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Day trading derivatives futures.

  1. Day trading Derivatives futures including index futures, commodities, currencies, fixed interests.
    All time in UTC 8.
  2. Longed copper HG @293 25 at 1.39pm. setting decent target profit of RR ratio 1:3.
    can't set higher target profit as HG has overhead resistance.

    shorted GBP @13453. 144pm
    The europeans are working rather early today.

    shorted gold @ 12955 , 243pm
  3. Longed copper HG @293 25 at 1.39pm. setting decent target profit of RR ratio 1:3.
    can't set higher target profit as HG has overhead resistance.
    profit : 0. flatten because US dollar getting too trong

    shorted GBP @13453. 144pm
    The europeans are working rather early today.
    profit : 50 pips

    shorted gold @ 12955 , 243pm
    profit : 2 ticks. flatten because gold is laggard. leads are eurusd, gbpusd

    shorted German bund 16145, 307pm

    longed DAX @12662, 342PM

    SIGNAL MISSED : long Crude palm oil at 307pm
  4. Longed copper HG @293 25 at 1.39pm. setting decent target profit of RR ratio 1:3.
    can't set higher target profit as HG has overhead resistance.
    profit : 0. flatten because US dollar getting too trong

    shorted GBP @13453. 144pm
    The europeans are working rather early today.
    profit : 50 pips

    shorted gold @ 12955 , 243pm
    profit : 2 ticks. flatten because gold is laggard. leads are eurusd, gbpusd
    unfortunately, price moved in my favor after I flattened position.

    shorted German bund 16145, 307pm
    profit : 40 ticks

    longed DAX @12662, 342PM
    profit : -7 points. flatten position because not worth taking the risk as market is not moving.

    SIGNAL MISSED : long Crude palm oil at 307pm
    SIGNAL MISSED : Heating oil reversal down at 330pm. Intentionally avoiding this future due to its very wide spread. Must come up with better way of dealing with it.

    OK. time for dinner and nap.
  5. How's the slippage, day trading copper? Is it a factor?
  6. slippage for day trading copper not an issue.

    slippage problem occurs when market is moving very violently
    eg when there is very major news
  7. 27 Sept Wed evening. premarket analysis.

    US indices ES Russsell NQ futures - day range getting shorter. market appears to form close wedge. If North Korea big chief or Trump talk again, then it might move.
    gold - hit support level 1290. it appears to reverse to go up. but then it might
    decide to stay in small range ie untradable.
    crude oil - previous day small range. today might continue to have small range. wonder if there is any OPEC talks. watch out for tonight 1030pm news.
    Copper - unfortunately I have flattened my earlier position. so no more opportunity for me.
    natural gas - range has been small.
    heating oil - well. missed the opportunity. perhaps wait for reversal up signal
    since yesterday we had long blue candle.
    RBOB gasoline - similar to heating oil.
    live cattle - previous days gapped down. day range might continue to be small.
    lean hog - ?
    soya - yesterday down due to US $ strength.
  8. 27 Sept evening.

    longed Russell 2000 @ 14644, 841pm. taking small position as price has moved quite alot. perhaps movement due to US tax change?
    profit : 50 ticks

    shorted Natural gas @ 3065, 942pm, reversal down.

    signal missed : short gold at 810pm. missed this signal as chart was quite messy.
    signal missed : long Natural gas at 822pm. intentionally skipped this signal as per my premarket analysis. unfortunately this is calm before storm type of market.
  9. 27 Sept evening.

    longed Russell 2000 @ 14644, 841pm. taking small position as price has moved quite alot. perhaps movement due to US tax change?
    profit : 50 ticks

    shorted Natural gas @ 3065, 942pm, reversal down.
    profit : -5 ticks. flatten because price having difficulty going down.

    signal missed : short gold at 810pm. missed this signal as chart was quite messy.
    signal missed : long Natural gas at 822pm. intentionally skipped this signal as per my premarket analysis. unfortunately this is calm before storm type of market.

    End of day review:
    be confident with myself and the market.
    minimise flattening.
    trade simply. avoid over analysing fundamentals, avoid intercorrelating here and there.

    OK. Time for supper, time to watch my favorite TV problem, and time for cold home brew beer.
  10. 28 Sept Thurs Asian premarket analysis

    yesterday US index futures went up significantly
    yesterday Sgx simci went up out of no where. perhaps big boys bullish about it due to US tax change. today simsci might sleep.
    nikkei and China A50 will probably continue to sleep.
    India CNX Nifty past few days very long red candles. today might be long red candle or rest day.
    MSCI Taiwan most likely will gap up. perhaps I will wait for signal to short.
    AUDUSD JPYUSD have been going down due to US$ strength.
    copper. waiting for clear pattern before trading. soon it will go north significantly.
  11. I am not sure how useful it is at the end of the day to post trades as though they really happened well after the fact.

    Long ES at 2496
    Profit 10 handles.
  12. I think you do know exactly how useful after-the-fact calls are.
  13. 28 Sept Asian trade journal

    long sgx simci @ 363.0, 913am.
  14. profit : negative 8 ticks / lot

    Whole Market rather lethargic.
    MSCI Taiwan rather dead.
    So will stop trading.
    Now going for exercise.
    What a great life after retiring from full time trading.
  15. 28 Sept Thurs European premarket analysis

    euro-BTP, bund went down significantly yesterday. today it might continue to go down, or remain still.
    DAX, crude oil, soya have been sleeping many days already. it will wake up soon.
    us $ (eurusd, gbpusd, gold, jpyusd, audusd ) have been up for few days already. soon it needs to rest.
    copper has been ranging in tight range.
    natural gas. yesterday moved up significantly perhaps big boys buying it before tonight EIA report.

    perhaps I will skip trading India CNX nifty today since yesterday it has very long red candle.
    Most likely today Nifty will take a nap.
    So I'd better take a nap too.
  16. 28 Sept Thu European session

    shorted gold @1284.0, 120pm. This trade is risky as gold has been down for 2 days already.
    so taking small position.

    shorted CNX Nifty @ 9771, 148pm
  17. gold profit : 14 ticks only. I realised this is late entry. There was an earlier signal at 1044am this morning.

    CNY Nifty. profit negative 10 points. sigh ... itchy finger. most likely Nifty will take a nap today.
  18. 28 sept Thu US premarket analysis

    US$ (eurusd gbpusd gold jpyusd audusd) has been strengthening. It seems to have no more momentum.

    crude oil moved at 4.30pm today. missed this signal.
    So I guess I will have to wait for 2 to 3 days as historically crude oil needs to sleep for 2 to 3 days.

    Heating oil / RBOB gasoline - move quite in tandem with crude oil

    US index futures. yesterday long green candle. today it might decide to sleep.

    Natural gas. yesterday long green candle. EIA news at 1030pm.
    it might continue to go up, reverse down significantly, or sleep.

    I see that copper is going up since 2pm today but then based on big picture, it is ranging. trying to decode this pattern.

    live cattle / lean hog. not much movement lately or rather movement has been rather jerky. perhaps spreaders already spreaded what they wanted to spread.
  19. 28 sept thurs US session

    longed Heating oil 18406, 912pm.
    not taking big position as I missed one signal at 455pm

    profit : zero. flatten position. not worth the risk. entry entry very important.

    ok. calling it a day. catching first signal extremely important.
    if not, very difficult to profit from the market.
  20. 29 Sept morning pre market analysis

    Asian index futures appears to form close wedge.
    us$ which went up has no more momentum and showing sign of reversal.

    crude oil, heating oil, RB gasoline correlation getting closer.

    Overall it appears market is sleeping but signal might come out of no where.
    so be calm and alert.
  21. 29 sept Asian market

    shorted sgx simsci 359.3, 930am
    profit : closed position at Reward / risk ratio of 3:1 at 940am.

    shorted copper 29720, 935am

  22. flattened copper position with 1 tick profit.
    not confident of this trade as yesterday it was long blue candle.

    Ok. time for morning exercise and nice lunch.
  23. 29 Sept European session

    shorted gbpusd 1.3445, 2pm

    longed Copper 146pm, 13444.
    since I missed 210pm, I have to trade with reduced quantity.

    signal missed : long copper at 210pm.
    I knew price would go up due to Londoners but failed to be alert.
  24. gbpusd
    profit negative 4 ticks. flattened position is overall US$ is not going anywhere.

    profit negative 5 ticks.

    seems like market is really sleeping.
    Time to exercise then nice dinner.

    whole market might continue to sleep during US session.
  25. 2 Oct monday asian time

    shorted gold @12810, 745am.
    NQ already went up for whatever reason.

  26. profit : 40 ticks. quite a straight forward trade out of textbook.
  27. 2 Oct Mon European session

    shorted gbpusd @13395, 105pm
  28. profit : 30 pips
  29. 3 oct asian session

    shorted sgx simsci, 364.2, 9am
    profit : 20 ticks

    shorted gold 12720, 923am.
    profit : -10ticks

    now watching copper movement very closely.
    and audusd because big news coming up.

    comments about yesterday evening trade.
    missed lots of opportunity due to my negative emotion.
    for those who managed to catch it, they can easily earn 4 digits ( perhaps $5k to > $10 000 depending on lot size) yesterday
    Honestly speaking, there is at least one good signal in virtually all trading
    It is up to us to detect it, then pull the trigger to profit from it.
  30. shorted copper 1115am, @29350

    shorted audusd 1131am, @7791

    shorted India CNX Nifty 1148am, 9872

    I have entered all my stop orders. So now I can take a nap.
  31. audusd
    profit zero. flattened position as AUD tends to sleep.

    profit zero. seems like US $ not strengthening.
  32. Do you not trade coffee?
  33. no. because I didn't subscribe to ICE data.
    also I ran out of monitors and table space. hope to fix all these problems soon.
  34. 3 oct US session.

    shorted natural gas, @2892, 913pm with reduced lot size since it has already moved since yesterday.
    profit : zero. ok. will stay out of NG.

    better focus on cattle and hog now and perhaps heating oil

    shorted Russell 15120, 940pm
    profit : 5 ticks
    longed Nasdaq 6002.5 949pm
    profit : - 4pts

    ok. calling it a day
  35. 4 Oct Asian premarket analysis

    Nikkei started to have a little bit of life. but most likely it will go back to coma stage.
    Mysteriously yesterday China Xinhua A50 went up significantly although this wk is China holiday.

    most trading instruments day range has decreased over the past 2 - 3 days.
  36. 4 Oct Asian session

    longed Audusd 7847, 840am

    longed gold 12775, 844am
  37. audusd
    profit : zero. flattened position as historically Audusd likes to sleep.

    let's see what Europeans are going to do with gold.

  38. longed gbpusd 13290, 141pm.

    signal missed : Long India CNX Nifty at 1205pm. Reversal up signal.
    This signal is not that obvious. Need to improve signal detection.
  39. gold
    profit : 30 ticks

    gbpusd profit : 5 ticks
    no momentum.

    longed eurex bund 16146, 308pm.
    yesterday it was up for don't know what reason.
    So can't take big position today.

    India Nifty perhaps big boys taking position before the coming India Interest rate accouncement
  40. 4 oct US session

    Longed natural gas 2946, 850pm
    profit : 30 ticks. quite straight forward trade.

    crude oil news at 1030pm. will see if there is any crude oil signal.

    perhaps will look at cattle and hog futures.
    farmers and traders have been very busy with cattle and hog lately.
    They are checking slaugher house, checking on packers, checking inventory, checking on farm etc etc.

    ES and NQ day range getting smaller. It might get even smaller unless there is some excitement or some major events coming up or some VVIP say something,
  41. 5 Oct Asian premarket analysis

    Most of the index futures day range getting smaller.
    Asian currencies day range getting smaller.
    same goes to crude oil and copper.

    But then keep an eye open because surely there will be at least one futures that is tradable.
  42. 5 Oct Asian market

    Longed sgx simsi 360.0 , 850am, reversal up signal.
  43. profit : 20 ticks. Quite a straight forward trade out of textbook.
  44. 5 oct European premarket analysis

    major currencies day range getting narrower. perhaps calm before the storm?
    same goes to crude oil, ccopper.
    yesterday gold went up then reverse significantly.
    same for eurex bund.

    anyway be alert because signal can come out of no where.
  45. 5 oct european session

    longed copper 29700, 255pm.

    longed gold 12780 350pm.

    signal missed : short gbpusd at 3pm
    signal missed : long crude oil at 340pm
    sigh ... need to be more alert.

    Now that Saudi King is in Russia, need to watch out oil things.

    I see that heating oil and RB gasoline have been very wide range.
    can easily hit Risk reward ratio better than 1:5.
    Unfortunately bid offer spread uncomfortably wide.
    Wonder why these futures going up during european time,
  46. fantastic copper movement.
    Tomorrow news reporters / writers will talk about copper price.

    Now something is happening to US index futures.
  47. 6 oct premarket analysis

    yesterday many many long candles :
    - sgx simsci long blue candle
    - taiwan index futres long blue candle
    - copper long blue candle
    - eurex btp long blue candle
    - NQ long blue candle
    - natural gas long red candle
    - crude oil long blue candle
    - gbpusd long red candle

    and 830pm tonight there is nfec news.

    So it means between now and 8.30pm, trading is going to be very challenging.
    whatever it is , better be alert because signal can come out of nowhere.

    OK. calling it a day. market is really sleeping now.
  48. You might wish to stay away from Russel until 03.2018, when it is cleared out of ICE
  49. yes. Russell volume from CME is rather low. It is picking up slowly.
  50. 6 oct European session

    shorted gbpusd 13110, 135pm.
    quite late entry actually. so trading with lesser quantity.

    watching copper movement.
    seems like no sign of price going down despite the report saying Chile earthquake didn't damage copper mines. perhaps report not true ?!?

    signal missed :
    long India cnx nifty 1210pm.
    sigh .... must be more alert.
  51. 6 oct US session

    shorted copper 30405, 735pm

    getting ready for NFEC news.
    will focus on eurusd, gbpusd, jpyusd, gold.

    I see that crude oil, Heating oil, RB gasoline have already gone down.
    as usual, HO and RB have very long candle, very wide bid offer spread.
    will consider calender spread. but then, its volume is pathetic.
    wonder how other people trade HO and RB.
    perhaps they have heart of steel and very big stop loss like 50 points / lot.
  52. Light, Sweet, yet always Crude
    Missed the short setup after London open, caught a mere 20 ticks after London close exhaustion. Ran out of fuel after BH Rig'atoni count.

  53. That would be a neat trick, since that would be 500,000 ticks at 10,000 ticks/per point. $2,100,000 stop loss lol!

    But I get what you're saying. Those two can be very volatile and pesky. Think whiplash with an already broken neck.

  54. oops. my mistake. I tend to remove the decimal points. I mean 50 ticks, not 50 points.
    50 ticks about $210.

    I think for HO and RBOB, we need about 30 to 50 ticks stop loss.
    If not, we might get stopped out easily

    I considered HO RBOB calender spread but I never like trading spreads.
    only the near month calender spreads have sufficient volume.
    far month calender spreads volume very low.

    Recently crude oil, HO and RBOB are rather correlated.
    The OPEC and Russians are talking, big boys keep on checking inventory & production day in day out, night in night out ....
    All these cause price to move.
    So there are many trading opportunities.
  55. yesterday too busy trading the NFEC news.
    unfortunately, big boys were very disorganised and they made the
    eurusd gbpusd jpyusd gold charts very messy and jerky.
    Ended up no trading opportunity.

    I see that gold and silver went up much after NFEC news.

    Looking forward ....

    Must be mindful if there is long candle, next day market might continue with its trend ,
    or reverse totally (eg yesterday crude oil reverse down massively),
    or sleep (eg Yesterday Nasdaq was sleeping as last Thurs it has moved alot).

    must watch out for calm before the storm market. eg India Nifty.
    Last Thur Nifty was sleeping. Suddenly last Fri Nifty wake up and went up.

    dont bother about market that sleep alot.
    eg Nikkei has been sleeping perpetually. It might wake up one day but not worth the risk trading it. corn, soyabean, soyameal, soya oil, wheat, also like to sleep alot.
    Even US bond/note/eurodollar hardly move.
    Not very good for day trading but I think spreaders can profit from trading these instruments.

    don't read too much financial / economic / market news. it is very distracting to our trading. Just read the headline or title only.

    Be alert. More than 75% of the time, continuation and reversal signal comes out of nowhere and at strange hour. don't bother to understand why it moved.
    eg crude oil suddenly reverse yesterday. there was signal to short at 6pm (notice the round number?).
    eg sgx simci suddenly went up yesterday for don't know what reason. there was signal to long at 1142am.
  56. 9 oct asian session

    longed copper 907am, 30250

    longed gold 911aam, 12821

    Shorted sgx simsci 36720, 917am

    China people back from their loong holiday. Hope the big boys are eager to trade
  57. There's an old saying from the pits - "somebody do something!"
    Enjoy the holiday - tomorrow is another day...
  58. 10 oct asian premarket analysis

    Yesterday most asian index futures were alive.
    Yesterday ES and NQ sleeping. Russell 2000 was alive and down.
    Yesterday gold and gbpusd were up for whatever reason. Remaining currencies sleeping.
    same goes for energy futures like crude oil, NG, HO, RBOB.
    even food and animal futures also sleeping.

    But then when futures were sleeping, it could be calm before the storm.
    So be on high alert at all times. Who knows, rocket might fly anytime.
  59. 10 oct asian market

    longed copper 905am, 30440
    shifted my stop to protective stop

    shorted sgx simsci 910am, 367.20
    profit : 20 ticks

    longed gold 12884, 920am
    profit : 5 ticks.

    Interesting .... These are the futures I traded yesterday.

    OK. not going to glue myself to the chair.
    Now going out to do some chores.
    Hopefully the computer / internet doesn't breakdown.

    Later will check RB and Heating oil futures for opportunities.
  60. 10 oct european market

    market very quiet.
    Perhaps President Trump was quiet. so market quiet.

    will wait for another hour. if it is still quiet, will off computer then go for afternoon exercise and nap.

    shorted BMD crude palm oil 2716, 325pm
  61. BMD
    profit : 14 ticks.
    not all my shorted quantities were filled.
    for this type of signal, bettere chase after the market at whatever cost/price.
  62. 10 oct US session

    I see that I missed the long crude oil signal at 430pm.
    need to improve signal detection.
    crude oil behave like old man;
    Move one day, then rest for one or two days.
    Then move again, then rest again etc etc
    as usual, crude oil, HO, RB gasoline are correlated rather well.

    I see that US index futures are showing signs of interest.
  63. 10 oct US session

    Longed Russell 2000 @1510.5, 850pm
  64. russell
    profit : 15 ticks. I see that market is reversing down

    longed lean hog 10pm, 62 000.
    pork getting more expensive?
  65. lean hog
    profit : -6 ticks
    failed to realise such up movement is dangerous and shouldn't have taken this trade.
    It appears that up movement was caused by small boy, not big boy.
    Small boy too impatient to buy lean hog.
    As usual, report says up movement due to spreader, high spot price etc etc etc.
    That's why I always don't believe what reporters say.
  66. 11 oct asian premarket analysis.

    crude oil, crude palm oil, heating oil, RB gasoline moved alot yesterday.
    today it might move or sleep.

    Taiwan back from their holiday. Hope the big boys are eager to trade.
  67. Expect RB movement from report time until late Thurs evening. You have 15 hours to comply.

    Also, USDA is going to belch their quarterly report in that time frame. It would be wise to consider your grain positions. End of line.

    Resistance is futile.
  68. 11 oct asian

    longed gold 827am, 12927

    monitoring AUDUSD.
    Yesterday up momentum very weak.

    hmmm. Nikkei in coma stage
  69. gold
    profit : -3ticks

    longed taiwan index 395.3, 859am
    see how eager those big boys are trading after their holiday.
    profit : 20 ticks.
    remaining lots to stretch target profit

    longed simsci 368.9 9am
    with reduced quantity. most likely it is laggard.
    profit : - 8 ticks

    Taiwan trade is straight forward right out of textbook.
    ok. now going for morning exercise and nice lunch.
  70. 11 oct European session

    hmmm. signal everywhere.
    longed India Nifty 1150am, 10072.
  71. 11 oct European premarket analysis

    German btp / bund / dax - day range has been rather small.
    when will it widen?

    eurusd gbpusd jpyusd - movement small and jerky. when will it be decisive?

    gold - sleeping. perhaps it will wake up tonight during FOMC meeting minute?

    energy - no change in my view

    corn soya wheat - no major event/news/crisis/hurricane/flood/drought.
    so range has been small.
  72. 11 oct european session

    longed gold 223pm, 12916 with reduced quantity.
    sigh .... missed signal at 155pm. need to be more alert.
    profit : zero. position flattened. not worth taking risk.

    my goodness! Dax no pulse.
  73. ok. calling it a day.
    now going for afternoon exercise.

    come US session if market is dead, that means big boys waiting for coming fomc meeting minutes.
  74. 11 oct US session

    Longed Natural gas 2950, 925pm with reduced quantity since this is not first signal.
    profit : zero. flatten position because not worth the risk.
    ha. missed the 4pm signal because I went for afternoon exercise.
    very expensive exercise indeed.

    longed copper 30750, 935pm
    profit : 11 t

    I see that ES, russell , NQ are sleeping.

    eurusd moving but chart is very crooked/distorted/messy/jerky.

    market seems like waiting for fomc meeting minutes.
    ok. will take a nap.
    hope it is not an expensive nap.
  75. 12 oct asian premarket analysis

    futures with long candle yesterday
    - sgx simsci
    - India Nifty
    - Taiwan index
    - natural gas
    - heating oil
    - RB gasoline
    - perhaps gold

    so? today it might have long candle again, or very short candle.
    No one knows except God, time, or powerful accurate 100% accuracy crystal ball.
  76. 12 oct european session

    longed copper 2.22pm, 31000
    hope the europeans are more organised / tidy.
    yesterday Americans moved copper up in rather disorganised way.

    monitoring eurex btp. something is happening.
    due to fomc meeting? anyway it doesn't matter why it moved.
    Still not retracing ....

    signal missed :
    long gold at 100pm.
    sigh ..... Europeans are working early today perhaps because of yesterday fomc meeting thing.
    anyway curencies and gold trend are now directionless.
  77. 13 oct Asian premarket analysis

    yesterday many traders probably earnt thousands of dollars trading

    India Nifty
    crude oil
    natural gas
    soya beaan
    lean hog

    as usual, when futures moved alot yesterday, it might move again or sleep today.
    as usual, signal normally come out of no where.
    occassionally, gbpusd and crude oil moved in tandem for whatever reason which doesn't matter to me.

    don't have to catch all signals. just one good signal per trading session is good enough to earn thousands of dollars.
  78. 13 oct Asian session

    longed sgx simsci 950am,369.3
    shifted stop to protective stop. seems like I have to hold this position for many hours.
    OK. time for morning exercise and then nice lunch.

    signal missed
    long gold at 942am.
    sigh.... very bad habit to miss signal.
    gold price might suddenly explode up.

    remaining markets very dead.
    perhaps big boys waiting for President Trump to say something?
  79. 13 oct european session

    Nikkei suddenly went up out of no where.

    Definitely there are some option traders who think
    since Nikkei is going up, let's go and buy call option.

    But some option traders might quickly sell expensive call option (ie credit option) as Nikkei will continue to sleep since Nikkei has the habit of sleeping.
    They are not counter trend traders as they know the personality, characteristics, behaviour of Nikkei
  80. 13 oct European session

    longed gbpusd 245pm, 13306
    sigh... too careless. did not set quantity to multiple lots.

    longed crude palm oil 300pm, 2723

    longed eurex btp 305pm, 13605
    profit : 5 ticks

    shorted eurusd 316pm 11861

    seems like I have traded quite a bit. let me rest for a while.
    Now let the market decides whether to give me tons of money, or hit my stops
    and it is not within my control.

    missed :
    long India Nifty 1150am.
    well. having lunch with my family.

    long crude oil 200pm (see the round number ?)

    I see that Heating oil and RB gasoline are going up at 89 degree.
    Wonder how people trade it. Perhaps they have heart of steel, or they traded blinded folded.
  81. 13 oct US session

    longed gold 8.31pm 12993 with just one lot (major news - market could be violent).
    profit : 35 ticks. $350 profit in 5 minutes is quite decent.
    of course 2 lots will yield $700 ....

    longed eurusd 831pm 11884
    profit : 30 pips ( decent $375 but total less than 4 digits).

    ok. now let me focus on index futures.
    wonder when is Trump going to talk.

    ES, Russell and NQ same pattern. all sleeping for days and waiting for some trigger.
    but right now, price is going up. wonder if it will be continuation signal or perhaps should wait for reversal down signal.
  82. 13 oct US session

    Longed Natural gas 945pm, 3030
    it might be slooow moving or it might explode up/down later
    profit : zero. Let me choose other better futures. NG might want to take a nap.
    Good night natural gas.

    signal missed :
    long russell @ 932pm
    was focusing on other futures.
  83. Around this time 3 years ago, NG would go total gangbusters right at it's report time, with massive price swings in the first 2 minutes. HFT?

    After that winter season it simply stopped doing that, and has become asstastically boring. You are correct in asserting that it's just not good for price action lately. I still have a workspace devoted to NG I peek at now and again, to look for signs of that funky stuff coming back around, but I have an instinct that it was more a matter of spoofing large orders than actual industry trading. We may know soon as the CME usually takes a few years to come out with disciplinary notices about such activity.

  84. yes. 3 years ago, NG day range could be as high as 10 times the current day range.
  85. 16 oct Asian market

    CME opening - no big boys present. market very quiet ie past few hours no major news/events, no rockets flying.
    so most likely no signal next 2 hrs.
    let's see what happen when Asian exchanges open.
    OK. back to sleep again.
  86. 16 oct asian market

    longed crude oil 750am, 5184
    price went up alot already. anyway, this is first possible signal.
    now going for breakfast.

    OK. back from breakfast.
    analysis :
    asian index futures : it has been rather tradable past few days.
    Nikkei - suddenly woke up on 13 oct. whatever it is, I'm not keen to trade Nikkei.
    US dollar : seems to be rather dead. perhaps it might wake up during european session but anyway, be on alert.
    copper. it has many blue candles since 5 oct. it wants to sleep now.
    crude oil / HO / RB - this morning went up perhaps after Trump made a speech?
  87. continue ...

    shorted gold 920am, 13039
    profit : -11 ticks

    Ok. time for morning exercise, then nice lunch
  88. 16 oct India session

    Longed India nifty 1145am, 11255

    my crude oil position still open. Hope Europeans wake up early and assess Iraq situation faster.

    I see that I missed the copper signal which occurred during my lunch.

    OK. now to explore my next hobby. Now having 4 equivalent 32" monitors for trading.
    thinking how to expand to six or even nine 32" monitors.
    hmmm. wonder how much I must twist my neck to see all these monitors.
    Now time for afternoon nap.
  89. really 9 32" monitors? Are you even profitable?
  90. retired from full time trading already.

    now at home I can have hobbies like having more monitors, more tables, more computers, and trade more exchanges.

    Seems like I will be working even more hours ; very oxymoric.
    That's the advantage of day trading.
  91. 16 oct european session

    longed crude oil - position still open

    shorted copper #317pm, 32100. Reversal down signal.
    sigh .... too careless and missed the long signal. already knew there was morning China news but I went for morning exercise and lunch.

    monitoring GBPUSD
  92. 16 oct US session

    longed gbpusd 900pm 13293. reversal up
    profit : 20 ticks

    longed ES 942pm, 2556.50
    profit : zero. seems like ES and NQ want to sleep.
    the way they sleep very obvious.
    Goodnight ES and NQ.

    shorted rusell 1015pm, 15115 reversal down
    profit : 30 ticks. straightforward reversal signal right out of textbook.

    seems like US dollars not moving.
    soya, cattle, hog futures also not moving. I guess farmers and traders waiting for reports/news/events ....

    ok. now for cold beer, and watch my favorite TV channel. Later dream how to have six or even nine 32" monitors for trading.
    Must also remember it is ok to earn tons of money because we can always give i to the unfortunate people.
  93. LOL...I like it.
  94. [​IMG] 17 oct asian pre market analysis

    very easy premarket analysis. Don't need phD or university education to do it.

    Just need to be aware most of the time, signal comes out of no where for don't know what reason.
    so just be alert and catch those signals.
    Don't listen to news because it is inaccurate, slow, distorted and useless.

    don't need to know Navier Stokes equation, Euler equation, curvilinear equation, polynomial regression, not even
    y = mx + c.
    just simple + -* / should suffice.

    must have this mindset :
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  95. 17 oct Asian market

    shorted gold @832am, 12963
    profit : -3 ticks
    currencies and gold want to sleep.

    longed sgx simsci @ 907am , 37165
    profit : 0

    OK. going for super early morning exercise, then nice lunch.
    hopefully lunch is not expensive.
    yesterday lunch super expensive few thousand dollars (because missed the opportunity to profit from copper long signal).

    later let's see what Indians are going to do to the market.
  96. 17 oct India market

    shorted India Nifty 1146am, 10254.

    17 oct asian time - only one signal and that's from Nikkei.
    very rare to have so few signals.
  97. 17 oct india market

    India nifty
    profit : 20 points, ie Risk Reward ratio 1:2

    if you trade tens of lots even with such a low RR ratio of 1:2, you can earn tons of money.
    but if you analyse price action wrongly , you could lost tons of money too.
  98. 17 oct European market

    shorted copper @210pm, 3 2175 with reduced quantity.
    because I missed the 145pm signal. sigh ...
  99. cont ...

    longed crude oil 346pm 5192

    monitoring Heating oil and RB gasoline
  100. cont ...
    longed RB gassoline 404pm, 16240
  101. cont ...

    oil and gasoline price didn't go up much.

    seems like I might miss my 4 digits $$$$ target for today.
    earning too little $$$$ is unacceptable.

    OK. next session better be super alert.
  102. 17 oct US session

    shorted crude oil @840pm,5205, reversal down

    shorted NQ @915PM, 611500
  103. cont ...
    crude oil
    profit : 10 ticks

    profit : 3 points.

    longed russell 2000 @1003pm, 15070
    profit : -5 ticks

    ok. market is sleeping. time to sleep
  104. 18 oct asian premarket analysis

    asian session - not many signals
    Europe and US sessions - many many signals

    DAY trading will overflow your cup.
    So grab the biggest biggest biggest one you can find.

    bad problem : problem in earning money.
    good problem : problem in spending money (because too much money).

    Day trading will give you big problem in spending money.

    Daily target : 4 digits (be it $1000, or $9999).
  105. 18 oct asian session

    longed copper @910am, 32040

    longed gold @1004am, 12902

    interestingly, copper and gold now friend friend?
    also gold and jpy not friend friend anymore? Did they quarrel?

    ok. my stops in place. now going for morning exercise then nice lunch.
  106. 18 oct europe session

    profit : zero

    profit : -12 ticks

    shorted gold 100pm, 12878
  107. CONT ...

    gold profit 35 ticks

    shorted gbpusd @433pm, 13212
    profit : 30 ticks

    crude oil, HO, RB all sleeping soundly.
    don't know when it will wake up.
    it may be hours or days later.
    or perhaps they are waiting for coming inventory news.
    yesterday ES and NQ also sleeping soundly.
    When futures are sleeping, do not disturb them.
    Because if we do, futures will make sure we suffer losses.

    signal missed :
    short copper @ 139pm
  108. 18 oct US session

    jpy, gold already moved. so very little opportunity left.
    copper, eurusd, gbpusd already sleeping after moving.
    I will not disturb sleeping futures.

    energy futures in tight range. waiting to breakout
    perhaps big boys waiting for coming news.

    cattle, hog futures range has been healthy.
    there is livestock report coming up.

    index futures. Russell has good potential to move.
    ES and NQ likes to sleep.

    anyway be on high alert because signal can come out of no where.
  109. 18 oct US session

    shorted russell 2000 @1020pm, 15034
    profit : zero. focusing on crude oil

    shorted oil 1158pm 5218.
    my goodness. movement rather sluggish
  110. 19 Oct Asian session

    There is at least one good signal in every single trading sessions.
    It is up to us to detect that signal, pull the trigger and profit massively from it.

    will focus on Index futures. currencies, commodities appear not to move.
  111. 19 oct asian session

    shorted gold 920am,12815
    profit : +ve. good

    checking impact of China GDP news impact.
    China xINHUA A50 not moving.
    sometimes big boys think very hard and long. so have to wait for hours and check for reaction. I better skip my morning exercise and lunch.

    signal missed :
    Long Taiwan index futures @ 920am
  112. 19 oct European session

    yesterday Bund, BTP long red candle.
    gold 3 red candles already.
    will probably avoid DAX, AUDUSD due to its small range
    energy futures seems to form close edge.

    Look at how Hang Seng dive down massively.
    Just subscribed data from HKFE. so unable to profit from it.
  113. cont ....

    longed gold @253pm, 12825.
    missed short gold signal @235pm.
    sigh ... too engrossed setting up Hang Seng chart.
    profit :40 ticks ($400 only). not ok because late entry and hence cannot use multi lots.

    shorted gbpusd @3pm, 13225
    profit : ok

    longed eurex btp @320pm, 13685
    profit : -12 ticks. OK

    shorted dax @340pm, 13012
    profit : good

    something is happening to index futures. Wonder what that is.

    ok. now for short break.
    whether position profitable or not is not within my control.

    signal missed :
    short Hang Seng @226pm.
    sigh.... must quickly setup min six 32 " monitors for trading

    short crude oil 400pm
  114. [​IMG]

    How do I short gbpusd?

    This way. If you trade with tens of lots, your profit will be thousands of dollars.
    I retired. so quantity traded has been reduced.

    OK. Time for afternoon exercise. then nice dinner.

    Later need to review what's going to happen during US session, considering that index futures dropped alot.
  115. 19 oct US session

    animal futures have been moving.
    soya, corn, wheat all sleeping. don't know when it will wake up.

    most index futures were down. what's going to happen next ? absolutely no idea. must wait and see.

    copper , oil, gbpusd all down.

    gold has been up. now forming 2nd bull flag.

    finally my Hang seng and China enterprises charts all setup already as I just paid for the data today.
    will archive the violent HO and RB Gasoline futures.
  116. cont ...

    shorted Russell 2000 @940pm, 14967
    profit : ok. but trading NQ would have been better.

    signal missed:
    short cattle @ 936pm.
  117. Thanks for keeping this journal. Do you track your P/L by trade, and in total?
  118. definitely
  119. 20 oct Asian session premarket analysis

    yesterday HangSeng went down and many futures (oil, copper, dax, ES, NQ ....) followed.
    at the same time gold went up.

    market might take a rest this morning.
    whatever it is, better be on alert.

    will definitely focus on Asian index futures.
    Its day range might not be great. Even if you target
    Risk reward ratio of 1:2 only , you can earn tons of money with hugh position.

    Yesterday Hang Seng dropped from 28700 to 28220.
    recently it appears it is moving in small range between 28060 and 28300.

    At this moment, I can't detect any patterns from currency/index/commodity markets.
    perhaps everyone waiting for Hang Seng to react.

    shorted Taiwan index @908am, 4043
  120. cont ...
    taiwan index
    profit : zero. ok

    shorted gold @911am ,12909
    profit : 35 ticks. also ok
    straight forward trade.

    traded Hangseng which I seldom traded. don't know why cannot set stop order.
    luckily I earnt few cents. must call broker.

    I doubt there will be any more signals.
    So will go for early morning exercise the nice lunch.

    i see that US index futures are rushing to go up
  121. 20 oct European session

    Always remember :
    DAY trading will overflow your cup.
    So grab the biggest biggest biggest one you can find.
    Day trading will give you big problem in spending money.

    Hang Seng appears to have quietened down.
    US index futures went up this morning. Wonder if there will be continuation or reversal signal. at times, US index futures are tradable during Asian / European session.

    longed Hangseng @ 216pm, 28445.
    profit : zero. flattened position. very annoying system. can't even set stop loss in trading platform. must change broker.
  122. cont ....

    perhaps will trade the awful HO and RB rather than stopless Hangseng.

    longed oil 240pm 5175
    profit : zero. good.

    shorted eurex bund 303pm 16179
    status : already adjusted my stop order.. good

    longed gold 305pm 12858. reversal up.
    profit : -1 tick. no problem.

    shorted gold @402pm, 12819

    signal missed:
    long gbpusd. but entry point around 2.30pm not clear
  123. 20 oct US premarket analysis

    my bund closed with good profit

    also longed gbpusd @ 430pm. stop in place.
    unable to catch 235pm signal as entry point unclear.
    interestingly gbpusd going up in sawtooth manner.

    my gold position
    hope US wake up early and move gold further down.
    Nothing much I can do if market wants to hit my stop.
    seems like the 12830 level was well resisted by the Europeans

    ES / NQ/ Russesll. morning price went up. it seems to be forming bull flag.

    I see that I missed the crude oil short 410pm signal.
  124. 20 oct US market

    markets have already moved during Asian and European sessions.
    It seems like markets have already found its comfort zone and hence will not move.

    There might be signal later but not worth glueing myself to the chair and computer.
    So I am going to off my computer and have some nice cold beer.
  125. what country are you trading from..... so I can resolve the posting time versus the time you place your trades...

    thanks toucan
  126. Time is UTC +8.
    I mentioned about it in my first posting actually.
  127. 23 oct Mon premarket analysis

    Last Fri,
    Asian index futures hardly moved.
    US index futures went up during Asian session.
    gbpusd up, gold, eurusd down, energy futures up.
    Again heating oil and RB movement have been rather messy/jerky.
    Detecting such signals has been rather challenging.
    soya bean and copper went up initially. bearish big boys took the opportunity to bring it down.

    Honesty speaking, not necessary to really analyse the past.
    During trading, focus on present moment, not what happened last time, not what is going to happen next.
    At times, I purposely hide previous day charts and just show the present day charts. Because previous day charts could be very distracting.
    This is one of the most important principle in meditation; focus on present moment, not the past, not the future.

    Not sure if there are any major sudden events during the weekend.
    Better wake up early tomorrow Monday 6am when the markets open.

    Since I am free now, let me polish my options trading skills. I stopped trading options years ago.
  128. 23 oct mon asian session

    shorted copper @902am, 31560
    profit : -ve. good

    longed sgx simsci @904am, 3738
    profit : +ve. good .

    longed copper @920am, 31730. reverse up
    profit : zero. OK. will not touch copper for the next few hours.

    look at Hang Seng. movement very messy like HO and RBOB movement.
  129. 23 oct Eur session

    shorted gbpusd @307pm 13215

    signal missed
    long gbpusd @1118am
    short India Nifty @1205pm
  130. 23 oct US session

    longed Natural gas @804pm, 2989
  131. cont ...
    profit : 1 tick. no complaint

    longed gbpusd @943pm, 13210 with reduced quantity. reverse up
    profit : zero

    quite dangerous markets to trade.
    most likely big boys are resting, or having multiple tea breaks.
    better go and have nice cold beer then sleep
  132. 25 oct Asian market

    Everyday is a new day.
    Everyday we focus on present moment, not past troubles, not future worries.
    Trading is like meditation where we focus on present moment, not past, not future.
    99% of the trading sessions are tradable. It is up to us to detect the signal and profit massively from it.

    Unlikely currencies and commodities will move during Asian session but we never knows.
    Will focus on Index futures.

    Now time for breakfast.
  133. cont ...
    longed copper @ 920am 31995
    profit : excellent.
    Why copper price went up? I think must ask the Americans.
    They pushed it up yesterday.

    as of now, seems like most currencies, indices, commodities markets are not moving.

    I trade about 15 futures per trading session.
    Seems like there is only one signal (long copper) for this session.
    OK. Time for morning exercise, then nice lunch again.

    I see that China xinhua A50 is going up. did not take that signal because its day range tends to be small
  134. 25 oct European session


    Day trading will always provide.
    Just use a little finger muscle to pick it up.

    Day trading is 90% mind management, 10% technical.

    eurex btp was up,
    eurusd, gbpusd, jpyusd, energy futures hardly moved,
    gold went up yesterday night out of no where.

    This morning Hangseng hardly moved. such pattern is quite typical as HS went down
    significantly last Thurs. So it needs to catch up with its breathe.
    This afternoon, it went down significantly after resting.

    which futures might move later? I have absolutely no idea.
    we simply trade based on present moment.

    The exchanges I am trading are :
    CME group

    signal missed :
    India Nifty up at 1215pm
  135. cont ...
    India Nifty @ 145pm, 10225, reverse down
    profit : 3 ticks. ok

    longed India Nifty @251pm, 10227.
    reduced quantity since this is late entry. trend continuation.
  136. cont ...
    shorted gbpusd @3pm, 13225
    profit : +ve. good. not stretching profit as overall picture doesn't appear bearish

    shorted palm oil @307pm, 2886
    profit : -3t. ok

    longed dax @ 323pm, 13008
    profit : zero. ok

    shorted eurex btp @ 405pm, 13691

    monitoring eurex bund
  137. cont ...
    longed crude oil @558pm, 5203
    see the time? round number again.
  138. 24 oct US premarket analysis

    cattle and hog futures have been rather tradable recently.
    soyabean futures have been resting.
    Wheat futures were up yesterday but usually wheat futures hardly move.
    Russell moving few hrs ago. hope it is not choopy today.
    energy futures just moved. again HO and RB movement is tremendous and candles very long.
    Natural gas may want to sleep today.
    eurusd not moving perhaps waiting for this Thurs news. But then it can give you a signal out of no where.
    US bonds/ T notes and bund /buxl going down. They are all friends friends holding hands together.

    which futures going to move later? I have absolutely no idea.
    Just wait and see the candles grow.

    longed russell @850pm, 15038 with reduced quantity
    since this is not the first signal. The Europeans are already trading US index futures (Dow, Russell)
  139. cont ...
    shorted russell @ 947pm,15042, reverse down
    profit : few ticks. no problem

    longed cattle @ 1000pm, 117 500
    profit : excellent.
    don't know why beef getting more expensive.

    now monitoring Russell closely

    OK. maybe there might be some more signals later but
    I am going to unglue myself from the chair and computer and have nice cold beer.
  140. 25 oct Asian session

    Day trading is very simple.
    The simplier your thinking is, the more you earn.

    The more indicators you have,
    the more inter correlation and intra correlation you study,
    the more gap up/down analysis you study,
    the more detailed financial / business / economic news you try to gather and read,
    the more you try to improve the accuracy of your trade plan,
    the more money you lose.

    Have faith, and day trading will provide.

    OK. that is on mental part which constitutes 90% of trading.
    Now the 10% technical part.

    most Asian index futures hardly moved. calm before storm?
    Hangseng down.
    various commodities and currencies moving generating many signals.
  141. cont ...

    shorted audusd @ 831am, 7750

    shorted gold @838am, 12770

    longed sgx simsci @ 904am, 37190
  142. cont ...
    profit : +ve. good

    profit : zero. good.

    profit : -ve. also good.

    index futures movement rather limited. will go for early morning exercise then nice lunch
  143. 25 oct India session

    shorted India Nifty @ 1146am, 10330
    profit : +ve. good.
    straight forward reversal down signal.
    position closed within few minutes.
    for this trade, cannot stretch profit.
    Obviously something is happening in India.
    Whatever it is, not important to know.
    Just need to know how to detect signal, and pull trigger.
  144. 25 oct european session

    today Nikkei might form long red candle.
    this is extremely rare.
    something is happening.

    short Hang seng @107pm.
    missed signal because very careless with my ladder setup.

    short copper @ 105pm.
    HS and copper are friends friends. they hold hands together.
  145. cont ...

    longed soyabean @351pm, 982,0
    quite late entry actually. so enter with reduced quantity.

    longed gbpusd @431pm, 13180
  146. 25 oct US session

    profit : +ve. good

    my position still open. it refuses to move.

    Now the 90% part of trading.
    Day trading will overflow your cup.
    Get the biggest cup possible.

    Now the 10% part of trading.

    This evening 1030pm, the is oil and petroleum inventory news.
    cattle futures up 2 day already.
    US index futures day range quite small. but just need to be alert because signal might come out of no where.
    This afternoon, copper and Hang Seng friend friend.
    eurusd might be waiting for thurs news.

    which futures going to move? absolutely no idea.
    as usual, be calm and alert,

  147. 26 oct Asian session

    longed Nikkei @820am, 21775.
    Haven't trade NK for months. Is this trade going to be profitable ? absolutely no idea.
    just trade based on what you see on your chart.
    profit : zero. position flattened. not worth taking this risk.
  148. cont ...
    longed hangseng @934am, 28140

    longed china A50 @1000am, 12592 50
  149. cont ...

    longed India Nifty @1145am, 10315
  150. 26 oct European session

    Asian index futures moved perhaps due to sgp news and China Xi's speech.

    These futures might want to sleep ;
    dax, eurusd, gbpusd, jpy, gold, crude oil, copper, heating oil, RB gasoline,
    perhaps bund and btp too.

    cannot disturb sleepy futures.
    but then, must be alert because signal can come out of no where.
  151. 26 oct us session

    shorted eurusd 745pm, 11825
    profit : +ve. good.
    OK. now let me read the news and see what the financial experts are going to say about the euro
  152. cont ...
    longed cattle @1005pm, 119 500
    profit : zero. good.
    why good? because I follow my trade plan.

    signal missed :
    short NQ @ 1005pm.
  153. 27 Oct Asian market

    Day trading always provide and will overfill your cup.
    So get the biggest cup possible.

    Which futures going to move later? I have absolutely no idea.
    And I have no intention of knowing it now.

    My strategy very straight forward.
    When there is any continuation or reversal signal, pull trigger first

    ie Fire first ! Check later !
    ie React first ! Think later !

    All signals based on chart pattern, price action.

    Avoid sleepy futures which have small range and move in jerky choopy garbage manner.
  154. cont ....

    longed various Asian index futures like Taiwan, sgp, hangseng ....
    tooo busy opening positions. no time to record.
    oops ! opened until margin limit reached.

    ok. let's see what the Indians going to do with the market later.
  155. 27 oct european session

    India Nifty not moving. Perhaps it moved up yesterday.
    so now it needs to rest.

    Now let's see what the Germans going to do.

    shorted Hangseng @ 1.10pm 28400. reverse down.
    profit : +ve. good.
    straight forward reversal trade.
    down movement super fast.
  156. cont ...
    shorted gbpusd @210pm, 13145

    signal missed:
    short copper @ 922am
  157. I actively trade ES futures also sPX cash
    DOW futures / Dow cash
    DAx Futs ./ cash
    FTSE - I find it boring and rarely trade that

    Ofcourse trade FX but primarily on Majors look at minors sometimes

    Oil gold silver and sometimes when set up correct than soya beans coffee corn " the greens as I cal them"

    At the moment DAX is on fire Superdrug Viagra - lets see where Fizzzles out may allign a nice short
  158. cont ...

    longed NQ @330pm, 610800, reduced quantity since stop level not that clear
    profit : zero. better flatten position since stop level unclear

    ha. forget I longed palm oil @ 335pm, 2830.
    this futures cannot set high reward risk ratio.
    profit : -ve. ok

    longed copper @420pm, 31300. reverse up.

    ok. now going for dinner. not going to worry about the trades.

    India Nifty, natural gas, crude oil, HO, RB gasoline - don't think it will move.
    anyway, must be alert.
    Most likely NG moved early this week days before inventory announcement.
  159. good for you mister.
    hope you longed DAX about 24 hours ago. It has been oscillating non stop since then.
    I missed the signal.

    Wonder how is FTSE futures. didn't subscribe ftse data. anyway, I have no more monitor space
  160. cont ....
    longed ES @5pm, 256700
  161. 30 oct asian session

    longed taiwan index @900am 4070
    profit : +ve. ok

    longed simsci @ 901am 38010
    profit : -ve. ok

    shorted Taiwan index @932am, 4080 reverse down.
    profit : +ve. Ok

    USD based not moving. perhaps wait for Europeans to wake up and decide from there.

    missed :
    short Hangseng at around 939am.
    the way it oscillates down is not that clear.
    have to get used to its behaviour/ characteristic/ personality/ strange idiosyncrasis.
    anyway I tends to dislike HS because cannot enter stop order.
  162. 30 oct European session

    USD based not moving. perhaps waiting for Fed things.
    but be alert because signal can come out of no where.

    Eurex btp moving?

    longed eurex btp @323pm, 13850
    profit : -ve. OK.

    shorted gold @335pm, 12705
    profit : 0. OK
  163. cont ....

    longed eurusd @ 407pm

    longed bgpusd @408pm

    longed eurex btp @ 418pm

    too lazy to type already.
    better don't type sooo many digits.
    don't want to strain my old eyes.
  164. 31 oct asian session

    Everyday is a great trading day.
    Only those with clear and alert mind will be able to benefit from it.
    And those with cloudy vengeful mind will part the money to those with clear alert mind.

    USD based unlikely to move. anyway have to be alert.
  165. 31 oct european sessin

    longed gbpusd @225pm
    profit : 0. ok.

    longed copper @ 230pm
    hmmm. wonder why copper price suddenly went up.
    anyway, can check later.
    profit: +ve. ok.

    will be typing as few numbers as possible. getting old already
  166. cont ...

    shorted copper @ 400pm. reverse down
  167. 31 oct US session

    shorted Natural gas @ 745pm

    shorted gold @ 840pm

    signal missed :
    long NQ and Russell @226pm
  168. cont ....

    longed GBPUSD @ 900pm
    hmmm. suddenly sooo many futures moving,
    sooo many opportunities to earn $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    longed russell @ 945pm with reduced quantity since this is not first signal.
    profit : zero. OK
  169. 1 Nov Asian session

    Making money from day trading is very simple (but very difficult).
    The more complex your trading,
    the more difficult your thinking,
    the more money you lose.

    shorted gold @850am
  170. cont ...

    longed simsci @ 905am
    profit : +ve. good

    Hangseng gapped up alot. so most likely it is untradable for this session.
    Hangseng movement rather spiky/jerky which I dislike.
    Anyway, good to trade Hangseng (and also Heating oil and RB gasoline)
    in preparation for the coming super major market collapse.

    signal missed :
    long copper @ 900am
  171. 1 Nov India session

    longed India Nifty @ 1145am

    profit : +ve.
    simple, straight forward, off the textbook answer, high probability trade,
    easy to earn money signal.

    OK. time for afternoon nap.

    wait. cannot sleep.
    US index futures moving now.
  172. 1 nov European session

    longed Russell @1250pm
  173. cont ....

    Russell. seems like it will go up by few handles.

    signal missed :
    long copper @ 143pm,
    long hangseng @147pm,
    long gold @ 156pm.
    again copper and HS friend friend.
    sigh ... perhaps I shouldn't take a nap.
  174. cont ....

    longed gbpusd @ 321pm

    long dax @348pm
  175. 1 nov US session

    yesterday cattle and hog futures went up alot.
    today US index futures went up already.
    crude oil appears to be forming bull flag.
    copper day range has been very healthy.
    soya bean sleeping for weeks already.
    eurusd has been sleeping for a week.

    shorted eurusd @900pm
    shorted Natural Gas @ 910pm
  176. cont ...

    profit : +ve. luckiest person to close position at lowest possible price.

    profit : zero. position flattened. not worth the risk.

    signal missed:
    long cattle @ 936pm
  177. 2 Nov Asian session

    Trading is seriously the only profession where you can increase your earnings multiple times by
    - using the same strategy and skill set,
    - spending the same amount of time and effort
    - simply staying calm and alert.

    You simply increase your lot size..
    How lucky we are day traders.

    For doctors, they have to upgrade their skills to be surgeon.
    For employees in MNC, they have to perform well to be promoted.
    For workers, they have to work overtime, or hold 2 or 3 jobs.
    For businessmen, they have to expand their business.
    For day traders, just change lot size from 1 to 2 to 4 etc.

    US Index futures going down significantly. something is happening...

    longed gold @825am
  178. cont ...
    longed copper @905am
    Profit : 0. good.

    profit : +ve. good.

    today gold and copper friend friend.

    soyabean going up perhaps due to some grain news.
    waiting for signal.
  179. Time for rubbish talk.

    What is 100% accuracy trading system?
    It means what it means.

    Basically you confirm, double confirm, triple confirm and reconfirm again and again till you are very sure. Then you enter a trade.

    So when there is first signal, don't enter.
    Wait for 2nd signal.

    When there is 2nd signal, don't enter.
    check intercorrelated pair make sure both pairs are moving in tandem.

    when both pairs are moving in tandem, don't enter.
    check CNBC news, CNN news, bloomberg, WSJ etc etc for extra confirmation.
    Then enter.

    when price move in your favor, good.
    when price move against you, just hold on and don't cut loss because price will ultimately move in your favor.
  180. I see the same 'signal' I am looking for in 9/10 of your trades. aka, multiple confirmed lines. I don't know how to use news confirmation thou. if I may, how do you determine when a trade becomes 'not worth the risk'? I traded the exact same eurusd short

    Your entries on markets in their night sessions are particularly impressive. most people will trade only active cash open products :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  181. honestly speaking, it is not wise to flatten a position as it might become a bad habit.

    talk about eurusd trade on 1 Nov which I flattened.
    eurusd has been in very small range over the past one week.
    so probably of eurusd going down on 1 Nov was slim unless there was some major news/events/trigger.

    yesterday the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change news didn't really moved the market.
    When the news was released, gold, jpy, eurusd gbpusd ... volume traded was meagre
    indicating dis interest.
    Further the whole world appeared to be preoccupied with index futures (NQ, Russell, hangseng, dax, ES ....)
  182. 2 Oct India / European session

    ha. forget about my audusd
    which I longed right after aud news.
    longed audusd @831am
    don't know whether it was up due to aud news, or US dollar weakness. anyway it doesn't matter. now let the europeans push the price even higher.

    India Nifty. yesterday long blue candle. It appears it wants to sleep.
    Hangseng. yesterday long blue candle. its movement this morning has been limited.

    time for nap.
  183. Thanks for your pointer! I find weighing how to exit early tricky. there's always some micro lines that can form against the original position. looks like the 'signal' line made by the week open is very strong. was so preoccupied trying to short euro that I missed dow. perfect swing structure & multiple 'signal' lines. must do more brain exercises to multi-task

    "yesterday the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change news didn't really moved the market"- this right here is what I'm weighing in entries too. timing entries with news. the optimal short for this pattern was right at ecb i/r decision last week, forming a confirmed 3rd 'line'. That said, I find it impressive that you trade hard/soft commods where there is not alot of public info. even a finding a news calendar is zzz
  184. 2 nov European session

    shorted India Nifty 300pm with reduced quantity.
    sigh ... missed the 2.27pm signal.

    look at soyabean chart. all the soyabean traders disappeared.
  185. cont ...

    India Nifty
    profit : -ve. because missed one signal

    shorted crude oil @404pm
    flattened with small loss.
    crude oil might be laggard. lead might be Heating oil and/or RB Gasoline.
    I never like to trade HO and RB gasoline.
  186. 2 Nov US session

    longed NG @745pm
    profit: flattened with few ticks.
    Just realised trend started much earlier.

    gbpusd went down with 89 degree gradient and never gave us opportunity to short.
    guess time for gbpusd to sleep. goodnight gbpusd.
  187. 3 Nov Asian session

    Day trading is the only profession where you can choose when you want to trade for ~ 3 hours a day only.

    You can trade
    - early part of Asian session or
    - middle part of Asian session or
    - early part of European session or
    - middle part of European session or
    - end part of European session / early part of US session

    For workaholic day traders, they can trade 25 hours a day
    from sunrise to sunset,
    from moonrise to moonset.
    They can even trade after retirement for as long as they want.
    And they can trade
    index futures, interest rate futures, commodity futures, energy futures,
    index options, interest rate options, commodity options, energy options,
    asian stocks, european stocks, US stocks,
    market on open,
    vertical spread, calender spread, intermarket spread, intramarket spread,
    credit spread, debit spread,arbitrage
    to keep themselves totally occupied.

    You can see the day trading caters to very wide range of people.
  188. cont ...

    shorted sgx simsci @902am
    adjusted my stop level already. simsci can take its time to go down very very slowly.
    Don't think there will be any more signal.
    now time for morning exercise then nice lunch.

    signal missed :
    short taiwan index @ 911m
    but this signal is not obvious.
    this signal will give you reward risk ratio 4:1

    seems like all USD based not moving.
  189. 3 nov european session

    yesterday some markets swing up swing down swing up swing down eg gold, NQ, copper.
    today many markets are sleeping.
    perhaps big boys waiting for NFEC news.

    Anyway must be alert because at times, big boys decide to make decisive move way before NFEC announcement.
  190. cont ...

    shorted gold @ 300pm
    profit : 0
    not worth taking risk.

    shorted gbpusd @ 325pm
    profit : -ve. OK
    luckily it is with reduced quantity.
  191. cont ...
    longed eurex bund @445pm.
    flattened position with 0 profit.
    sigh ... too careless. trend actually started yesterday.
    don't like to enter too late in the trend

    longed eurex btp @ 505pm
  192. my eurex btp
    profit : -ve.
    No problem. I can easily earn back.

    3 Nov preparation for trading NFEC news

    most markets have quietened down and are waiting for the coming news.
    will focus on eurusd, gbpusd, jpyusd, gold, US index futures.
    later focus on cattle futures.

    Later market might be one directional, it might move violently,
    it might swing up swing down.
    At times, have to chase after the price no matter how bad the price is because everyone is chasing after the price..

    now time for mind exercise, visualisation, psycho cybernectics exercise
  193. cont ....

    shorted gold @835pm, reverse down
    profit : 0. ok
    seems like NFEC impact is minimal

    longed gold @ 930pm
    flatten at zero profit. not worth the risk.
    quite poor intercorrelation.
    gold appears to be in tight zone

    see how cattle futures gapped up with huge gap.
    some strange things happening
  194. 6 nov european session

    back from short vacation.

    Day trading is simple.
    Simply pull trigger when there is continuation signal, reversal signal.
    don't fear whether is is genuine or fake signal; simply pull trigger first.
    don't care whether reversal is actually retracement or true reversal; simply pull trigger first.
    The moment you make it complex, very difficult to earn money.

    I see that natural gas gapped up alot,
    Hangseng went down lot, also reverse up alot,
    and HO and RB are moving.
  195. cont ...
    long oil @3.37pm
  196. 6 nov US session

    longed ES @ 745pm
    longed NQ @ 745pm

    profit : zero. not taking this risk as this is quite late entry
  197. cont ....
    shorted copper @ 920pm. reverse down

    profit : guaranteed +ve.
  198. cont ....

    profit : +ve

    longed NQ @1036pm, reduced quantity since price has moved significantly
  199. 8 nov asian session

    longed simsci @905am
    profit: zero. OK

    longed copper @910am
    flattened position. not taking this risk.

    shorted smsci @ 925am. reverse down
    flattened position.

    seems like all markets are sleeping
  200. 8 nov European session

    shorted gbpusd @ 345pm
  201. 8 Nov US session

    just now palm oil was up significantly.
    lately cattle day range has been good.
    copper might want to sleep since yesterday it went down alot.
    crude oil sleeping perhaps waiting for coming news.

    longed copper @830pm
  202. cont ...

    interestingly the way gbpusd and copper move (sawtooth) are very similar.

    longed natural gas @940pm.
    profit: +ve. straight forward trade out of textbook.

    shorted russell @1040pm
    profit : zero. good.
    OK. seems like all markets not moving. will wait for oil news.
  203. 9 Nov Asian session

    longed simsci 830am, reduced quantity, MOO trade
    profit : -ve. good
  204. cont ....

    longed various asian index futures.
    no time to record
  205. cont ...

    longed India Nifty @ 1145am.
  206. cont ...

    busy day

    shorted Hangseng, simsci

    longed gold

    missed shorting Nikkei, reversal down.
    Today Nikkei is a star performer.
    wonder what's happening. some missile flying or what?
  207. 13 nov Asian session

    shorted gbpusd @ 852am
    strange for gbpusd to move at this time.
    something happening over the weekends ?

    shorted simsci @ 905am
    profit: -ve. ok

    longed hangseng @928am
    profit : good
    straight forward, rapid moving trade

    OK. now decoding what is happening to Natural Gas
  208. cont ....

    OK. my shorted Natural gas limit order was filled.

    shorted India Nifty @ 1203pm

    hmmm. wondering what is RB gasoline doing.
    wondering what is happening to soya bean. perhaps small boy pushes price up?
  209. 13 nov European session

    my gbpusd position
    progressing well

    signal missed :
    short nikkei @ 148pm
    nowadays Nikkei can suddenly move out of no where.
  210. 13 nov US session

    my Natural gas position still open.
    Let's see if the Americans will push it down further or not.
    Based on that, will set target profit far far away.

    Nikkei and Dax going down. missed those signals.
    also US index futures going down.
    Last Fri Cattle long red candle. today it might rest.
    eurusd,jpy,gold,copper, crude oil, RB gasoline, Heating oil trying to sleep.
    But they might wake up anytime.
    Good night sleeping futures.

    but then gold appears to form another bear flag?

    what is soya bean trying to do?
  211. 14 nov eur session

    longed eurusd @320pm

    Shorted gold @405pm

    longed dax @410pm

    longed eurex btp @425pm

    hmmm. suddenly many futures started to wake up.
    my stops and target profit all set. now for teabreak.
  212. 14 nov US session

    my position
    eurusd profit : few tens of ticks +ve. good
    gold profit : +ve. good
    dax profit : zero. good. trend started many hours ago.
    so position flattened.
    eurex btp : few ticks +ve. good

    longed copper @ 900pm, reversal up
    profit : zero. good

    shorted russell @910am
    profit : zero. position flattened before PPI news

    shorted gold @ 945pm

    signal missed
    long gold @430pm, reversal up

    short RB gasoline
    hmmmm. still wondering how people trade RB.
    they are either spreaders, algo traders, fundamentalers,
    or they trade blind folded with huge stop loss.
  213. cont ...

    gold position
    profit : +ve. good

    shorted NQ @1015pm
  214. Copper playing silly buggers today.
  215. copper day range has been one of the best
  216. 15 nov Asian session

    sigh ... yesterday slept far too early.
    hog, copper, cattle, crude oil, HO, RB gas were down.
    Perhaps big boys already decided what to do before news (eg inventory , supply/demand news) were out. or perhaps big boys already knew about Supply demand data.

    anyway, not important to know all these. just pull trigger when there is signal.

    HKF started Iron ore trading.
    iron ore futures day range fantastic (4%).
    well. let's see how is the volume.
    SGX iron ore volume is not that great

    hmmm. Audusd trying to move? audusd usually doesn't move

    shorted audusd @840am.
    a little risky because its retracement pattern is not that clear
  217. cont ...

    longed gold @ 920am

    shorted copper @930am. reduced quantity
    missed shorting copper @925am.

    hmmm. something happening to US index futures.
    nowadays US index futures is more tradable outside US session.
  218. 15 nov europe session

    longed gbpusd @300pm

    shorted dax @325pm
    profit : zero. just realised dax might not be lead.

    signal missed :
    short US index futures @900am

    gold, jpy, copper, energy futures appear to be sleeping. will not disturb them.
    but have to be alert because they might wake up suddenly
  219. cont ...
    longed bund @405pm, reduced volume
  220. cont ...
    profit : good

    profit : zero. position flattened.
    not worth the risk as trend started very long ago.
  221. 15 nov US session

    longed gold @ 935pm
    profit : -3t. ok
    gold is sleepy. it needs to rest.
    good night gold.

    yesterday hog went down alot. today it might want to rest.
    US index futures - ranging but tradable.
    currencies - moved already.
    crude oil - wait for coming news

    seems like not much trading opportunities but better be alert.

    signal missed :
    long natural gas @810pm.
  222. 21 nov europe session

    longed crude oil @244pm.
    quite safe signal as crude oil, Heating oil, RB gasoline are moving in tandem.

    avoiding all other US based futures like curencies, gold, copper ....
    they are all sleeping with small range.
    eurex btp, bund appears uptrend. but not taking this risk.

    Asian index futures went up alot esp HangSeng.
  223. 21 nov Europe/US session

    longed NQ @650pm

    shorted gold @720pm
  224. cont ....

    shorted crude oil @840pm, reverse down.
    profit : -ve. OK
    I think it is going to sleep.

    Today should be quite an easy day to earn money.

    live cattle and lean hog futures have been rather tradable recently.
    must focus on that.

    copper is trending up. unfortunately, retracement pattern is messy.
  225. cont ...

    longed gold @1025pm, reverse up
    profit : few ticks. OK

    shorted lean hog @1105pm

    signal missed
    crude oil up @1059pm
    long live cattle @1059pm
  226. 22 nov asian session

    yesterday many very long blue candles from asian/eur/US index futures.
    so today, high probability index futures might want to take a rest.
    but then, there might be signal to go north or even south.
    just have to be alert.
  227. cont ...
    longed taiwan index @1010am

    signal missed :
    long crude oil @ 9:31min 50 sec

    sigh .... failed to chase after the market.
    for this time of market, must buy at whatever price the market is offering
    no matter how bad the price is.
    Because the whole world is very keen to buy oil due to whatever that's going to happen in OPEC mtg
  228. 22 Nov Europe session

    Most of US based futures (currency, copper) not moving.
    perhaps big boys waiting for coming fomc meeting minutes.
    but then big boys might decide to take action before the minutes.
  229. cont ...

    longed gold @ 210pm
    longed eurusd @315pm

    seems like USD is weakening
  230. cont ...

    longed crude oil @345pm, reduced quantity
  231. this was the only journal worth following.. thanksgiving extended vacation?
  232. 4 dec mon Asian market

    US index futures , Nikkei gapped up significantly for whatever don't know what reason.
    jpy gold gapped down.

    ended up there might be no signal next few hrs.
    but we never knows things might change.

    longed russell @845am
    longted taiwan index @900am
    profit : -ve. ok

    longed copper @913am
    shorted taiwan index @920am

    signal missed : short Hangseng@917am
  233. 6 dec US session

    longed Natural gas @845pm
    profit : 0. ok

    US index futures. movement during asian and european sessions very messy.
    wonder if Americans will make its pattern nicer.
    curriencies and gold - small range.

    already subscribed to CBOE market data.
    now can plot VIX charts. Obviously I am waiting to plot BTC charts
    BTC day range should be super wide.
  234. cont ...
    too busy trading NQ. no time to record.

    longed NQ @1034pm
    profit : +ve. good

    shorted oil again @ 1048pm
  235. 7 dec Eur session

    shorted gold @228pm.
    wondering what is happening.
    US tax things? Jerusalem things?

    shorted natural gas @315pm

    already reserved my monitor space for the coming CBOE bitcoin chart.
  236. cont ....

    ha. luckliest person; I set Natural Gas target profit at 2.843 ie 40 ticks and I got it.

    seems like bund, btp, dax, currencies, energy all sleeping.
    they might be waiting for something. wondering what is that.
    well. then we'd better sleep too.
  237. 8 dec Eur session

    shorted gbp @302pm, reduced quantity since I missed 2.51pm signal.
    profit : -ve. catching first signal extremely important.

    missed NQ long signal @1230pm.
    Nowadays US index futures trends to move during early / mid eur session.
    Then during US session, it sleeps.

    gold decided to sleep after yesterday long red candle.
    perhaps waiting for NFEC news.
    but things might change. so have to be alert.

    after subscribing to CBOE data, I can study S&P 500 VIX futures.
    VIX can really really sleep for months !!!
    will classify that as coma stage.
    It will wake up when recession starts. good night VIX.

    excited to plot the CBOE bitcoin chart.
    Perhaps I should get a new 50" monitor display in potrait format to allow for massive price movement
  238. 11 dec CBOE bitcoin trading

    there was signal at 836am UTC+8.

    Wouldn't be trading bitcoin till few days/weeks later and until we can
    short bitcoin.
    not worth trying to force ourselves to long and long.

    volume is rather low for comfort and movement jerky.
    so ended up candles very long and spiky.

    for following case, can achieve reward risk ratio of > 4:1

  239. cont ...
    hmmm. come to think about it.
    its movement, pattern, characteristics quite similar to heating oil and RB gasoline.
  240. 11 dec Eur session

    longed Natural gas @10.00am

    bund, dax, eur , jpy , gold, copper appears to be rather sluggish and range bound recently.
    even gbp is range bound though its range is big.
    crude oil, heating oil- already 2 days of blue candles.
    XBT bitcoin - it has completed its uptrend (at least for today). seems like it is easier to trade than heating oil and RB gasoline.
  241. 12 dec Asian session

    Asian index futures have been moving healthily past few weeks.
    So that continues to be main trading focus.
    aud, jpy day range has been rather small and will be small until the chart says otherwise.
    gold though on downtrend has small range too.
    pehaps US dollar based things are waiting for some event/trigger like fomc meeting or whatever.

    XBT appears to settle between 17400 and 18800
  242. 12 Dec India session

    shorted India nifty @1144am

    also Hangseng went down just now but signal was not obvious.
    must be some sudden news that triggers it.

    interestingly today xbt volume is virtually ZERO.

    seems like Gaincapital will be offering xbt for trading.
    sigh .... it is without leverage.
    last time I traded without leverage was > 2 or 3 decades ago !!
    OK. Now to top up my account drastically in preparation for the coming mother of all
    bitcoin bubble burst.

    UBS: Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are ‘the bubble to end all bubbles’
  243. 12 dec Eur session

    let's see how low India Nifty can go.

    these futures are sleeping;
    bund, dax, eur, jpy, nat gas, XBT.
    wonder when they will wake up.

    HO and RB gas suddenly went up @930am.
  244. cont ....

    let's see how low India Nifty can go.
    indeed it moved further with reward : risk ratio of > 6:1.

    all futures sleeping. we can't wake them up. only big boys can wait them up.
    even xbt hardly move. seems like it is dead already.
    or perhaps something wrong with my charting software.
  245. 12 dec US session

    cattle and hog getting cheaper.
    yesterday NQ very messy, was up but signal not obvious. so very easy to lose money.
    Russell small range.
    gbpusd - open wedge formation?
    most other USD based futures (eur, jpy, gold, copper) sleeping. perhaps they are waiting for something.
    HO, RB - already moved this morning. so no more opportunity.
    xbt - almost zero pulse. or perhaps my charting software got problem.
  246. Everything seems to be easier to trade than those two. They are the devil.
  247. It is still a mystery how people trade HO and RB.
    either they trade it blindfolded, or they have heart of steel.
  248. 12 dec us session
    shorted crude oil @1032pm

    signal missed : short NQ @ 1007pm
  249. 13 dec Asian session

    missed shorting gold yesterday @950pm.
    this signal is not that obvious. have to improve detection capability.
    In simple term, there is at least one good signal in every single trading session.

    Asian index futures have been rather active. so lots of opportunities!
    crude oil, natural gas HO RB down yesterday. perhaps big boys took action before the coming oil/gas inventory news or whatever.

    xbt now trading in small range 17400 to 18800. volume rather pathetic.
    Will top up trading account significantly as margin requirement is 125% of bitcoin price. get ready for the ONCE IN A LIFE TIME, Mother of all bubble burst.
    have to set siren system when price hits certain level.
    max cboe xbt quantity we can trade is 5 lots.
    1 lot margin requirement about $20K.
    5 lots margin requirmenet about $100k.
    sigh .... not use to trading with negative leverage.
  250. cont ...
    shorted hangseng @ 955am
    profit : zero.

    Ok. time for early lunch.
    will skip India session as most likely it will not move.
    Let's see how hangseng do after HK lunch.
  251. cont ...
    shorted hangseng @1108am, reversal down.
    sigh ... now cannot take lunch.
    profit : reward risk ratio 2:1.
    better don't stretch because HK lunch time coming

    hmmm. something happening to nk, es, russell, nq.
    flying missile or what?
  252. slippage for day trading copper not an issue
  253. 18 Dec Asian market

    last fri US index futures up significantly.
    obviously asian index futures will gap up.

    Then after that, will asian index futures
    1. continue to go up?
    2. reverse to go down?
    3. move within small range bound area
    4. No idea. can be any of the above 3.
    Any signal that comes along, just take it.

    Best answer is #4.

    lately index futures have been very tradable.

    XBT gapped up to around 20k. BTC around 20k.
    volume rather pathetic. better trade other easier to trade futures.
  254. cont ....

    when trading hangseng, have to glue my body to chair, eye to monitor and can do nothing else.
    sigh ... perhaps don't trade HS.

    longed India nifty @1110am
    profit zero.
    something strange ...
    India nifty went down ALOT.
    must be the same very nervous big boys.

    Longed India nifty @1145am, reverse up.
    profit zero

    longed india nifty 1156am

    XBT nice reversal down signal @710am and @801am.
    anyway not trading XBT
  255. 18 dec Eur market

    wondering what is happening in India. those big boys must have extremely deep pocket.

    eur gbp bund dax gold - no idea where it is heading, no comment.
    perhaps waiting for more brexit news, more more US tax news.

    copper, natural gas - last fri moved already. today perhaps rest day?
    energy - momentum to go up?
    XBT, BTC - appears to reverse to go up?
    anyway, with such a poor leverage, better trade other things.
  256. 18 dec US market

    good. I longed dax, set bracket order, then go exercise, then target profit met.

    cattle and hog seems to be moving recently.
    ES RTY NQ already moved. Nowadays it likes to move outside US time.
    will it continue to go north? must check crystal ball.
    USD based eur gbp jpy gold coppere moving sluggishly and waiting for some trigger.

    day range comparison:
    XBT today day range 11% <<< very big! unfortunately volume the lowest of all I am tracking.
    India nifty today day range 3.6%
    ES last Fri day range 1% only.
    NQ last Fri day range 1.1% only.
    RB gas 13 Dec day range 4%
  257. cont ...
    missed long gbp @730pm

    longed russell @1034pm

    longed NQ @1044pm
    profit : -ve. ok

    shorted hog @1058pm

    xbt. short signal coming soon?
  258. 20 dec Eur session

    US index futures. waiting for long signal.
    Nowadays it likes to move during non US time for whatever reason.

    yesterday btp bund went down significantly.
    wondering what is happening.
    It might decide to sleep later but better be alert.

    currencies, gold, oil - range bound.
    big boys already gone for Christmas ?
    Perhaps big boys waiting for 2018?

    xbt - price went down 13% starting 745am to 840am this morning.
    Due to this mad herd instinct, I have adjusted my volume chart from 10 to 5 contracts / candle.
    So time to short was around 824am to 828am.
  259. 22 dec Asian session

    This is the last trading day for 2017.
    Not going to trade next week as many big boys are not trading.
    That doesn't mean market will not move.

    ha. look at asian markets. big boys are already doing roll over to next month
    in preparation for their looong holidays.

    currencies , gold have been moving sluggishly. who knows, they are waiting for 2018.

    US index futures, China A50, Hangseng have been having wide day range.
    So that will be the main focus.
    India Nifty might have found its comfort zone.
    Yesterday copper was up again perhaps due to US index.

    sigh .... If I trade hangseng, I cannot do anything else other than glueing my body to the chair, and eye to the monitor.
    Will try another broker and see if it has better ordering system.

    XBT. Now can trade through Gaincapital.
    margin requirement about $7.5k.
    strangely siliver margin is very high at $5k,
    and Dax even higher at 24k eur.
    Volume rather pathetic perhaps only retailers are trading.
    perhaps can set stop loss at 200 to 300 points, profit at > 3 times of that.
    There was ONLY one signal yesterday and that was a sell signal at 1038pm.
    Will top up my account before end of 2017, and prepare for the mother of all bitcoin super bubble burst.

    Happy Christmas, and happy 2018.
  260. cont ....

    indeed market is very dead; no signal at all.
    let's see how Hangseng perform this afternoon.

    xbt - 4 days of red candle.
    there was a signal to short today at 940am.
    unlikely it can go far as there was a earlier short signal yesterday @1038pm.
  261. 22 Dec US sessioin

    Asian and Eur session - no signal except XBT.

    longed copper @ 910pm

    XBT signal :
    short @ 923am
    reversal up @ 1204pm (you probably get few ticks).
    short @ 223pm
    still don't like like XBT spikey chart. It is spiky because very few people trading xbt.
    BTC is worse !

    US session might be dead. anyway better be alert.
    Luckily I already plan for vacation next whole week.
  262. cont ...

    profit : +ve. good

    russell shorted @1020pm
    profit : +ve. good.

    another BTC short signal @900pm.
    seems like it is aiming for 10000.
    anyway will top up account before end this year, and start trading btc starting 2 Jan 2018.
    now it is at 11900. so still very very long way to go to reach say 10.
    ie opportunity is humongous.
  263. 2 Jan Asian session

    A fresh new year. Again there are tons of opportunity out there.
    Surgeon, engineer, lawyer ... need to be study and work very hard.
    They need to think in complex manner in this complex world to survive.
    For day trader, it is the reverse.
    The simplier the mind, the more money we earn.

    Day trading will overflow your cup.
    So get the biggest biggest cup possible.

    Asian index futures - day range has been rather healthy for the past few weeks.
    Last Fri US index futures went down alot. so asian index futures will gap down.
    after that, will asian index futures go up/down/sideway? no idea.
    aud, jpy - day range has been rather pathetic.
    gold - day range started to be healthy.
    copper, natural gas - healthy day range.
    bitcoin- day range getting worse. volume pathetic. also not worth taking risk trading it as leverage is very poor.
  264. cont ...
    longed NG @724am
  265. cont ...
    longed taiwan index @855am
    profit : +ve. good.

    longed hangseng @931am
    profit : +ve. good.

    my natural gas position.
    profit: at least zero. already shifted my stop to protective stop.

    hmmm. what is happening to crude oil? must monitor.
    is it a laggard?

    signal missed: china A50. well. can't possibly catch every single signal.
    anyway, I had longed Hangseng.
  266. 2 Jan India session

    copper was down. it appears that 3.3125 is the resistance level.
    most USd based not moving.
    India nifty ranging past 2 weeks.
    bitcoin. seems like zero pulse and it wants to sleep.

    ok. time for morning exercise, then nice lunch.
  267. 3 Jan Eur session

    yesterday eurex btp long red candle.
    eur gbp gold 2 days of long blue candles.
    there was a short signal for gold this morning @1017am.
    natural gas now close wedge.
    energy future sleeping.

    soon there will be fomc meeting minutes.

    shorted eurusd @330pm
    profit : minimum 1 tick. shifted stop to protective stop.
  268. 3 Jan US session

    my short eur
    profit : +ve. good

    my long eurex btp
    profit : +ve. also good

    cattle and hog - day range has been pathetic.
    soya bean - day range has been pathetic.
    I am sure corn, soya oil, soya meal, wheat day range would be worse.
    harvest season over?
    US index futures - yesterday long blue candle. today it might sleep. anyway better be alert.
    I see that heating oil and RB gasoline are up. I got tendency not to trade these.

    bitcoin - day range getting smaller at 870 points. this is untradable unless we trade options. no more excitement? novelty worn out already?

    tonight 3am FOMC meeting minutes.
    sigh ... why must I wake up in the middle of the night trading FOMC news?
  269. 4 Jan Asian session

    The greater the number of lots you trade,
    the longer you hold to stretch target profit,
    the more money you earn.
    Don't be afraid of earning too much money.
    Because you can easily donate the money to help the unfortunate.
    Don't hold on to it till your last breathe.

    OK. shorted gold just now. profit 50 ticks / lot

    Asian index futures appear not to move except for taiwan index futures.
  270. 5 Jan Eur session

    shorted copper @143pm, reduced quantity.
    longed bgpusd @155pm, reduced quantity

    asian index futures have quietened .
    btp and dax were up yesterday. however, its movement were rather spiky.
    gold, copper, natural gas - healthy day range.

    tonight nfec news
  271. cont ...
    my longed gbpusd
    profit : -ve. ok.

    shorted gold @ ?
    profit : shifted stop to protective top.

    shorted eurusd @?
    profit: 1 tick. position flattened. not worth the risk.

    shorted gbpusd @?
    profit : shifted stop to PS.

    shorted copper @?
    profit : +ve. good

    too troublesome to type the time.

    signal missed:
    short Natural gas
    long NQ
  272. cont ....

    longed DAX @500pm

    hmm. natural gas getting cheaper and cheaper.
    this winter must be very hot till NG becomes so cheap.
    or perhaps USD getting stronger?
    in fact, NG, oil, HO, RB all down.

    bitcoin. there was long signal @500pm. wonder if uptrend could be sustained or not.
  273. 5 jan US session

    cattle and hog - not much movement
    US index futures - few days of long blue candles
    eur, gbp - inside day
    energy futures - already went down.
    copper, NG, gold, jpy - already went down.
    bitcoin - going up but with great difficulty?

    NFEC news coming
  274. 8 Jan Asian session

    Day trading will provide.
    No cup and you get nothing.
    Small cup and you get meagre profit.
    So get the biggest cup possible and let day trading overflow it.

    asian index futures have quietened last Fri.
    US index futures - many days of long blue candles.
    USD based futures tend not to move during Asian session

    Longed Natural gas @806am
  275. cont ...
    Nat gas
    profit : 0. ok

    shorted sgx simsci @ 900am
    profit : -ve. ok

    hmmm. seems like index futures will also quieten down today?

    what a great day today.
    OK. time for early morning exercise.
  276. 8 Jan Eur session

    shorted gbp @200pm
    shorted eur @300pm

    shorted gold @345pm
  277. cont ....

    short gbp
    profit : already shifted stop to protective stop

    short eur
    profit : already shifted stop to protective stop

    short gold
    profit : few ticks. ok

    long eurex btp @ 450pm

    ok. my stops, target profits all in place. time for nap.
  278. 9 Jan Asian session

    yesterday asian indices all sleeping.
    yesterday russsell day range was fantastic.
    gold moving in small range.
    usd based tends not to move during asian session.

    something happening to energy futures?
  279. cont ...
    longed jpy @940am
    shifted stop to protective stop.
    OK. time for nice lunch.

    seems like bitcoin likes to stay around 15000
  280. 9 Jan Eur session

    longed natural gas @ 300pm
    hmmm. NG going up at 89 degree gradient.

    longed copper @330pm

    hmmm. what's energy trying to do?
    is it going to continue up, or reverse down?
    or perhaps going nowhere?
  281. 10 Jan US session

    China A50 and Hangseng moved probably due to China CPI / PPI news.
    usd based (vs jpy, gold, copper, eur) already went down. next signal carries higher risk.
    US index and dax already went down. next signal carries higher risk.

    oil news coming soon. yesterday it had long blue candle.
    so next signal carries higher risk. but then oil likes to take a day or two off after moving.

    cattle and hog - well. they should have rested enough.