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Comfortable and egronomic yet priced right (less than $500) chair for trading

  1. My true and tired companion for the last 12 years just kicked the bucket. The chair was the most comfortable thing I ever sat on. Need to replace it with something that will allow my buttocks to rest comfortably throughout the day and withstand abuse that only a trader can inflict on office chair. Please provide suggestions.
  2. My suggestion is to put the money towards a standing desk, and an anti-fatigue mat to stand on. Better for you health-wise, and you definitely will not be falling asleep at your desk in the afternoons.
  3. You shouldn't be looking for a health solution on your furniture, but instead tackle the root cause or prevention of it.

    Join a gym, or buy equipment for your home. Alter your diet, look into vitamins and supplements.
    Do a combination of weights and cardio and yoga and stretching, sip tea. drink plenty of water, eat protein bars. drink milk whey protein shakes, instead of junk food and fast food.

    I keep a pair of 30lb dumbbells next to my desk, and do a variety of exercises daily...in short, tiny spurts of only four minutes or less...like five times a day.
    I also do stretching, and shadow kicking and punching to loosen my overall body. imaginery jumping rope to a count of 100.
  4. I have a stationary bike to release my stress and deal with the boredom. I just need to purchase a really comfortable place to sit when sitting is required. Appreciate the info on both the exercises and diets. What I really need is some suggestions for a really comfortable and good for my body/posture/back arm chair. If I am going to spend the $$$ to get one, I would like to get something optimal that have been tested by my fellow traders. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  5. I suggest you google what sitting at a desk 8+ hours a day does to your body.
  6. As a loose, general rule-of-thumb, you should buy the Best things you can afford, o_O

    Arrange desk chairs by price on websites, and buy the best you can. or the most expensive one.

    Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. -- the more higher you pay, the better overall quality it is expected to be...and vice versa.
    The only exception to this rule is Limited Edition things...these are just bs marketing to screw with your head to get you to pay more for the exclusivity, bragging privilege.

    I'm cheap and/or simple. My desk and chair are folding plastic temporary party/picnic/camping one's.
  7. Try a gaming chair for comfort. Generally less expensive the high-end office chairs.
  8. Try to find a used Herman Miller Aeron. Mine is 11 years old and looks brand new. It's my one piece of gear I wouldn't give up.
  9. Tasty
  10. Both my doctors and a occupational therapist recommended this to me during my rehab from a serious illness in the fall of 2016.

    I've used a standing desk in the past when doing non trading work. Now I use it for trading related work too.

    Also, I had a serious sports back injury in my early 20's. No matter the type of exercise to strengthen my back (I still have a six pack stomach) now in my late 40's and healthy lifestyle...the back problem was always an issue and several scans in my early 40's concluded I needed back surgery to repair the damage.

    Back surgery back then was recommended by three different osteopathic medical doctors.

    I never had the surgery due to personal reasons involving my family.

    Then something strange happen...the fall of 2016 when I became ill from pneumonia...I had a lot of tests while I was in a coma for several months. During that time, my family mentioned to the doctors about the herniated disc I've been suffering from since my early 20's.

    Doctor responded there's "no herniated disc". Family was shocked and confused. During rehab after the coma...learning how to walk again and strengthening my leg muscles...there was one more full body scan and another type of scan specific for the lower lumber area in my back...

    Once again..."no herniated disc".

    I've concluded the resting state in bed during the coma for a few months had healed my back but the doctors stated if that was the case...there would still be evidence of a herniated disc. There was no evidence beyond the xrays still on file at the same hospital that showed the herniated disc from years earlier.

    I've been using a standing work desk ever since...now nearing my 50th birthday...this is the first time since my early 20's I've been free of severe back problems. More active today in comparison to the past 10 years and just returned from a vacation of extreme winter hiking/camping. Also, I do 3x more stretching and exercise specific to my lower lumbar while standing up in comparison to doing work at my desk while sitting down.

    The other noticeable difference between doing work while sitting versus standing...for me it was the sleep habits. I fall asleep easier and sleep better at night after a day of using my standing desk in comparison to the past when I did the exact same work while sitting at a desk. This is a very important thing for me as a trader...getting a good night rest prior to a day of trading. Simply, the standing work desk for me has minimized the stress.

    Thus, I think it depends upon your health, injuries and overall condition...always see your doctor for any health related problems especially a occupational therapist. Follow their recommendations.
  11. I also notice that I am much more active when standing all day, than on those days when I trade away from home and sit at a desk. My FitBit confirms this. The first few weeks of standing while working was very tiring, but now my body is used to it.
  12. @wrbtrader & @DaveV how many screens do you use?

    what eye level do you setup your screens for your standing desk? eg. optimal eye level for sitting seems to be eye level slightly above middle of screen for a 1 row setup
  13. I usually use 3 screens. For my main screen which is a 24" in portrait mode, the height is set so that my middle of the screen lines up with my eyes.
    For my other two monitors, both in landscape mode, the the top of the screens are just below eye level. Not ideal, but raising them higher would block my view of out of the window in front of my desk, especially since the view is of the ocean.