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daytradr V2 – Jigsaw Platform Bridge™ with NinjaTrader

  1. We have great news for NinjaTrader users today. We are officially launching V2.0 of daytradr, which includes the Jigsaw Platform Bridge™

    The bridge allows us to seamlessly link 2 trading platforms. in this release, we have a bridge between NinjaTrader8 and daytradr. There’s no longer any need for NinjaTrader users to request a 2nd connection to use the daytradr platform.

    For those using CQG/Continuum, that means no more paying for a 2nd data feed. For those using Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade or eSignal, you can connect NT8 to that feed and then connect daytradr to NT8 and use the data/trade information from those feeds.

    You can share market and trade data between the two platforms. Trades submitted on either platform will appear on both. The link is hyper-fast with no lags or bottlenecks. You get all the benefits of the latest features of the daytradr platform without the need for additional connection or data fees.

    You can also use NinjaTrader Market Replay with the tools.

    Here's a quick video to show how it works:

    For more information about the tools, visit https://www.jigsawtrading.com