think you're supporting, by the ways of both increased "drug defense spending" and of course massive out-flow of cash into various Latin-American countries. And if that stuff is what you actually meant to refer to with "coke", then even worse so.

    So that's how much you're supporting your economy, so to speak?

    You know what, I don't want to sound too much like a moral apostle now, but I'll have a crack at it: If you really want more health, more money, more happiness, and more charitable contribution in life, then perhaps consider:

    1) Stop drinking Coke (immediately raises your overall health, saves operation costs for ulcers, saves dentist expenses, lowers your chance of diabetes, increases life expectancy and helps your budget)

    2) Use the money saved on Coke and plant a few fruit trees. Not only will you help the environment and make a mark, actually contributing for a change, no but also fruit juices are a million times better for you than Coke.

    3) Save your money and love on hookers and instead focus on getting a life and the love and support of a great woman. It's a beautiful thing, more fun, more fulfilling, and you won't have to pay for it either.

    Enjoy! :)
  195. Hey! What a question, of course I do!

    I participate in charitable community projects whenever I can, I give things to people who have no money, I usually try to help a friend or two with trading issues if they're in a rut (which can take lots of time but is mutually beneficial), and also I'm member of a few charities, including strong supporter and active member of the Australian Wilderness Society, and Greenpeace. The latter two have made great progress in recent years, prevented quite a few ugly things, and I can recommend them to anybody who is interested in positive change, for a better place to live in!

    And most importantly, I encourage others to do these things as well. At this stage, I have gotten to involve a lot of friends and people I know in mentioned charities, and I believe that's one of the best things one can do - leveraging charitable efforts by actively involving others.

    Charity has been a long-time tradition in my family altogether. It stems from the conviction that giving brings a lot more happiness and fulfilment than taking. And I have talked about this in the past:

    Here's the link to the whole post: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=358493&highlight=giving#post358493

    Last but not least, make sure you have a look into following sites:

    Warmest Regards,
  196. Haha! I see you've actually bothered to read my trade post history and now you're hell jealous! I can literally smell it! :D

    Sorry to disappoint ya mate, I'm not just not into blokes... Have you tried mrmarket yet?
  197. You are beyond stupid.
  198. Hi Scientist,

    Are you still doing OK? Miss you in my thread...

    Kind regards