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Creating a backup usb install for Windows 10 upgrade

  1. Let's say you decided to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 from Windows 7. You need to both install from your computer, and then also create a Windows 10 usb thumb drive (needs to be 8 GB and blank).

    The install from your hard drive will not require a Windows activation key. Once you upgraded to Windows 10, you can find your NEW key using Belarc Advisor. Either write this new key on a piece of paper or backup to say Google Drive in case your hard drive dies and you need to replace it. The key say on the side of your computer WILL NOT work. I also used google drive to backup some of my data.

    So if you need to replace the hard drive, you can install from the USB thumb drive by pressing ESC and selecting it from the boot menu. When you are doing a clean install, Windows 10 will ask for the Windows 10 product key.

    Issues after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

    1) Printer driver no longer works. Went to Cannon and downloading latest driver, Windows 10 can still not find the printer which is attached by usb cable even after manual install of driver. Only solution is to purchase new all in one laser printer. Looking to get a Wifi printer so all computers and Iphones can connect to it wirelessly.

    2) User account that I actually use with my name does not show up as computer went directly into default user account after setup where before both accounts show up at startup. I was able to solve this problem by signing out of the current account (don't shut down) and then seeing my old account which I signed into. I then set a user password for the default account and now both accounts show up at start and default one no longer automatically opens.

    3) During startup I did customize setting to turn off all spying but still got adds for Microsoft new version of Office. After using google, found that you can click on that app and nuke it by uninstalling it.

    4) Antivirus died but it told me to reinstall it which I did.

    If there are other issues, I may update this thread.
  2. Don't bother, pretty much everyone I know ( I'm in IT ) is going back to 7 and even 8.1 eccks.

    Issues so far..........

    1. Just won't boot into windows for no reason ( 3 so far )
    2. Had 1, ask for a password to log on, no password was setup so couldn't, did find a work around though with some file renaming.
    3. Metro App's don't work right, like in 8.1 for Facebook and others, 1 mates gone back to 8.1

    It's not finished in short, early adopters are live bug testing it sadly!
  3. Installing printers has always been finicky. It's not unique to w10. Even the manufacturer's recommended procedures are questionable. You could try removing the printer from the device manager and then physically unplugging it. Then uninstall the driver and any programs associated with it. Reboot. Reinstall the driver and software before plugging in the printer.
  4. Using Windows 10 in 3 PCs without problems and absolutely loving it. Pre-ordered a Surface Book that arrives next week, and waiting impatiently.

    MSFT EPS were absolutely outstanding and guidance phenomenal.

    Only MSFT haters are hating MSFT at this point.

    Happy Halloween!
  5. Don't get me wrong a lot of good parts on Win 8 and even 7, it's just not ready as not stable yet, that's not just my opinion, that's others in the profession to.

    Defo not a hater, they just released it to soon!
  6. So it's going well? I was debating on installing it this morning. My laptops like 5 years old, im wanting to wipe it clean and start fresh to see if that gives it a little speed improvement. It just seems a bit bogged down. I don't have my backup disk for 7 so I figured might as well just step up to 10.
  7. Exactly.

    I have a friend who has to keep a +3000 pc network running. They will never upgrade within the first 2 years to a new version. And as they run all these pc's on MSFT software for many years, you cannot accuse them of being MSFT haters. What they do is based on real world events.
    Apps not running or not running correctly. Drivers not working or not available. Software from third parties that is not yet 100% compatible with W10.....

    They wait till the debuggers get out of job.
  8. Ok, installed it on some older laptops with some issues that I have solved.

    1) Laptop has a bluetooth mouse, it no longer worked after upgrading the laptop to Windows 10. What's funny is yes, it's a Microsoft bluetooth mouse. Note, Dell does not provide Windows 10 drivers for their older laptops. Also, bluetooth was not even listed under device manager. However, from another computer company, I was able to get the newest bluetooth drivers and re-install bluetooth on the laptop to get the mouse to work. Note, it's not the mouse software that is the problem, but Windows 10 does not automatically update bluetooth itself when upgrading from Windows 7 for many computers.

    2) Another laptop had multiple problems including 100% CPU usage after upgrading. I narrowed down the problem to all of the non Windows 10 crap including computer manufacturer crap that is running when the computer starts and was able to disable and uninstall most of it. No reason to have a computer company's software on an older laptop when they don't support Windows 10 anyway. Probably would have been easier to uninstall it before upgrading. Also, I think Windows was trying to download large updates at the same time after I 1st upgraded to Windows 10. Also, getting rid of it speeds up Windows 10 start.
  9. As noted you can go into privacy setting and turn off all the spying, but I did some research on the Internet and found that you also need to turn off letting Microsoft under updates send updates to other computers on the Internet from your computer. So I did that now.

    Also, I saw that Media Center may not work in Windows 10 so I downloaded an open source application to play my DVD's.
  10. Update first! Then wipe and fresh install win 10
  11. You mean update windows 7 first?

    I actually upgraded yesterday morning and the did the full wipe from within windows 10. I noticed a pretty significant improvement in speed from my laptop so that was a plus!

    Only issues I had was it briefly got stuck on one screen while updating, but I found a solution online and then once it was up and running my display drivers didn't load properly so the screen was kind of jacked up. But I got that corrected and everything seemed fine since.

    I forgot to back up TWS to their server :mad::( so all my quotes and everything I have to start over with as well as settings etc. That was a bit frustrating to realize.
  12. Ok, last point.

    I made a mistake when trying to install the bluetooth drivers. I downloaded something called PC tools driver update and optimizer that was installed on my Dell laptop. I noticed I was getting 100% drive usage. I googled for this problem and followed the steps in the different websites for fixing it which I am sure will help many of you if you notice this problem in task manager.

    After finding that program in add and remove programs, I uninstalled it, and my drive usage is now back down under 6%. So never install any driver update or optimizer software for Windows 10, and if you find something in your applications with this name uninstall it since Windows 10 automatically installs all the drivers and does not need a 3rd party program to help with drivers, disk deframenting or other claims.
  13. I copied all of my files ( Windows 7 Pro 64x ) to an external hard drive, started with a clean steel internal HDD, installed W-10, installed all programs and drivers fresh via downloads or flash drive, then copied over personal program files from the external drive. So, for example, I downloaded my NVIDIA video and Canon printer drivers fresh off their websites. Works like a champ so far - still installing program files.

    As was mentioned before, drivers can be chippy.

    My OEM HDD was going South in a hurry, and my W-7 files were corrupted and getting worse. My backup images were of course corrupted as well - Acronis and Macrium wouldn't do a thing for me. Only thing that tipped me off was a routine SMART Drive Test error notification.
  14. Well one bug that is not fixable right now is the r6025 error that occurs when watching videos. This did not happen in Windows 7, only Windows 10 like on demand videos from video2.timewarnercable.com. I did report this issue to Microsoft using their feedback app. It also shows that others have reported it. This does not happen all the time, but I don't like it since I use my computer to watch TV from the Internet. I also reported it to adobe for their flash and also to TimeWarner cable.
  15. After upgrading to W10, can I wipe the disk and reinstall W7 using the W7 key?
  16. If you reformat that hard drive and use your original Windows 7 media, then you can reinstall Windows 7 with the Windows 7 key. However, there is also an easier way, if you google rollback, before the next patch and within 30 days, you can automatically revert back to Windows 7. I would say if you are having problems after upgrading to Windows 10, you can use a different computer to google for some of the solutions before just rolling back. I almost gave up on 1 computer but finally solved the issue.
  17. Thanks. Since the W10 upgrade key is different from the W7 key, it makes sense to upgrade, at least get that W10 key?
  18. It's worth to upgrade if you want Windows 10 on your computer and it meets min requirements. The key is needed if you plan to reinstall Windows 10 from the usb drive for example if something bad happened to your computer so you don't have to install Windows 7 and then upgrade to Windows 10 a 2nd time. When you upgrade the 1st time, Microsoft records your PC config and will allow the new Windows 10 key to work only for that configuration which is why if you make radical changes like switching out the motherboard, it might think you have an illegal copy of Windows.

    My understanding is that Microsoft may now be working to allow you to use your Windows 7 or Windows 8 key to upgrade to Windows 10 so the point becomes moot later on. Also, this is the only time to have the revert back to Windows 7 option. In a future patch, Microsoft has stated that may only allow you to revert back to a previous patch. So for anyone that wants to try to upgrade to Windows 10, I would suggest doing it now since if you have unsolvable problems, it's much easier to reverse the changes and get back to Windows 7 or 8.

    Finally, your question illustrates the problem. Microsoft does not tell you after the upgrade that you now have a new and different Windows 10 key. The only way to see it is with an app like Advisor so you can then write it down since as noted the sticker on your computer can not be used to upgrade to Windows 10 from the usb thumb drive. During that upgrade, Windows asked for the key. However, if you download the software directly to your computer it does not ask for the key. Since I was upgrading 3 computers, I was originally trying to upgrade from the usb thumb drive and tried entering in my Windows 7 key which did not work. I then called Microsoft, and they told me you do need to download the Windows 10 upgrade from the Internet for every computer that you are upgrading so if you don't have fast Internet, you are screwed.

  19. The reason I'm interested in the W10 key is because I'm given one year's time for the free upgrade to W10. I'm not interested in running W10 anytime soon but would like to have that free option in 1 or 2 years' time when W10 has ironed out most of it's major problems.
  20. Found one more issue. Firefox was running slow after I upgraded to Windows 10. To fix this do the following.

    1) If you want to keep your bookmarks, click on icon show all bookmarks and back them up. If you just need or have a few bookmarks, I would skip this step and just recreate them.

    2) Close Firefox, then type the windows key on your keyboard and press r

    3) Type Firefox.exe -p This will bring up the profile manger. You can also use this tool if Firefox will not not start to create a new profile and delete the old corrupted one. So create a new profile with your name.

    4) Reopen Firefox and you will need to again set your homepage and reinstall any addons that you might use like adblock. Finally, if you backed up your bookmarks, you can now restore them.

    After performing these steps, Firefox ran alot faster.
  21. Hi Oracle,

    need your advice on something off-topic but computer related. If I want to share my live desktop screen on my laptop with someone else over the internet, which free software would you recommend?

  22. Nodoji used Skype to share the desktop screen with me once so I could see one of her trades.

  23. Some new issues with Windows 10. 2 of my laptops were not able to fast shutdown and 1 of them was getting a low Windows memory error even though it was only using Firefox and had 4 GB of RAM. Due to this low memory issue which under feedback I see other users reported, I would suggest you don't upgrade to Windows 10 if you have less than 4 GB of RAM. Instead upgrade to at least 4 GB for a notebook and if a desktop, you should be able to easily upgrade to 8 GB.

    To solve the low memory issue, I did the following. I went into processes to see what was taking up so much memory. 1 of the problems I saw was Cortana. I can see why you might want to use it on a Window's phone, but I never wanted to use it on my computers, but it sits in RAM of at least 30 MB and is always on. I was able to get rid of it. I then saw my current antivirus program was taking up way too much memory so after uninstalling it, I searched for and installed a low memory anti-virus application. I also made changes to the virtual memory of Windows. I also choose Chrome instead of Firefox for the laptops. I was also able to get rid of some other junkware in memory. The new Edge Browser also looks good for those that want to use it. For my 8 GB desktop, I decided to use WaterFox which is a 64 bit version of Firefox. The desktop was not getting a low memory error but I wanted a faster browser. Finally, I decided to use LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office since unlike Microsoft Office, it is free to use and works well and fast on Windows 10.

    Note the new November threshold 2 patches are out for Windows 10, but they may not automatically install due to the fact that your computer is given 30 days to roll back to Windows 7. However, you can manually install them, and they do make the computer more stable. After installing these patches, your computer will boot faster into Windows 10. However, Microsoft made a big mistake especially for older computers. Under change what power buttons due, "Turn on fast startup" is checked and greyed out. Instead of making the computers start faster it makes the computer slow to shut down or even not shut down. First make sure that under power button it says when I press the power button Windows shuts down. Then click change settings that are currently greyed out. Next, uncheck turn on fast startup. Some of these major patches may revert settings you previously set back to default so you should check again that all settings are how you want them.
  24. I just upgraded from win 7 to Win 10 on my 5 yr old dell laptop a few days ago . No probs. Takes a few hours though.
  25. Well I lasted about a week before I ran into apps not working on Win 10. Back to Win 7. Give softie credit though. The roll back process was painless and quite short.
  26. I would if I was you contract the vendors of these apps and find out when or if they will be supporting Windows 10. I would assume eventually most apps will work with Windows 10 since all new computers will be running on it.

    On my desktop, I have a newer wireless usb card and it works with Windows 10. After making some configuration changes to the wireless router today, I was able to increase my wireless speed. However, my older notebook is still slow on Windows 10 and I heard some don't have the correct drivers for Windows 10. So I am going to try to buy a wireless AC adapter for the notebook and see if the speed is faster. If not I will return it, or I may try to do a wired connection for the notebook since its next to the router.
  27. Mikogo - great tool for screen sharing / web conference free up to 3 participants - private & commercial use authorized - intuitive - easy to use - light on resources - great for meetings, training - cost effective if you require more than 3 participants...

    alternatives: gotomymeeting, teamviewer, logmein, skype
  28. Windows 10 disconnecting from Wifi. I have disabled the power settings for the adapter so Windows can not power it down but every so often Windows 10 disconnects me from the Internet. I am using a TP Link 4U usb wireless adapter with the newest driver. To reconnect, I have to click on the Internet access icon on the bottom right. Then choose disconnect. Then reconnect manually for it to work. Also, sometimes in the morning I start the computer and get a ! icon saying the wireless internet is not working. I then click on the same access icon then manually disconnect and then reconnect and it works. I have reported this issue to Microsoft using their feedback option. I see other people having the same or worse problems. Hopefully, Microsoft will come up with an update to this issue.
  29. I just saw this workaround on the Internet that may be helpful until or if Microsoft fixes this problem. I use Logitech wireless connect for my mouse so I don't need Bluetooth.

    "Amit ParasharThis solution helped me, give it a try.

    1 Press and hold the buttons “Windows” and “R”.
    2 Type in the box that pops up the word in quotes: “devmgmt.msc”.
    3 Under the topic “Bluetooth” you will need to disable everything you have there.
    4 Under the topic “Network Adapter” you will have to disable all the entries except the one for the Wireless adapter you have.
    5 Reboot the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC or laptop.
    6 See if you have a stable wi fi connection after the restart."

  30. New bug. I also sent this to feedback. I had a problem with a an app not loading. Not only would it not load, it made CPU go to 100% nor was I able to kill it with task manager. I had to restart the computer and then uninstall the app. Also, the only way to reinstall it was using run as Admin.
  31. On one of my laptops, the start button was not working for a user. I was able to fix this by deleting the account and files and recreating the account. If you have a similar problem, you may want to also back up all of the user data to google drive or a usb thumb drive 1st. I would always suggest backing up your data in case of a virus or a hard drive crash.
  32. I think this thread is good for anyone that is having issues upgrading to Windows 10 to see what problems I had and what solutions I came up with. On another note I was able to select classic for Elite Trader on bottom left and now everything is easier to read. I see green and red colors so much better on the eyes.
  33. The following may also help with wifi problems after upgrading to Windows 10. Note that if you have set a static ip address for your computer, you will need to either go back to an automatic ip and/or then reset it to a static ip address. I have gone back to automatic after applying these fixes to test. Open command prompt in Admin mode to apply these changes. These are 3 separate methods so try them 1 by 1 till u see an improvement. Restart the computer after each change.

    1) netsh int ip reset (this messes up static ip so beware)

    2) Make sure you have set your network adapters to not let windows turn off the power in adapter settings.

    3) netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = disabled
    netsh int tcp set global rss = enable

    4) To verify type netsh int tcp show global (also after each command is entered correctly you see the word ok displayed after pressing <Enter>).
  34. There have been driver issues with the older wireless network adapters which may cause the computer to disconnect from the wireless router. I would suggest going to the manufacture website and download the 64 bit Windows 10 driver from them. If you have problems installing it, you may need to disable the driver, then delete it including the old driver software. Next restart the computer and under Device Manager install the new software from disk, and then it may ask you to restart the computer.

    Also, I have decided to let Windows 10 manage the Wireless settings. So using startup under Task Manager, I disabled the software utility that came with the original software. For me this was TWCU. So this crapware no longer loads when I boot up the computer. You don't need a usb wireless utility to manage your wireless connections for Windows 10.

    You also may need to turn off automatic driver installs during Windows updates to prevent Windows 10 from overriding this software.
  35. After last patch update that was applied on 3/4/2016, both internal wireless and bluetooth stopped working for one of my dell laptop computers. In device manager, it says driver is working. Intel wireless centrio 6300 does not have a specific Windows 10 driver. I tried both the previous Dell intel driver and the Microsoft driver. I used a command prompt command that showed the hardware antenna was off. There is no actual antenna switch on the laptop. I also used the fn key f2 which did not work. I also verified airplane mode is not on. I also believe that I did nothing to turn off the wireless network card. It is off course possible that Microsoft updated the driver to something that did not work like they did on my desktop, but for the desktop I was able to install the correct Windows 10 driver and turn off automatic update device drivers. However, the Microsoft driver is a few month old so I don't think the driver was updated. I did a google search about the Intel Centrion 6300 and some have said that after a few months it stops working for Windows 10 so I don't know if that is the problem. I uninstalled the last patch to see if that would fix the problem, but it did not.

    Possible work around solution is that I am ordering a usb wireless network card from Amazon that says it has windows 10 drivers. I am also ordering a windows 10 compatible usb bluetooth card. Finally, I am ordering a usb hub since I am out of usb ports. Hopefully the external usb wireless network card will fix the problem. In BIOS which I just updated the wlan and bluetooth is turned on. I probably will just disable the old card in device manager before installing the external card.
  36. Well, it suddenly started to work so I don't need to order those things from Amazon. I started the laptop in battery mode. I wanted to troubleshoot the bluetooth problem and went to device manager to see if the bluetooth drivers were there. After clicking on them, it started to work. I was then able to connect to my wireless router and entered the password so the laptop was now also seeing the router. I am not sure if removing the patch also helped. I verified that I am using the microsoft driver for the network card.

    I then selected not to update my device drivers during a Windows update. I then also selected metered connection so hopefully I will not install any updates for awhile. I don't use this laptop much anyway. Previously, I also set ip address for automatic so maybe that also helped. I also created a restore point which is something I usually do after making multiple changes to windows.
  37. Recently I have been unable to shut down the computer. When I click shutdown, computer says shutting down but actually never does. I have seen other people having this error, so this is how I was able to get my computer to shut down without reverting back to Windows 7 or holding down on the power button, plus it also sped up the shutdown process. This problem in Windows 10 and sometimes in Windows 8 is caused by the Hybrid Shutdown process Microsoft decided to create for their operating system even though I don't see a good reason to have a hybrid shutdown system.

    So these are the following steps:

    Using admin command prompt:

    1) bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    2) powercfg h off
  38. I have never experienced this problem with W-10 Home Edition, and it would make me insane.
  39. Installed a clean Windows 10 install on Dell desktop from 2008 that had been running Vista. The computer is super fast now and really just as fast as my other brand new computer runnning Windows 10. Really nice. I believe we have reached a point in technology in computers where you will be able to use the same devices for much longer--
  40. That's essentially what I did with my two 2010 vintage Lenovo S20 ThinkStation workstations. I upgraded internal HDDs and installed external 4TB backup drives. Maxed out at 24GB RAM. Bought W-10 Home Edition for the OS, Kaspersky for security and Macrium Reflect for the back-ups. It has been running great and I am totally pleased. Backed up my old HDD and basically did a clean steel install.
  41. What was total cost of renovation?
  42. The Kingston 4GB RAM modules were $20 each, The PCI Express USB 3.0 Card for the external HDD was $52, The Seagate 4TB SSHD internal HDD was $180, The Seagate external 4TB BackupPlus drive was $120, Windows 10 Home Edition 64bit was $110, Macrium Reflect Personal License was $70, and I pay $75 for Kaspersky service including backup disc and extended download service for 2 computers for 2 years.

    Since my computer was a little older, wanted to do the USB 3.0 upgrade for the external HDD. USB 3.0 has a transfer rate of 4.8 Gbps vs a transfer rate for USB 2.0 of 480Mbps. Seagate included the USB 3.0 cable in the BackupPlus box, which is nice because they are not cheap. I bought the HDD's directly from Seagate because 1. the shipping was free, and 2. warranty non-issues.

    So, my workstations are running great and am happy.
  43. That computer will last a long long time. Do you really need Kaspersky now with windows 10?
  44. Well, Windows Defender just plain sucks and you need something pretty good these days in terms of anti-virus and external exploitation protection. PC Mag and CNET rate Windows Defender as the worst. I have used Norton for several years but wanted to try Kaspersky given their universally high independent test lab ratings.

    I view it as cheap insurance and a mandatory business expense.
  45. This may be a ninjatrader bug or a Windows 10 bug. You can't uninstall Ninja Trader 8 using the standard settings searching for add remove programs.

    Instead right click the start menu:

    2) then left click control panel

    3) then click on program and features.

    4) then find ninjatrader 8 and uninstall it.
  46. You only THINK you turned off ALL the spying. You only turned off what they allow you to turn off. If you run a packet sniffer on your network you will still see your computer periodically uploading data it has collected to MS...it's just less than it would have if you didn't turn those settings off. Cotana is the worst if you left that enabled, and may still be even when disabled since it still runs and auto-restarts if you kill it's process.
  47. As noted in previous posts I did disabled Cortana and am not allowing the computers to do peer to peer patch sheering over the Internet, plus on one laptop I even put on a metered connection so that updates don't install automatically. Cortana is junk for computers no reason to have it when you can just use google plus its a memory hog.

  48. All of that is great, but it does not "stop the spying", it just reduces it.
  49. Had some issues with starting up the computer and it not working right and having to hard shutdown and restart. So I went through the event viewer logs and found some errors that I was able to correct that seemed to help with the issue.
  50. I downloaded the fresh install version of Win10 on two computers, desktop and laptop. I installed both in virtual machines via VMWare Player. I was favorably impressed that I was able to install critical software that I couldn't get to work on Win8. So I am confident I can switch to Win10 if I need to, such as when it's time to replace my aging hardware. I'll probably stay with Win7 until then (maybe in 2020).
  51. And what are you afraid is being spied on? Your child port collection? Then you should be rightly afraid. Or let me ask you a more pointed question: do you have a mobile phone and apps installed on it?

  52. Since I disabled Windows search, I needed a replacement. Using google, I found search everything. It is really cool and works so much faster than Windows search used to work.
  53. Lol, you are afraid of Microsoft and subsequently sold your soul to Google?

  54. No I am not afraid of Microsoft, my goal is trying to get Windows 10 to work correctly after upgrading a computer from Windows 7.

    Everything is not a google tool. I was saying you could use google to find this application. However, to make it even more simple, I have included the website below.


    Before you comment again, try this and see if I am right.

    On another note I used namebench to give me a better dns to use for my router and also upgraded my routers software. After doing both and running a speed test, it does seem to be an improvement.
  55. Ok, fair point, sorry for my misunderstanding, though you could have worded it differently because you can have google actually index certain local files/pages.

    On that note, have you tried to index all your files that you are looking to locate? The initial indexing might be slow but searches later should be very fast. Everything might be faster still but then it does not find common settings or presets that you might want to find that are embedded in the OS. For example, can you type "Ethernet" and it will take you to your network card settings? If you don't yet have indexing turned on then I would first try that.

  56. I decided to go try Firefox 64 again. After again testing latest version of Firefox 64 and Waterfox 64. I found that Waterfox 64 uses less memory and processes, so for now I will stick with it for a Windows 10 64 bit system with 8 GB of memory.
  57. Windows 10 Anniversary update broke the printer. To fix this issue.

    1) In WaterFox and/or Firefox, you need to "refresh" the browser to stop error of it saying selected printer can't be found. Refreshing means you are basically clicking a button under about that resets the browser without any add-on that you may have had so you will need to reinstall them like Adblock plus.

    2) Next leave the printer on, but remove the USB cable from the back of it.

    3) Uninstall the printer drivers and any toolbox drivers from Programs and Features. Also, if you like uninstall any old print drivers from printers that you no longer use.

    4) Go to your printer manufacture's website and download the latest drivers for Windows 10 64 for your model of printer. (If you are using a real old printer and there are no Windows 10 drivers for it, you may need to think about buying a new printer).

    5) Install the drivers. Do NOT restart the computer at the end. Instead exit from that prompt, and plug the USB cord back into the printer.

    6) After you here a beep signifying that it's connected, you can restart the computer. After the computer is back on, go to setting and devices and select your printer. Then click manage your printer and set it as default. You should now be able to print a test page to your printer.
  58. Either Windows 10 Anniversary update or the latest one caused 2 major problems.

    1) Notebook would start up after Windows 10 started and say access denied.

    Solution: This was caused by a hidden startup file called desktop.ini that is in a hidden startup directory under AppsData. I had to delete this file. However, once you turn on hidden files under view in File Explorer to see the file, it will not let you delete it. So I had to install a take ownership registry hack to be able to take ownership of this file and finally delete it.

    2) I again starting having my wireless access disconnect every so often.

    Solution: In device manager, go to your wireless network adapter and make sure allow computer to control power management is not checked. It was not. However, under driver, it was back to using a Windows default driver instead of my manufacturers driver. So go download the latest Windows 10 64 bit driver for your card.

    Now to actually install the driver without getting the message that you already have the best driver installed:

    1) Choose “Update Driver Software” (SAME as above)
    2) Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” (SAME as above)
    3) Choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” (DIFFERENT!)
    4) Click “Have Disk” button (DIFFERENT!)
    5) Select the directory with the correct drivers and then select the monitor make/model
    6) You’re done! Congrats, you’ve outsmarted Windows

    You may need to reinstall your network driver again after the next update if you don't set Windows to not update drivers during the update process. But always check after an update anyway since I believe some major updates still force you to their drivers.
  59. Was able to reduce my CPU usage back under 10% when just using Waterfox.

    1) I disabled Microsoft Telemetry which seems to send Microsoft data ever 30 min and increases CPU usage plus obviously it reduces Internet bandwidth.

    2) I renamed the battle.net helper to old helper to prevent it from using CPU and memory.

    I also ordered a better usb network card with an antenna to hopefully get a better wireless connection and to see if the drivers of this brand work better with Windows 10 to not lose my connection as much.
  60. I finally had to do a clean install of Windows 7 on a laptop with 4 GB of RAM that had Windows 10 since it was still running too slow and not working right. Also, some of the older laptops can't be upgraded to 8 GB of RAM so they do actually run better on Windows 7.
  61. This is a good idea to back up your itunes to a flash drive just in case your hard drive goes bad or you want to do a clean install of Windows. Obviously, you want to also backup your photos and documents too.

    Find the iTunes Media folder

    By default, your iTunes Media folder is in your iTunes folder:

    • Mac: Finder > username > Music
    • Windows Vista or later: \Users\username\Music\
    • Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\
    If the folder isn't in its default location, you can find where it's located using these steps:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes > Preferences.
      Windows: From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, choose Edit > Preferences.
    3. Click the Advanced tab.
    4. Look in the box under "iTunes Media folder location" for the location of your iTunes Media folder.

    Consolidate your iTunes library
    Before you make a backup of your iTunes files, consolidate all of your media into the iTunes Media folder. To consolidate your media:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of the iTunes window, choose File > Library > Organize Library.
    3. Select "Consolidate files."
    4. Click OK.
    Consolidating copies any files that were outside of your iTunes Media folder into your iTunes Media folder. To save space on your hard drive, you might want to delete the original files after you make sure that the copies are in your iTunes Media Folder.


    Back up your library and media files
    After you consolidate your media files, you can back up your library and media files to an external drive.

    1. Quit iTunes.
    2. Find your iTunes folder.
    3. Drag the iTunes folder from its location to an external drive. Your library and media files copy to the drive.

    Restore your library from a backup
    You can restore your iTunes library or iTunes Media folder from your external drive to your computer.

    1. Quit iTunes.
    2. Locate your external drive.
      Mac: On the Desktop or Finder sidebar.
      Windows: In My Computer.
    3. Drag the iTunes folder (that you backed up earlier) from your external drive to where you want it on your internal drive. We recommend that you put the iTunes folder back into its default location.
    4. Hold down the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) while opening iTunes.
    5. When you see a message that asks you to Choose iTunes Library, click Choose Library.
    6. Choose the iTunes folder (that you dragged in step 3) from your internal drive.
    7. Mac: Click Choose.
      Windows: Click Open.
    8. Choose the iTunes Library.itl file inside.
    Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

    Published Date: Nov 24, 2016
  62. Blocking CDN IP Addresses on Windows:
    1. On the start menu search for “CMD”. IF you are using windows 8 or 8.1, press the windows key on your keyboard and type “CMD”[​IMG]
    2. Now, right click on the CMD icon that you see and click on run as administrator.
    3. If required, type in your administrator’s password and press enter.
    4. Now, copy the following code into your CMD and hit Enter. netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”YouTubeTweak” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes
    5. Now close the Command prompt windows and restart your browser and the internet connection.
  63. I was getting some lag spikes in Windows 10 and after researching the issue, I found this solution increased my wireless connection speed from 33 MB /s to 86 MB /s.

    The following works if you have a Docsis 3.0 cable modem with cable speed of at least 100 MB /s, an AC Wireless Router and an AC wireless usb card.

    Under Network Connections, right click on your card and choose properties. Next click configure then advanced.

    Then under wireless mode, change the default value from auto to 802.11 ac

    Also make sure under power management, that allow the computer to save power is unchecked.

    You may then need to reconnect to your wireless router one time after this is done and re-enter the password since it will disconnect you.

    The reason this works is the auto may connect you to your wireless router at a slower speed instead of using the ac speed.
  64. For the lag spikes, you may also want to do the following.

    Go to Device Manager

    Go to View (Show Hidden Devices)

    Go to Network Adapters (Right Click) - Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter) and disable.
  65. Then under wireless mode, change the default value from auto to 802.11 ac allows one to connect at 5 Ghz instead of 2.5 Ghz. While this is a faster connection, I think the computer may be too far from the wireless router since I was getting some disconnects. So I changed back to auto and set static ip address. I also changed the channel on the router to a different one to hopefully decrease interference. Currently seems to be working better but we will have to see going forward. While a little slower, 2.5 Ghz is supposed to be able to travel through walls better.
  66. As noted I did a clean install on a laptop to bring it back to Windows 7. One issue is that the Windows update does not work anymore and keeps trying to find updates and uses up CPU.

    There is a work around to possibly fix updates, but I decided the best solution is just to go to Windows update in Control Panel and set the laptop to never look for or install updates.

    Another issue is that YouTube is not playing videos correctly, instead it is getting a black screen and also pausing and then stuttering.

    To solve this problem, I first in Waterfox set under options then Advanced, then General, to uncheck Use hardware Acceleration. I then also uninstalled Adobe Flash and reinstalled the latest version. So far this seems to work.

    On my Windows 10 computer, I also disabled the extra sound drivers that I am not using. For example, it seems the Nvidia graphic card has a sound port and installs a sound driver. Since I use a different port, I disabled the Nvidia driver and also a creative driver to just have 1 sound driver. I tested to make sure I still had sound.
  67. For getting one of my laptops updated to 1607, I had to remove all usb connected devices.
  68. This is a little off topic, but I was able to get my cell phones better service and save 50% of the cost paying to a normal carrier.

    When you 1st join say Sprint or Verizon, you want to get a good Android or Iphone and get a 2 year contract so that you don't have to pay full price for your phone. Normally you will get a family plan since its a little cheaper than everyone having this own phone and contract.

    However, now most smart phones are pretty good like most computers and you don't need a new phone every 1 - 2 years. Plus if you break your phone there are many smart phone repair shops. There is also the LEEF iBridge to store your photos from your Iphone in case you have an Iphone that has a smaller hard drive than the new ones. I mainly have music on my iphone so this is not yet an issue for me.

    Now once your contract ends for say 3 people, you may be spending $ 200 or more per month even though you already paid off you phone. This is where the big firms make free money since they have previously paid say Apple for the Iphone and now that they made you pay it off monthly you get no benefit unless of course you do want to trade in your old phone for a new one.

    However, if you instead want to switch to a prepaid service, you will end up saving 50% or $ 100 per month for 3 people sometimes more if you have more people on your plan by signing up for their family plan and setup for your credit card to be automatically billed each month.

    Before you do this you want to make sure that you switch to a company that uses the same towers as your current provider. For example if using Sprint, you can switch to Boost Mobile. Next and this is VERY important wait till you finished paying off your current contract and start doing it in the middle of the following month to give yourself enough time to complete the change. Most of these companies let you bring both your old phones and numbers with you. Also, do NOT tell your current provider that you are switching till you port ALL of your numbers to the prepaid carrier since if you close your account early you will lose your phone number.

    Now the good news is if you did not remember when signed up with a service like Sprint or Verizon they made you pay for a month in advance of service so assuming you did not incur additional charges your final bill should be $ 0, and if it is not you need to complain. Although some carriers say they will help you pay some of the cost of moving early to them, it's still best to just wait for your contract to end and to have your phone totally paid off. Also, ask whoever is porting your phone numbers to close your account with your previous carrier.

    If you have a phone that is not compatible like we did, the new carrier has some very good Android phones from $ 50 - $ 90 that you can buy. An Iphone 6 should have no problem. However, a Iphone 5s will need a new Sim card that you can get from the prepaid carrier though it may take some time for them to send it to you if its not in stock which is why you want to give yourself some time.

    The good news I have found that once you install the new sim card and you are on the new LTE carriers service your phone will work much better. My Iphone 5s used to run into slowness issues on the Internet where it either would not work at all or be very slow. Sometimes the tech would help me reset the phone but this did not help that much. Now the Iphone works much faster.

    One last note, you should switch back to paper mail if you want your last bill sent to your house.

    As a final fuck you, your old carrier will delete your account and your profile so you can't log back in. However, think of this as a positive to let you know that your new carrier was able to successfully close your account.
  69. Alternatively, you can just start out with a service like Project Fi or Republic Wireless. You'll have to pay upfront for phones, but you'll recoup the cost quickly on the monthly fees. It would be interesting to see if someone has analyzed the most cost efficient method already.

  70. It depends if can afford say $ 900 for a new Iphone and want to pay that for an asset like a car that becomes used once you activate it.
  71. After the last major updates, you can disable certain items in startup.

    For example,

    1) The IDT Audio Control Panel is not needed anymore since Windows 10 has replaced all your device drivers so they automatically start and sound still works. For some reason if sound does not work, just enable this item again.

    2) iTunesHelper can also be disabled if you don't need iTunes to start when you plug in your iphone. Instead just manually start Itunes.
  72. There seems to be a big issue now after the new patches with Telemetry. It uses both memory and CPU.

    "Windows 10 includes a telemetry service that automatically sends diagnostic and usage data about your computer to Microsoft. These settings have caused a lot of controversy since Windows 10’s release, but what do they actually do?

    Today, we’ll look at what kind of data this actually sends to Microsoft. You can select your desired telemetry level—or “diagnostic and usage data” level—from Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics. On the consumer editions of Windows 10, you can select either Basic or Full usage data that will be sent to Microsoft. Enterprise users can select the Security level instead.

    The Creators Update simplified things, removing the Enhanced level and giving average Windows 10 users a choice between only Basic and Full usage data. Microsoft now offers a Privacy Dashboard website in an attempt to be more transparent, too."

    However if you are like me and don't want to send this data to Microsoft plus you don't want to waste your Internet bandwidth, CPU, or memory doing it, then go ahead and disable it on all your computers to improve performance.

    You can disable the scheduled tasks that starts CompatTelTunner.exe by looking in the Task Scheduler.
    Computer Management – System Tools – Task Schedule Library – Microsoft – Windows – Application Experience
    Start - Run - taskschd.msc
    Name: Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser
    Location: \Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience
    Collects program telemetry information if opted-in to the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.
    Right click on “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser” and select “Disable” By default, it is set to start if there is ANY network connection.
  73. Windows 10 wifi was slow again so I made the following changes. This information may also be transferred to a website since with a thread I can't allocate the info to different topics.

    Anyway, I did the following:

    1) I downloaded the free Wifi analyzer from the Windows 10 store. The benefit is it shows what channels your neighbors are on so you can pick a channel that has less interference. Don't choose the apps suggestion, instead test your own.

    2) I changed the DNS settings on the wireless router to a better manual public settings. For some reason there was a 3rd section on the router instead of just 2 so I left that section blank.

    3) I updated the router to the latest firmware which can fix the speed and provides better security patches.

    This solved the problem. I should note for the those who want to follow these steps, to also make sure you have the latest hardware.

    1) AC router and access points. You can upgrade your your laptop and desktop using a usb connection one. For the desktop also, get one with an antenna.

    2) Docsis 3.0 modem, and get your own so you don't have to keep paying the cable company to rent one.
  74. To speed up browsing on Waterfox which I use and also probably Firefox, go to options then General. Under startup, check Enable multi-process.
  75. To both speed up the ability to read e-mail messages and prevent e-mail trackers for free e-mail accounts:

    "However, there is an easy way to avoid being tracked. Email trackers, like HubSpot’s tracker for sales people, work by embedding a tiny 1×1 image — just a pixel — into an email. When the email is opened, the email client loads the image and the tracker notices and sends a notification.

    Getting around this is very simple. You just stop photos from automatically loading." data-reactid="56">Getting around this is very simple. You just stop photos from automatically loading.

    To turn them off in Gmail, simply go to Settings → General, and the fourth item allows you to toggle off automatic image loading. When off, you will be asked if you want images to load. If you know a person won’t track you or don’t care, you can allow images to always load for that individual email address." data-reactid="57">To turn them off in Gmail, simply go to Settings → General, and the fourth item allows you to toggle off automatic image loading. When off, you will be asked if you want images to load. If you know a person won’t track you or don’t care, you can allow images to always load for that individual email address.

    In Yahoo mail, you can access this setting in Settings → Security. Most email clients make it easy to do this. " data-reactid="58">In Yahoo mail, you can access this setting in Settings → Security. Most email clients make it easy to do this.

    Testing this simple workaround with a HubSpot’s widely-used email tracker worked well, and is a simple way to get some privacy back and get out of uncomfortable situations." data-reactid="59">Testing this simple workaround with a HubSpot’s widely-used email tracker worked well, and is a simple way to get some privacy back and get out of uncomfortable situations." -- Ethan Wolff-Mann

    Note: After trying this fix, I noticed that I am able both preview and read all my e-mails faster since the images no longer load. I have also found that for most messages I don't miss or need to see the images. On Gmail, the author forget to mention, you also need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on save changes or when u exit, the settings revert back to default.
  76. The following will force WaterFox and FireFox to use Multi-Process. I did it on my system and it worked.

    1. Go to about:config using Firefox’s address bar.
    2. Click I accept the risk! when the warning message is displayed (if it does).
    3. Now, search for the term browser.tabs.remote.autostart in the search. Please pay attention while typing the Preference name or you’ll end up doing something else.
    4. Double-click the option to set it to True and enable e10S.
      [​IMG]To disable e10S set the value to False again.
    Force-enable Multiprocess in Firefox
    You can verify if the process has been successful or not by revisiting the about:support page. There might be chances that multiprocess didn’t turn on because of incompatible add-ons. The about:support page would list the cause why e10s is disabled. If that’s the case, you can force Firefox to allow electrolysis.

    1. Go to about:config in Firefox.
    2. Right-click > New > Boolean.
    3. Type the following in the name field:
    4. Click Ok.
    5. Set the value to True.
    6. Now, you have to prevent incompatible add-ons from stopping electrolysis. Search for:
    7. Set the preference to False by double-clicking on the entry.
    The about:support will display Multiprocess Windows status as “Enabled by user’ when you force it.


    Please note that there are risks associated with force-enabling multiprocess and Mozilla warns about the same in their wiki. Also, the multiprocess didn’t turn off in my case when I set the value to False.

    Increase the number of content processes for Electrolysis
    Firefox supports up to 7 content processes, but only four are enabled by default in Firefox 54. You can change the number by searching for dom.ipc.processCount on the about:config page.


    The process count was initially set to one. Double-click the dom.ipc.processCount preference to edit its value. Set the process count to four or above. Later versions of Firefox will include an option to the same.

    Aditya Tiwari discovered this hack.
  77. Also note that I changed from Adblock plus to uBlock Origin since Adblock was causing Waterfox and Firefox to slow down for me.