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Dealing with risk of "haunted" houses as property investor

  1. Recently, my family stayed in a hotel which gave us the creeps. My wife couldn't sleep well and was very tired the next day. It almost spoil the vacation until we changed room. I will leave out the details.

    When buying new property, how do you handle the risk of buying a haunted house? This is a tricky issue. It is not scientific. We can't use measuring instruments to verify. Anyone can make scary claims that cannot be verified. It will be great if forummers can share their past experiences.
  2. haunted house securitized credit swaps
  3. This is a futures question, isn't it.

    (Or, Technical Analysis??)
  4. Stambovsky v. Ackley
    The "Ghostbuster case" that went to the NY State Supreme Court.
    Its a pretty good story.
    Depending on which state you are looking to buy... Google laws regarding " "stigmatized properties" for that state. It varies.
  5. Very interesting. Good ending. Sold at 600k above comparable homes. Maybe it's good idea to buy haunted houses :)

    The Ghostbusters home sold on Jan 8, 2016 for more than $600,000 above comparable homes in Nyack according to Trulia, fetching $1,770,000.[11]
  6. It's easy... Stop believing fairy tales. Works as insurance for other purposes too.
  7. The existence of phenomenon that cannot be readily verifiable is problematic. It really doesn’t rely on belief whatsoever.

    It just takes one hair-raising, spine tingling, spontaneous feeling of cold along with the feeling of the ‘creeps’ to convince one that there is more to it than science has observed, tested and defined.

    The closest actionable material I’ve come across are along the lines of soul retrieval, spirit attachments, disincarnate entities and ‘the unquiet dead.’
    I suppose these deal with one’s own body as ‘the house’.

    William Baldwin, Dolores Cannon, Edith Fiore, and shamanic traditions are recognized as credible sources in this field.

    The topic is incredulous, triggers extreme skepticism, and the stuff of fairy tales and nightmares from one point of view, however after reading through hundreds of case history’s there is plenty to ponder.

    What was particularly fascinating was the frequent resolution of chronic illness and long-time suffering by folks who didn’t necessarily believe in it.

    I believe in free will and personal choice. However after reading some of the case histories presented, that concept was fundamentally challenged.

  8. Thank you for this post sir. Thank you so much.
  9. Glad to be of use. Do you have bad experience with hotel rooms and rented apartments before? Hopefully, not your own house.

  10. Ha. don't be so quick to dismiss.

    I knew a guy with a little Scottish dog who would not go into his brother's house because it was haunted. THE LITTLE DOG WAS TERRIER-FIED!!!!

  11. Science is still at it's infancy stage and could not prove if ghosts exist.
    It's just like science 50 years ago could not prove many thing and now it could.
    So, we shouldn't reject any existence that could not be proven by science because modern science is still very new.

  12. I see what you are saying.

    It's like technical analysis.

    Should not reject it because someday someone might prove it to be true.

  13. I like ghost movies but tend to not believe in ghost. What you say may be right, but still there have to be some evidence that ghost exists. And don't say due to testimony from people. People in general are bad observers and sometime can be delusional. They are not good evidence.

    On the other hand. UFO I can believe. Because there is some physical evidence from pictures to videos...
  14. Just to add. There are also videos and pictures of ghosts. Some of them are made up but a portion of them are real footage.
  15. The dog's brother has a human sized house? Nice going, dawg. That's how I read it at first.

    Most likely there were rats in the ceiling or under the floorboard or perhaps even snakes. I've woken up in a very old country house at night with a snake staring at me (non-poisonous but still big), I lost my fear of snakes after that.

    Stop believing in nonsense people. Your own mind is playing silly tricks on you or you're seeing things that you just can't explain (but others can)...and you fall for it.

  16. It was a joke, eh. "Scottish dog being TERRIER-FIED. "

    sheesh! let some of the helium out of your shorts and laugh a little.
  17. There are also "photos" of bigfoot which is of course almost certainly non-sense and that's the thing that's most likely real - a very big man who lives in the wild and covers himself in animal furs. Never mind ghosts or aliens. There is no credible evidence on aliens. Nazi scientists were essentially kidnapped after the war and brought to New Mexico to test flying objects that look identical to saucers, coincidentally that's where the UFO craze started. Then there's other high speed experimental aircraft with different shapes and sizes. Before the 50s, most of the supposed sightings were just meteors or atmospheric light phenomenon.

    Surprised so many gullible people on ET but who am I to judge, whatever floats your boat.
  18. I get it now. Not that funny though.
  19. Probably not if you have to work that hard to get it.
  20. upload_2017-12-27_9-26-15.jpeg
  21. I suppose with that line of thinking, crop circles are human hoaxes and archeological anomalies do not exist and the Atacama skeleton is just a dwarf.

    Wiki leaves out detail and has it’s own bias. One doesn’t have to be a believer for the facts in the Sirius documentary to be pretty compelling as well as the context by which out-of-place artifacts are discovered.

    All hoaxes? Maybe some can be explained but to dismiss them all is not looking at the hard evidence.

    Have you seen the designs of some of these complex crop circles forming overnight, without sound nor light nor machinery?

    Two drunk pranksters with a board was debunked long ago.
  22. Nope, that debunking video was itself debunked.

    Did you look at the results of their method?

    The actual image of their crop circle? The image of real crop circles in the background with these yahoo’s feeble attempt to explain is misrepresentation and disinformation at it’s finest.

    Be a skeptic of a skeptic and apply critical thinking.

    Start with actual physiological structural changes of plant cell walls within a crop circle as well as the magnetic anomalies documented within.

    Physically bending a plant meristem is not what is happening forming this phenomenon.
  23. So what is happening? Let's be scientific here. Aliens travel light-years just to make some patterns? So they're incredibly smart and incredibly stupid at the same time.
  24. Really? And so the only explanation that makes sense to you is extraterrestrial aliens? I'm guessing you like stretching exercises. :D

  25. Personally I have no idea what is happening. However when one explores the mathematics within the progression of designs it’s clear something is happening!

    As for an advanced civilization, one just has to look at a picture of the known universe to realize our understanding of it pales in comparison.

  26. You keep repeating the same debunked video of the debunkers. One from the ‘70’s! I imagine this conversation going in circles.

    Understanding the expression ‘beyond the pale’ would give insight to an open mind.

    How could I possibly think that there might be other possible alternative hypotheses? <sarcasm>
  27. And those being...?
  28. Who debunked the debunkers? And how were the debunkers debunked?
  29. I have no answers. The more I look into them, the more questions arise.
    Look at a catalog of crop circle designs and some of the math behind them would be a good start.

    Just appreciating the artistic beauty of them is reason enough to do so.

    Personally the idea of ancient civilizations developing inconceivable concepts of space-time given the age of the universe is much more plausible than Earth being the only planet that fostered an environment for the presence of life.
  30. Really? So a civilization immeasurably ahead of ours has landed here and meticulously avoided any contact with humans (apart from those who were abducted, of course) and then carelessly left a trail? Fascinating.


    Again, who debunked the debunkers, and how did they do so?

    As an aside, I'm not questioning the existence of life on other planets in the universe. Just their propensity to repeatedly space travel all the way to our planet and leave a really cool mark.
  31. Lol, makes a case for smoking blunts!

    The logic you are using implies a bias toward physical reality that what we perceive with our 5 physical senses is the whole of the electromagnetic sprectrum.

    It also implies a bias that what one would consider a valid and proper explanation from an egotistical cosmology.

    Probably as useful as explaining cellphones to these folks.

  32. By the simple fact that you don’t read the answers to your questions.

    The process of fossilization happens with the mind when confronted by facts not conforming to their own fragile worldview.

    At first perceived as strengthening but in retrospect of an Insight is more accurately described as stiffening and lack of cognitive flexibility.

    You could very well be on to me and my plan of cornering tinfoil futures is foiled!

    Here’s some tinfoil for ya and it flys!

  33. The thread is about haunted houses.

    Apparitions and haunting’s go hand-in-hand.

    Boo !!

    Btw, the second link with the hard data is the debunking one debunking debunkers.

    The first link mostly describes circular conversations when debunkers are unaccepting of unexplainable phenomenon.
  34. You're using the god argument, Sprout. Others cannot explain every single instance in detail, therefore it must be god/aliens/ancient civilizations/lizardmen.

    Fascinating crop circles and math you say? Humans could understand it, therefore humans could've created it, it's just that simple. Why do you assume idiots created the crop circles in the first place?

    Like others, I'm not really questioning intelligent life on other planets, it's quite likely there is something out there. The story about them leaving some patterns in crops is silly though and a critical mind would never accept it. It's nice to trip out on some science fiction stories but they rarely have anything to do with reality.
  35. I agree with your notion of using critical thinking to discern the truth about reality, however there are some truths that do not operate in that domain.

    All I have claimed are that there are unexplained phenomenon.

    Some of the ‘evidence’ that debunkers use is as flimsy as ‘true believers’ put forth - each polar group using their respective belief systems as a shared vocabulary in their search for meaning. Those belief systems influence how something is perceived.

    With this line of thinking, then since we understand planetary motion or DNA, somehow we also created them?

    Yes, the fundamental difference is the belief that there is such a thing as ‘out there.’

    Reality has multiple dimensions and is influenced by our cognitive states. It also a concept that has been mutable and amended through time.

    How much actual atomic mass does the earth contain? Is it truly solid or more empty space?

    My personal cosmology is that advanced intelligence is not ‘out there.’ That concept is a dualistic interpretation of the universe.

    Anyone whom have accessed peak states, flow and unity consciousness realizes the ‘hard lines of definition’ are of our own making. Imho, consciousness is more of a stream in constant motion and not a definite static ‘thing.’

    As for hauntings, aliens, crop circles, artifacts out-of-place, whatever,.. sure they can all be explained away as hoaxes. But to make a blanket statement without further exploration could be also described as a delusion itself.

    If any human is behind them, it could be these guys:

  37. Not sure how crop circle pop up here, but it's possible that aliens would be making them. Not saying it's the most probable but possible. You're assuming aliens would be logical and have no interest in making them. When it's possible they can be irrational like humans who do things like spray painting walls and calling it art. Keep an open mind. Ghost I still don't believe. Add zombies to the mix. And vampires.
  38. Spray painting walls is about marking territory, signalling outsiders who claims the area. Very primitive and old and entirely rational. Only later it was called art.